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Myfanwy 2

January 2018



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Partners in Every Way - Chapter Seven

Partners in Every Way - Chapter Seven
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Toshiko/Kathy (mentioned); Gwen/Rhys (mentioned); Jack/John Hart (Past)
Warnings: Language, Angst, Character Death (temporary)
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood Series Two, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. .
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang".  Dates on this story are from Ianto's Desktop and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  Jack and Ianto are back to work after their time off, just as Jack's ex-partner, John Hart, arrives on the scene.   Just what is Hart up to, and just what are they going to do to stop him?

15 June 2008


Jack was worried about his mate, going off with Hart. 

He stood in the garage and watched as Ianto’s Audi pulled away, gnawing at his lower lip without knowing he was doing it until Toshiko put a hand on his arm and brought his attention to it.  “He’s going to be fine, Jack.”

“I know,” Jack sighed.  It didn’t stop him from worrying, no matter that he trusted Ianto to look after himself.  It was Hart whom he didn’t trust, and he couldn’t help but wonder what sort of trick his ex-partner might actually try on his mate.

He gave her a wide grin, trying to hide his concern.  “Let’s get going, shall we?”  He offered her his arm, which she took, and he escorted her to the passenger side of the SUV.  Gallantly he opened the door for her, holding her hand as she got in.

“Thank you, kind sir,” she giggled as he shut the door.  Jack headed over to the driver’s side and clambered in, sliding the key into the ignition and gunning the engine.

The coordinates took them to a high-rise office building near City Centre.  Toshiko got out of the vehicle, her scanner out and pointing toward the high-rise.  “The Rift was active at these coordinates, approximately two hundred feet above us. “

“That probably means the top floor,” Jack said, “or the roof.  Let’s get started.”  Jack headed toward the building’s glass door, which he opened with his vortex manipulator.  He held the door open for her.  “Ladies’ first.”

 Toshiko inclined her head toward him, and then entered.  “I hope you don’t say that to Ianto.”

Together they headed across the tiled foyer, toward the bank of lifts.  “I can truthfully say that Ianto is no lady,” he leered happily, calling the nearest lift down.

She rolled her eyes.  “I should hope not.”

The lift made a soft dinging sound as it opened, and Jack waved her inside, getting inside after her.  “I do have it on good authority that Ianto makes an excellent Mum for our family, though.”  It was one of the things he remembered from before that Year, the conversation about just who were Torchwood’s mother and father.  And he couldn’t dismiss the analogy; Ianto was the carer of their group, always making certain everything was all right and that they had everything that they would need at any time.  It was the very definition of ‘Mother’.

That made her laugh out loud.  “I wouldn’t say that to Ianto, either.”

Jack pouted.  “You’re taking away all my fun!”

Toshiko reached across and pressed the button for the top floor.   “I’m quite certain you can find something else fun to talk about.”

“I could always quiz you about you and Kathy.”  He’d been surprised that Toshiko had gotten into a relationship with the acerbic detective inspector, but then Toshiko deserved to be happy with someone.  And it meant that the long-ago crush over Owen had finally been put to rest.

A faint blush painted itself across her cheeks.  “No, you don’t have to.”

“If I’m the Dad of Torchwood, then I think it’s my duty to have the Talk with her, about her intentions toward my daughter.”  Jack was enjoying teasing her, knowing that she was finally with someone who made her happy.  “Or maybe I should get your dragon-Mum to give you the ‘birds and the bees’ speech.”

That caused Toshiko to crack up.  “I’m quite sure ‘Mum’s’ had enough trouble trying to explain it to you!”

“I’ll have you know I’m quite skilled in that area,” Jack protested, trying to keep his own laughter under control.  “After all, where do you think you kids came from?”

Toshiko looked like she having trouble breathing.   “Does this mean we get to be grossed out at the idea of you and Ianto having sex?”

“Owen already claims that.  Besides, having sex with Ianto is hardly gross!  Well, unless you count the –“


“What?”  He tried to look innocent but knew he was failing miserably.

The lift opened, and they found themselves in a short hallway, and Toshiko steered them toward the left, and through a door into an open-plan office, most of the lights off. 

“Oh yeah,” Jack grinned, glancing around.  Desks were lined up in rows, and filing cabinets and various pieces of office machinery lined the walls.  “Loving that office-y feel.”

Toshiko rolled her eyes, her laughter just below the surface.  “Why did I think you had an office kink?”

“Maybe because Ianto spends so much time in my office with the door closed?”

She snorted.  “Some fetishes should be kept to yourself.”

Jack couldn’t help but chuckle.  “You know, while we’re here maybe I can photocopy my –“


“It’s just for Ianto, I promise!”

“Don’t you dare go whipping any parts of your anatomy out in front of me!”

“I wouldn’t even consider it,” he reassured her.  It felt so good joking around with her, letting himself just have fun, even though the mission was serious. 

He stood there in the middle of the office space.  “We’re going to have to search every drawer, bin, and plant pot.”  That canister could have been anywhere in the office, it was certainly small enough.

“It’ll certainly be easier with my scanner.”  Toshiko waggled it in his direction. 

“And my wrist strap.”  He held it up.   “Why don’t I head up to the roof?  Splitting up might be the best thing to do.”

“You’re only suggesting that because you enjoy roofs,” she accused lightly.

“I’m very good on roofs.”

“I’m sure if I asked Ianto, he’d agree with that assessment?”

Jack waggled his eyebrows at her.  “I don’t kiss and tell.”

Toshiko shook her head.  “I’ll start my scans down here.  You check the roof.  If you don’t find anything…”

“I’ll come back down and help you,” he finished.

“Why do I get the feeling you got the better of the deal?” she asked, hands on her hips.

“Well, I am in charge, after all,” he answered, winking.  “It’s the perks of the job.”

Toshiko made a shooing motion with her hand, while the other held the scanner out and ready.

Jack pushed the door open, heading toward the door that was marked as the roof access.  Despite his worry about his mate, he couldn’t help but whistle as he took the steps three at a time, having enjoyed his playful banter with Toshiko.  He’d missed his team over the last year, and it looked as if things were going back to normal.  Now, he just needed to get John Hart out of Cardiff and the 21st Century, and he would be happy.

He did wonder exactly what Hart was doing.  Jack didn’t really believe the entire ‘cluster bombs’ story, but he couldn’t take the risk that he was being at least partially honest about it.  And now, the man was off with Jack’s mate, and a part of Jack wanted to go and stake a claim on Ianto…while major part had no other desire but to protect the dragon, despite knowing damned well that Ianto could handle himself.

The night air ruffled his hair and blew the tails of his coat as Jack emerged onto the roof, gravel crunching under his boots.  He flipped open his wrist strap, punching the button that would activate the scanning function.  He had the readings that Toshiko had taken from the Rift spike that had deposited the canisters, and there would be residual energy marking the canister’s location.

Jack quickly scanned the area, his manipulator beeping as he moved toward the edge.  He saw it quickly; it was resting on the lip of the roof, and he thought he might be lucky that a stiff wind hadn’t blown it off the side of the building.  Striding forward, he picked it up, hefting the metallic cylinder, testing its weight.  His vortex manipulator hadn’t detected any sort of radiation, and now that Jack had a close-up look at the thing, he really did doubt that it was any sort of bomb.  Yes, he’d seen such things in his stint with the Time Agency, but this…wasn’t right.  He couldn’t put his finger on it, on just what was wrong with the canister…

He heard the rooftop access door open, and it crossed his mind that Toshiko wouldn’t have been finished with her search of the office…

Jack turned to see John Hart making his way across the roof, a rather salacious grin on his face.   He was holding a gun, and he recognized it as Torchwood issue.  Jack wondered where he’d gotten it. 

At that moment, Jack’s mobile rang.   He resisted pulling it from his pocket, knowing that it was most likely one of his team, and not wanting Hart to get ahold of the phone and ditching it.  It was too late for any sort of warning, anyway, he already knew things had gone balls’ up.

“That would be your cutie pie genius, trying to give you a heads’ up about me,” Hart said, reaching toward Jack’s coat pocket.  Jack pulled away, glaring.  “Canister, please.”  Hart held his hand out.

Jack couldn’t believe how furious he was.  He felt as if he’d stepped right into a trap, even though he’d known Hart was most likely up to something that didn’t have anything to do with saving Cardiff.  He’d been as prepared as he could have been, but that didn’t make him any less angry.

But, even above the anger, was fear…fear that Hart had done something to his team, and to his mate.  He’d been as certain as he could have been, that Ianto would be able to handle whatever Hart would have attempted to do, and yet Hart was there, looking as if he was the proverbial cat that had gotten into the cream.  “If you’ve harmed any of them...” he growled, his protective instincts rising to the fore.

“You know,” Hart said, shaking his head, “they really were pretty, but very stupid.  You used to have better taste.”

“Not from where I’m standing,” Jack snapped.  He didn’t like the way Hart used the past tense; after everything that they’d been through, during that horrific Year, to have had this happen now…

No, he couldn’t accept that Hart had actually killed his family.  He was just trying to rattle Jack, and he couldn’t let that happen.  At least his ex-partner had claimed that Toshiko was all right, that it had been her trying to call him. 

He’d go after his team as soon as he dealt with Hart.

“Just give it here,” Hart answered, making a ‘gimme’ motion with his hand.

“Radiation cluster bombs?” Jack scoffed.   “Really?”

“Let’s not get hung up on details,” Hart said. 

Jack wanted to keep him talking, needing to know what Hart was up to.  At least he’d just confirmed that this cylinder wasn’t going to leak radiation all over Cardiff. 

He had to trust that his team was all right.  That Hart hadn’t actually killed any of them.  Toshiko had to be in the building somewhere, and Jack knew she’d try to either get to him, or to the others.  Owen could take care of himself, and had been a major player in the Resistance during Saxon’s reign; Jack would trust him to look after Gwen.  As for Ianto…the dragon was the strongest of them all.  He had to have faith that Hart hadn’t done anything to him, and that he had no idea that Ianto was even more than human. 

If he kept Hart busy…

“It must be a bit embarrassing that you needed our help,” Jack commented, smirking.

“Must be a little humiliating that you fell for the scam, and that your precious team had to do all my legwork.”   Hart was trying to rile him, and Jack knew he needed to be calm.  He couldn’t let Hart piss him off, or make him do anything that would make him take precipitous action.

The man had to have the other two canisters.  Jack couldn’t tell if he did, but he had to assume it.  If he got his hands on the final one, Jack knew he’d leave and that would be the end of it.  He was angry once more, only this time it was because he’d given his former partner a way of escape, by handing back his vortex manipulator.

The problem was, he had no idea what Hart was up to.  The canisters could be anything, and there really was no way that Jack was going to allow him to get away with all three.   He had to find out, to know if it was dangerous to Cardiff.  He had to put his worry for his team aside, and try to figure out what Hart was up to.

 “Isn’t that what you wanted?” Jack taunted.  His hand inched toward his gun, not wanting to telegraph that he was trying to go for his weapon. 

“What I want,” Hart said, stepping even closer, “is for you to come to your senses.  Join me, Jack.”

It was all Jack could do not to raise his eyebrows in surprise.

“Back in the old routine,” his ex-partner went on, “we’d be emperors.  How can you stand being tied to one planet, when there are thousands out there, each one sparkling with wonder?  We should be up there, claiming them for our own.  Just like we used to.”

Jack couldn’t believe it.  Hart was coming onto him, by bringing up the so-called glories of the past.  He really should have expected it, and yet at the same time Jack knew the pair of them would never be able to trust the other, even if Jack were so inclined. 

Anything that they’d had in the past, would never have worked.  They’d been too much alike back then, much to Jack’s personal disgust.  He’d changed; he was no longer the conman who’d held a grudge against the Time Agency – although he still did that, even if it would never do him any good.  No, he was different, and he had made a family and had a mate who accepted him for who he was.

He could never go back to the vagabond lifestyle he’d once had.   It wasn’t even the least bit tempting.

“Sorry,” Jack answered.  “Can’t do it.”

“But why not?  What the hell is there to keep you here?”  Hart was truly confused by Jack’s refusal; he might have been able to read tells and figure out weaknesses, but he’d not seen just what Jack had now.  “The glitter of the galaxy!  The mischief we could make!”

“You know,” Jack snorted, “you never really mastered that temptation spiel.”

“It’s not spiel,” Hart snarled.  “It’s fact.”

“Move on,” Jack snapped.  “Here I am, in a new life, and you’re still churning out the same old tunes.  But they don’t play the same way anymore, now that you’re looking older.  And what are those, anyway?  Wrinkles around the eyes?”  He knew just where to strike at his ex-partner…in his ego, and his vanity. 

“Laugh lines!”  Hart declared.

“What a joke!”  Jack couldn’t help it.  He knew he should have been trying to wheedle information out of Hart, but the man’s insistence of living in the past was irritating him.  He couldn’t afford to let the man get to him, but it was far too difficult.  The best thing Jack could do was to cuff him and get him back to the Hub, and throwing him in a cell like Ianto had suggested.  They could then work out what the cylinders were.

“It’s you I’m laughing at.”  Hart held out his hand once more.  “Canister.”

Jack knew he couldn’t hand it over.  Hart would take off, and while he was certain now that these weren’t bombs, Jack couldn’t risk there being something within them that could cause havoc. 

He held it up to the little bit of light that was illuminating the roof.  Then he smirked, and tossed it over his shoulder, hoping that it striking the sidewalk below wouldn’t do it any damage.  “Whoops!”

He could tell just how livid Hart was at his action.  This was the man at his most dangerous, and when Hart moved Jack had known it would go down exactly the way he had.

Using both hands, Hart pushed Jack off the roof, a laughing, “Whoops!” following him down.

Chapter Eight


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Sorry, I know I'm evil....

More up soon. :)
Somehow, I've always found Hart pushing Jack off the roof to be a shock, and it's still shocking here. Hope Ianto flies in to catch Jack.
It really was a shock, wasn't it? I remember it being the last thing I expected when I first watched it.

More up soon. :)
Get him Ianto!!!


Both of them...in different ways of course
We'll see...

Oh, Hart doesn't know what's coming down on him from the sky. *winks*
Ianto is supposed to fly to the rescue just about now. Should I wait up till you post the next episode? :) I really, really, really want to know what happens next.
We'll see if Ianto makes it in time. Don't worry, more up soon. :)
Loved the update, can't wait to see what Ianto does.
Thanks! We'll see what Ianto does all right! *grins*
Tosh is such a good foil for Jack when he is being ridiculous. John grrr! You are building the tension nicely with the POV changes and anticipation of Ianto dishing out the smackdown to John. All in all it's rather thrilling. :) I am looking forward to the next chapter! :D
She really is. Tosh and Jack have a nice rapport, and I love writing it.

Oh, and there will be smackdown. *laughs*

Next should be up soon. :)
BASTARD! *shakes fist*
Me, or John Hart? *laughs*
Great banter between Tosh and Jack. I like the line about fetishes coming from her.

I really hope that Ianto's there to catch Jack.
Thanks, glad you liked it. And I think if anyone had fetishes it would be Tosh, because it's always the quiet ones. *nods*

We'll have to see about that...
Maybe Ianto will catch him instead of Jack dying this time...???

Love the relationship Jack and Toshiko have, too. Dad indeed!

We'll see if he is...

Oh, Jack is so the Dad... *laughs*
I can't believe you did the same cliffhanger twice in a row! You are EVIL!!!
I know I'm evil, but you love it! *laughs*
Great use of the office scene with Tosh. I was shocked that John would push Jack off too but hopefully this time he won't end up over that bench. Looking forward to reading about John's shock when Ianto turns up as a rather cross dragon.
Thanks, glad you enjoyed my version of the office scene. Jack is so the Dad!

We'll have to see what happens to Jack...next chapter. And Hart doesn't know what he's stirred up!


Loved the way you bend the " original"!!!
Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it. :)
I love how you blend the series with your own twist. It's AWESOME. *eats popcorn*
Thanks so much! You know, popcorn sounds really good about now...
enjoyed the light hearted banter between jack and tosh and hart had to appear. where is ianto? starts looking for next chapter.
Thank you! Glad you liked it. As for Ianto...next chapter, which should be up soon. :)
Love how Jack and Tosh are in the office. It was done very nicely :). He maybe a bastard and a pycho but i do love John hart lol. But i hope Ianto gets him for that grrr lol
Thanks! I'm glad you liked Jack's and Tosh's conversation. Oh, Hart is all that and more. Just wait until he gets a look at what's coming for him... *laughs*
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