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Myfanwy 2

January 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Interdependent - Chapter Five

Interdependent - Chapter Five
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Martha/Mickey; Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson
Warnings: Language, Violence
Spoilers: Up through "Children of Earth"; and for all seasons of "Stargate SG1"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, or Stargate SG1.  I have the DVD's though.
Author's note:  This is written for the Long Live Ianto Non-Anniversary Challenge, using the prompt by </a></b></a>madbottoms : A crossover with Stargate, where Ianto didn't die as quick on Day Four, and it was a bit slower, and for some reason he's beamed away by SG1 or the Atlantis team, where they have a Tok'ra symbiote in need of a host.  This will give Ianto an extended life of a thousand years at least.

Summary:  The last thing Ianto Jones remembers is dying in Thames House.  But he wakes up in a UNIT holding facility with a voice in his head and an alien inhabiting his body.  Now, he has to escape and find a way off planet. 

Chapter Five


Jack Harkness breathed against the burn of the hypervodka against the lining of his throat, even as he was motioning the bartender over for another, knowing today was going to yet be another day of getting drunk enough to develop alcohol poisoning…which, of course, never lasted very long.  He’d tried to drink himself to death, but he couldn’t keep up the alcohol consumption required to do that against his immortal metabolism.  Which meant he only got deathly ill, without the actual death part.

He didn’t really care, because killing himself would mean he didn’t have to face the pain his body went through in repairing the damage he was doing.  He deserved it; he didn’t deserve the calm of death, not after what he’d done.  Yes, he was torturing himself, and while he’d never been the level of masochist that John Hart had been, it still felt good to suffer for his sins.

The bartender gave him another drink, and Jack slammed that one back, the burn now comfortable enough that he didn’t react to it.  The bar he’d found himself in was a dive within the spaceport hub on Toreas Prime, a planet that had once been on the fringes of Goa’uld space before the System Lords had all but been wiped out.  Now it was a free port, run mostly by a conglomeration of trading races who didn’t have the benefit of a working Stargate.  Everything came through the spaceport, which made that particular bar fairly popular with the various races that traded on Toreas. 

Jack ordered another hypervodka.  He’d dropped so many credits in the place that all the bartenders knew him, and were more than happy to keep him supplied.  Getting as blind drunk as it was possible for him really didn’t help the emotional void within him, but at least it seemed to drown it out a little.

Thinking about Ianto and Steven was too much.  He preferred the haze alcohol afforded.

The bar was pretty well packed; not that Jack really noticed.  As long as the booze kept coming, the world could continue on its course.   He was halfway tempted to order several at once, so the bartender wouldn’t have to keep serving him, but refrained.  There was a difference in setting out to get drunk and actually looking like that had been your intention all along.

On his fifth shot, the bartender handed him a note.  Jack frowned, accepting it; the bartender jerked his head toward the far end of the room, and Jack glanced in the direction indicated…and saw the Doctor, looking tired and wan and just a little guilty.

The Doctor in turn nodded once, and then vanished.

What the hell?

Jack opened the note, reading its contents with a sudden sinking feeling.

His name is Alonso.


Jack was too depressed to be angry.  He should have expected the Doctor would try to set him up with someone, in a weird attempt to help him heal from his losses; he should have known that this was how the Doctor saw him, as someone who could settle for a random shag and that it would make everything all right, instead of going back in time and fixing the actual issue.

Jack sighed tiredly, waving for another hypervodka.  He wasn’t nearly drunk enough for this shit yet.

He turned to the man sitting next to him.  He was wearing some sort of uniform, and from his angle of view Jack could tell he was good-looking, but with some faintly unfortunate ears.  He wondered just what had made the Doctor feel that this Alonso was Jack’s type…and then realized that the Doctor most likely thought everyone was Jack’s type, when that was so very wrong.

He opened his mouth to get the man’s attention, but before he could he was interrupted by a female voice from his other side.  “You don’t want to talk to him,” the voice practically dripped flirtation.   “I’m much better looking.”

Jack twisted on his stool to look at the woman who had accosted him.  She was very attractive, dressed from neck to foot in black leather, the bustier under the fitted jacket barely keeping her breasts from exposing themselves.  Her black hair was pulled back in a messy tail, and sultry grey eyes were smiling at him.  “Captain Jack Harkness,” he introduced himself, almost from rote.  He held out his hand to her.

She smirked at him.  “Vala Mal Doran,” she answered, taking the hand.  Jack couldn’t help but notice the calluses on her palm, a sure sign that she knew her way around a gun.  He easily pegged her as a troublemaker, someone who was used to getting their way.

“I’d say it was a pleasure to meet you,” Jack said, “but as you can see, I’m busily trying to get myself as drunk as possible.”

“And hitting on strange men?” she teased, leaning her arm on the bar and regarding Jack closely.  “He’s nice, but really…why him, when you could have me?”

Jack was a little irritated.  He really hadn’t intended on doing much with this Alonso guy; he wasn’t in the mood, and quite honestly he really did just want to drown his sorrows for another day.  Besides, anyone that the Doctor threw in his direction was bound to be bad news.

And now, to have this woman coming onto him…God, he just wanted to be left alone.

“Look, I’m sure you’re a nice enough person –“

“You’re really horrible at first impressions then!”

“– but I’m really not interested.”  Hopefully that would give her enough of a clue to leave him be.

No such luck.

Instead, she leaned closer, and Jack ignored it, calling the bartender back over.  “”What if I told you I was actually looking for you?  Would that intrigue you?”

Jack snorted.  “Not particularly, no.”  There were enough enemies out there, and to be honest Jack really didn’t care who came after him.

“So you wouldn’t even consider coming with me?”

“Nope, not interested.”  Jack couldn’t even rake up the curiosity to see what she wanted.

Vala pouted.  “Then, at least let me buy you a drink, if you’re so determined to destroy your liver?”

It would just grow back, Jack didn’t say out loud.  Instead, he accepted her offer.  “I’d never turn down a free drink.”

The woman leaned over the bar, showing her cleavage to the bartender, who took the opportunity to ogle the display, and then he poured Jack another drink.

“Thanks,” Jack said, thinking he could at least be polite to her after brushing her off.  Then he reached for the glass…

And Vala snatched at his hand, and before Jack could react she’d slapped a piece of metal against his wrist, which promptly curled around, forming a close-fitting bracelet.

Jack pulled back roughly, but Vala didn’t seem to mind; she was grinning like she’d just won the New Vegas lottery.   “What the hell –“  He looked down at his wrist, where the band she’d put on him rested where his watch used to…before it had gotten blown up with the Hub.  It was a brass-coloured metal, with strange designs on it, and it took Jack a few seconds to recognize it as Goa’uld technology….and another couple of seconds to know exactly what it was. 

Vala was smirking, her eyes shining, her own wrist displaying a similar band.  “It’s a kor mak bracelet –“ she began.

“I know what it is,” he snapped, his free hand darting for his Webley…but it was gone as well, lost in the wreckage of his life.  Instead, it came over to wrap around the device, tugging at it angrily.  It linked him to her; they wouldn’t be able to get too far apart without feeling the effects, and if they were separated more than one hundred feet, it could lead to death.  Of course, Jack would come back, but if Vala also died somewhere away from him he doubted he would be able to come back long enough to actually find a way to remove it himself.  And, honestly, while Jack almost craved death for the temporary peace it brought, he really didn’t feel up to dying over and over again, and not being able to do a damned thing about it.

She leaned closer, losing the smug expression.  In its place, something serious appeared, and Jack found himself staring her down.  “I didn’t want to do that,” Vala admitted, “but I doubt you’d have come with me, and it’s important that you do.”

Before Jack could say anything, she had pushed away from the bar, and was heading toward the exit.  Jack had no choice but to catch up with her.  “Just what do you want?” he demanded, rubbing the kor mak roughly.

“I’d tell you,” she answered, “but I don’t think you’d believe me.  So I’m taking you to someone you would believe.”

“Whatever it is, I’m not interested.”

“You shouldn’t decide that until you’ve heard what it is.”  Then her flirtatiousness returned, and she gave him a saucy wink.  “Besides, it means you get to spend more time in my company, and that can’t be all that bad, can it?”

Jack didn’t say anything.  He didn’t think he could be civil toward her.

Vala made her way throughout the spaceport, dodging crowds with an aplomb that only came from long practice.  Jack could do nothing but follow her, cursing her for dragging him off to wherever the hell she was leading him.  He’d been perfectly fine on his own, and this woman had strolled right in and tagged him, and didn’t have the courtesy to even give him a clue as to what was going on. 

It hadn’t been that long ago that Jack would have gone with her willingly, in just the name of adventure.  He would have had Ianto at his side, of course; in fact, Ianto would have most likely encouraged him to follow.  There had been times when Jack had thought that the pair of them could have taken on the galaxy, and it had been that very hubris that had had them going into Thames House without so much as a back-up plan.

It had cost Ianto his life. 

He had to also blame Ianto a little in what happened, although it felt wrong to do so.  It had been Ianto’s faith in him that had sent them into Thames House, because Ianto had believed in him to stand up for what was right.  That confidence had buoyed Jack up, until Ianto’s death had caused it to all come crashing down like the house of cards it had always been. 

It was what made everything seem so much worse than it could ever have been.  Not only the loss of Ianto…but the loss of that confidence, which had made him such a better person than he could have ever hoped to be.  Jack could admit freely to himself that he’d loved Ianto; still did, and he knew it would be centuries before it would ever fade.   Not even Steven’s death would ever compare to what Jack felt toward Ianto’s loss, and guilt ate at him over it.  He could rationalize it all he wanted to, but it came down to the fact that Ianto had been more a part of his life than his own family had been, even though they’d only had a scant couple of years as lovers.

There were times when he actually hated Ianto for it all.

Vala seemed to be heading toward the outer areas of the spaceport, and Jack frowned, wondering if she wasn’t making for a docked spacecraft.  It would be offworld, then. 

He grabbed her by the arm to stop her.  “Just where are we going?” he demanded, going for intimidation.

Vala simply grinned up at him.  “It’s not working, darling.  C’mon, it’s not far.”  She shrugged out of his grip and moved on.

Jack had no choice but to go with her.

She hadn’t been lying when she’d claimed it wasn’t far.  Vala walked up to a large metal door, pushing it open to reveal a wide space free of the various crates and detritus that built up in a port’s storage areas.  She grasped the sleeve of his greatcoat, pulling him into the middle of the space.

Jack really shouldn’t have been surprised when the transport rings appeared.  After all, Vala had used a Goa’uld device to force him to accompany her, and there had to have been all sorts of abandoned Goa’uld technology floating around after the demise of the System Lords.  So, for someone to have gotten their hands on it only made sense.

Thus, being beamed into what was obviously the cargo hold of a tel’tak didn’t really shock him.

It was only the obvious fact that Vala wasn’t a Goa’uld that kept him from trying to overpower her and escape.  Jack didn’t relish becoming a Goa’uld host; him being immortal would have been the icing on the cake of a System Lord’s existence.  But no, the System Lords are gone and dust.  Jack didn’t need to worry about them coming after him, even if they’d been aware of an immortal Tauri out in the universe.

“Calm down,” Vala said, noticing his sudden tensing.  “This is a Free Jaffa ship.  Nothing’s going to jump out at you.”  With those parting words, she used the touchpad next to the room’s only door to open it and head out into the ship.

The ring room had been just off the ship’s main corridor, and Jack kept tagging along behind Vala, glad that he’d know soon enough just what was going on.  If this was a Free Jaffa ship, then it had to be one of the Jaffa’s allies who’d come in search of him.  It could be good news…or bad. 

The flight deck of the tel’tak was austere, with the only seat being at the helm position.  They were already in flight, judging from the stars streaking past.  There were two men on deck, one in the pilot chair, and they turned as Jack and Vala entered, and Jack recognized them at once.

Brigadier General Jack O’Neill (Retired) was a handsome and well-built man, his short hair all grey now, and his dark eyes discerning.  He was dressed in tan khakis and a black t-shirt, his well-muscled arms crossed over his chest.  At his waist was a military-issue automatic, as well as one of the ubiquitous zat’nik’tel, the electrical weapon that Jack knew had come to Earth through the SGC.

Jack respected the hell out of O’Neill, even if he’d often argued with the man.  O’Neill was career Air Force, and he’d worked his way up through the ranks until his retirement, when the U.S. policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” had finally gotten on his last nerve and he’d decided he didn’t want to hide his relationship with a very male teammate any longer.

That teammate was Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Jack wasn’t at all surprised to see him sitting in the pilot’s chair.  If rumour was to be believed, Jackson had died and come back to life enough times that Jack had played with the idea that the anthropologist was also somehow immortal, but he’d dismissed it.  He also might have, at one time, considered trying to poach Jackson for Torchwood, but although Jack couldn’t die he could still feel pain, and he doubted that O’Neill would have appreciated it very much. 

 “So,” he drawled, bringing up a smirk for O’Neill, “what brings one-half of SG-1 out this far?”

Vala cleared her throat meaningfully, but the others seemed to ignore her, except for Jackson who simply rolled his eyes.

“Do you have any idea how hard it was to track you down?” O’Neill answered, “I would have been quite happy to be fishing instead of being asked to find your sorry ass.”

“You didn’t need to,” Jack returned.  “I was quite happy where I was.”  That was pure exaggeration, since he hadn’t been truly happy in quite some time.

“He was in a bar,” Vala reported, “drinking himself into a stupor.”

It was O’Neill’s turn to roll his eyes, but there was something else in his expression that Jack didn’t want to interpret as sympathy.  “I never pictured you as a cut-and-run type, Harkness.”

“Then you don’t know me at all very well.”

“Maybe not.  But I do know what you’ve gone through.”  O’Neill stepped closer, resting a hand on Jack’s shoulder.  “I was told what you had to do to save the planet.”

“Then you know exactly why I cut-and-run, as you put it.”  Anger made the words come out rough.

‘Yeah,” O’Neill answered quietly.  “I was like that, when my son died.”

Jack was startled.  “Your son?”

“Charlie.  He was about Steven’s age when he died.  Oh, he didn’t go out heroically, like your grandson did…no, Charlie was playing with my service weapon when it went off.  I pretty much drank myself stupid, lost my wife…but it was Charlie’s death that led me to the SGC.  Of course, they brought me in thinking that first mission through the Stargate was going to be a suicide mission but, while I’ve learned to live on, I still miss him.  I wish I could say it would get better, but I won’t lie to you.  I am sorry for your loss, Harkness.”

Jack didn’t even know he was crying until he tasted salt on his lips.  Yes, O’Neill’s son hadn’t died the way Steven had, but he could see how the General could sympathize with what Jack was going through. 

He nodded, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.  O’Neill looked at him closely, as if reading him to see if his words really had meant something, and then nodded himself, stepping back.  Jackson got up from the pilot’s chair and moved up to him, and Jack saw his hand go up to rub O’Neill’s back in comfort. 

“Well,” O’Neill said, “now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, I should probably explain exactly why we’re out in an…appropriated…tel’tak, looking for you.”

“It must have been good to get you away from you cabin,” Jack agreed, clearing his throat slightly.

“Yeah, it was.  Imagine my surprise when Hank Landry called me, saying that he’d received a very interesting phone call from someone claiming to be Ianto Jones.”

If the emotions about Steven had been rough, Ianto’s name coming from O’Neill’s mouth was like a punch in the gut.  Jack staggered, reaching out for something to keep himself from falling to the deck.  There was nothing, and Jack went down as if he’d been pushed, his heart aching just as badly as it had when he’s revived in that gymnasium back on Earth.

Hands were on his shoulder once more, but this time it was Daniel Jackson’s, and he was having strong words with O’Neill, but Jack couldn’t make them out, he was so thoroughly stunned. 

Ianto was dead.  There was no way he could be calling anyone, let alone the head of the SGC. 

With that thought, anger replaced the shock that had flooded him.  He was back on his feet before he’d even realized it, and his hands were fisted in O’Neill’s shirt, shoving the man against the wall.  “Ianto is dead,” he snarled. 

Now Jackson was trying to pull him away, but O’Neill simply stood there, taking Jack’s anger and accepting it.  “Tell me about it,” the retired General said, “I saw the footage from Thames House.   But this guy had the proper Torchwood codes according to Landry, and he knew about the argument between you and Carter about the ZPM.  He had all the right answers.”

Jack examined O’Neill, looking for the lie…and not finding it.  He released his grip on the man, and shrugging off Jackson’s hands as he moved back, shaking his head in disbelief.  Ianto had been there for that ‘discussion’ with Samantha Carter, which had taken intervention from Major General Landry in order to settle things down.  No one else would have known.

It was impossible.                                            

“Carter’s probably still mad because I was right,” he answered weakly, not knowing why those particular words had come out when there were so many others he wanted to say. 

O’Neill snorted.  “She hasn’t lived it down yet, no.”

Jack took a deep breath, needing to calm down, but not able to.  It wasn’t possible that Ianto was alive; he’d died in Jacks’ arms, professing his love, and Jack hadn’t been able to say it back.   “How?” was the only thing that clawed its way from his throat.

And O’Neill explained.


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You're on a roll.

And of course O'Neill is his usual tactless self.

Love it!
Oh yes...O'Neill... *grins*

Thank you! :)
It would be quite the punch in the gut to have that blurted out at him like that. The story he's about to hear is going to be a real shock, but definitely not an unwelcome one. I hope they get Ianto out safely and reunited with Jack soon.
Oh yes, it was. Poor Jack, but at least he now knows. And Jack to the rescue!

Ok where's the rest of this chapter! LOL! Seriously This is great! Can't wait for Jack and Ianto to meet up! Fix it fic are a favorite of mind! Well that and anything that makes COE and MD go far far away ;)

Edited at 2012-06-03 04:54 am (UTC)
Haha! Sorry, that's it. It just seemed like a good place to end. :)

What is this MD that you speak of? *winks*
Poor Jack. Harkness, that is.
Oh, I know. But at least he knows Ianto is alive now. :)
I remember feeling offended on Jack's behalf when The Doctor did that. All his other companions got some kind of help in an adventure, and Jack got offered a shag. It was really awful and tacky on RTD's part. Although I have seen some stories that go OTT about The Doctor as if he needs to be beaten to a pulp for being a bit mean to Jack, I just think he's a bit arrogant and out of order, and that scene was just RTD doing his thing.

I'm really glad you've brought Jack into it and had him find out now.
Oh, I know I was. And you're right...everyone else got some form of help, but Jack got a man tossed at him as if that would solve all his problems. The Doctor just really needed a stern talking to over it.

Jack is on his way. We'll see if he gets there in time.
EEEP!! More soon, yes??????
More up soon. :)
OMG how do I love thee, let me count the ways...

O'Neill at his best....I so love that guy!

Go, write more....Please...
Why, thank you!

I do love O'Neill as well. *grins*

More up soon. :)
I'm really loving this. My two favourite shows; it doesn't get any better! :)
Thank you! Glad you liked it. :)
Oh poor Jack having being told so bluntly lmao. I'm so looking forward to when Jack and Ianto meet up again :) great chapter
That's O'Neill for you! Tact isn't in his vocabulary.

More up soon. :)
Loved the upsdate
Thanks! :)
I love it! Vala, Daniel, O'Neill ..... and our Jack!
only great people.
good, with Vala I was reserved, but she eventually earn its crew of SG1! she has humor, sufficiency, and the spirit of sacrifice Navy to recover his teammates.
Thank you!

I was too, but she really won me over.

Glad you enjoyed it! :)
Now that I can comment...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

dreams come true
Thank you! I love you, too. :)
Hi, I'm new here.
I can't find the correct words that can express how much I adore this (and my english is not very good)
I'm in heaven.
My two favorites show together, I have devotion for both.
And is so fantastically written.
Hi, and welcome!

I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Thank you! :)
This is amazing...
I haven't got far so I have no clue who Vala is, but this story is just .... awesome!
Stargate is fast becoming one of my fave TV programmes :D
Vala comes in later, you'll like her I think. She's pretty fab.

I'm glad you're enjoying this. :)
Hummm, can we have some more please?
I'm so sorry, I didn't see your comment here!

Yes, there will be more, I promise. I have a few more chapters of this, so don't worry...I'll be back to this.

Thank you! :)
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