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Myfanwy 2

February 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Lost and Found - Chapter Fifteen

Lost and Found - Chapter Fifteen
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Rowena Harkness-Jones/Henry Morgan, Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (mentioned), Clint Barton/Other (mentioned), Cadi Harkness-Jones/John Hart (mentioned), Rhys Williams/Gwen Cooper (past), Others
Warnings: Implied Torture, Mpreg (mentioned), Reincarnation, Language, Violence, Angst
Spoilers: For most of the Dragon-Verse stories, some not yet written
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. There are other things in here also that I don't own as well.

Summary: "Fucking Rift," Rhys managed to mutter, realising immediately what must have happened.

Living in Cardiff was like playing Russian Roulette: no one was safe, but the Rift more often than not dropped off instead of picked up and it was just luck of the draw when those negative spikes appeared and snatched a person away.

20 June 5119 (Earth Standard Date)

Gliese 581g (Hubworld)


The main holosuite in Torchwood Tower was on the Director’s level, at the opposite end of the building from Phillip’s office.  Ianto met him there and Bratsk – wearing the face of Virginia Potts, whom Ianto had met on several different occasions long ago – was two steps behind hir Director, a fancy earpiece and dictation tablet on hand, despite the various recording devices that would be in the room.  Ianto, of course, knew why Phillip did it; to make whoever was meeting in that room believe that Bratsk was taking the only notes of the meeting.  In fact, it had been a long-standing tradition dating back to himself and Jack pulling the same act on unsuspecting people at the old Cardiff Hub. 

The door slid open, revealing the room beyond.  It was large, with a traditional boardroom table and chairs in the centre.  Various holographic transmitters were placed about the room, and as Phillip took his place in the chair at the head of the table, the lights within dimmed slightly and the projectors came online. 

Ianto took a stance just behind and to the left of Phillip’s chair, wanting to make certain those attending would know where his loyalty lay.  Bratsk took a seat to Phillip’s right, her tablet on the table top, stylus primed and ready.

The first to ‘arrive’ at the meeting were the Adjudicators assigned to the case.  There were three: one was familiar to Ianto; his own son, Alun, most likely there as the expert on Torchwood protocol.  He didn’t recognise the second being, but the third he definitely knew: Harlana Chan, a member of the race that had once spawned the Shadow Architects for the former Shadow Proclamation.  The resolution on the holo-projectors was so good that the woman’s red eyes were very obvious as she nodded to Phillip in greeting.

The Adjudicator Council had been an outgrowth of the Shadow Proclamation after it had dissolved.  Most planets in the Human Empire hadn’t needed them, having ceded much of their former duties to Torchwood once it had gotten large enough to carry out what needed to be done.  It also hadn’t helped that the Judoon, the former enforcers of the Proclamation, had been far too heavy-handed in their pursuit of justice and had gained a rather bloodthirsty reputation.  After several altercations with planet-based security the Judoon forces were eventually disbanded and sent back to their own world.

Now, the Adjudicators were the judges for disputes that could not be solved on the planetary level.  Calling on the Adjudication Council was a final, last ditch effort to come to a resolution.  While they didn’t handle diplomatic relations between worlds, they did have final say on conflicts that went beyond the global.  The Andralan calling them in on this dispute would be their last chance to get their way.

Which, Ianto was certain, they would not get.

The last to arrive were the Andralan themselves.  Ianto knew it was to give them a sort of psychological advantage, but he knew his son-by-mating well enough to know it would do no such thing.

“Welcome,” Adjudicator Chan greeted, bowing first to the Andralan representative – since they were the ones who’d initiated the claim – and then to Phillip and Ianto.  “I am Harlana Chan, Senior Adjudicator for this case.  With me are Senior Adjudicator Alun ap Llyn, as an expert on Torchwood protocol; and Junior Adjudicator Wraxla, specialist in Andralan law.  If you would all state your names, specialties, and homeworlds for the records?”

 One of the Andralan bowed.  “I am Oron, Security Commander, speaking on behalf of the Andralan government.” It had been obvious that he’d been in some sort of security position, due to the uniform he was wearing.  He also stood like he had a stick up his arse…which Ianto didn’t doubt for one moment that he actually had.

The second Andralan also bowed, but it was a deeper one than Commander Oron had given.  “Acron, Reader of Law on behalf of the Andralan Security Council.”

“You were to bring an ancient language specialist with you,” Chan commented.

“We have one,” Acron answered, “however there was a technical issue with his…ah, here he is now.”

A human male flickered into being next to the hologram of Oron.  He had dark hair and eyes, and was wearing a suit jacket that was obviously some sort of black wool.  A scarf was looped around his neck, almost obscuring the white shirt he’d coupled with the black trousers.  “I’m sorry about the delay,” he said, his Galactic Standard touched with an accent that Ianto knew very well was old English.  Like his own Welsh, it was hard to get rid of that sort of thing, even after so many centuries. “Henry Morgan,” he went on, “Doctor of Languages, Luna University, resident of the planet Earth.”

But then, Ianto knew this man very well indeed.  After all, his daughter Rowena was mated to him.

Henry Morgan had been an enigma when he’d shown up at Luna University nearly an Earth decade ago, looking for a teaching position.  It hadn’t taken Rowena long to realise there was much more to his story than he was telling, and she’d pursued him with a single-minded passion that she usually only had when going after some sort of historical mystery that she wanted to solve.  It had only been after they’d been dating for a few months that Henry had confided in her about his immortality.  It had only been fair after that, that Rowena had admitted that she, too, was immortal…and was a Star Dragon.

They’d been mated for nearly six standard years now, and Ianto genuinely liked Henry for his daughter.  They made an excellent team especially when going after whatever their latest obsessions happened to be.

Jack still teased Henry about his tendency to come back to life in the nearest body of water and naked, though. 

“Phillip Coulson, Director of the Torchwood Institute,” Phillip said, speaking with respect and yet with an undertone of just how much of a waste of time he felt this whole thing was. “My planet of birth was Earth, permanent residence now Gliese 581g, also known as Hubworld.”

“I am Bratsk,” Phillip’s assistant spoke up.  “I am personal assistant to Director Coulson, and in that capacity I have been asked to take notes on this meeting, both electronically and by hand.  I am a current resident of Gliese 581g; however, my planet of birth was Zygos Beta.”

It was Ianto’s turn.  “Ifan Jones, Professor Emeritus of Ancient Earth History.  Born on and currently a resident of Earth.”

Inwardly, he was laughing.  Four of the people there knew each other, and they were doing a damned good job at pretending otherwise.

“Thank you all for attending,” Adjudicator Chan replied, bowing slightly.  “This action was brought by the Andralan government against the Torchwood Institute, accusing the Institute of planting a spy on their homeworld and then for removing said spy from custody.  The Torchwood Institute’s reply to this action is that the person the Andralan took into custody was, in fact, the victim of a spacio-temporal event and thus falls under the Institute’s remit.  Director Coulson, it is your contention that this man, Rhys Williams, admitted to such in the interrogation that took place when the person of interest was being held by Andralan Security.”

“It is,” Phillip answered smoothly. 

“And it is the Andralan government’s contention that this is simply a story concocted to provide a cover for their spy and that Rhys Williams is guilty of espionage.”

“That is correct,” Commander Oron practically hissed, giving Phillip what would have been considered the stink-eye had he been human.

While Ianto couldn’t see Phillip’s face from where he was standing, he could tell just how amused he was by it.  To be honest, Ianto was amused as well.  He couldn’t tell if the Andralan were trying to save face, or if they really believed there was some evidence against Torchwood and Rhys.  They’d gone as far as bring a complaint with the Adjudicator Council, and Ianto didn’t think the Andralan were particularly stupid, just paranoid at the rest of the universe. 

No, this was an attempt to come out looking better than they would have otherwise.  In Ianto’s opinion it was a complete waste of time, and he knew Phillip felt the same.  They just had to see what the Andralan were planning, and then they could react properly.

“It seems that, at the heart of this case, is the actual video filmed during said interrogation,” Chan went on.  “This is the reason we have our two expert witnesses, correct?  In order to interpret this video?”  She brushed her thumb against the screen of the handheld computer she was using.  “Despite the fact that the Emperor himself certified a previous recording interpreted by someone within the Imperial Security Forces?”

An expression of anger crossed Oron’s face, but then it settled into something like scorn.  “How do we know that Torchwood hasn’t tainted it somehow?  It is best to have our own specialist do the translation.”

“You still had to find someone who isn’t Andralan,” Phillip pointed out. 

“Unfortunately yes,” Oron answered grudgingly.  “However, we have thoroughly vetted Dr Morgan and are satisfied that he can be objective, just as we are satisfied that this action will go in our favour.”

Ianto wondered just how deeply the Andralan’s background check on Henry had gone.  In the early days of her tenure at Luna University Rowena hadn’t made it a secret that she was a Star Dragon, but that had been over a millennium ago.  Still, it would have been hard to reconcile a professor having held their chair for so long.  The Andralan had to know that Henry’s mate was a Star Dragon, even if Henry had hidden his own immortality so well.

But would that matter to the Andralan?  So far there was nothing to connect Rhys with the Star Dragons.  Ianto doubted that the Andralan much cared, as long as Henry could translate the recording of Rhys under the mind probe.   But Ianto had to wonder just how their reaction would go when Henry’s translation followed that of the Imperial one. 

It occurred to Ianto that the Andralan could have something up their sleeves.  And, if it had occurred to him, he knew Phillip had to have had the same thought.

“I would like to point out,” Phillip said, “that the person in question only speaks Old Earth English, and this is evident by the questioning.  As we’re all aware, under an interrogation by mind probe the subject literally cannot hide anything; every secret is brought to the surface.  If Mr Williams was, indeed, a spy for the Torchwood Institute, he would not have been able to keep up the cover of speaking a language currently considered dead.  And, why would we send anyone to Andrala without them speaking at least Galactic Standard?”

“These are excellent points,” Chan observed.  “Do you have a rebuttal, Commander?”

“Only that a perfect spy would speak many languages,” Oron answered brusquely.  “And they would also have received anti-interrogation training.”

“Anti-interrogation training in the case of a mind probe,” Phillip rolled on, “is always ‘don’t resist’.  It only causes more pain and damage or even death if a person tries to fight it.  Besides, Torchwood has no reason to spy on the Andralan.  They have nothing we are interested in.”

“Who can know the motivations such an organisation such as Torchwood has?” Oron snarled.  “It could very well be the first steps in an invasion – “

“Commander Oron,” the Senior Adjudicator cut in, “calmness is required in this situation.  You have absolutely no proof of these allegations.”

“Besides,” Alun added, “The Torchwood Institute has never had such an agenda.  The Institute has done far more good for the Human Empire and its affiliates than can be quantified.  They even aided Andrala a century ago when there had been an incursion on your territory.”

“Senior Adjudicator ap Llyn is correct,” Phillip stated.  “The Institute is about helping races, not conquering them.  What would we do with your planet anyway?  The only territories Torchwood claims ownership of is Hubworld itself and various campuses and other institutions in the Empire.  We have no need to take something that doesn’t belong to us in the first place.”

“And this is not the object of this meeting,” Chan cut across the recriminations like a hot knife through butter.  “We are here to determine the truth of the matter concerning Rhys Williams.”  She stared at Oron.  “Commander, if the Torchwood Institute is guilty of what you claim, there will be sanctions.  However, if this is simply a way for Andrala to save face by continuing a claim that has no basis in fact, you can be assured that there will be actions taken in that direction as well.  Gentlebeings, am I understood?”

“Of course, Senior Adjudicator,” Phillip replied.  He nodded in her direction, ceding to her authority over the proceedings.

“Yes,” Oron added.  It was obvious to Ianto that the Andralan was grinding his teeth at being called down by the Adjudicator.

“Then let us begin with the recording,” Chan said.  “Doctor Morgan…Professor Jones…I understand that the scenes from this are disturbing.  If at any time you need to leave…”

“Thank you, Madam Adjudicator,” Henry answered.  “However, I’ve seen many disturbing things in my time and I believe I can handle it for the duration.”

“I agree with my colleague,” Ianto assured.  “I have, in fact, sat in on interrogations under mind probe before, and while I agree it is distasteful we need to get to the bottom of this issue.  A man’s life is going to be determined by the decision made here today.”

That confession gained Ianto a strange look from the Andralan delegation.  He didn’t respond to the glare; let them think what they wanted to.  They didn’t need to know that his own Torchwood had used that self-same version of the mind probe in order to hunt down HYDRA agents posing as innocents.

Of course, Harlana Chan didn’t seem at all surprised by Ianto’s confession.  That just confirmed to the dragon that the Adjudicator knew exactly who he was, which wasn’t a surprise considering the fact that his own son was standing next to her.  Alun would have clued her in the moment the Senior Adjudicator had been chosen for this assignment. 

“Then let us begin.” 

The recording was brutal, but Ianto did his best to ignore the fact that it was a dear friend of his long thought dead being questioned in front of the camera.  Still, even as he translated what Rhys was saying he couldn’t help the anger that bubbled up within him, and it was all he could do not to proclaim the right of vengeance against the Andralan.  As a dragon, he’d declared Rhys a dragon friend, and that meant he’d do anything to protect him even if he’d been officially dead for over three thousand years.  Rhys was family, and he would be damned before the Andralan got their hands on him again.

Still, he understood the need for this.  Rhys had to be declared innocent and under no threat of being taken at any time.  There could be nothing hanging over Rhys’ head once he made it to Hubworld, and then he would be free to do whatever he wanted to do with the rest of his life.  Rhys had to be out from under this before he could start his life anew.

He faithfully translated everything that Rhys was saying under the influence of the mind probe, and kept his fury under control.  Every once in a while, he would glance over at the Andralan delegation as they listened to Henry make the same translation…but something was wrong.

Commander Oron should have been getting angrier at what Henry was revealing.  Instead he looked…pleased.  As if everything was turning out the way he’d planned, that his chosen translator wasn’t punching so many holes in their case that it would drown under the weight of the paranoia surrounding it.

And suddenly, Phillip stood up.  Ianto immediately ceased the translation; across the room Henry did as well, his hologram sparking slightly as he regarded Phillip. 

Hand raised to the comm in his ear, Phillip turned toward the Adjudicators, his back stiff as if it had been strapped to a space-hardened alloy beam.  “I’m sorry to interrupt,” he said, his voice sharp, “but I’ve just received word that there’s been an incident on Dahlnia Prime.”


Brilliant! :)
The Andralans are in deep sh*t now. song quote time: "Paranoia will destroy ya." Having attempted to kill Rhys (I'm sure it'll prove to be them behind the shooting), things will not go well for them ^_^
I am also worried, Colson, Ianto and Jack seems to be on to them to get Rhys affair by this court.
But the Adralan also !!!!