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Myfanwy 2

February 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Fire Dragon's Warning

The Fire Dragon's Warning
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys; Gwen/Owen (mentioned)
Warnings: None Really
Spoilers: Up through S1 E11, "Combat"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the calm before the storm that will be the stories Knight of Cups and The Time Walker's Gambit; a.k.a. 'Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days".  Well, maybe not so calm, actually.  Dating, as usual, comes from fan-made chronologies, specifically from Ianto's Desktop, and the TARDIS Index File.   I've also written this using  my Long Live Ianto Cliche Bingo Wild Card slot, and the prompt I've chosen is Visions.  This story gives me a diagonal bingo!

Summary: Toshiko receives a late-night visitor with a vague warning of things to come.


15 January 2008


Toshiko entered her flat, tossing her bag and laptop case down onto the sofa, and toeing her shoes off as she headed toward her kitchen.  She was shattered, but wired at the same time.  A Rift flare had sent the team out to Butetown, to a debris trail that had taken them hours to clean up.  Luckily nothing alive had been within whatever it was; it would have been a terrible way to die. 

And it had just been the three of them; Owen hadn’t answered his mobile, and Jack was incensed.  Owen had been cleared for duty just that morning, too, so there had been no reason for him to ignore the call.  When she’d left the Hub, Ianto had been arguing with him, in a failed attempt to calm their captain down before he went out to confront their medic.   With Gwen having been suspended indefinitely, the clean-up had been almost too much for them.

She sighed.  Certainly, they’d all lost people, but Owen was acting like this was the first time it had ever happened to him.  Diane had left of her own accord, not wanting to be tied down when a whole new world lay before her, and Toshiko couldn’t blame her in the slightest.   However Owen was being way too melodramatic for having only known her barely a week, and it was putting too much stress on an already stretched-to-the-limit team.

Pottering around her kitchen as she prepared a cup of tea and some toast, Toshiko couldn’t escape the feeling there was something going on behind the scenes.  The way Owen was acting…Gwen actually Retconning her own boyfriend due to the need to confess…these weren’t the signs of rational thinking.  Toshiko thought very rationally, and she could see that Owen’s behavior was out of character.  Gwen, she wasn’t certain about, not really knowing her all that well, but after what had happened with Suzie’s strange plot had she truly thought she could get away with taking the Retcon?

After Jack and Ianto, Toshiko was the longest serving member of Torchwood Three.  She’d seen so many bizarre things in her time, that it had her instincts tingling.   There really wasn’t anything she could pin down, and without any proof she couldn’t bring it to her bosses.

So lost in her thoughts Toshiko didn’t notice her flat getting warmer until she had her tea and toast and was heading back into her lounge.

When she did feel how uncomfortable it was getting, she made a detour to the thermostat on her wall.  The furnace was on, but she always turned it down low when she left for the Hub, since it didn’t make sense to heat an empty flat.  Holding her piece of toast between her teeth, she reached out, thinking she’d forgotten to do just that before she’d gone in…

Only the thermostat was where she normally set it in the morning.

Frowning around her toast, Toshiko mentally cursed.  This was all she needed…to have her heater burn out or something.  Maybe she could get Ianto in to look at it; the dragon knew his way around such things, from his time running the inn.  Maybe he could figure it out before the thing went balls’ up… Toshiko might know computers and alien tech, but sometimes it was the ordinary things that stumped her.

She programmed it down a bit further, hoping to cut the strain on the unit, then headed toward her sofa, and that was when she noticed the fire in her lounge.

Torchwood trained reflexes came to the fore, and Toshiko darted into the kitchen, looking for her extinguisher.  In her haste she still managed to set her teacup down on the countertop as she reached underneath for the small extinguisher she kept on hand.   She headed quickly back into the lounge, aiming the nozzle toward the flame...

“Please do not use that on me,” a laughing female voice exclaimed.  “I mean no harm.”

Toshiko gaped.  The flame wasn’t actually burning anything, even though she could feel the heat of it  against her skin.  It hovered off the floor, twisting and serpentine, one part of it leaning toward her.  She only noticed the eyes because they were more red than orange.

Wings unfurled from the flame-form.

Sighing, Toshiko put the extinguisher down.   “Sorry about that,” she said.  “I wasn’t expecting the Fire Dragon to show up in my flat tonight.”

“I should think not!” the dragon answered.  “Although I do apologize for my somewhat…dramatic appearance.  My brother, the Earth Dragon, would have come to you himself, but as I was already manifesting on this plane it was decided I would speak to you.”

“It’s fine.  Just be glad that Ianto told me about all four Great Dragons, or else I would have used the suppressant on you anyway.”  She set the canister down, and pushed her belongings aside so she could collapse onto the sofa.   This would also explain why it was so hot in the flat.  “Can I ask why you’re here?  I mean, I thought you couldn’t appear without those posts…”

“That was the case before you took the Earth Dragon’s mark.  We may now use that as a concentration object, although the power to do so is incredible.  We would only use it in case of emergency.”

Toshiko sat up, suddenly afraid.  “What is it?”

The Fire Dragon writhed in place.  “I know not what the young one has told you of us…”

“I know that you’re one of the Great Dragons; that you have vast powers over the elements of this world,” she answered.  “I also heard the invocation Ianto made.”

The dragon’s fiery head bobbed once.  “I am the Fire Dragon…although that’s obvious.”  She laughed, then turned solemn once more.  “I have the honor of keeping the soul of this world burning brightly.  But, I and my siblings also exist outside of Time itself, much like the Fae do.”

Toshiko couldn’t help but shiver slightly at the mention of the fairies. 

The dragon must have noticed, because she said, “You would do well to fear them, for they are capricious, only held in check by the Pacts they’ve made.  However, they are not important; what is, is that we have seen something that we must warn you about.  Great evil is coming, dragon-friend, and you must be wary of it.”

“Why are you telling me this?  Why not Ianto, or Jack?”

“Because they are in the middle of it all.”  The dragon thrashed agitatedly.   “Has either of them told you of the Tarot girl?”

Toshiko frowned.  “No, I’m sure I would’ve remembered something like that.”

“There are many ancient powers in the Universe, and she is one of them.  There are legends about her, and just what she is, but they are all wrong.  She is nearly as capricious as the Fae, a trickster of sorts; reading a being’s future and then making such readings seem unbreakable, although there are ways to do so if someone knows how.”

A bead of sweat dripped into Toshiko’s eye, and she scrubbed it away roughly.  “Are you saying she’s done a reading for Ianto?”  Something they’d once said was niggling at the back of her mind…

“And for his mate.  Those given to Jack Harkness are not what we need to discuss, at least not yet; although the time is coming when that prophecy will also lead to great evil, and you and the other dragon-friends will be summoned to the aid of the sanctuary.  No, it is the one that our young one heard, not long after coming to this place.”

“What was it?”  Toshiko wasn’t sure she believed in prophecy, but then she hadn’t believed in ancient dragon spirits until not that long ago.  She also wanted to know more about these other dragon-friends, but thought that could wait.

“She foretold that the young one would have his heart broken four times, by his mate.  But, afterward, they would come to an understanding.  She made it sound like a foregone conclusion, but that is her power: to make the one she prophesies to believe what she is saying.”

Toshiko shook her head.  “Jack would never do that to Ianto.  He loves him!”  That was it…back when Jack had had his dream, and they’d asked her to help them figure out what was going on.  It had sounded like a riddle at the time, but what the Fire Dragon was saying, was putting that odd conversation in perspective. 

“It has already happened twice: once with the hiring of Gwen Cooper, whom he thought was taking his place; and the other, were the events leading up to the death of the damaged one; the one who called herself Lisa.”

That made sense.  Toshiko nodded, remembering how Ianto had reacted to Gwen being brought in, and how much trust he’d lost in Jack before it had been revealed that he’d been caring for the black dragon.  Lisa’s death – even though he’d had to do it himself – had been the only possible outcome to all that distrust and anger, and he could so easily have blamed Jack for that as well if he’d loved their captain any less.  “So you’re saying it’s supposed to happen twice more?  I still say Jack would never hurt Ianto, not deliberately.”

“I would agree with you.  But something is coming, Toshiko Sato, dragon-friend, and it will facilitate the last of the prophecy.  Already it is working within your team, your family, and it will culminate in disaster if we cannot stop it.”

Toshiko considered the dragon’s words.  Yes, she could see it; the team was more divisive than it had ever been in the time she’d been in it, what with Gwen’s attitude and Owen’s current behavior.  Jack and Ianto seemed to be solid, but if there was any doubt in Ianto’s mind that Jack loved him…the team could easily splinter apart under the right circumstances.  “What is it?” she asked, ready to do what she needed to protect her family.

“Unfortunately, we cannot be certain.  It is so much simpler to see into the past than it is the future; moments traveling from this one become more and more fluid the farther we get away.  But something is working to come between our sons, and your teammates.  If it does, then there will be much death and destruction.  Be alert, dragon-friend.  Watch for anything that might seem out of character for those around you.  It may be the only warning you have.”

“I will.”  Toshiko wished there was more information to go by, but she would do the best she could.

“I do not know when we can next appear to you, and our powers in the world cannot help you in this.  I wish we could, but we have been diminished.  We can no longer affect the physical plane as we once did.  If we could, we would fight this battle for you.  But it is up to you and our two sons and your team.  Beware, Toshiko.  If this cannot be stopped…”

She shivered, despite the heat the dragon was throwing off.   “Yeah, I get the idea,” she snorted.  “I’ve been in Torchwood long enough to know Armageddon when I see it.”

The Fire Dragon laughed.  “I imagine you do.” Her form began to waver.  “I must go.  The power keeping me physical is waning.  Know that we trust you, Toshiko.  You are a true dragon-friend.”

With those parting words, the Fire Dragon vanished in a flash, leaving Toshiko in a flat that was far too warm for comfort, and fear nibbling at her heart.

She would keep an eye out. 

She would be ready.

And she had a phone call to make.




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You are on fire at the moment. Another great story. I'm loving seeing what you're doing with the first series and with our lovely boys
Well, not as on fire as the Fire Dragon.. *winks*

Thanks! I really am glad you like what I'm doing. :)
Good old Tosh - let's hope she can help. You always leave me wanting more.
Tosh will do what she can, but will it be enough?

More soon. :)
Tosh is the perfect dragon-friend! She'll do her best to make sure nothing happens.

Cannot wait to see how it all plays out.
She will, but will it be enough?

More soon. :)
Interesting that the Fire Dragon referred to Jack as their son as well...
Yes, she did... *winks*

Edited because I can't get my genders correct...and I wrote it!

Edited at 2011-08-15 12:08 am (UTC)
Tell me the next fic is coming soon! I can't stand the wait!
I second that!
I loved this. Can't wait to see what happens. Will they be able to break the prohercy? And seocndly I loved how the fire drgaon kept calling Ianto the 'young one' :}
Thanks! I'm working on the next part now, and it should be up soon. As for breaking the prophecy...we'll see. :)

Well, to the Great Dragons he is young! *grins*
Well that's ominous. I love it. I love the way that you have set up warning signs for Bilius and Abbadon. That makes it more believable because those sorts of things don't happen in a vacuum. I love how when everyone is falling apart it is Toshiko that has her head on straight. *chuckles wildly* In terms of storytelling, I think that it is better to let the audience know something is wrong and lead up to the bad. In television it is harder because it is a visual medium, but in prose stories the time you take to set up what happens is worth it because everything is richer. Your interludes work very well because it links the stories together, which is necessary because by the nature of the plots of the episodes, continuity does not always fit well. The tones of the episodes were so different that that has to reflect in your interpretation and I love the way you make them work together. I love this story - it really sets the tension! :) Despite that I know what is coming is going to be bad, I ma eager to read it. *bouncing in chair* :D
Yes, it is...isn't it? *grins*

Thank you! I'm glad you like how I'm connecting the stories. I do think it's important that there's something like that. There are sometimes too many blank spots, and bits of plot fall through.

It is going to be bad... *laughs manically*
Already it is working within your team, your family, and it will culminate in disaster if we cannot stop it.

Is it Gwen? (Sorry. Could not help myself.)

I love how the dragons trust Tosh. Truly, they are wise.
Well, Gwen does have a bit to do with it, but then she did in canon, too. *grins*

They really are very wise. :)

can't wait for the next stories (and congrats on the line :D)

Next up soon, working on it now. :)
Ooh that sounds ominous. Can't wait for the next stories. ^_^
Ominous is good!

Next up in a bit, working on it now. :)
Kudos to Tosh for stopping herself in time before she "extinguished" the Fire Dragon. That could have been very unpleasant. How fantastic is it that she came to Tosh to warn her something was going to happen and she must help stop it? I can't wait to see what you do with this.

I wonder how Gwen would take it if she knew just how far down the ladder she is in importance to the team right now? Tosh is miles above her, obviously, and even with his current strange behavior, Owen is close to being out of sight.
That was the first image of this I had: Toshiko menacing the Fire Dragon with an extinguisher. I just had to have that in somewhere! :)

We'll see what happens in the next story. Did the warning help? Hm...

Glad you liked it!
*shudders and is worried for them* Beautifully written as always - Tosh is a true Dragon friend...hope they can prevent this disaster...
D xxx
You should worry, sorry...

Thank you, hon. Oh, I got my shirt. It's great! Thanks! *hugs*

As for disaster...we'll see. :)
Oh wow, you amaze me with your wonderful plots, the things you think of..just wow...
Thanks. *blushes* I'm glad you like this. :)
oh! great chapter!
We prepared as Toshiko, to pay attention to the following: what will be the trigger for the 3rd brokenness of heart? It is what Toshiko will be seen before ?

We'll see... :)
The forces of evil best beware of Tosh!
Tosh will kick their arses!
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