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Myfanwy 2

January 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Contagion - Chapter Five

Title:  Contagion
Author:  milady_dragon
Artist: jkivela, whose fantastic art is here and here
Beta: bookwrm89
Genre:  Crossover; Adventure; Romance
Pairing(s):   Jack/Ianto; John/Elena (implied)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 25,268
Warnings:  Violence, Language
Disclaimer:  Torchwood is owned by BBC and Russell T. Davies; the Tomorrow People is owned by Freemantle and Roger Price
Summary:  After the events of “Cyberwoman”, Ianto vanishes and Jack discovers yet another secret: that Ianto was a Tomorrow Person – Homo Superior – the next stage in human evolution, with powers beyond those of normal humans.  Three months later, Jack discovers a plot against the Tomorrow People themselves.  Can he find Ianto and work with him again, in order to prevent genocide?

Chapter Five            

“I do believe so, yes.  And the captain is not alone; from what I can tell from their comm. signals, Toshiko Sato is accompanying him,” Tim answered.

Ianto felt his heart drop.  If this somehow turned deadly, then Jack would make it through…but Toshiko was mortal.  Jack would do anything to protect her, he was certain of that.   But still, there was that uncertainty, that they were dealing with a highly trained paramilitary force that could bring any sort of weapon to the ambush, and not even Jack could stop them.

“We need to warn them,” he decided. 

John looked at him, but didn’t say anything.   He simply nodded.

Ianto nodded back, then turned to their supercomputer.  “Tim, can you contact them through their comms?”

“I can.”

“Then please do so.  If Jack baulks, tell him I said he could trust you.”

“Certainly.”  Tim was silent for a moment.  When he spoke again, his voice was urgent.  “I was keeping track of them through the CCTV; however, someone has taken the network down in their vicinity.”

John began to move.  “Let’s go,” he ordered.  “Everyone, get a stun gun and let’s jaunt to their last known location – “

“John,” Tim nearly shouted, “Captain Harkness has just reported that there is a rocket launcher nearby.”

Ianto wanted to panic.  A rocket launcher.  He knew the SUV was armored, but it wasn’t a tank.  There was no way it could withstand that sort of weaponry.

There was a mad scramble for the jaunting pad.  “Tim,” John snapped, “can you tell where the launcher was?”

“Not with any degree of precision.  However it would have to have been from an elevated position – “

“Jaunt us to the highest roof.  We’ll see if we can find whoever shot at them from there.”

The Lab vanished, and Ianto found himself on a rooftop in Cardiff.  He ignored the feelings that came along with being back there, and concentrated on finding the person with the launcher.

“There!” Elena cried, pointing. 

He turned, and he could just make out a dark-clad person moving on another roof just below theirs.   “Elena....Paul, with me,” John ordered.  The three jaunted, and in a blink they were surrounding the assailant.  The shrill sound of a trio of stun guns sounded, and Ianto was relieved…for about a second.

“Ianto!” Alexis cried. 

He joined her, and saw the SUV flipped over onto its top in the middle of the road below.  Without thinking, he jaunted down, not surprised that Alexis was with him.  She headed over to the passenger side, and he could hear her talking to someone – Toshiko, he realized. 

He himself took a look around, his stun gun out, wanting to make sure they weren’t in any danger.  ‘John,’ he sent, ‘are we clear?’

Ianto could just see his leader on the roof where they’d stunned the attacker.  ‘I’m not seeing anyone around,’ he answered.  ‘We’re going to make certain this man is confined, then we’ll be down to help.’

He acknowledged, then moved to the driver’s side of the SUV.  It was lucky that the vehicle had reinforced roll bars and body; else he didn’t think anyone would have survived the explosion that had flipped the SUV.   It had been immense, judging from the smoking pit in the pavement.

Emergency services had to be on their way, so they only had a few minutes.  The sound of metal rending came from the passenger side, and he watched Alexis help Toshiko out of the cab. 

Ianto slid his stun gun into its holster, kneeling down amid the broken glass.  He wasn’t prepared to see Jack; his former boss hadn’t been wearing his seatbelt, and had obviously been thrown about when the SUV had flipped.  Jack was crumpled in a heap, his neck was clearly broken.  Blood was pouring from a terrible head wound, and Ianto immediately realized that there was no way to get him out without killing him.

“Hello, Captain,” Ianto said gently.  “We seem to be in a bit of a mess, here.”

“Y-yeah.” Jack‘s voice was barely above a whisper.  “Care t-to give a g-guy a hand?”

 “That’s what I’m here for,” Ianto tried to comfort him, but he wasn’t sure it was going to work.  He stood, and reached out with his telekinesis, ripping the door off its hinges.   There was a gasp behind him; and Ianto realized that he had an audience. 

It didn’t seem all that important at the moment.

He knelt again, taking a closer look at Jack’s position.  No, he’d been right on first analysis…there was no way Jack was coming out of the SUV alive.  “It’s okay, Jack,” he murmured.  “We’re going to get you out, but I don’t know if we can without hurting you even more…”

Jack obviously tried to move, because a pained whimper escaped his lips.  But Ianto could see in his expression that he was frightened, and Ianto realized it was for him, and not Jack himself. 

Of course.  He was afraid that Ianto would think that, if he moved him,that he was responsible for Jack’s death.

Fleetingly, Ianto wondered if this would, somehow, break the Prime Barrier, if he knew Jack wasn’t really dead. 

He’d just have to risk it.

He rested his hand on Jack’s bloody forehead.   “I know,” he whispered.  “I know about you not being able to stay dead.  Rest, Jack.  Don’t worry.”  He hoped Jack would be comforted by the fact that Ianto knew he wouldn’t remain dead for long.

Ianto reached out with his telepathy.  It was considered rude to read someone’s thoughts, but he knew he could induce unconsciousness if he tried.  Jack’s mind had always been well shielded; Ianto wondered if it had something to do with his immortality, or if he’d had some sort of advanced training.  Anyway, of all of Torchwood Three, Jack had always been the one who never broadcast.  It was one of the reasons Ianto had liked spending time with him; it was always quiet.

Jack’s eyes fluttered closed under Ianto’s ministrations.   Despite Jack’s shields it wasn’t all that hard to force him into sleep; Ianto didn’t want Jack to feel any pain as they pulled him from the wreckage. 

He could sense the others coming up to him.  ‘We may have a problem,’ he broadcast to his fellows.  ‘Jack isn’t coming out of this SUV alive.’

‘Are you thinking of the Prime Barrier?’ Elena asked.

‘The thing is…’ Ianto really didn’t want to give away one of Jack’s secrets, but he knew he didn’t have a choice. 

‘If he dies as we try to move him,’ John said, ‘it’s not like we took his life on purpose.’

“So you don’t think it applies?’  Elena said.

‘There’s something else.’ Ianto decided to bite the metaphorical bullet.  ‘Jack is…different.   If he dies, he just comes back to life.’

‘He’s immortal?’ John clarified.

‘Bloody hell,’ Paul swore.

‘Language, please,’ Tim chided lightly. 

John was staring at Ianto, and suddenly he felt like that fourteen year-old who’d been caught using his telekinesis to shoplift CD’s.  Ianto was an adult, though, and he met John’s glare with one of his own.  ‘Yes, I didn’t say anything, because it’s not our business.  I found out by accident as it was.  Now, are we going to get him out of this?’

‘Does Ms Sato know?’  Alexis asked.

‘The last I knew, Jack was keeping it secret.  So I would say, no.’

‘Then why don’t I take her back to the Lab, and you can work on getting the captain out?’

That made sense.   ‘Good idea,’ John agreed, giving Ianto one last look that said their conversation wasn’t over. 

‘Emergency services will be in the area within five minutes,’ Tim reported.  I shall send a matter transporter belt to Alexis and one to Elena for when you are able to remove the captain from the SUV.’

Ianto turned from John to Toshiko, who was standing next to Alexis.  He smiled at her, and she returned it.  “We’re going to get Jack out,” he said, “but we think it would be best if you were safe first.”

His former teammate was glancing between him and the others, and Ianto could see her putting a few things together in her head.  Then she nodded. 

“Put this on,” Alexis said, handing over the matter transporter belt that Tim had sent to her.  Toshiko looked at, and must have realized it was advanced tech, because she looked at Ianto again, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s a matter transporter,” Ianto told her.  “We’ll explain things once we have Jack free and we’re safe at the Lab.  I promise, Tosh.”

“All right,” she answered, slipping the belt on.  Then she smiled.  “I missed you, Ianto.”

Ianto returned it.  “I missed you, too.”  He had; he just hadn’t thought that anyone would actually feel the same.

Alexis and Toshiko faded away, leaving them to deal with Jack. 

“He’s fading,” Elena said, her voice sorrowful.

Ianto could feel it, too; even though Jack had always had strong shields, they could still sense when someone was dying.  It was as if Jack’s mind was being sucked down a dark hole, and they would need to be careful not to be pulled down with him.  “Let’s get him out.”

“Ianto,” John said, “you and Elena use your telekinesis to ease him out.  Paul and I will steady him as best we can.  On three...”

Together, the four Tomorrow People got Jack free.  Halfway out of the SUV Jack died; the familiar shields were suddenly gone, leaving coldness and emptiness.  Ianto gasped with it, as did Elena; she was the empath of the team, and such things always bothered her more than the others.

For Ianto, it was just the idea that Jack was dead.

He suddenly had doubts; what if Jack didn’t come back?  Yes, he’d read what files there were left in the Archive, but what if something happened and Jack didn’t resurrect? 

Ianto shoved those doubts aside; they needed to get away before the authorities arrived and started asking questions.  It was going to be bad enough when they identified the SUV as Torchwood; they didn’t need any well-meaning coppers snooping around and looking for the passengers.  Especially since Ianto had no idea just how long it would take Jack to revive. 

Elena managed to get the matter transporter belt around Jack’s waist.  ‘We’re ready, Tim,’ John openly sent, so everyone would hear. 

‘Can Alexis block Tosh from getting a good look at Jack?’  Ianto asked.  ‘I’m certain she doesn’t know about his….ability.’

‘We can take him directly to one of the rooms,’ John said.  ‘Then we can wait for him to come back to life.’

‘It’s a horrible ability,’ Elena replied.  ‘I wonder how he stands it.’

Ianto wondered that himself.

‘I am jaunting you in now,’ Tim responded. 

There was the familiar feeling of teleporting, and the Lab faded in around them.  Ianto caught sight of Toshiko; she was standing by the link table, a mug of something in her hands.  She looked a bit rough, and very worried, but he didn’t get to check closer, for John was already stepping down from the pad, and they had no choice but to follow.

“Why don’t you stay with your friend,” John suggested.  “We’ll take care of the captain.”

Ianto really didn’t want to leave Jack, but at the same time he wanted to make sure Toshiko was all right.  He reluctantly let them take Jack deeper into the base, toward the living quarters that had been set up in case anyone needed to stay over in the Lab during missions.  He watched them disappear down the hallway, then turned to regard Toshiko.

He didn’t have time to react before he found himself with an armful of Toshiko Sato.

Of all his former teammates, Toshiko had been the most serene.  He would often find himself standing near her, just to bask in that quiet intelligence.  She’d also been the one who usually thanked him for things, whether it was coffee or that file she’d requested.  He’d often wondered that, if given time, they might have developed a good friendship.  He could sense that she was truly glad to see him, and it made him smile.

Toshiko pulled away, and he was surprised at how angry she looked.   “Where have you been?” she demanded, smacking him on the upper arm.

Ianto frowned.  Hadn’t Jack told them anything?  “I needed time.”

“But three months?” she asked sharply.  “I was worried about you!”

“I’m sorry,” he answered, feeling contrite. 

“You should be.”  The anger left as quickly as it had appeared.  “It really is good to see you.”

“You, too.  I’ve missed you.”

Toshiko smiled.  “I have you, too.”  Then she turned serious.  “How’s Jack?”

“He’ll be all right,” he reassured her.   “John and Elena know what they’re doing.  They’ll take care of him.”

Toshiko seemed to accept that as an answer.  She looked around the Lab, taking in everything.  “And what is all this?” she asked, waving a hand to indicate their surroundings.  “Ianto, what is going on?”

He knew he’d have to explain to her, but he also knew that, of all his former teammates, she was the most likely to accept things.  “All right,” he said, “but it’s a bit of a story…”

“I think it’s time for me to head home,” Alexis spoke up. 

Ianto rolled his eyes.  “Coward,” he teased.

The girl smirked.  “Sure, like I want to explain to my dad why I’m out so late.  Good thing it’s not a school night.”  She tapped her watch.  “Time difference, remember?”

He winced.  “Ouch.  All right, maybe not so much a coward then.”

“Someday I’ll introduce you.  Who knows, he might kill you off in one of his books.  He already has John.”  Alexis headed toward the jaunting pad.  Once there, she turned back to face the pair.  “Nice to meet you, Tosh,” she said cheerfully.  “And Ianto…glad to have finally met you, too.”  She waved, fading from sight.

“I do hope that’s part of the explanation,” Toshiko commented.

“It is.”  He ushered her toward one of the sofas, turning toward the supercomputer hanging over their heads.  “Tim, can I have a coffee please?  And a refill of what Tosh was drinking, too.”

“Certainly,” the warm rich tones sounded vaguely amused.  Two mugs appeared on the scan table, and Ianto took them back to join Toshiko on the couch. 

“That’s one more thing for the list,” she said, taking the offered mug.


This story's sure to be a whopper! LOL
Yep, it sure is! :)