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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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The Call of the Last - Chapter Six

Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Madbottoms, whose amazing art is Here
Beta: Cjharknessgirl
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Merlin/Arthur (past); Eleven/River; Anwyn/OMC (mentioned)
Warnings: Language, Angst, Violence, Character Death, Reincarnation, MPreg (mentioned)
Spoilers: For all seasons of Torchwood (except Miracle Day; that does not exist in this universe) and for Merlin and Doctor Who (just to be safe)
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, Merlin, or Doctor Who.  All three belong to the BBC; Torchwood by Russell T. Davies; Doctor Who by Steven Moffat; and Merlin by Shine.  I don't own a thing here except for my own original characters.
Author's note:  This is written for the Long Live Ianto Big Bang Round One, and is yet another future story in the Dragon-Verse.  This takes place after The Green and the Blue so there are possible spoilers for anything that came before.  This is also a crossover with Merlin.

I want to thank my Chat Cheerleaders:  Totally4ryo, Bookwrm89, Cyberdigi, Moonfirefic, and Cjharknessgirl, because without their getting their pompoms out this might not have been finished, what with my crazy work schedule and personal life crises and all.  Also, a really big 'Thank you!' to Madbottoms for the wonderful art, which makes this story even better than I've been assured it is. 

Summary:  Jack's and Ianto's peaceful family life is disrupted when Ianto and their eldest daughter receive a magical call they are unable to ignore.  Drawn by that call, they find the Doctor and a young man having dreams of a past life.  Now they must race to find Avalon, and rescue the Once and Future King from whomever has stolen his body...and rescue his soul, as well.

14 April 3257 (Earth Standard Time)

Ianto wasn’t certain letting Emrys anywhere near the island would be such a good idea.

He was worried about the man.  It was becoming more and more obvious that Emrys was losing himself to the Merlin side of him, and while the dragon recognized the urgency of their mission he didn’t want someone to be destroyed over it.  It was a no-win scenario, and Ianto didn’t care for them one little bit.

So, when Jack suggested that they take a look from the air first, Ianto practically jumped at the idea.  It made sense, and it would keep Emrys from getting more lost than he already was…or, at least, not lost so quickly.  He glanced over at the Lady of the Lake, and while he’d long been taught to respect her and her power, he couldn’t help but be mad at her for dragging an innocent into this.  Perhaps she felt she didn’t have a choice, but that didn’t excuse the fact that Emrys Gryffudd was vanishing before their eyes, being subsumed by memories he should never have had.

Emrys didn’t look happy at Jack’s idea, but Ianto didn’t much care.  Was it Merlin wanting to go over to the island so badly, or Emrys himself?  Were they even different personalities anymore?

“Try to see what sort of generator they’re using for the energy shield,” the Doctor suggested.  “If I know ahead of time, it’ll be easier to get past it if we need to.”

“Be careful,” Anwyn said, hugging them both.  “Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Oh, ye of little faith,” Jack scoffed.  “Since when haven’t we been careful?”

“Should I remind you both of the Nargeth-Storan conflict?”

Ianto winced.  That hadn’t been one of his or Jack’s finest hours, and it was only because of Anwyn that they’d gotten out relatively unscathed.  “This isn’t the middle of a war zone,” the dragon answered.  “And we can fly high enough not to draw attention to ourselves.”  His dragon eyesight would come in handy at seeing details on the ground.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” Jack urged, clapping his hands together.  “The sooner we’re in the air, the sooner we’re back.  Anwyn, you still have those flight goggles?”

“They’re in the flitter.”  She went to fetch them, returning in moments and handing them over.

Jack slid them on over his eyes as Ianto triggered his transformation.  The dragon knelt slightly in order to let Jack climb on.  “It’s been a while since we’ve flown like this,” he rumbled as Jack got settled.  The dragon found himself feeling disappointed that his mate could not change shape beyond the valley.

Familiar fingers stroked the scales of his neck.   “It doesn’t feel quite right anymore, does it?”

“No, it doesn’t,” the dragon agreed. 

With those words, he launched himself upward, wings beating a strong tattoo against the pull of gravity as they rose higher.  Jack’s arms were wrapped around his neck, warm breath tickling against his scales, as they arched toward the well-lit tiny island.

The dragon got a better look at Arthur’s cairn as they flew closer.  It was about the size of the village green back in Ddraig Llyn, longer than it was wide, with a nearly-perfect ring of ancient oaks growing at its centre.  Whoever had found the island had set up four powerful arc lights, one on each corner of the island, aiming toward that ring of trees. 

He would bet anything that this was where Arthur’s final resting place had been.  Such a circle would have been important in the Old Religion, and the dragon could practically feel the magic radiating from it. 

Two thumps on his right shoulder had the dragon turning in the direction Jack was indicating, falling back into their old signal routine.   His mate must have seen something…ah, yes.

A tent had been set up not far from the grove.   A man was standing outside the tent, and even though they were too far up for most people to make it out, the dragon could see he was talking into some sort of comm. 

He rode the air currents past the area, and then turned back, just in time to see two more people leaving the grove.  If the dragon was any judge, he could have sworn one of them was wearing druids’ robes…

Another thump on his right shoulder had the dragon twisting his head in the direction Jack wanted him to look toward.  He could see a boat tied up, and it had to be the way on and off the island.   It was a powerboat of some kind, with what looked like a lower deck that would have been perfect to smuggle things on – and off – the island without anyone noticing.

The dragon began a pass over the circle of trees.  The magic was even stronger as they crossed the grove, and as he looked down he could see what looked like a plinth in the centre of the circle. 

Arthur’s resting place.

Yes, as they’d suspected, the King’s body was gone. 

Someone had set up some equipment in the circle, although it was too far away for the dragon to make out what it was.  There also appeared to be a makeshift altar as well which, coupled with what had looked like druids’ clothing on that one person, was leading the dragon to some conclusions he wasn’t quite sure he liked.

They’d been certain that, whoever had come there was going to use King Arthur’s body for some sort of power grab.  But, if there were druids involved…the dragon hadn’t even known that druids still existed, what with magic fading from the world.

Another thump, this one to his left shoulder, had him passing down the western edge of the island.   There was another structure there, this one a bit more permanent, and the dragon knew this must have been where the generator was being kept.   There was some sort of logo on the shed; what looked like a stylized “G” made up of…the dragon squinted, guessing it was some sort of beaded strand.

Feeling like they’d seen all they needed to, he turned back toward the shore, where he could see their companions awaiting them.  Jack leaned farther down against his neck, and the dragon luxuriated in the presence of his mate against him.  Yes, he’d gotten used to Jack being able to fly with him, but a part of him did miss this closeness.

They landed easily, and Jack slid from his perch.  The dragon missed him immediately.

“We were right,” Jack reported, removing the goggles he’d worn.  “The King’s body is gone.”  He went on to detail what they’d seen.

“I’m not sure what the equipment is for,” Ianto added, once back in his human form.  “They have it set up around an altar that’s obviously being used for druid worship.”

Emrys was frowning…no, it was Merlin, having taken control of the shared body.  “I don’t understand.  Why would there be druids involved?  Are there even druid left in the world?”

The Doctor shrugged.  “There’s always someone out there willing to worship anything that takes their fancy.”

“I also saw someone in druids’ robes,” Ianto said. 

“Ianto,” Jack said, “did you happen to see the logo on the generator shed?”

“I did.  I didn’t recognize it, though.  It was the letter “G” made up from beaded lines of some sort…” He faded out as he saw the expression on Emrys’ face go from confusion to anger.  “Do you know it?”  He felt like it was a silly question, but still had to ask.

Emrys nodded, his eyes narrowing.  “It’s the logo for GenCorp.  The beads are actually a double-helix.”

Jack looked thoughtful.  “I’ve heard of it…they do research into theoretical applications of forced mutations on the human genome, right?”

The Doctor snapped his fingers.  “They were responsible for the male pregnancy gene!”  He grinned, then frowned.  “But what would they be doing with King Arthur?”

“Could they be thinking of cloning him?”  Anwyn asked.

Emrys was chewing his thumbnail.  “No.  We don’t do cloning –“

“You work for GenCorp?” the Doctor demanded.

Emrys nodded.  “I’m a theoretical geneticist.”

“It can’t be coincidence.”  The Time Lord began to pace.  “You working for the same company that’s taken King Arthur’s body…”

“All I know is,” Emrys growled, “we can’t leave Arthur in their hands.”

“Emrys is right,” Ianto said.  “We need to rescue the King, and make certain his resting place is never found again.”

“Would you keep him in Ddraig Llyn?” Freya inquired.  “That is the only safe place anymore…at least until magic is restored to the Earth.”

There was that comment again…about magic returning.  Ianto didn’t know how that would happen, but he did recall that it would be both Merlin and Arthur doing it.   They would have to find a way to release Arthur’s soul before that could occur.

And there was also Emrys to consider.

Ianto didn’t think that Emrys would have any sort of choice, just as the young man hadn’t up to that point.  With Merlin driving him, Emrys would do what was needed in order to save Arthur and bring magic back. 

Both he and Jack had more than their fair share of being at the mercy of destiny, and they both had willingly accepted it, since it meant they were getting what they’d actually wanted in the end.  But Emrys…this wasn’t what he wanted.  He had a life, a job, and friends and family who cared for him.  This destiny wasn’t going to pay off for him in the end, like it had for Ianto and his own family.  No, in the end Emrys would lose himself completely to Merlin’s life, and that wasn’t fair.

Of course, life wasn’t fair.  But this was worse.

A part of him wanted to tell them all to let it go, that Arthur was dead and that someone having his corpse wasn’t a big deal.  But he knew just how dangerous even a deceased legend could be.   In the right – or wrong – hands, King Arthur’s body could be priceless.

“I think a visit to GenCorp is in order,” the Doctor said.  He sounded angry.


The dragon landed in the plaza outside GenCorp, the flitter setting down beside him.

Jack had wanted to call in Torchwood Central to help, but the Doctor had rejected the idea, not wanting too many people to know about King Arthur.  That had almost started a row between the two, Jack accusing the Doctor of not being able to get past what Torchwood had done in the past.  But the Time Lord had disagreed, saying he knew exactly what good Torchwood was responsible for; it was just that the more people who knew about Arthur, the better chance it would get out into the general population that King Arthur Pendragon was real.  It could also lead to Emrys himself being persecuted, which was when Ianto had sided with the Doctor, not wanting to cause Emrys any more problems than the poor man was already suffering.

Jack had pouted, but he had eventually agreed.

The GenCorp headquarters was in a section of New Cardiff that had been called Penarth when the city had been moved centuries ago, and yet it had no resemblance to that section of Old Cardiff at all.  It was a disconnect that forcibly reminded him just how long he’d lived, and how much he’d missed when he and Jack had been off-world. 

It also brought to mind those friends he’d lost, and who were resting under the water that had inundated the old Hub.  Although if he was correct at least one soul had somehow moved on…

“What’s security like inside?” Jack asked Emrys.

“Card and DNA readers, along with cameras and other sensors,” the man practically growled.  Ianto could see him practically vibrating in rage, and that Merlin had almost completely taken over in his anger over what they were most likely doing to the body of his former lover. 

Ianto could understand it.  He felt the same way whenever someone had hurt or killed Jack; that need to do something, to avenge the injuries done to the person he loved more than anything.  He’d even done it, and that had been one of the reasons the Doctor had been against him and Jack for so long. 

But he wasn’t about to apologize for killing the Master.  And it was a good thing that the Doctor wasn’t expecting him to, because he would be very disappointed.

“I can handle them,” the Doctor assured them, twirling his sonic screwdriver between nimble fingers.

“As can I.”  The voice was Emrys’, but Ianto knew the words were Merlin’s.

Before anyone could stop him, Merlin began to stride toward the entrance, and magic began to crackle around him.

Jack cursed, and Ianto couldn’t blame him, and yet at the same time he could completely sympathize with Merlin and his need to go to Arthur.  “We need a plan,” he called out, hoping to stop the enraged man from storming the building without them.

“I have a plan,” Merlin shouted over his shoulder.  “It’s to go in there and destroy stuff until I find Arthur.”

“I can’t fault him,” Jack muttered as they ran to catch up.  “I’d be doing the same thing if it was you or one of the kids.”

“I think he’s out-storming the Oncoming Storm!” the Doctor exclaimed.

“Don’t worry Doc,” Jack said cheerfully, “your reputation is still intact.”

They’d caught up with Merlin just as the sorcerer raised a hand and blasted the door open.

“Well, they know we’re here,” Anwyn commented, drawing her blaster.

Ianto had to agree as they followed Merlin into the building.

Chapter Seven


"They’d caught up with Merlin just as the sorcerer raised a hand and blasted the door open.
"Well, they know we’re here,” Anwyn commented, drawing her blaster.
=> laughter!!!!
I love that Ianto is concerned about the fate of Emrys / Merlin.
He's not exactly subtle, is he? *laughs*
Now THAT is how you make an entrance. Lol
Never say that Merlin can't show off! :)