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Myfanwy 2

March 2018



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The Call of the Last - Chapter Eight

Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Madbottoms, whose amazing art is Here
Beta: Cjharknessgirl
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Merlin/Arthur (past); Eleven/River; Anwyn/OMC (mentioned)
Warnings: Language, Angst, Violence, Character Death, Reincarnation, MPreg (mentioned)
Spoilers: For all seasons of Torchwood (except Miracle Day; that does not exist in this universe) and for Merlin and Doctor Who (just to be safe)
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, Merlin, or Doctor Who.  All three belong to the BBC; Torchwood by Russell T. Davies; Doctor Who by Steven Moffat; and Merlin by Shine.  I don't own a thing here except for my own original characters.
Author's note:  This is written for the Long Live Ianto Big Bang Round One, and is yet another future story in the Dragon-Verse.  This takes place after The Green and the Blue so there are possible spoilers for anything that came before.  This is also a crossover with Merlin.

I want to thank my Chat Cheerleaders:  Totally4ryo, Bookwrm89, Cyberdigi, Moonfirefic, and Cjharknessgirl, because without their getting their pompoms out this might not have been finished, what with my crazy work schedule and personal life crises and all.  Also, a really big 'Thank you!' to Madbottoms for the wonderful art, which makes this story even better than I've been assured it is. 

Summary:  Jack's and Ianto's peaceful family life is disrupted when Ianto and their eldest daughter receive a magical call they are unable to ignore.  Drawn by that call, they find the Doctor and a young man having dreams of a past life.  Now they must race to find Avalon, and rescue the Once and Future King from whomever has stolen his body...and rescue his soul, as well.

16 April 3257 (Earth Standard Time)

The clean-up of GenCorp didn’t take long at all, in the scheme of things, although the massive hole in the side of the building took a bit more explaining to do.

Jack had Torchwood step in, although no one knew it was them.  Ianto had been pretty impressed by just how subtle his mate had been over the situation.  The Doctor had commented on the fact that GenCorp would be important to the future development of mankind, and Jack went to work.  In hours, the company had been quietly resold and the explosion explained as a fault in the structure’s electrical system, which caused a ruckus but was eventually smoothed out by a complete inspection…with nicely faked up reports to go along with it. 

It turned out that the company’s board of directors had turned a blind eye to what Dorian Edstrom had been up to, due to the promise of a profit that would have made them rich enough to buy their own moons.  It was obvious that, as a whole, they didn’t believe they’d actually found the dead body of the Once and Future King, but Dorian had them sold on everything else.  They’d even rounded up backers for their supposed super-soldiers, and the wreckage of the thirtieth floor had proved to be a state of the art cloning facility.

Avalon was another matter, although easily solved.  From company records GenCorp did not, in fact, own it; the CEO had, through a development company that he also had fingers in, claimed the land under the Land Use Act.  In order to avoid a scandal and possible prosecution – accessory to attempted murder was a crime, after all; and the laws against desecrating a corpse were still very much on the books – the CEO agreed to let Torchwood take over and to sign Avalon over to Anwyn, with the codicil of ‘in perpetuity’ so no one would try to take it away from her.  She swore it would never be developed, and Ianto knew she would keep that vow. 

As for the druids…Dorian had been responsible for founding them, not long after he realized just what he had.  They’d been able to apprehend the men from Avalon, and the druid among them had been able to fill in part of that story.  How Dorian had somehow rediscovered magic – and the man didn’t know how that had happened – and had decided that the druids needed to be reborn.

The Doctor posited that, somehow, Dorian had been a druid in a former life.  It was obvious he didn’t remember that life, but he’d discovered enough. 

It would remain a mystery; Dorian had been found, but he’d been killed instantly in the explosion.

As for Emrys…

They never did find his body, or the King’s.  They’d been completely disintegrated by the discharge of magic.

Anwyn was inconsolable.  She’d come to like Emrys, and had felt bad for what he was going through.  Ianto and Jack had both wanted to send her home but she’d refused, needing to see the investigation through.  Ianto couldn’t blame her; he’d felt the same when a friend had died and he’d needed to help.  Yes, she’d only known him for a little less than a day, but that didn’t make her feelings any less real.

When it came down to it, though, Ianto doubted they’d ever really know what happened in that surgical suite.  He was, however, fairly certain that Merlin had somehow channelled the magic and had saved their lives. 

The outer room had been nearly untouched, while the surgery had been completely demolished.  It had been a miracle that they’d come out of it moderately unscathed.

Ianto was going to be sore for a while; Dorian’s magic had done damage to him as he’d protected Jack until his mate could revive.  Jack had been killed in the first blast of magic that Dorian had sent toward them, and nothing would have gotten in the way of the dragon looking after his mate.

Magic was one of the things that could kill dragons, if the right spell was used.  As it was, it could also hurt like the blazes.

He didn’t tell Jack that, although he suspected his mate knew.

After everything was as done as it could be, they all headed home, dragging the Doctor back with them.  The Time Lord was also bothered by what had happened, even if he wasn’t saying anything about it.  Ianto wondered if he was blaming himself for Emrys’ death, although what he could have done to prevent it the dragon didn’t know.

They arrived back at the house in the flitter, and were greeted immediately by Rowena and Cadi, both welcoming them all with hugs…including the Doctor, who looked touched by the gesture.  “A strange blue box arrived yesterday,” Rowena reported excitedly.   “This really nice lady came out of it.”

“Ah,” the Doctor said, relieved.  “That would be the TARDIS.”

“And the lady?” Jack teased.

“Oh, well…um…”

“That would be me.” 

They all turned toward the new voice.  The woman was attractive, wearing an ankle-length blue dress and what looked like a Vortex Manipulator.  She had curly light hair and twinkling eyes. 

 She moved forward, offering her hand.  “I’m River Song,” she introduced herself, shaking Jack’s, then Anwyn’s, and finally Ianto’s, hand.  “I’m the Doctor’s wife.”

Jack’s mouth dropped open in pure shock, and Ianto couldn’t blame him.  “Wife?” Jack’s voice actually squeaked.

River Song winked. 

The Doctor was speechless.

Ianto decided that he liked her.  A lot.

“I’m afraid so,” she answered.  “And I’ve come to collect my wayward husband before he breaks time again.”

“I think you’ll find,” the Doctor argued, “that you’re the one who broke time.”

“But I did it for you,” she fluttered her eyelashes at him, with an innocent expression on her face that would have fooled the most cynical copper.

Oh yes, they were married all right.

Jack looked as if he couldn’t make up his mind whether to gawp or laugh.

“We’ll walk you out,” Ianto said, offering his arm to River.

She smiled at him and accepted.  “Thank you…”

“Ianto Jones.”

Her smile got bigger.  “Are you the dragon then?”

“That’s right.”

“It’s quite a pleasure to meet you,” she said, as they left the house.  Jack and the Doctor were just behind them; Anwyn had gotten delayed by her sisters.  “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“I hope it was all good.”  He held the door open for her.

“Spoilers,” River answered, winking.

Yes, Ianto really did like her very much indeed.

The TARDIS was parked on the green, and the dragon was surprised that it hadn’t gathered any more interest…although Rowena had said it had been there since yesterday, so everyone was most likely used to it being there by now.

Ianto stopped at the doors, and Jack and the Doctor joined them.  “I do wish that had turned out differently,” the Time Lord said with a sigh. 

“But I get the feeling you knew what was going to happen,” Jack said shrewdly.

“Not completely,” the Doctor admitted.  “Yes, I knew about Emrys’ dreams, and I knew that GenCorp would be under new management and that he worked there, but I didn’t know the two events were connected.”

“He did get a bit of a spoiler though,” River added.

The Doctor rubbed the back of his neck.  “Let’s just say this isn’t the first time I’ve met Anwyn, but it’s the first time she’s met me.”  He seemed a bit embarrassed by the confession.  “I met her and Cadi, actually.  And it wasn’t the TARDIS who wanted me to give your ring back…Anwyn told me to.  But I’m a bit ashamed of how much time it took me to do it.”

“He does learn,” River said, patting the Doctor on the arm.  “It just takes a while.”

“I get the feeling that you’re very good for him,” Jack grinned. 

“I do try.”

“Jack…Ianto,” the Doctor said, “I really do hope we can be friends someday.”

Jack reached out and pulled the Time Lord into a hug.  “Count on it.”

Ianto had known that Jack would forgive fairly easily if given the right motivation, but he was surprised that he found himself doing the same thing.  This version of the Doctor was so very different from the last, and he honestly had tried to do what was best.  He’d been upset at losing Emrys, which was another mark in his favour.

“You’re welcome to come back to visit anytime,” Ianto found himself saying, once Jack had stepped back from the hug. 

The Doctor grinned.  “Excellent!”  He pulled the TARDIS key from his pocket, unlocking the door.  “Maybe we’ll be back when your first grandson is born!”

“Sweetie,” River admonished, “what have I said about spoilers?”

“Wait,” Jack gasped.  Grandson?”

Ianto was just as shocked.  A grandson?  That wasn’t something they’d been expecting; both of the twins were too young, and Anwyn wasn’t ready to settle down…

“Oh right,” the Doctor stammered.  “I shouldn’t say too much about that, should I?”

“Too late,” the dragon growled.  “You can’t expect to just drop that bomb and have us not ask about it!”

‘Dad? Tad?” Anwyn’s voice spun them both around.  Her face was pale, and her hand was resting on her stomach. 

“Well, I did a quick scan in the flitter on the way to Avalon,” the Doctor admitted.  “I’d say about three weeks…”

Anwyn swallowed.  “That would put it during my stopover at Farpoint Station…but that’s not possible!  I was careful!”

“Honey,” River smiled, “take it from someone who knows…birth control, no matter how advanced, isn’t infallible.”

Ianto thought that the goldfish look wasn’t at all attractive on his daughter.  It was probably as awful on him as well.

And then it struck him just what River had said.  “You…and the Doctor?”

Jack got it at the same time, judging from the huge smile on his face.  “There’s the patter of little Time Lord feet out there in the universe somewhere?”

The Doctor actually blushed. 

River returned Jack’s smile.  “He’s currently staying with my parents.  He’s a bit too young to go exploring yet.”

Rowena tugged on River’s skirt.  When the woman gazed down at her, she said with the seriousness only a child could have, “You should bring him here.  I can look after him.”

River knelt, hugging her.  “Count on it, sweetie.”

“Well,” the Doctor interrupted, “we need to get going.  Amy and Rory are waiting for us, and I want to see…er…Junior again.”

“You did not name him Junior!” Jack guffawed.   He was laughing so hard he was having trouble breathing.

“I can assure you we did not name our son Junior.”  River favoured the Doctor with a glare, making the Time Lord blush even harder.

Ianto thought he and River were going to get along just fine.

“We really should be going,” she said, her face transforming into a friendly grin.  “It’s been so good meeting you all, and we’ll definitely be back.”  This time she hugged them all, and then stepped into the open TARDIS, leaving the Doctor to his own farewells.

“Thank you both,” the Time Lord said sincerely.  “I wouldn’t have blamed you if you had held my former regeneration’s actions against me…”

“It’s pretty obvious that you’re different from him,” Ianto answered.  “It wouldn’t be right to remain angry at someone who’s long gone.”  And it was true.  Ianto had found himself holding this incarnation fairly blameless for what his Tenth self had done.  It was obvious to anyone that he was bothered by his previous behaviour, and Ianto was perfectly willing to give him a chance.

“Ianto’s right,” Jack replied.  “You’ve proved that you’re not him, and that’s good enough for us.” 

Jack hugged the Doctor once more, and Ianto shook his hand.  “Don’t be a stranger,” the dragon said.

“I don’t plan on it.”  The Doctor grinned.  He got his fair share of hugs from Anwyn and the twins, and then retreated to the TARDIS, but not before giving the family a jaunty wave.

With the familiar grinding and wheezing, the time machine faded from view.

Jack put his arm around Ianto, and the dragon leaned into his mate’s warmth.  “That was a big thing you did,” he murmured. 

“It’s all water under the bridge,” Ianto answered.  “This is a new start.  I just hope he doesn’t blow it, or else the next time I won’t forgive quite so easily.”  If at all, was the unspoken thought.

“Now, however, we have something else to take care of.”  Jack turned toward their children, and Ianto mirrored the movement, keeping himself firmly against his mate’s side.  “Anwyn Harkness-Jones –“

Anwyn held up hands.  “I swear, I had no idea…”

“You were as big a surprise,” Ianto said, grinning. 

“Boy, were you,” Jack agreed. 

“It’s up to you, Anwyn,” the dragon said, turning serious.  “You can choose to have him, or not.  We both know you’re not ready to completely settle down…”

“I admit,” their eldest answered, “I had thought I’d be having my first child with the person who would become my mate. But I can’t say I’m exactly…disappointed.  I loved taking care of my sisters when they were babies.” Her expression turned teasing.  “Now, when they got older it was another thing entirely…“

Both Cadi and Rowena instantly transformed into their dragon forms and jumped onto their older sister, and Anwyn went down on her backside, giggling under the playful assault.  She managed to catch one of the little dragons – Ianto could never tell the girls apart when they were in dragon-form – and began tickling her mercilessly. 

The dragon changed back, revealing herself to be Cadi, and began to return the tickle attack, while Rowena still kept her dragon-form and got out of the way, dive-bombing into openings the wrestling pair gave her, tugging on Anwyn’s hair and clothes in order to distract her from Cadi’s wriggling fingers.

Jack laughed, tightening his grip on Ianto.  The dragon watched his family with a happy smile, glad to see Anwyn accepting what was to come, and putting what had happened behind her. 

After a few minutes, they waded in and broke up the mock fight.  “Let’s be careful, you two,” Jack warned.  “Anwyn won’t be able to rough-house with you both much longer.”

Cadi looked up at Ianto from the circle of his arms.   “Does this mean we’re going to get a baby nephew?” she asked.

Ianto nodded.  “Are you both ready to be aunties?”

Jack had picked Rowena up, and the smaller dragon had wrapped herself around her dad.  Her head swivelled around to regard Ianto, her blue eyes wide.  “We’re ready, Tad.”  She looked excited.

Ianto had to admit, he was excited as well.



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