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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Through the Looking Glass - Chapter Two

Through the Looking Glass - Chapter Two
Author: Milady Dragon and Cyberdigi
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Owen/Toshiko, Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. 
Author's note:  This is the results of a conversation Cyberdigi and I had almost a year ago, about a crossover between her Blue Child Universe and my Dragon-Verse.  This chapter takes place immediately after Jack of All Trades but is listed as Chapter Two in the story arc; Chapter One is linked below.  This is also for one of my Long Live Ianto Bingo Prompts, which shall be revealed soon.  

Summary:  Unknown alien tech leads to new insights and new friends. 

Chapter One is HERE


28 June 2008


Ianto felt dizzy, and a blinding light whitened out his vision.  He stumbled, and would have fallen if not for his good sense of balance.   He felt almost as if the world was twisting around him, like he’d been caught up in some sort of whirlwind.  There was also a tingling dancing along his skin, and he thought it might have been some sort of Rift energy, but he couldn’t be certain, and it was gone almost as quickly as it had appeared. 

He blinked to clear his vision, and before he could completely recover an arm was around his waist, and he was being supported by a familiar body against his.

The dragon turned just enough to meet Jack’s eyes; they were worried and were examining him closely.  “You okay?” he asked.

“I think so,” he answered.  “I’m just a bit dizzy.  What happened?”

“We’re not sure,” Jack admitted.   “There was a flash…it came from the tech we found, but nobody touched it.  Toshiko is going to try to scan it now to see what caused it.”

Ianto frowned.  Wasn’t Toshiko back at the Hub?  Yes, she was…they’d taken Gwen instead, picking her up on the way from Alice’s to the retrieval point…

Before he could open his mouth to say anything, he realized that something was slightly off.  Jack had started out the day wearing a light blue shirt and waistcoat; now he was wearing a dark shirt and no waistcoat.

Confused, the dragon felt for that itchy sensation he always felt around Jack, remembering what had happened with Bilis Manger and how he’d been manipulated…but the feeling was there, comfortable in the back of his head, just as it always had been.

But no…it was slightly different; a little sharper, a bit stronger.  Ianto was so used to sensing Jack that any change in intensity was almost like a beacon.

What had happened? 

Dizziness hit him, and it was only Jack – not Jack, and yet it was – holding onto him that kept him from falling.  He felt the man tugging him forward, and Ianto went with him, not having much choice.  The recovered alien technology had to have something to do with it, that much was obvious.   

“God, Ianto,” Jack was saying, “I think that beam made rocks teleport into your pockets of something.” 

Ianto’s heart lurched.  His Jack would have known that his human form was just a bit heavier than his actual appearance made him seem.  Yes, his mate had often teased him about it, but there was an edge in this Jack’s voice that made him feel it wasn’t light-hearted ribbing; instead, it made him sound even more worried than he appeared. 

Before he knew it, he was being seated in the back of what looked like the SUV, this Jack’s hands on his hips to steady his slide onto the bench seat.  Looking over the man’s shoulder Ianto could see Toshiko examining what looked like the same box his own team had located. 

But Toshiko had been back in the Hub, and Gwen had been with him and Jack. 

Where was Gwen?

No, a better question was…where was he?  Was this some sort of dream…or somewhere else entirely?  Without evidence, he couldn’t make an educated guess as to what had actually occurred.

This different Jack was staring at him, looking even more worried than before.  He placed his hands on Ianto’s face…and he paled.  “You’re burning up!”

Yet another sign that he wasn’t where he should be.  Jack was well aware that Ianto’s internal flame kept his human body a couple of degrees warmer than a normal person’s.  What was usual for him was fever-hot for an ephemeral.

Jack had often said he loved the fact that Ianto was warmer than an average human. 

But this Jack had no clue about Ianto’s true nature.

This Jack turned away, shouting for Owen.  The last thing Ianto wanted was to have Owen examine him, because the medic would easily notice that he wasn’t human.  The dragon didn’t know what was going on, but he also had first-hand knowledge of what could happen if he was discovered by someone unscrupulous. 

He had no idea who these people were.  Yes, they closely resembled the team he knew, but he wasn’t their Ianto.  How would they react when they discovered he’d somehow switched places with their lover and teammate?  Would they help…or would they imprison him?  Two thousand years of paranoia were hard to break.  Was this more like what he knew of Torchwood Three…or like One, ready to take anything not-human into custody for study?

It was obvious that whoever Ianto Jones was in this place was Jack’s lover.   But would Jack accept that this Ianto – one that was obviously different from the one he knew – was there by accident and not because he wanted to be? 

There were just too many variables.

And the first thing Ianto needed to do was to stave off any sort of physical by Owen.  He’d pick up on the physiological differences in Ianto’s physical make-up immediately.

“I am?” Ianto asked innocently.  “I feel all right though.”

“Let me be the judge of that, Tea Boy,” Owen said, approaching.  “You just got beamed by some weird alien shit and there’s no telling what it’ll do to you.  Just because you’re tougher than the average bear doesn’t mean it won’t have some sort of effect on you.  For all we know, it could’ve been created to eradicate life forms like you.”

That single statement gave Ianto two pieces of information, one of them fairly important.  The first, being that this Owen still called their Ianto ‘Tea Boy’, when his had been calling Ianto ‘Dragon Boy’ for well over a year.  And the second, that the Ianto that he’d seemingly replaced wasn’t quite human, either.

That really still didn’t answer the important questions he had, but he felt a bit more comfortable that, maybe, they wouldn’t dissect him if they found out he wasn’t human.  It also meant he might have a better chance of them believing him if and when he was either found out, or decided he could trust them enough to confide in them.

Jack was still looking very worried, and Ianto knew he’d have to placate him and figure out a way to get out of a complete physical.  It also took away a bit of the hope that this might turn out all right, because if this Jack was as protective as Ianto’s own – and that seemed very likely – then he might be extremely upset to find his lover replaced by a dragon in human guise.

Owen rested his own hand against Ianto’s forehead, making a ‘tsk’ing’ noise.  “Nice fever there. I’d say…about thirty-eight, best guess.  I’ll do a full scan when we get back to the Hub, since you aren’t obviously delirious or anything.  Probably the device jacked up your body temp…no pun intended, Harkness.”

Jack pouted, and Ianto chuckled despite the circumstances he found himself in.  It might be another version of his mate, but nothing really changed.

“Sit here and let us finish up,” Jack went on, stroking Ianto’s cheek in a way that reminded him of how his mate would touch his snout when he was in dragon-form.   Then he tugged Ianto forward slightly and lightly kissed his forehead.  “We’ll figure out what’s going on when we get back to the Hub.”

Jack moved back slightly, enough to look at Ianto with an expression mingling worry and love.  He simply stood there, almost close enough to lean over and kiss him again, and this time the dragon knew it would be on the lips.  Ianto wondered vaguely if it was cheating to kiss another version of his mate, and then decided that it would.

Turning away reluctantly, his hand gradually slipping away from where it had been resting on Ianto’s cheek, Jack joined Toshiko in helping with the strange device.  Owen gave Ianto what could only have been the medic’s version of the stink-eye then went to help.

Ianto sat and watched.  It was like seeing his own team in action, minus Gwen.    It would have been interesting if it wasn’t for the fact that Ianto had to figure out a way to keep Owen away from him with any of his medical gadgets. 

He couldn’t be found out.  Not until he’d had a chance to work out what to do, and where he was. 

Chapter Three





For a moment, I thought Jack and Ianto had achieved a body swap. I wonder how long it's going to take this alternate Jack to realise that Ianto isn't his Ianto.

Ah, poor Ianto, he can't seem to catch a break. And we can't even completely blame this on Gwen, because she didn't actually get around to touching the device!

The nefarious part of me thinks this could be a ploy by John Hart to get rid of Ianto, and have Jack all to himself, but I kind of hope it's a lot simpler than that. At any rate, I love it so far, and I'll be looking forward, as always, to the next update!
We'll see if Jack realizes it, or if Ianto comes clean about him not being the correct one in a bit.

Ooo...a ploy by Hart? I saw this and mentioned it to my co-author, and it gave her a bunny. *laughs*

More up soon. :)
Uh oh! Its an interdimensional body swap. that can' be good.
Yep, you're right... *grins*
i really love where you two are taking us!
Thank you! More up soon. :)
WOW! That is so flipping cool! Ianto is going to see what it is like for him if he were human and his alter-ego will see what it is like for him as a dragon. Totally awsome concept. I am really looking forward to seeing where this is going. BTW I absolutely love the title, Torchwood is general has a very Alice in Wonderland aspect to it so I think the title is perfect, especially considering what has happened so far...

Well, not quite human actually... *grins8

I cannot take credit for the title, that was my co-author. And you're right, it really is very appropriate for Torchwood!
I am so loving this!!!!!
So glad you are! Thanks, hon! :)
Since it's three am here, it took a bit for my brain to kick in and catch on to what's happened, but the fog has cleared and I've got it now. Brilliant.

It's going to be very interesting to see how Dragon!Ianto and Tardis!Ianto each handle the situations they find themselves in, and how each of the Jack's handle finding out their Ianto has somehow been tossed into an alternate reality.
Thank you! And I can perfectly understand a little confusion on the uptake if it was that early!

It's going to be interesting how the teams react to the idea that their Ianto has been exchanged for another one. As for Jack...yeah, it's going to rough on him.
Oh crap! Wasn't expecting that!
Yay! We managed to surprise you! *grins*
Eeek! Switching places is not helpful. I hope TARDIS!Ianto is okay over in the Dragon'verse. One of the two Ianto's will eventually have to confide in the Torchwood team they've wound up with. It will become clear pretty quickly that the Ianto over in the Dragon-'verse isn't a dragon - TARDIS!Ianto is possibly not as wary as Dragon!Ianto, not having been persecuted by humans for thousands of years. Can't wait for the next part!
We'll see how TARDIS!Ianto gets on, and if either one confides in the team before they're found out. It'll be fun to see how things play out. *grins*

Next up soon. :)
Wonder what Ianto is thus au that Owen know that he is not totally human?
You should read the Blue Child series, which this crosses over into. It's awesome!

As for Dragon!Ianto...he gets a big clue next chapter. :)
Curioseur and curioseur. Now I would love to know what is happening with the other Ianto.

Well when the Torchwood team get in trouble they reaaallllllyyyyyyyyy get in trouble

Looking forward to your next update


Edited at 2012-07-22 02:11 am (UTC)
You'll see... *grins*

And yes, you're absolutely right. Trouble seems to follow them around. They just can't help it!

More up soon. :)
Poor Ianto, how long will it take for Jack or the team to figure out the switch.
We'll see if Ianto confesses or the team find out first. More up soon. :)
I'm already hooked. Get ready to reel me in!
Hook, line, and sinker. hon! *laughs*
ooh la la! I understand, only Ianto has changed dimensions ...
I hope this team will accept and help!
In any case, they have not Gwen? lucky !

I'm curious to know what the other Ianto is different ...;-))
I hope our Jack will discover and take action to recover his Ianto.
In a sense, we've already seen glimpses of the future, I know that all will end well!
We'll see what happens when the team finds out. *grins*

Oh yes, there will be a happy ending. :)
*gulp* I hope this Torchwood will be accept Ianto, and that they'll find a way to fix this.

Edited at 2013-07-24 07:46 pm (UTC)
Well, you know me, I have to have a happy ending. :)