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Myfanwy 2

April 2018



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Through the Looking Glass - Chapter Four

Through the Looking Glass - Chapter Four
Authors: Milady Dragon and Cyberdigi
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Owen/Toshiko, Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. 
Author's note:  This is the results of a conversation Cyberdigi and I had almost a year ago, about a crossover between her Blue Child Universe and my Dragon-Verse.  This story takes place immediately after Jack of All Trades.  This is also for one of my Long Live Ianto Bingo Prompts, "Meeting AU Counterparts".

This is a bit of a short chapter (for me!), but it sets up a few things. 

Summary:  Unknown alien tech leads to new insights and new friends. 

Chapter Three is HERE

28 June 2008


Ianto didn’t say much as the SUV headed toward the Hub.

Really, there wasn’t much to say.

He watched out of the window as Jack drove in his usual bat-out-of-hell way – some things certainly didn’t change – and while some of the sights were the same, others were different.  His and Jack’s favorite roosts seemed to all be what he remembered, while it was the businesses that were just a little off.  It was enough to reinforce the fact that he wasn’t in his universe any longer.

He needed to have more information.  Ianto didn’t know how these counterparts to his teammates would react to know that their Ianto had been replaced, and until he knew more he didn’t want to risk giving himself away.  The only problem being was that Owen would be dead-set on checking him out physically after what had happened with the alien device; it was Torchwood protocol, after all.   The medic wouldn’t help but notice the physical differences in himself as compared to other humans, his body temperature only one of them, and then the game would be up. 

Ianto didn’t really want to end up on the opposite end of several weapons, even if bullets didn’t really do that much damage.  Being shot hurt.

Ianto could feel Jack’s eyes on him every once in a while, and the dragon finally sighed and said, “Eyes on the road, Harkness,” putting as much playfulness as he could into his voice, hoping he could somehow deflect Jack’s scrutiny.

There was a puzzled look in Jack’s eyes, which had Ianto wondering if he somehow hadn’t just given the game away.  But Jack simply pouted in response.  “But how can I concentrate on the road when I have such gorgeousness sitting next to me?”

“It’s not like you two haven’t been together forever,” Owen snarked from the back seat. 

“They’ve been in the honeymoon phase for decades,” Toshiko teased.


“Doesn’t mean we have to be witnesses!”

“I think it’s sweet.”

“Toshiko’s a romantic at heart,” Jack said.  “Sometimes I’m surprised you two even got together.”

“They do say opposites attract,” Toshiko answered, laughing.

And with that, Ianto picked up two very important pieces of information: the first, that this universe’s Ianto and Jack had been mates for a very long time, and it made Ianto wonder just how that was possible…unless this Ianto was also inhuman, which made sense from what Owen had said earlier.  An alien, perhaps?  Or some other sort of being?  He could only say that his doppelganger wasn’t a dragon, since his supposed fever wouldn’t have fazed Jack if he had been.

And the second was that there, Toshiko and Owen were a couple.  He wondered just where Kathy Swanson was, and what had happened to Diane Holmes…

It shocked him a bit about Owen and Toshiko.  His version of Tosh had once had a crush on the acerbic medic, but that had faded during that time with the mind-reading pendant, when she’d realized just how Owen felt about her.  Then Kathy had come along…and that had been that.  To be honest, Ianto just couldn’t see the technician and the medic in that sort of relationship.  Friends, yes…lovers, no.

He was pulled from his thoughts by Jack swinging into the car park, practically whipping the SUV into its parking space.  Ianto’s heart began thumping a bit harder; this was it…this was the point where he would either have to confess that he wasn’t this universe’s Ianto Jones, or to let things run their course and allow Owen to perform his scans, which he wasn’t looking forward to at all.   If only he had more information!

Jack was out of the vehicle almost before it had stopped moving, and Toshiko and Owen followed.  Ianto unsnapped his seatbelt, and didn’t even have a chance to get his hand on the door handle before it was being pulled open, and Jack was looking at him closely.  “You feeling better?” he asked softly, resting his hand on Ianto’s forehead.

“I’m fine, Jack,” the dragon answered.  For the first time ever he wished there was some way to smother his inner flame just enough to stop seeming like he had a fever. 

“You’re still really hot,” Jack murmured.  “We’ll get you checked –“

Jack was interrupted by a sudden crash from the rear of the SUV, and the sound of Owen cursing.  Toshiko spoke as well, and it sounded like she was teasing him. 

Jack rolled his eyes and then headed in the direction of the chaos, leaving Ianto alone.  “Stay there,” he called back over his shoulder.

Like Ianto was going to do that.  This was his opportunity to do some checking before deciding what path he would need to take.

He was out of the SUV like a shot, and it was sheer luck that the door going into the Hub didn’t have the security on it that he was used to; it opened easily, and Ianto dodged through to the sound of Jack berating Owen for dropping the containment box, and Owen’s sarcastic response.

The layout of the tunnels seemed to be the same, so Ianto headed directly for the Archives, needing to see if he could find out more about the world he’d ended up on.  Then he could make an educated decision on what to say to his mate’s doppelganger, one that wouldn’t get him hurt or imprisoned, or both.

The one good thing was that this Jack didn’t know how to kill him.  It wasn’t something he’d thought he’d ever consider, and Ianto shuddered at the thought.  He’d only ever shown his Jack his one vulnerable spot, just in case, but the very idea that it would ever be used disturbed him.

At least his desk was in the same spot.  Ianto eyed the computer on the desk, and then disregarded it, knowing that his counterpart would most likely have different passwords.  If the mainframe was anything like his own, the moment he put in an incorrect password Toshiko’s terminal would know it, and that would certainly give him away before he was ready.  He couldn’t take the risk.

So he decided that searching the desk would be the best thing to do.  The dragon simply wanted to know more about where he was, and about this team he’d ended up with. 

He didn’t find much within the desk, mostly office supplies – although there seemed to be quite a few post-its, and he had to wonder just what his other self had a use for them all – until he reached the lowermost drawer, where he found a set of journals. 

He smiled.  How convenient that his double had kept something like that…

Ianto pulled the oldest one out, sat down in the chair and, flipping it open to the first page, he began to read.

Chapter Five 



Wow, this is awkward. How will the team (and especially Jack) react when they discover that this is not their Ianto?
Hopefully Dragon Ianto gets the info he needs from Tardis Ianto's journals, I have a feeling that things will work out better if he tells them of the switch.
He'll be reading those journals in the next chapter. As for giving him what he needs to know...we'll see. *winks*
It is! We'll see how they react...soon. :)
We are well and truly down the rabbit hole now. How will the teams and especially the Jacks cope when they find out it's Ianto but not as they know him
We are! As for the teams...that should be interesting, shouldn't it? *grins*
You know, it took me a while to see what you and Cyberdigi were up to...I generally do not read authors notes...
But I love it! MUCH!!!!
We did get a bit sneaky, I admit. But it's been so much fun! And I'm really glad you're enjoying it. Thanks! :)
Are we going to see both sides of this switch?
The other side of the switch is being written by my partner in crime, Cyberdigi. She's really done a fantastic job, please check out her chapters! The link to Chapter Three is up in the Author's note. :)

Ianto needs better security for his journals :P

I wonder if Jack is going to catch DragonIanto in fragante delito or if DIanto will decide for himself to trust in them.

I started to read the Blue Child Universe, is very interesting.

Read you in the next Update ^_^
But if he did that, then Dragon!Ianto wouldn't be able to read them and find out stuff! *laughs*

We'll have to see how Ianto handles Jack, and how Jack handles Ianto. Hopefully it'll be good!

Next up soon. :)
I think Jack may be a bit perturbed that Ianto ran off that way, but what a stroke of luck finding Tardis!Ianto's journals. I hope he finds what he needs. I also hope Owen didn't break the artifact when he dropped the box. I don't know if the Iantos can get back if they only have one box.

I love that you're alternating the chapters between your two Iantos. It makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of which Ianto I'm reading about when I can match the Ianto to the author.
You could be right about that...and yes, the journals will help Dragon!Ianto make his decision about what he does next. And yes, I will say they need both boxes.

Thanks! It just made sense to alternate things this way. I'm glad it works. :)
Bless Ianto's journal keeping heart.
I know, right? *grins*
00o so they have been together for a long time as well :) And so glad for Ianto that the other one left journals for him to read :)Love this fic!!
Those journals are really going to be helpful, wait and see...

Thanks! I'm really glad you're enjoying it. :)
Jack telling Ianto that "you're still really hot" seems like such a line, but the truth is how else can he get the message across? Ianto must thank the Great Dragons that he is adiary keeper, otherwise how else would he play catch up? I am really enjoying this dabbling in another world. I am looking forward to the next installment. :)
It does, doesn't it? And those diaries are going to make a difference in what Ianto decides to do...

More up soon! :)
And now one also has to wonder what's become of THEIR Ianto. Was he switched? Lost? Stuck in some other universe? *bites nails*
The other Ianto is being written by my partner in crime, Cyberdigi. The link to her Chapter Three is up in the author's notes, and she's so much fun to write with! I love her version of Ianto. :)

More up soon, don't worry!
I hope this team will help! In any case, it is that Owen and Tosh are together!
We'll see if they'll help, after all they want to get their Ianto back!
Clever Ianto, doing recon on this Torchwood. ;)
He needs to know what he's stepping into! :)