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Myfanwy 2

July 2018



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Through the Looking Glass - Chapter Ten

Through the Looking Glass - Chapter Ten
Authors: Milady Dragon and Cyberdigi
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Owen/Toshiko, Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. 
Author's note:  This is the results of a conversation Cyberdigi and I had almost a year ago, about a crossover between her Blue Child Universe and my Dragon-Verse.  This story takes place immediately after Jack of All Trades.  This is also for one of my Long Live Ianto Bingo Prompts, "Meeting AU Counterparts".

Summary:  Unknown alien tech leads to new insights and new friends. 

Chapter Nine is HERE

28 June 2008


Toshiko called in lunch, and then headed out to her desk, to see if she could figure out anything about the device that had brought Ianto to this dimension.  Owen followed, saying something about having work to do – which Ianto wondered about, because if this Owen was anything like his own then ‘work’ was a euphemism for ‘playing the latest video game’.  This left the dragon alone with Jack.

He felt a little uncomfortable about it, and he wasn’t certain why.

“Tell me about your team,” this Jack asked, leaning back in his seat.   “I’m really curious about the differences…besides Gwen Cooper.  I still can’t believe she’s a member of Torchwood where you come from.”

Ianto sighed.  “My Jack hired her because she reminded him of Rose Tyler –“

“You’re kidding!”  Jack looked shocked.

“I’m afraid not.  I didn’t agree with it, but he’s the Director, after all…but after some issues he and I had, he began to see that any resemblance was shallow at best.  Our Gwen could be a fantastic field agent, if she’d simply drop some of her prejudice and show some of her vaunted compassion toward her own teammates.  Jack claimed it was her humanity that drew him, that we needed that humanity to remember what we’re fighting for…well, me specifically, because I was having a major crisis in my belief in human beings at the time.  Unfortunately, it backfired.”  He’d been so angry at humankind over Lisa that he’d almost completely turned his back on them.  And he would have, too, if they’d been able to save Lisa. 

At Jack’s questioning look, Ianto explained.  “I said that I’m the last of my kind?”  Jack nodded.  “Humans were responsible for the genocide of my race.  It’s a bit ironic that I’m fighting for them now.”

“Why are you?”  It was said quietly, and Ianto could see the sympathy in the other man’s gaze.

“Because the humans that killed the dragons are dead and dust.  I cannot hold it against the ones who live today.  Besides, if aliens took over the planet, I doubt I’d still be free, and the Earth is my home, too.  And then there’s Jack.  We might have had our differences but he’s my mate.  I love him very much.”

There was an awkward moment of silence, and then Jack spoke again.  “And the rest of your team?”

Ianto was glad for the change of subject.  “Well, of course there’s Owen and Toshiko, and they’re very much like yours, only they aren’t together like they are here.”

“I can’t imagine those two not a pair!”

“In my universe, Toshiko is with Kathy Swanson.  They are Dragon-Friends, and became close during the Year of the Toclafane.”  Jack would know what that meant; Ianto had read it in his doppelganger’s journal.

Judging from the flash of pain on the captain’s face, he was correct.  “Dragon-Friends?” he asked instead, not bringing up the subject of that missing year.

“That’s a bit hard to describe,” Ianto answered.  “It’s an honour, though, and they both deserve it.”

“And they remember that year?”

Ianto nodded.  “My entire team does…well, except for Gwen.  She died early on, unlike Owen, Toshiko, and Kathy.”  He laughed.  “I include Kathy as a teammate because she may as well be; she just doesn’t want to give up her day job.  My Jack keeps asking her, but she won’t budge.”

“What about Owen?”

“He’s currently not with someone, but he’s trying for a long-distance relationship with a Rift refugee named Diane Holmes.  She lives in Anchorage, Alaska.”

Jack seemed to know who Diane was, but he didn’t volunteer any information as to her whereabouts.  “And I’ll be honest; I can’t see Toshiko and Owen apart.  They both came here broken in different ways, and those broken bits seemed to fit together in ways they didn’t know existed.  They had a lot to get through, but they made it work, and now they’re both stronger for it.”

Ianto nodded; his own Toshiko and Owen had been equally as broken, but Owen had turned that into something that Toshiko couldn’t accept.  It had really hit home to her that time with the telepathic pendant, and she’d given up her infatuation after that.  There’d been a time with Ianto had thought that she and Tommy…but that relationship had really been doomed to failure, and while Ianto thought the technician and the time-crossed young soldier could be friends, he’d been glad that Toshiko had seemed to put that behind her as well.  His friend was now truly with Kathy, bound by the Great Dragons and the horrible events of a year that only a handful could recall.

But that hadn’t happened here, and he sincerely hoped that his best friend was happy.

A faint smile crossed his lips.  “Too many differences here.  No offence, but my world is looking better and better to me.”

Jack laughed.  “I don’t blame you.  Don’t worry, Toshiko will work it out.”

Ianto had no doubt of that.


Lunch arrived in the form of Chinese, brought in by Rhys Williams.  The dragon got his first glimpse of the other-dimensional version of Gwen Cooper’s fiancé as he came through the cog door, carrying several bags, the name on them the same as a carry-out that Ianto had often called on his own world.  He hoped the food was just as good.

The team gathered in the boardroom once more, with Rhys in attendance.  He didn’t look any different from the pictures and CCTV footage the dragon had seen of him, and he wished he’d gotten to know his own world’s Rhys in order to judge if there were any personality differences.

Jack explained to Rhys what had happened, and Ianto found himself under scrutiny.  “He looks just like our Ianto,” Rhys mused. 

“You should see him when he changes,” Jack answered.  “It’s really amazing.”

“It is!” Toshiko enthused.  “I’m still puzzled at the mass reduction between dragon-form and human-form, though.”

“Well, it’s magic, isn’t it?”  Rhys asked, grinning. 

“I like you, Mr. Williams,” Ianto said, returning the grin.

“It’s Rhys, mate.  No need to stand on formalities with me.  I’m just an ordinary bloke whose folks once fought the good fight.”

“Jack did say your parents were Torchwood.  Are they…?”  He didn’t want to bring up anything unpleasant but he was curious.

“Nah.  They’re retired and living in Newport, perfectly happy.  Of course, they have some pretty severe gaps in their memory…”

“Retcon?”  Ianto wasn’t surprised.

“Barry and Brenda retired after a particularly…interesting mission,” Jack answered.  “Personally, I’m not sure I would’ve Retconned them or not, but they requested it.  They were good agents, and it’s a shame they didn’t want to keep their memories.”

“And you didn’t want to Retcon me,” Rhys said.  “But then, I’m useful.”

“You’re more than useful,” Jack said.  “You’re family.”

“And I’m the only one who can stand to be around Gwen for long periods of time.”

“May I ask,” Ianto put in, “if Gwen’s so bad, why do you stay with her?”

“Well, first off Jack and Ianto asked me to keep an eye on her.  And second, she’s…well, she’s pretty good in the sack.  When she’s not going off about conspiracies and how Jack is her soul mate.”  Rhys shrugged.  “It could be worse.”

“In my world, Gwen and Rhys are engaged.”

Rhys looked surprised.  “Really?  And it’s lasted?  But hey…your Gwen is probably different from ours.”

“She is, a bit.  Not that I’m defending her, but she has the makings of a decent Torchwood agent.”  There were many times when Ianto despaired of her ever reaching the potential he saw in her.  Gwen could have been so much more than she she’d settled for.  “She just has certain…personality quirks that I have on good authority that yours does, as well.”

“At least she can’t sporadically see the future, like ours can,” Toshiko said. 

“You mean there’s a world where Gwen actually became Torchwood?” Rhys was incredulous.

Ianto nodded.  “And one where you don’t know anything about it.”

“Was I Retconned then?”

“No, nothing like that.  Your parents were never members of the team, so you never grew up with it.”  He didn’t mention Gwen’s Retconning him over the affair she’d had with Owen; that wasn’t exactly on topic with the conversation.

“That’s a shame,” Jack replied.  “Rhys might not be a full member of the team, but his contributions have been invaluable.”

Rhys blushed a little at the praise.  “Just trying to do what needs to be done.  I know how important Torchwood is.”

Ianto nodded in understanding.  Seeing this man, and his commitment to do what was right, made him wonder if it wasn’t past time he got to know his dimension’s Rhys Williams a little better.  They may be completely different people, but then again he may be missing something by not at least meeting the man and giving him a chance.

They chatted through lunch, Jack regaling them with a couple of rather fantastical stories, one of which Ianto had heard before but still found funny.  The food was particularly good, even better than what he’d had from the same place in his dimension, and he vaguely wondered if he could take some back with him. 

Seeing the four of them together, Ianto couldn’t help but realize just how close-knit they were, much like his own team.  He glanced at Jack, who was busily shoveling noodles into his mouth with a rather playful abandon…much like his own Jack would have done.  Apparently lack of table manners translated across universes…

He couldn’t help but be glad that at least one Jack besides his own had someone who would be with him for a very long time.  If he was anything like his Jack – and the other Ianto’s journals had suggested he was – then he didn’t deserve to be alone.

There were many things he wanted to ask about; like if there was an Alice and Steven here, or any number of personal questions that Ianto knew about his Jack, but not about this one.  He wanted to compare the two more than he already had, to know the man here better.

But it wasn’t his right to do so. 

He wasn’t this Jack’s Ianto; he had no right to get too personal.  He had no right to pry.  Ianto would be going home soon anyway, and leaving this place.  Knowing every personal detail about this team – and this Jack – wouldn’t be necessary. 

Instead, he simply enjoyed their company…for now.     

Chapter Eleven 


It's nice to see them all getting along so well and having the chance to enjoy each others' company. It seems to be a much calmer atmosphere without Gwen there to keep everyone riled up and on edge. I think Ianto's got the right idea about getting to know their Rhys a bit better, too. I've got a feeling they'd get along quite well.
They are getting along, and yes...it's a lot calmer without Gwen. As for Rhys, yes Ianto will get to know him better, but of course it all comes down to the Dragon-verse version of 'Meat'. :)
It's nice to see Ianto accepted by the team here.
They have accepted him, and next up...trying to get him home. :)
This could give DragonIanto reasons to aprove of Rhys not being retconned in your version of Meat ^^

I wouldn't have Ianto's self control, I would want to know everything ;P

Great Chapter

Edited at 2012-08-05 01:55 am (UTC)
It might, we'll have to see... *winks*

Well, Ianto does want to respect people, so that's a part of it. But he certainly is curious!

Thanks! :)
I like this portrayal of Rhys very much. The poor man always has my sympathy for having the worst taste in women - EVER! I think that it's sweet that Ianto fits in so well, of all the characters he is the most well adjusted to be able to slip into another universe. It is hilarious that Tosh is having such difficulty rationalising Ianto's dragon-self. "It's magic" is the funniest line ever in a science-based anything. Looking forward to the next chater? :)
Thanks! I love Rhys in this universe a lot, and Ianto will get to know him better back home...which, of course, will all come to a head in 'Meat'.

LOL! Thanks! You can imagine that saying "It's Magic" would drive a lot of scientists up the wall! *grins*

Next up soon. :)
Good to see they are all ok together. Love the differences and similarities..
Can see why Ianto would be curious about this Jack, but he's ever so conscious of things like personal space. Good Dragon!
Everything is fine...so far... *grins*

Yes, Ianto does respect personal space, even though he did read those diaries. LOL!
ok! I understand this better for Gwen.
It is interesting to see the differences.
but hey, this interlude is not sustainable: they must find their own universe!
Thanks! There are quite a few differences, and I love playing with them. Next up...trying to get Ianto home. :)
Loved the update!!!
Thank you! :)
I think it's great that Rhys is an integral part of this other universe. I wish he were in the tv reality.
I do love Rhys, and Ianto will get to know him better after he's back home. Of course though it all comes down to what happens in 'Meat'. *grins*
I love the differences between the two worlds and so glad now they trust one another and are trying to get Ianto back and send Dragon Ianto home. Gwen really doesnt change much does she lol and im a bit sad for this Rhys who knows Gwen pines for Jack but is still with her because she is good in the sake :( ahh the differences lol Loving this :)
Thanks! Yes, they are getting along, and of course up next they get to work. Rhys does know that, but hey...he gets some benefits from the deal. :)

I just wanted to say, don't feel too bad for Rhys, while he cares about her, he doesn't love her, not like in the show. Further more the entire reason he even started going out with her is because Jack and Ianto asked him to keep an eye on her ;)
Lovely chapter. Dragon!Ianto's having a slightly better time at it then TARDIS!Ianto.
Yes, he is just a bit. Poor TARDIS!Ianto. I just wanted to hug him.