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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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Through the Looking Glass - Chapter Twelve

Through the Looking Glass - Chapter Twelve
Authors: Milady Dragon and Cyberdigi
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Owen/Toshiko, Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. 
Author's note:  This is the results of a conversation Cyberdigi and I had almost a year ago, about a crossover between her Blue Child Universe and my Dragon-Verse.  This story takes place immediately after Jack of All Trades.  This is also for one of my Long Live Ianto Bingo Prompts, "Meeting AU Counterparts".

Summary:  Unknown alien tech leads to new insights and new friends. 

Chapter Eleven is HERE

28 June 2008


Lunch broke up, and Rhys headed back to work; he worked for Harwood’s in this world as well, and he said he enjoyed having a job that didn’t go from sheer boredom to adrenaline overload within seconds.  Ianto had laughed at that.  Torchwood wasn’t for everyone.

Although, knowing how well this version of Rhys was taking the weirdness of it all gave Ianto some food for thought, and he was determined to at least meet with his dimension’s Rhys at least once, to see for himself what sort of man he was.

Jack claimed to have a call to make to UNIT, and Owen headed back down to the autopsy bay, leaving the dragon with Toshiko.  He really hadn’t noticed much of a difference between his friend and this woman – aside from her being involved with Owen, of all people – and he was curious to get to know her a little better.

And so, with Jack in his office and Owen doing something that Ianto was fairly certain was some sort of video game, the dragon found himself at Toshiko’s workstation, where the piece of alien tech that had been responsible for him being there in the first place sat, looking very innocuous and not like it was some sort of dimension-jumper.

“I’ve been getting some strange readings from it,” she said as soon as Ianto had joined her, “like chronon particles, but different.”

“Could I see?”

Toshiko nodded, bringing up her readings on one of her terminals.  Ianto frowned; there was something familiar about the readings, but he couldn’t place it.   “I’ve seen those before…” he murmured, chewing on his thumbnail absently.

“Any idea where?” the technician asked curiously.   “That might give us a clue as to what they mean.”

Ianto was very proud of his memory; it wasn’t exactly eidetic, but he could remember more than most humans.  And what he was seeing was tickling his subconscious.  He shook his head.  “Maybe it will come to me if we move on.”

“All right.  And in the meantime I’ll plug the readings into mainframe and see what she comes up with.”  Toshiko picked up the box, careful not to come near the button on the top.  “As you can seem it’s really not much of anything.  I was thinking, if the device in your universe was the same as this one, then maybe they’re linked in some way.”

“That makes sense.”

“There are a couple of grooves on one side; I’m going to try to get it open.”  Suiting actions to words, Toshiko picked up a small tool and began to attempt to pry the side off.  “So,” she went on as she worked, “how did you meet your Jack?”

“It was on the side of a mountain,” Ianto answered, watching her competent fingers work.  “Jack was on the run after the deaths of the previous Torchwood team members at the hands of the then-leader.”

“Why was he running?”

“Because Yvonne Hartman thought he was responsible, despite the proof to the contrary,” he answered.  “She moved her own people in, and Jack had to leave Cardiff in a hurry.  He ended up in Ddraig Llyn…my home village.  He stayed in my inn for weeks before he actually met the dragon.”

Toshiko glanced up at him, frowning.  “You make it sound like you and the dragon are two different beings.”

“Sorry, that’s not what I meant.”  He smiled self-deprecatingly.  “But Jack didn’t have any idea that the Ianto Jones who served him coffee and made certain his room was cleaned was the dragon he found perched on the mountainside.”   Now this he remembered, as if it had happened yesterday…sensing Jack as he’d watched the dragon singing over the valley.

“And you actually ran an inn?” she asked incredulously.

Ianto nodded.  “I still own it actually.  Ddraig Llyn will always be my home.”

“And magic really exists on your world?”

“It does, but it’s fading more and more each year, as humans stop believing in it.  There are very few magical places left in my world; Ddraig Llyn is one, there’s Avalon, what is now called Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, Izuma Taisha in Japan, the Five Great Mountains in China, Uluru in Australia…those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  But only five hundred years ago there were many more.”   He couldn’t help but feel the loss of such power in his world, and he mourned it.

A hand touched his, and he found Toshiko looking at him sympathetically.  “I’m sure as long as you’re around, there’ll be one magical place left.”

He smiled at her.  “Very true.  I do admit, you’re very much like my Tosh, in that you’re accepting the idea of magic really well.  It took Jack forever to even think about considering it.  He kept quoting Clarke’s Law at me and denying that I was even the least big magic.  Something about ancient aliens coming to Earth and using genetic manipulation to create my people...”  He laughed.  “Honestly, I wanted to slap him at times.”

Toshiko’s eyebrows lowered in confusion.  “That doesn’t sound like the Jack I know…but then, I suppose he isn’t the Jack I know.  My Jack’s seen a lot, and accepts more weirdness than anyone I’d ever met.”

“I don’t know why,” Ianto shrugged.  “It’s just been the way Jack is.”  He grinned.  “I’ve been able to get him to come round to my point of view.”

Toshiko snorted.  “I’m sure you have.”  She went back to work on the device. 

“Although, I admit I was bad in the opposite regard at first.  I believed that Jack’s being unable to stay dead was magical in nature, since I could sense the energy that makes him that way.  It wasn’t until I went to Cardiff and felt the Rift for the first time that I realized that wasn’t the case.”

“You can sense the Rift energy?”  She looked very intrigued.

“Yes, I can even tell when we’re going to get an alert.”  He chose not to mention anything about the negative Rift spikes, not knowing if this Toshiko knew about them.  “The vortex energy that keeps Jack immortal is the same thing: time and space, filling a particular place…in Jack’s case, a particular person.  It’s like my brain itches around him.  And before you ask, no, it’s not uncomfortable at all.”

“The benefit being is that you get to keep track of your Jack easily,” she teased.

Ianto laughed.  “Yes, so I can at least attempt to head trouble off before he can walk into it!”

“Can you sense it in our Jack as well?”

“I can, but it’s different…I can’t explain, but it just doesn’t feel quite the same.”

“Harmonics between dimensions,” she answered blithely.  “Each dimension is slightly different, and therefore the basic operating systems of each are different as well.  Physical laws aren’t the same either, because here magic is defined as sleight of hand or illusion, and has no real basis in fact.”

“Don’t say that in front of David Copperfield,” Owen’s voice interrupted them.  Ianto turned, watching the medic come to stand just on the other side if Toshiko.

“David Copperfield?” he asked curiously.

“Famous magician,” Owen answered.  “He made the Statue of Liberty disappear.”

Ianto raised an eyebrow, and Toshiko snorted, going back to work on the device.  “Illusion,” she explained.  “It was easy to work out, really.”

Owen laughed.  “Yeah, take all the fun out of it, won’t you?”  He rested his arm on the back of Toshiko’s chair, standing well within her personal space.

The dragon still couldn’t quite fathom a relationship between Owen and Toshiko working, but it obviously was.  It surprised him, but he thought about what Jack had said about them both being damaged and how those damaged parts just seemed to fit.  He had to admit, the pair of them looked quite content.

“All right,” the technical genius said, her eyes staring into his, “what was that look for?”

“What look?” Ianto asked, confused.

“The one you just had, that said ‘I can’t believe what I’m seeing but it must be true’.”

He shook his head, one side of his mouth curling upward.  “All right, I admit that seeing the two of you in a happy relationship is just a bit…odd.  It took me off my guard.”

Owen frowned.  “We’re not together in your universe?”

“No, I’m afraid not.  Toshiko is with someone else, and you’re…well, you’re alone, but there’s someone you want to be with only it would be long distance.”

The two looked at each other, and there was that silent type of communication that happened between couples.  It was that that finally convinced Ianto that what he was seeing was true, that these two were indeed meant to be together, even if things were different in his own world. 

In a way, he felt almost cheated at seeing this with his own Owen and Toshiko.  Toshiko had had feelings for Owen, up until the affair with the telepathic pendant when she’d ‘overheard’ Owen’s thoughts concerning her.  It hadn’t helped that Owen and Gwen had been having an affair at the time; that should never have occurred, and as much as Ianto considered Owen a friend he had lost quite a bit of respect for him over that. 

Of course, Gwen hadn’t been a member of the team in this universe.  There had been no affair, and therefore Toshiko hadn’t had to be a witness to Owen’s condescension.  It seemed as if that was missing there, and Ianto was glad of it.  The last thing he wanted was to see any form of Toshiko Sato hurt. 

In this dimension, Owen and Toshiko seemed truly made for each other.

That didn’t mean that he couldn’t be glad that it hadn’t worked out for them on his own team, even if he’d missed all of the little ‘couple-y’ things between them.  Perhaps that would come later for them, if only with different partners.

“Ah ha,” Toshiko’s soft cry of triumph broke him from his thoughts.

The device lay open in her hands.  Ianto leaned over so he could see inside, and what he saw was a set of dials, with strange markings on them.  “What is that?” he asked softly.

“I’m not sure…” she prodded one of the dials gently with her tool.  “Maybe some sort of coordinate system?  That would make the most sense…and they’re locked, so I don’t think we have to worry about them changing anytime soon.”

“That’s good; I’d like to get home at some point.”

“Yeah, we’d like to get our Tea Boy back too,” Owen answered.  “A pining Jack Harkness makes us all miserable.”

“I heard that,” Jack said, his voice startling Ianto slightly.  The dragon had been so focused on the alien technology that he hadn’t sensed the immortal’s approach.  “And I’ll have you know I don’t pine.”

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that.”

Jack pushed himself forward, in order to best see the inside of the device.  “Yeah, I have to agree on the coordinate setter theory,” he added.  “And, if it’s locked, maybe that means it can’t be changed until there’s a transfer back.”

“Makes sense,” Toshiko answered.  She picked up her scanner, taking readings from the now-open casing.  “I’m still getting those odd almost-chronon readings.”

“Can I see?” Jack asked.

Toshiko showed him the readout on the scanner.  “Those look familiar,” he mused.

Ianto nodded.  “That’s what I thought, as well.  I could swear I’ve seen those before somewhere, and not that long ago, either.”  He wanted to kick himself for not being able to pull the information up from his mind, hoping that it wouldn’t be important to getting him home.

“The device is still active, though,” Toshiko said. 

“Then why doesn’t Dragon Boy just push the button?” Owen suggested.  When everyone stared at him, he shrugged.  “Well, if the thing it still active, and the coordinate-things are still set…”

Ianto chuckled.  “It really would be that simple, wouldn’t it?”

“This is Torchwood,” Jack laughed.  “Of course it would be.”

“I knew there was a reason I tolerated you,” Toshiko teased, carefully sliding the cover back together.

“Oi!” Owen exclaimed.  “I also happen to be a tiger in the sack!”

“That’s a bit more information than I actually needed to know,” the dragon said primly. “Knowing your prowess in bed isn’t something I want to dwell on, in any dimension.”

“You’re just jealous.”

“If he’s anything like my Ianto,” Jack leered, “then he has absolutely nothing to be jealous about.”  He draped a companionable arm around Ianto’s shoulders, and it was all the dragon could do not to lean into the touch. 

“I’m sorry Jack,” Ianto said, “but I’m afraid you’ll never know that.”

Jack pouted.  “And here I was, thinking that being the filling in an Ianto sandwich would be fun.”

“Jesus, Harkness!” Owen gagged.

Ianto laughed hard, he couldn’t help it.  He was beginning to realize that, despite everything, he would actually miss this team, even though they were much like his own.  He wanted to get back to his mate more than anything, but he would always remember this time, when he’d met friends that weren’t quite his friends, and a lover who wasn’t his mate.  It was something he would not forget.

“All right,” Toshiko said, handing the device to Ianto.  “If it was pushing the button that got you here, then let’s see if pushing it will get you back.”

The dragon took a deep breath, his heart beginning to race.  His gaze met those of this Torchwood team, and he nodded to each in turn.  “It’s been a pleasure meeting you all,” he said sincerely.  “And, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I never meet any of you again.”

“The feeling’s mutual,” Owen snarked, even though there was a glint in the medic’s eye that said it had been an equal pleasure to meet the dragon.  “Now push the fucking button and let us get back to work.”

“I never did get to do those mass ratio tests,” Toshiko sighed, smiling softly.

“Safe trip home, Ianto Jones,” Jack added, standing back with his hands in his pockets, his eyes solemn.

Ianto took several steps away from the team, not wanting any of them to get caught up in the transport field.  With another deep breath, he firmly pushed the button.

Nothing happened.

Disappointment slammed into him hard, and he barely resisted the urge to throw the device across the Hub.  He swore in Latin and then used a Boeshane word that his mate had taught him, which had this Jack raising an eyebrow in a silent, ‘Oh really?  I taught you that?

“Back to the drawing board,” Jack said aloud.  “Don’t worry, Ianto…we’ll figure it out.”

Ianto hung his head, wondering if he really would see his mate again.  He thought about the destiny that he and Jack supposedly had, and knew he had to have faith that they’d work something out –

“Wait,” Toshiko shouted.  “Don’t move, Ianto!”

He stared at her.  “What is it?”

“There’s a build-up of energy from the device,” she answered, checking the scanner she was holding.  “Perhaps it had to recharge before it could open the door between dimensions.”

The dragon wanted to point out to her that the original transfer had been instantaneous, but then he really didn’t know if it had.  He recalled hearing Jack shouting at Gwen, but how long –

And on that thought, the Hub vanished in a flash of light.

Chapter Thirteen


I really like these teams, they're very alike but there's still something different to keep you curious.

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They really are alike, but the differences are just enough that you know they're just not the same. It's bee fun to write the Blue Child team, I do admit.

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We'll see if he made it back soon. Thanks! :)
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Thank you! Yes, he's still our polite Ianto, no matter where he goes. More up soon. :)
I so hope that means Ianto's going home. Both of them. It's been an interesting experience for each of them, but they really need to get back to their Jacks now.
We'll see soon. It has been an experience, one that will have repercussions throughout the season. :)
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Thank you! Glad you enjoy it. :)
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