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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Queen of Air and Fire - Chapter Two

The Queen of Air and Fire - Chapter Two
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Wizard and Deathless
Beta: Cjharknessgirl
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Rhys Williams/Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato/Tommy Brockless, Rory Williams/Amy Pond Lisa Hallet/Andy Davidson; Jack Harkness/John Hart (Past), Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsher (Past); Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler (Past), Daffyd (Ianto) Jones/Jack, Lord Deathless (Past); Sarah Jane Smith/Harry Sullivan (Implied), Sebastian Shaw/Emma Frost (Implied), Fitz Kreiner/Eighth Doctor (Implied).
Warnings: Language, Violence, Temporary and Permanent Character Death, Torture (Implied), Racial Slurs (both Human and Wizard), Natural and Unnatural Disasters
Spoilers: None really.  This is Torchwood, Doctor Who, and various characters from the X-Men movie franchises twisted into fantasy situations.
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood or Doctor Who, or even the X-Men. 
Author's Note:   This takes place three years after Ways of Light and Darkness and before the short story Perfection.   I have also borrowed some characters and situations from the X-Men movie franchise (especially "X-Men First Class" but you don't need to be familiar with it in order to read this.  It might add a little something in some places, but don't worry about having to watch any of the movies just so you can understand this, that is not required at all. 

Summary:  Jack, Ianto, and their team must unravel a mysterious prophecy that speaks of death and destruction for the Kingdom...and of a Realm long lost in the mists of time and magic.  

Chapter Two


Master Ianto Jones, Cardinal Wizard and Wizard-at-Large for the United Kingdom, made his way through the market crowds along Cardiff’s main road, the smells of baking and the bright colours of the wares tickling his senses, along with the press of people as they shopped for bargains and curiosities from all over the Kingdom, and beyond. 

Cardiff was his home.  He’d been born there, had family there, had gotten his education at one of the better schools there, and had been Tested for magic there.  He’d been one of the rare ones, a Catalyst, with the ability to know what a magical Artefact was and to actually be able to use it, and he’d been trained in the Torchwood Castle Archives, becoming the youngest Master Archivist ever. 

He’d first met his lover, Captain Jack Harkness, there.

He’d also nearly been exiled from there.  It wasn’t something he enjoyed dwelling on.

But Ianto had gone on to become something much more than Archivist and Catalyst: he’d become one of the first of the new generations of Wizards, and it was generally considered that he was the most powerful Wizard of the age.

Ianto would beg to differ on that.

His dragon-familiar, Myfanwy, chattered excitedly, happinessjoylove echoing from her and into his mind, and Ianto couldn’t help but smile from it.  She thoroughly enjoyed being around other people, and had a way of charming strangers without even trying, especially children.  It was directly opposite her Wizard who, up until everything had happened in his life, had been content to stay in the background, letting others get all the attention.  That had changed, and now he was expected to be out and about, being seen as the very public face for Wizards throughout the Kingdom.

It still bothered him a little, but he was getting used to it.

The crowds in the market parted for him easily, recognizing him and Myfanwy as they walked, his dragon at his side like a winged dog of some sort.  She was more comfortable in the air, but Ianto knew she enjoyed being beside him even more than flying.  Besides, it meant more people could pet her, which was a win-win situation as far as the dragon was concerned.

He caught sight of his destination by the sheer size that had it standing out amid the other, smaller shops around it. 

Master Mickey Smith’s shop took up a third of the entire open-fronted area; the other two-thirds was the forge itself, where Ianto saw the man himself, watching an apprentice as the boy pounded on a glowing lump of metal held in a pair of black tongs, the sound of the hammer against the molten steel slightly muffled compared to the strike against the anvil that the hammer made on the short, second down stroke.  The apprentice’s arm rose in a steady rhythm, and Mickey was saying something which had the younger man nodding.

Ianto leaned against the plain railing and watched.  The working of metal fascinated him; seeing a well-balanced sword or a delicate piece of jewellery forming from a blob of heated metal was almost more magic to him than his own powers.  And Mickey was the best, according to Jack, and Ianto didn’t doubt it one bit.  The sword Ianto carried out in the field had been forged by one of Master Mickey’s own students, and the Wizard had never had a day of worry about it not being up to whatever he had to use it for.  Not that Ianto was going to admit cutting small branches for firewood with it…

Another apprentice seemed to be bending small pieces of steel into half-finished rings, and Ianto wondered if they would end up woven together for chainmail.  Jack’s armour had been forged especially for him by Master Mickey, including the fine chainmail undershirt under the supple plate that kept Jack from dying too many times.  Yes, it might be general knowledge now that Jack was the Deathless, but that didn’t mean Ianto would let him walk into danger without sufficient protection.

It was only a few minutes later that Mickey caught sight of him, and the master smith gave the Wizard a bright smile.  “Master Ianto,” he greeted.  “Where’s your partner in crime?”

“Master Mickey,” Ianto answered, returning the smile.  “Jack is on his way.  He had business in Haven.”  That was where Ianto himself had come from, leaving Jack to finish up on the job that the mercenary captain had taken on, on behalf of Baron Daffyd.  “I understand you might have something I’d be interested in?”

The message had been waiting for him when he’d arrived at his sister’s house yesterday.  Mickey had an uncanny ability to tell if something he happened to come across was magical or not.  In fact, Ianto had threatened to Test him for ability after the second time the master smith had shown up with an interesting Artefact that he’d come across, either from one of his clients or vendors, or that he’d simply seen in the marketplace.  After that, he’d given Mickey Rhiannon’s address and had asked him to let her know if he thought he’d found anything, and Rhiannon would always pass along the message.

Mickey spoke to his apprentice once more.  The boy nodded, and Master Mickey left him to his own devices, coming to meet Ianto at the rail.  “I should have expected you,” the man said, mopping his face with a rag that had been hanging around his neck.  “What with the wedding and all.”

Ianto grimaced.  “Well, at least I know Lady Lisa won’t start pursuing me again.”

Everyone knew about what had happened three years ago, just after he’d come into his own powers.   Baroness Gwen had attempted to keep him tied to Cardiff by arranging a marriage with Lady Lisa Hallet, and it had only been averted when Their Majesties had declared Exclusivity and had summarily dismissed any and all contracts that might bind a Wizard to any guild or Barony.  It had been a relief, because while Ianto didn’t exactly dislike Lady Lisa, she’d done everything in her power to get on every bad side he had. 

And now, she’d found someone else to put up with her, and Ianto had been completely shocked when he’d gotten the wedding invitation. 

Mickey laughed, ducking under the rail and heading toward the back of the shop.  He ushered Ianto through the hanging tapestries that curtained off the main area of the shop with the rear.  “Remind your dragon that if she breaks it, you buy it.”

Ianto put Myfanwy in front of him, just in case.  He remembered the first time he’d brought her into the shop.  She’d been distracted by the pretty shiny objects and had knocked over a display case.  Luckily, the Royal Purse had covered the damage.

They made their way between shelves and crates and cases, toward the very back of the combined shop/forge, where Ianto knew Mickey had his office.  The room was beyond the storage space, and it was locked, since it was where all of the most valuable items were kept.   Mickey unbolted the door and motioned both Wizard and dragon inside.

It was still as cluttered as Ianto remembered.  Various pieces of unfinished metalwork were scattered all over the desk and the two tables, and a stack of what looked like invoices had been piled into the visitor’s chair.  There were cabinets and shelves on three of the four walls, all equally as cluttered as the desk.  The only exception was a display of metalworking tools, well-cared for, hanging in pride of place behind the desk. 

Mickey shifted the pile of papers from the chair and onto the desk, letting Ianto sit, Myfanwy curling up at his feet.  “One of my suppliers found something I thought you might be able to help with,” he began, moving behind the desk.  He didn’t sit.  Instead, he leaned over and, judging from the rattle of keys, unlocked something Ianto couldn’t see.  He knew what it was, since he was aware that Mickey kept his safe within one side of the large piece of furniture.  In fact, Mickey had paid him handsomely for certain spells Ianto had cast over it, despite Ianto insisting on doing the work for free.

He brought out a box, which he sat on the desk, dislodging several items in the process.  “He claimed to have found it in the remains of a shipwreck on a small island off the coast of the Esplanade Expanse.  I won’t go into just what the island is used for –“

Smuggling, Ianto’s mind supplied.

“– but he managed to claim quite a bit of salvage.  This, though…he wasn’t at all sure about, and he brought it to me as soon as he made port here.” 

Ianto found himself leaning forward a bit, in order to see what was in the wooden box that Mickey was opening.  The master smith carefully lifted something from it, and Ianto could make out something silver wrapped in a blue piece of fabric.

Setting the bundle on the desk, Mickey carefully pulled the fabric away, revealing what looked like a small, handheld crossbow, only made completely of some sort of silvery metal.  The detailing of the metal was exquisite and it looked very much like some sort of statuary.  The only detail missing was the bowstring.

Ianto reached across the desk, his hand barely touching the cold metal of the crossbow…

And he would have screamed, if his breath hadn’t been stolen from his lungs.

It felt as if every bit of magic within him had been sucked out of him.  It burned…oh, it burned, the scorching of the magic as it was forcibly stolen from his body.  The Deep Ways cried out where Ianto could not, and his eyes were blinded by the incredible golden glow of his greatest power rising to protect him. 

Ianto’s body instinctively jerked away from the source of his agony, and he fell to the floor, shaking uncontrollably.  He could feel Myfanwy’s terror, could hear Mickey calling his name, and strong yet surprisingly gentle hands on his shoulders, holding him steady.  Once his fingers were away from the strange crossbow, he could feel his magic returning, and he shuddered in horror at the sensation of being so empty…

The Wizard whooped in a great breath of air, his vision focusing on the terrified Myfanwy, who was practically sitting on his stomach, her green eyes glittering as she sent him her fear and worry and a question that Ianto knew was to ask him if he was all right. 

“I’m…okay,” he managed to get out, taking in another breath. 

“What the hells was that?” Mickey demanded, helping him sit up. 

“It…”  Ianto wasn’t sure how to describe it.  “Could you put that…thing, back in its box?”

“Sure.”  Mickey stood and did as Ianto asked, as the Wizard rose unsteadily to his feet, dislodging Myfanwy from her perch on him.  She made an upset noise, but moved, standing close enough so that Ianto could have used her as a crutch if he wanted.  He sat instead, and her head rested on his knee, her concern for him fading.  He petted her gently, glad for her support. 

After Mickey had replaced the Artefact in its box and had locked it, Ianto finally spoke.  “Can you make sure that gets to Gateway?” he asked.  “I would take it back, but…”

“Yeah, don’t blame you there,” Mickey said.  “What happened?”

“It was…I don’t know. “  Ianto chewed his lip thoughtfully.  “If I had to describe it, I would say it was…anti-magic.”

“Could there be such a thing?”  Mickey looked intrigued.

“I don’t see why not,” Ianto shrugged.  “Maybe Daffyd would know more.”  He sighed.  “Let me write a letter, to warn him not to open it without some sort of shielding…if that would even work on something that can totally disrupt magic.  That’s what knocked me down…it was as if suddenly every bit of magic I had was gone.  My body couldn’t handle the shock.” 

The sensation of it was a surprise to him.  Of course, Ianto could feel the Deep Ways humming just under his skin.  It was a vital part of him, one that would destroy him if it was ever completely gone.  It made him think of Daffyd, and of how his counterpart had torn away the connection he’d had with the Deep Ways out of mourning for his lost lover. It was the same connection Ianto himself had, and he wondered just how Daffyd had survived it. 

Ianto didn’t think he’d be able to, although if he’d lost Jack in some way then he wouldn’t have done any different.  Eternity wasn’t worth being alone for.

Having that happen also made Ianto realize just how integral a part of him magic was.  He’d had dream/memories of his grandmother, and of things that she’d taught him that he’d forgotten; she’d known about his magic, of that he was certain.  But Ianto hadn’t thought of it himself, beyond his Catalyst ability.   To be faced with what it felt like to be magicless even for the heartbeat it had taken for his hand to slip away from the Artefact…it was horrible.   It brought home to him that he’d never truly been without magic his entire life.

“But who would use such a thing?” Mickey wondered.

“A normal human being,” Ianto answered.  “You didn’t have any problems touching it, did you?”

“Nah, no problem at all.  But who could’ve made such a thing?  Why would someone even want to?”

“Someone with something against Wizards, I expect.”

It was a chilling thing, but it was the only notion that fit the purpose of that weapon.  And it frightened Ianto, that someone hated a Wizard so much as to take away their power...which was far worse than killing them.


Ianto left Mickey’s shop as soon as he could get away, still unsettled by what had happened.  Myfanwy stayed close, still worried about her Wizard, and he really appreciated her nearness.  The very idea that someone would create something that would take away a Wizard’s power – Mickey had told him that a crossbow that small wouldn’t necessarily be deadly, not having the power of a normal-sized weapon, but Ianto could imagine very well what a bolt from that thing would do to a Wizard.  They’d discussed it, and Ianto had to concede that there would have been special bolts for it, most likely made of the same metal, and of course the lack of a string made it unusable.  Still, any Wizard getting hit with that, having one of those bolts buried within their bodies…Ianto couldn’t help but shiver.

He shook himself.  He couldn’t allow himself to think about it.  The weapon was no longer dangerous, Mickey having arranged to have it sent on to Gateway with the next shipment of metalwork he was having taken up to the city.  It was locked away now and could do no more harm.

Of course, a small voice said at the back of his mind, that didn’t mean there aren’t any more out there…

He had one more chore to do that day, before he could go back to Rhiannon’s.  And, truth be told, Ianto was looking forward to it. 

Torchwood Castle rose up from the shorter structures of Cardiff-Town, its pale stones glittering in the early afternoon sunlight.  Ianto had been an apprentice there, had become the youngest Master Archivist in the Barony’s history, and had spent some of the best days simply studying and working with the documents and Artefacts in the Archives under the Castle.  Torchwood Castle had long been the home of the greatest Archives in the United Kingdom, its centuries-old charter putting it in the forefront of hunting down magical Artefacts and protecting innocents from being hurt. 

That had changed, since the Wizard School and Gateway had become the centre of magical learning in the Kingdom.  The Secure Archives had been cleaned out and transported to their new home per royal decree, leaving only the written records that Ianto had once been in charge of.

Ianto knew the castle like the back of his hand, and so he found his way around the back, and entered through the kitchens.  He might have thought to escape detection by anyone else in the castle – he would be seen soon enough at the wedding – but Mistress Heather, the Head of the Kitchens, knew everything that went on in her bailiwick, and she curtseyed then hugged him, proclaiming him too skinny and pressing a warm meat pie into his hand.  Myfanwy got one as well, after giving the older woman such sad eyes that Mistress Heather had been completely taken in by it.

The entrance to the Archives was in a hallway off the kitchens, and Ianto felt a rush of nostalgia as he took the stone steps downward into the bowels of the Castle.  He was there at Daffyd’s request.  There had been a message waiting for him that morning when he’d risen, asking him to go to the Archives to check for information on something that the seer, Idris, had had visions of.

He’d only met Idris once, but she’d struck him as being one of those people who had physicality in the world, but her mind was on a plane beyond anyone else’s.  He’d remembered hoping that she didn’t become lost wherever it was her thoughts travelled, and that she’d always be able to find her way home again. 

The moment he set foot into the Archives, his scent memory catalogued the must, leather, and paper that went with such a place, and it evinced such a longing for the place that Ianto was almost knocked backward a step.  He hadn’t come for the Artefact removal, not wanting to be there to rub what was happening in the Baroness’ face.  Yes, she’d tried to tie him to Cardiff once and she’d done it for selfish reasons, but the Cooper family had been the ones to build up the Archives over the centuries, and seeing Ianto would have just been another sign of what she was losing.  Despite everything, he didn’t wish her ill.

The shelves that made neat rows down the centre of the room were more familiar to him than his quarters at the Wizard School, not that he spent a lot of time there.  At first it had been because of Jack; being in Gateway was an uncomfortable reminder of his Deathlessness.  But then, he’d noticed that Daffyd wasn’t exactly at ease when Ianto was around.  Not that he could blame the other man at all.  Ianto was a reminder to Daffyd of what he had lost, including his very name.  It was the least he could do was to attempt to stay away as much as he could.

Brendan Richards had certainly matured in the three years since Ianto had run the Archive.  The young man greeted him with a hug as Ianto made his presence known.  The former apprentice had been working at the large desk, and it looked as if he was trying to preserve an old scroll.   “Welcome!” the Archivist said happily, pulling him away.  “Is this visit business, or pleasure?”  He scratched a begging Myfanwy across her crest, and the dragon chittered happily at the attention.

“Wizard business actually,” Ianto answered, smiling.  “I’m here to do some research that Baron Daffyd has requested.  It didn’t help that I’m actually in town for the wedding.”

Brendan rolled his eyes.  “That had been a surprise, and no mistake.  I mean…Master Andrew?  I never saw him as the settling down type.”

“They say there’s someone out there for everyone.”  Ianto had actually agreed with Brendan’s assessment, and it had been one of several shocks when the wedding invitation had been passed on to him. 

“True.”  Brendan rubbed his hands together.  “So, what can I do for you today?”

“I need to get into the more ancient records.  I’m looking for a history that’s most likely about two thousand years old.”

Brendan nodded, already considering.  “Do you have anything to go on?”

“Not really.  Only something called the ‘Lost Kingdom’, or the ‘Kingdom of Magic’.  It’s supposed to be where the dragons originally came from.” 

“Yes, that’s not a lot to go on.  Do you mind some help?”

“Not at all.  But if you’re busy –“

“I am a little, but there’s another Wizard here, and I bet you can pull him in aid in the search.”

“Another Wizard?” Ianto frowned.  Daffyd’s message hadn’t mentioned another Wizard being on site.

Brendan began to head toward the oldest section of the Archives, and Ianto and Myfanwy followed.  “He’s not from around here,” the Archivist explained.  “Apparently he became a Wizard and now wants to know everything about it.  I’ll wager searching ancient records for a magical kingdom would be something he’d jump at.”

That would explain why Daffyd hadn’t said anything about a visiting Wizard.  If what Brendan said was true, then it was possible this other Wizard hadn’t even been to the school yet.

The man in question was immersed in reading a book in one of the chairs spread out around the Archives.  He seemed to be Ianto’s age or a little older, but he had a baby face that the Wizard was certain wouldn’t pass muster in some of the taverns in the area.  Brown hair flopped over his forehead, and intense blue eyes rose to look at them as they approached. 

A quicksilver movement around the stranger’s neck alerted Ianto to the Wizard’s dragon.  It was curled around the man’s shoulders, and was glittering silver, with red-orange eyes that blinked at them sleepily.   It wasn’t the tiniest dragon Ianto had ever seen, that honour went to the individual dragons of the Ood cloud that accompanied Donna Noble around, but it was certainly the smallest single one he’d come across in his travels.

The Wizard stood, and gave them a winning, bright smile.  “I hope this doesn’t mean I’ve overstayed my welcome,” he said, with an accent that reminded Ianto of someone from the eastern Baronies. 

“Not at all,” Brendan reassured him.  “Actually, we’re hoping we could ask for some help in a search that we only have vague information on.”  Then he seemed to remember his manners, and made introductions.  “Oh, and this is Master Ianto Jones, the Kingdom’s Wizard-at-Large.  Master Ianto, this is Lord Charles Xavier, he’s trying to learn all about the history of Wizards here in the Kingdom.”

Chapter Three


Can't wait to see what happens next.
Thanks! More up next week. :)
ROFL love the fandom xover
Thank you, hon. It was a crossover that just had to happen. :)
This should prove to be interesting. And what the hell is that crossbow and where did it come from?
We'll find out a few things about the crossbow...later. *winks*

Glad you liked it. :)
Oh dear that bow sounds worrying. And now we have Master Charles to find out about. Great chapter and, as always, looking forward to more.
It is very worrying. *winks*

Lord Charles has a few secrets of his own. Thanks, hon!
Ow, that crossbow is bad news..
Very bad news. *nods*
Hugs Ianto. Must of been terrifying for a moment when he touched the bow. Jack won't be happy when he finds out about the bow and what it can do. I'm not a trustworthy person so i don't trust charles at the moment hehe Love the chapter :)
It was, and there will be more with the bow...later.

We'll find out a few things in later chapters about Lord Charles. He does have some secrets.

Oh awesome, Xavier as a wizard.
Yep, he is. *grins*