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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Queen of Air and Fire - Chapter Five

The Queen of Air and Fire - Chapter Five
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Wizard and Deathless
Beta: Cjharknessgirl
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Rhys Williams/Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato/Tommy Brockless, Rory Williams/Amy Pond, Lisa Hallet/Andy Davidson; Jack Harkness/John Hart (Past), Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsher (Past);, Sebastian Shaw/Emma Frost (Implied).
Warnings: Language, Violence, Temporary and Permanent Character Death, Torture (Implied), Racial Slurs (both Human and Wizard), Natural and Unnatural Disasters
Spoilers: None really.  This is Torchwood, Doctor Who, and various characters from the X-Men movie franchises twisted into fantasy situations.
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood or Doctor Who, or even the X-Men. 
Author's Note:   This takes place three years after Ways of Light and Darkness and before the short story Perfection.   I have also borrowed some characters and situations from the X-Men movie franchise (especially "X-Men First Class" but you don't need to be familiar with it in order to read this.  It might add a little something in some places, but don't worry about having to watch any of the movies just so you can understand this, that is not required at all. 

Summary:  Jack, Ianto, and their team must unravel a mysterious prophecy that speaks of death and destruction for the Kingdom...and of a Realm long lost in the mists of time and magic.  

Chapter Five


Daffyd stood in front of the large mirror in his office, not paying attention to his reflection at all.  Instead, he ran his hand along one side of the ornate frame, feeling the magic in the mirror flowing under his fingers as he activated the spell that had been laid into the glass.

One of the first things he’d done was request that every barony have at least one of the mirrors.  Those had been set so that someone non-magical could use them, but the one in his office was the only device that could connect all of the mirrors together, forming a large magical communication network that could link the entire Kingdom in case of emergency. 

There were also individual mirrors in other places, such as the one in the Davies home in Cardiff, but they were smaller and less powerful.  Daffyd only used that one if he needed to leave a message for Ianto that he didn’t want to get onto the speaking stone network, as he had with his request to search the Archives for anything having to do with the Lost Kingdom.  He hadn’t wanted to cause a panic about Idris’ seeing, and he knew he could trust Rhiannon to get word to her brother.

Of course, this meant that she used the opportunity to try to convince Daffyd to come for a visit.

She’d practically adopted Daffyd into her home when she’d learned the truth about him, and Daffyd had been grateful for the acceptance.  But, this was a major difference between his timeline and the one he’d found himself in: he’d been an only child before, whereas here Ianto had an older sister.  It was jarring, and while it should have made him feel a bit better it simply threw the similarities between his world and this one into even sharper relief.  He didn’t have the heart to tell her, and would always brush her off, but Daffyd was beginning to wonder if Rhiannon didn’t know exactly what was going on. 

After promising to give her brother the message as soon as he “got his lazy arse ready for the day” – which Daffyd wanted to laugh at, since he didn’t know a less lazy person than Ianto Jones – Rhiannon had proceeded to catch him up on things in the Davies household, and Daffyd thought he’d hid his discomfort well.  It wasn’t that he begrudged them their good fortune; far from it.  It was just yet another reminder of what he couldn’t have.

The thing was Daffyd hadn’t really thought like that until recently.  It was as if, after getting the school set up and running, he’d gained enough time to dwell on things.  He didn’t want to be that way, but he just couldn’t help it.  It made him feel angry and out of sorts, and as his Jack had commented, broody.

Daffyd sighed.  He needed to deal with this before it got completely out of hand.

After conversing with Rhiannon, Daffyd had gotten on with business of the day, and now was just returning to the mirror, knowing that he needed to report to Their Majesties about what Idris had said.  He’d hoped that Ianto would have reported in something by now, but there’d been no word from the Wizard as yet.  But then, he’d only given Ianto the information he’d had, and that had been very little, so it shouldn’t have been surprising that his counterpart hadn’t found out anything in the few hours he’d been working at it. 

Even without more to go on, he couldn’t put off reporting to Their Majesties any longer, in case Idris’ vision wasn’t giving them much advance warning.

Daffyd bent the magic of the mirror to his will, reaching out for the answering magic of the mirror he wanted to connect to.  His reflection wavered, as if he was seeing himself through intense heat, and then it bled, reforming into another image.  It was of a well-appointed and comfortable-looking room, one that Daffyd recognized as King Rory’s personal study.  He’d been inside it before, when he’d hung the magical mirror nearly three years ago.

Of course, the room was empty.

It looked as if Daffyd would have to wait, but then he’d expected he’d have to.  It was early enough that Their Majesties could very well be in court for the morning, and would be away for a good long while.

Which meant Daffyd could get a bit of work done.  Not that he really wanted to, but the school – and by extension, Barony – didn’t run itself.  And so, he found himself at his desk, yet another of the small green Ood dragons curled up on a stack of papers, going through the finance reports that Donna had thoughtfully prepared for him. 

Daffyd had no idea what he’d do without her, even if she did remind him of one of his best friends from his old timeline.

He managed to get some work done before the sound of a throat clearing caught his attention.   Daffyd glanced up, and saw the Royal Chamberlain, Lord John Smith – and Daffyd had to laugh at the commonality of that name – peering out of the mirror at him.

The tall, thin man must have seen Daffyd’s look, because he grinned.  “Your Grace,” he greeted, as Daffyd rose from his chair to stand before the magical device. 

“Lord John,” Daffyd returned the greeting.  “Are Their Majesties available?”

The Chamberlain fidgeted.  “They’re just now finishing up in court, and they should be here shortly.  I take it this could be construed as urgent?”

“To be honest, I’m not certain yet, but I wanted to let them know what’s come up.”

Lord John nodded.  “I’ll let them know right away.  Be back in a tick.”  With that, he was gone.

Daffyd remained in front of the mirror, waiting.  From dealing with Lord John on other occasions, a ‘tick’ could be anywhere from five minutes to five hours; the man really had no sense of time.  And yet, he was very good at his job, and Daffyd had once considered trying to coax him away to work at the school…but gave it up for a lost cause.  Lord John was completely loyal to the King and Queen, and Daffyd doubted there was anything that he could offer to get the man to leave them.

He was just about to start fidgeting when there was a flurry of movement just on the one side of the mirror, and Their Majesties appeared within the glass.  King Rory and Queen Amelia were a handsome couple, older than they looked, with an of-age daughter who enjoyed swords more than frocks.  They were well-loved by the people of the Kingdom, and were excellent rulers, even if he didn’t agree with some of their decisions. 

“Your Grace,” King Rory said, giving the Wizard a pleased smile.  “It’s always a pleasure.”

“You say that now,” Queen Amelia added, nudging her husband teasingly.  “But from the look on Daffyd’s face I’d say it’s not the best news.”

The Queen had always been good at getting to the heart of the matter.  “I wouldn’t say that,” Daffyd answered, not at all bothered by her familiarity, “it’s more…bothersome.  Or confusing might be a better word to use.”

He went on to explain Idris’ Seeing, reporting it back almost verbatim.  Their Majesties didn’t interrupt him once, although the King frowned when he got to the part about someone coming for the Queen.  His arm went around Amelia, and the Queen looked fierce.  “Let anyone come for me,” she growled, “and I’ll kick ‘em where it’ll do the most good!”

Daffyd barely hid his flinch.  “Idris is certain it’s not you, Your Majesty.  Although I can’t imagine just what Queen she’s talking about.”

“There are quite a few Queens out there,” King Rory mused.  “It could mean anyone.”

“Well, except for Albion,” Queen Amelia said.  “Queen Igraine passed away some years ago, and King Uther’s never saw fit to marry again.”

Daffyd knew quite a bit about the Kingdom of Albion.  He’d sent a representative when the school officially opened, requesting permission to Test for magic among the people there.  King Uther had sent them back with a stern warning that magic was outlawed and that no Wizard was welcome. 

“Idris emphasized Queen in a way that meant, to me, that she knew exactly who she was speaking of, but it was as if she couldn’t get the words out.”  That was the problem with Idris’ visions; they were vague and half the time it was as if the common tongue was alien to her. 

He went on to explain the rest of the conversation, and when he was finished, the King was nodding to himself. “And what sort of investigation are you initiating?” he inquired.

“I’ve sent word to Master Ianto.  He’s in Cardiff, to attend the wedding of Lady Lisa Hallet and Master Andrew Davidson.”

Queen Amelia grinned.  “I bet Master Ianto was glad to hear about that particular event.”

Daffyd snorted, and let that be his tacit agreement.  “I’ve asked him to check the Torchwood Archives, hoping to find some sort of clue as to what this Lost Kingdom is.”  He frowned, and was about to expound on just why it would have been easier if the physical Archive had been transferred to Gateway, but the King cut him off.

“I know what you’re going to say, and while We agree with you on principle you know the reason why the Archive cannot be moved.  To take it from Baroness Gwen could be construed an act of theft, and would paint Us in a bad light.  So please, don’t even ask about it again.”  His voice had gone cold, and Daffyd couldn’t help but notice the royal plural.

The Wizard sighed.  He was well aware of the matter.  While Torchwood Castle and the Barony of Cardiff had been chartered to collect and store dangerous magical Artefacts, the physical Archives had been started even before that charter had been written.  Their Majesties could amend the original charter to place the Artefacts into the hands of actual Wizards, but it would have been an act of political idiocy to order the entire Archive to Gateway.  Baroness Gwen had several very powerful allies, and while Rory Williams was the King by right and by blood, any sort of outcry would have made his ability to wield power that much more difficult, and he couldn’t really afford a rift among the Baronies.  Personally, he believed it was the Baroness’ bit of vengeance for losing both the Magical Archive and her Wizard all in one fell swoop.

Daffyd had to pick his battles, and this wasn’t one of them.

“Have you heard from Master Ianto yet?” Queen Amelia asked, getting them back on topic. 

Daffyd was glad for her in that moment.  “Not yet, but then it hasn’t been that long.  I hope to know more by tonight.”  He didn’t add that, if the Archive was in Gateway, he could have had more than just one person doing the searching.  “According to Master John, the legend of the Lost Kingdom goes back thousands of years.  There might not even be anything about it still in writing.  I only know it was supposed to have been the home of the dragons.”

“If what Idris saw was accurate,” King Rory said, “then we have to be prepared for this co-called Lost Kingdom coming back, and it’s not going to be a good thing.”

The Wizard wanted to argue, but he couldn’t.    Its coming brings destruction in the water.  Those had been Idris’ words, and they were ominous.  They couldn’t take this lightly.  Anything could happen, and they had to be prepared.

Although, to be honest, the idea of a magical kingdom somewhere out there was so very tantalizing.  Daffyd couldn’t imagine a place where Wizards and magical beings could exist, where people could practice their craft without suspicion and fear.  Yes, in the United Kingdom there wasn’t much of that, since Wizards were protected under Royal decree, but when he thought about Albion and its outlawing of magic…there were most likely other places out there where his own kind were hunted and executed simply because of the magic that ran through their veins.  He’d heard rumours of that happening beyond the Eastern Empire, and it had horrified him.  In his old home, Wizards had been respected…and yes, even feared at times, but on the whole things had been peaceful and Wizards were left alone to govern themselves.   This was what Daffyd was working for now; to build the few Wizards into a cohesive force, with the ability and the might to take care of their own.

 “I have Master John keeping an eye on Idris, in case she Sees something else,” Daffyd told Their Majesties.  “If she does, it gives us more information in order to narrow the search –“

A sudden buzzing sound made him jump, and Daffyd whirled toward his desk in surprise.  It was the unmistakable sound of an incoming message on his personal speaking stone, and he excused himself for a moment.  “It might be Master Ianto,” he called over his shoulder, making his way to the desk.  “He might have found something.”  He hoped so, but at the same time Daffyd was concerned, since the speaking stone network wasn’t the most secure way of communication there was.  He would have thought that Ianto would have used the mirror at his sister’s, or, if it was urgent, then the mirror at Torchwood Castle.

He’d barely even picked up the stone when it began shouting at him.

“Every stone out there!  This is Master Ianto in Cardiff.  The town is in danger.  We need help –“

And then it cut off.

Daffyd clutched the speaking stone tightly in his fist, his heart hammering.  This couldn’t be a coincidence.  Idris’ Seeing had no timing on it, but the Wizard knew enough about future visions to know that they could happen at any time. 

He had a terrible feeling that it was happening now, and it was happening in Cardiff.

Chapter Six


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Next chapter, I promise. :)
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I know CPR, so we're fine. *grins*

Next chapter, I promise.
Well, the King and Queen have gotten the message pretty much first hand from Ianto. I'm very worried about what's happening and Ianto's safety.
They have, but does it have anything to do with them? We'll see.

Next chapter we'll see what happened. :)
Hmm you are being a very naughty author. WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING. Such a build up of tension. Great stuff.
I know, I'm so evil. I can't help it! *grins*

Next chapter we'll see what happened. I promise. :)
I realy feel for Daffyd, he's lost so much. And my poor Ianto, hoping to see more of what is happening soon hehe yeah I'm impatient hehe
He really has, and we'll some of that struggle as things go on.

I promise...back to Ianto next chapter. :)