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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Queen of Air and Fire - Chapter Six

The Queen of Air and Fire - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Wizard and Deathless
Beta: Cjharknessgirl
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Rhys Williams/Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato/Tommy Brockless, Rory Williams/Amy Pond, Lisa Hallet/Andy Davidson; Jack Harkness/John Hart (Past), Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsher (Past);, Sebastian Shaw/Emma Frost (Implied).
Warnings: Language, Violence, Temporary and Permanent Character Death, Torture (Implied), Racial Slurs (both Human and Wizard), Natural and Unnatural Disasters
Spoilers: None really.  This is Torchwood, Doctor Who, and various characters from the X-Men movie franchises twisted into fantasy situations.
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood or Doctor Who, or even the X-Men. 
Author's Note:   This takes place three years after Ways of Light and Darkness and before the short story Perfection.   I have also borrowed some characters and situations from the X-Men movie franchise (especially "X-Men First Class" but you don't need to be familiar with it in order to read this.  It might add a little something in some places, but don't worry about having to watch any of the movies just so you can understand this, that is not required at all. 

Summary:  Jack, Ianto, and their team must unravel a mysterious prophecy that speaks of death and destruction for the Kingdom...and of a Realm long lost in the mists of time and magic.  

Chapter Six


It usually took two days to get from Haven to Cardiff Town.

Jack and the team did it in a little over a day.

The moment that Ianto’s voice had cut off from the speaking stone, Jack had been ready to leave.  It had only been Suzie’s calm in the face of his own terror that had gotten him to listen to her; she’d convinced him to go first to Haven’s Knight’s Commander and to explain that something was happening in Cardiff.  She would get them packed and recall the team from wherever they were, and be ready to ride out as soon as Jack had finished.

It had made sense.  And so, after a tense meeting with the Knight’s Commander, Lady Kathy Swanson, and then an equally difficult meeting with the Lord Mayor, Jack had found his team ready to go as per Suzie’s word.  Every one of them had looked worried, and since there had been no further communication with Ianto Jack hadn’t been able to comfort any of them.  Jack himself had calmed considerably, but that didn’t stop the fear nibbling at his mind as he mounted his horse and led his team out of Haven and onto the main road to Cardiff.

John Hart had accompanied them.

Jack had ordered him to stay behind, but when Hart had argued against staying in Haven he’d let it slide.  If Hart wanted to come, then Jack wasn’t going to stop him.  He didn’t have the breath to fight him on it.  He could only think of Ianto, and what his lover might be going through. 

They’d ridden into the night, and it had only been Owen convincing him to rest the horses that had made Jack stop sometime after middle-night.  Jack hadn’t wanted to, but he knew they’d only be delayed if one or more of the horses came up lame, and so he’d ordered them to camp for a couple of hours.

It had been one of the hardest decisions he’d ever had to make.

However, just before dawn Jack’s speaking stone had vibrated and a short message had come through from Master John – already on site in Cardiff thanks to the teleportation magic of his dragon – that Ianto was fine. 

The relief among the team was palpable, even as Jack sent a message along asking for more details of what had happened in Cardiff.  No response came, and so the team had gotten back on the road, and Jack kept them moving, not knowing what was going on and still worried about Ianto despite the assurance that his lover was fine.

They did stop a couple of times, to eat and to take care of the horses, and it was just coming up on dusk when Jack saw the first tent.

He reined his horse in, and the rest of the team did the same.  The tent was a plain white canvas, with a small fire burning just outside the entrance.  A woman and two children were seated next to the flames, and they looked up at Jack and his people with a terrible blankness that spoke of severe shock.

Beyond that tent, there were others, of different materials and sizes, and Jack prodded his mount into motion, knowing they wouldn’t get a straight answer out of the woman…not in her condition.  He wondered where her husband was, but he didn’t ask.  

He was afraid to.

“Gods,” Owen muttered.  “What the hells’ happened?”

“It’s like a refugee camp,” Tommy added, sounding upset. 

“Maybe someone attacked Cardiff?” Martha mused.

“It doesn’t do any good to guess,” Jack cut across the speculation.   “Let’s get some facts and then we can try to figure out what’s going on.”

They didn’t have far to go for those facts.

A group of three riders approached them from the direction of Cardiff.  The party was armed, and was obviously some sort of security patrol, but none of them wore armour or carried shields.  The woman at the head of the party prodded her horse toward Jack, and it took him a second to recognize her. 

“Lady Lisa,” he greeted, not able to keep the surprise from his voice. 

Lady Lisa Hallet appeared very different from the confident Knight he’d last seen.  Her shoulders were slumped, and the skin around her eyes was pinched and shadowed.  She looked exhausted in her civilian tunic and trousers, her hair pulled back from her face in a sloppy tail. 

“Captain Harkness,” she said in return.  “I was hoping we would catch up to you.  His Grace the Baron has asked us to keep an eye out, knowing you were on your way.”

“What happened?” he couldn’t help but ask.  His fear for his lover, which had subsided a bit since he’d heard that Ianto was all right, returned with a vengeance.

“Let me escort you to the Baron, and I’ll explain on the way.”  She turned to her fellow Knights – that was what they were, despite not wearing the trappings of their rank – and spoke to them quietly.  The man on her right nodded, and together both men rode around the group in the road, continuing on what had to have been a patrol. 

Jack lined his mount beside hers as she headed back toward Cardiff, the rest of his team gathering around to hear her story.  Lady Lisa was quiet for a few moments, and Jack realised that she was gathering her thoughts, so he let her do it in peace.

“The first sign we had that anything was wrong was when all the water was pulled out of the bay,” the Knight began, her voice low in the gathering dark.  “The older seamen knew what it meant, and raised the alarm.”

Jack shivered.   He knew exactly what had occurred, simply from that first sentence, even though he had never seen the phenomena before.  “How big was the wave?” he asked, just almost silently.  There was something in him that didn’t want to disturb the hush of her words, to break whatever peace had settled over the tents they were passing. 

“It…” she swallowed hard.  “It crested over the walls of the castle.”

Dread pooled in Jack’s belly.  The walls of Torchwood Castle were twenty-five feet high…

“Wait a second,” Owen cut in, “are you saying that a massive wave hit the town?”

Lady Lisa nodded jerkily.  She seemed to fold into herself, and Jack saw Toshiko reach over and touch the Knight’s shoulder in an effort to comfort her.  She nodded to the Elf in gratitude.  “Most of the lower town is…gone.  Swept back out to sea when the wave receded.  Any vessel that had been in port was wrecked when the bay emptied just prior to the wave.”  She shivered.  “You could see it; coming toward us like a curtain…its sheer size was inconceivable.  The alarm bells got people moving to safety, but it was too little, too late…” 

Jack could see her shaking.  “Take your time,” he tried to calm her, but he really didn’t know how.  The quiver in her voice broadcasted her horror to everyone, and it was so very out of character for her to sound so small.  But Jack could very well imagine what had gone on as the people tried to evacuate…the panic, the terror…knowing that death was coming toward them…how many had died? 

Lady Lisa drew in an unsteady breath.  “It was Master Ianto, you know…he saved as many as he could, him and Lord Charles.  Of course, no one knew until afterward what had happened, but when it came out…they’re heroes, both of them.”

“What did they do?”  While Jack didn’t know who this Lord Charles was, he felt a rush of pride that his Ianto had managed to save lives under such dire circumstances.

“Lord Charles…he has mind magic.  He used it to calm people down just enough, so that they stopped panicking and kept the evacuation orderly.  Master Ianto used his own magic to somehow…shield everyone he could from the water.  He said he’d wanted to shield the entire town, but wasn’t strong enough…so he used his power on people instead.  So many would have been lost if he hadn’t been there…I can’t imagine how things would have gone if those two had been somewhere else when the wave hit.  They couldn’t save them all, but it could have been so much worse.”

“Bloody hells,” Owen swore.  “I knew Wizard Boy was powerful, but this…”  The sheer awe in the battle surgeon’s voice echoed what Jack was feeling.

“They should be rewarded for this,” River spoke up.  Jack knew her well enough by now to realise that she’d be speaking to her parents about some sort of a reward.  Ianto would hate it, but Jack was well aware that Their Majesties took such heroics seriously. 

“The town is decimated,” Lady Lisa went on.  “But the loss of life was minimal compared to what it could have been.”

“What about Andy?” Suzie asked.  “Is he all right?”

Jack wanted to kick himself for not asking about Master Andy.  It should have been one of the first things he did when they’d met Lady Lisa.  But he’d been so worried about Cardiff and Ianto that it hadn’t crossed his mind to do so.

Lady Lisa snorted a laugh.  “He’s fine.  Silly sod broke his leg while trying to climb the stairs to the upper levels of the castle, but other than that he’s all right.  We’re…going to postpone the wedding until things in Cardiff are a bit back to normal.”

“You said the wave crested the castle wall,” Jack said.  “Did it cause much damage?”

The Knight nodded.  “There are still sections of the lower castle that are flooded.  If it hadn’t been for Master John and his dragon, those people who’d taken refuge in the Archives would still be trapped.  Her Grace is being a bit bad-tempered, since she’s been put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, so the Baron is directing rescue efforts.  That’s where Master Ianto will be; he and Lord Charles have been invaluable in finding anyone still alive, and with Master John and the other Wizards that came with him we’re hoping to find everyone living within days.”

Jack wondered who Daffyd had sent to aid in the recovery.  Most of the Wizards were still very young, and wouldn’t graduate from the school for a while yet.  But they certainly had enough training to help out. 

Then he cursed silently.  “What about Ianto’s family?  Did they escape?”  David was a student at the Wizard school, but Rhiannon, Mica, and Johnny would have been at home…

Lady Lisa nodded.  “They’re fine.  Master Johnny had gone missing for several hours, but he was found with another group of refugees.”  Then she laughed.  “The last time I saw Master Ianto, Mistress Rhiannon was fussing over him, trying to get him to eat and rest.  She’s…very protective of her brother.”

Jack joined in with her laughter.  “You have no idea, my lady.”

They continued riding toward Cardiff.  The number of tents grew, until they were almost too thick to navigate around.  Jack was glad that they’d kept the road clear, because they would never have been able to advance very far if they’d blocked it off.  Jack’s excitement at getting closer to Ianto kept growing, until he was fidgeting in the saddle.  While he trusted Lady Lisa’s word that Ianto was fine, he needed to see his lover in person to really accept it.  Jack’s emotions had been swinging like some sort of internal pendulum ever since his speaking stone had gone off in Haven, and only having Ianto within his sight once more would settle that pendulum down.

The tents started to thin out once more, and in the gap between several of them was one larger and more ornate than the others.  Cardiff’s standard was flying from a pole outside the tent, and armed Knights were stationed outside the entrance.  Other Knights milled about the area, and Jack found his group under intense scrutiny as they approached.  It was most likely only Lady Lisa’s presence that was keeping the Knights from stopping them from getting any closer.

Jack pulled his horse to a halt, and he dismounted, followed by Lady Lisa and the rest of his team.    Light spilled from the partially open flap of the tent, and the mercenary made a beeline for it, knowing that Ianto was within, that his lover was on the other side of that draped canvas.  The two Knights stepped aside and let him pass.

The inside of the tent was well-appointed, with scavenged furniture dotted about the space and a large table taking up most of the area.  There were five men in the tent, but Jack only had eyes for one of them.

Ianto looked pale and a bit rough around the edges, but Jack didn’t think he’d seen anyone so beautiful in his entire life. 

Jack ignored everyone else and moved toward Ianto, grabbing his lover and pulling him into a fierce embrace.  Ianto returned it just as fiercely, and Jack buried his face against his Wizard’s neck, breathing his lover in and grounding himself in the man he loved more than anyone else in the world.   “Thank the Gods you’re all right,” he murmured into Ianto’s skin, not wanting to let go.  He could feel the magic that bound Wizard and Deathless together weaving around them, the Deep Ways tingling just underneath his skin.

“I’m fine, Jack,” Ianto reassured him, pressing a kiss against Jack’s jaw. 

The mercenary pulled back to get a good look at his Wizard.  Ianto was obviously tired from the lines around his eyes, and sadness darkened his blue eyes.  His clothing was rumpled as if he’d slept in them…which he probably had.  “I’m all right,” Ianto reiterated.

Jack was going to hug him once more when a solid weight slammed into his legs. He glanced down to see Myfanwy staring up at him, her green eyes brimming with happiness.  He could sense a little of her emotions; he wasn’t like Ianto who had such a strong bond with her, but he was attached to the dragon in ways others could never be. 

He reached down and scratched behind her crest, and Myfanwy practically purred in joy.  “I missed you too, lady.”

“Welcome, Jack,” Rhys Williams, the Baron of Cardiff, greeted him, his voice tinged with humour. 

Jack turned to regard the Baron.  He’d not always gotten along with Rhys, but he did respect the man a great deal.  “Your Grace,” he answered, bowing slightly.  Now he took in the group that had been around the table when he’d entered.

Besides Baron Rhys and Ianto, there were three others, two he recognized.  One was Master John Smith, the Wizard formerly known as the Doctor, the man who’d been Jack’s friend back before he’d even become Jack Harkness.  He was also the man who’d abandoned him in Gateway after Lady Rose had accidentally made him Deathless, and while there was still a bit of rancorous feelings about that and how Master John had treated him after they’d met again three years ago, Jack trusted him to help in whatever way he could.  Life was precious to Master John, and Jack knew he would do everything in his power to save anyone lost to the disaster that had befallen Cardiff.

The second man was Lord Sir Hallet, the Commander of the Knights in Cardiff, and Lady Lisa’s father.  He was a taller, older man, who looked odd without the armour that Jack had always seen him in up until that moment.  He appeared as exhausted as Ianto, Master John, and Baron Rhys did, and that wasn’t at all surprising after everything that had occurred in the last two days.

The last man was a stranger.  He was about Ianto’s age, almost pretty with a young face and dark hair.  His blue eyes were as tired as the others, and he was also as dishevelled.  A small silver dragon was draped around his neck, and Jack had to assume this was the mysterious Lord Charles he’d heard about.

Ianto took the time to introduce them, and Lord Charles’ eyes lit up.  “It’s such a pleasure to meet you,” he enthused, despite his obvious exhaustion.  “I’ve heard quite a bit about you, and I have so many questions –“

“Maybe later,” Ianto interrupted the other Wizard smoothly, and Lord Charles didn’t seem to take offence by it at all.  “Right now, Jack has to get caught up.”  He turned to regard Jack.  “I take it the rest of the team is outside?”

Jack nodded.  “Suzie’s also with me…as is John Hart.”

The expression on Ianto’s face told him how he felt about that bit of news.  “Why don’t we get the team settled in, and then continue this after dinner?”

“Actually,” Baron Rhys said, “I was thinking that we could table this for now, and let us all make an early night of it?  We’ll meet back here at the breakfast hour, and go through our plans for tomorrow then.”

“I should really check in with Baron Daffyd,” Master John put in.  “Let him know that Jack and his people are here, and give him a list of everything else we’ll need.”

“Will you be teleporting back to Gateway?” Ianto asked.

Master John nodded.   “I also want to see if Idris has Seen anything else.”

Jack was confused.  “Wait a moment…I think I’m a bit behind here.  Idris had a vision?”  He was familiar with the woman, but he’d never actually met her.

Ianto rested a hand on Jack’s arm.  “I’ll explain everything over dinner.” He looked at Lord Charles.  “Charles, would you care to join us?  You can meet the team.”

The other Wizard grinned tiredly.  “That sounds ideal, although I don’t know how good I’ll be as company, since I feel like I might fall asleep the moment I sit down.”

“That’s fine,” Jack said.  “I can pretty much guarantee the rest of the team feels the same way.”

“Then why don’t you show Jack and the others to the tents I’ve had set up for them?” Rhys suggested.   “I’m off to see Gwen, and make certain she hasn’t taken the hide off her maid.”  He shook his head.   “Being pregnant is bad enough.  Now she has the mood swings and doctor’s orders to stay in bed.  She’s not at all happy at the moment, what with everything that’s been going on.”

“I can imagine.”  Jack had known Baroness Gwen for a long while, and knew that she had a hands’ on approach that would have been defeated by having to be on bed rest. 

“Well, goodnight gentlemen,” the Baron said.  “I’ll see you all back here in the morning.”

Jack waited until Baron Rhys had departed, and then he tugged Ianto out of the tent.  He wanted more than anything to get his lover alone, but knew that would have to wait.

The least he could do was not let Ianto out of sight until he absolutely had to.

Chapter Seven



Finally we know what happened but at least everyone is alright but now we need to find out why it happened. I guess there are more mysteries there. And no Jack and Ianto alone time!!
Loving this as always.
It's a disaster, and we find out how it happened soon. And yes, there are a lot more mysteries to find out about! *winks*

Jack and Ianto will get their cuddle time when all this is over, I promise.

Thanks, hon. :)
Wake up, check for updates, new chapter from Milady Dragon, delay getting up till chapter is read, best decision so far today. Wonderful dramatic chapter, still unsure about the wizard Charles, maybe it's just me being paranoid.
Glad you weren't late or anything! And I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Charles does have some secrets...which will come out later. Now, whether they have anything to do with what's going on, we'll have to see. :)
Didn't expect that, such devastation - they are lucky that Ianto and Charles were there or things could have been soo much worst.
It's really a mess, and it'll take a while to clean up. Yes, having two Wizards really made the difference, as we'll be seeing.

Thanks! :)
glad to find them ok!!
They are...for now. :)
We know what. Now we need to know why. And who. I'll be sitting right here on this cliff where you left me if you need anything:)
All of that will be revealed, so please don't get to close to that cliff edge! :)
Of all the scenarios in my mind I must say that a tidal wave never crossed it. Well played.
I'm glad I surprised you! *grins* Thank you!
Loved the reunion :) and wow a massive wave. So proud of Ianto and glad he is alright. Now what are they going to do and how did the wave happen?
Thank you! And we'll find out more about the wave soon. :)
Wow! I don't know what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. I'll be interested to find out who or what caused it.
I'm glad I was able to surprise you! We'll find out what caused it soon. :)