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Myfanwy 2

March 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Go Go Torchwood Rangers! - Chapter Five

Title: Go Go Torchwood Rangers!
Author: Milady Dragon
Prompt: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Movie
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, Rhys Williams, Suzie Costello, Gwen Cooper, Andy Davidson, Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, The Master, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Yvonne Hartman, Lucy Saxon, River Song, Sarah Jane Smith; Jack/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler (past), Tenth Doctor/The Master (past).
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Torchwood and Doctor Who are owned by the BBC, and the Power Rangers by Saban Entertainment and the Toei Company.

No Adipose, Weevils, Comets, New Zealand tourist sites, or snowglobes were harmed in the writing of this story.  The Toclafane, though, were scratched up a bit.
Warnings:  Crack.  C'mon, it's Torchwood Power Rangers, what else could it be?
Author's note:  Thanks to the usual suspects for poking me to get this done.  I really appreciate it!  This is written for Reel Torchwood Round Five.  Some might consider that a shame...that it got written, that is. 

Summary: The Power Rangers lose their powers, but still have to protect Cardiff from the evilness of the Master, who is bent on taking over the world.

Chapter Five


It was a good thing that the team finally found this mysterious temple thing, because Jack had been on the cusp of sheer boredom.

A bored Jack Harkness was a very dangerous Jack Harkness.

And that was even with Ianto to distract him.

Jack tried not to think about just what sort of trouble he’d get up to if he’d never met his boyfriend.

The forest they’d trekked through had been strange, which actually made Jack’s boredom worse.  The place had actually looked landscaped, as if someone had come and cleared all the brush and grass and made certain it was a smooth stroll under well-trimmed trees.  There hadn’t even been any animals to speak of, except for the odd squirrel; Jack had been so bored that he’d actually considered chasing a few, but Ianto had managed to stop him without Jack having to say anything. 

His favourite bit had been when Ianto had dragged him behind a nicely sculpted tree and had attempted to snog his face off.  That had been fun until Owen had come back to look for them.  Then it had been fun to see the look on his face when he’d seen just what Jack and Ianto had been up to.

So, to say that Jack was glad to see the temple was only speaking the God’s honest truth.

The place was overgrown, directly opposite of the forest around them.  There were stones and vines all over the place, and Jack’s hands itched to grab a vine and swing across the cluttered clearing, doing his best Tarzan imitation. 

He wondered if Ianto would mind being his Jane…

Then his mind threw up the image of his boyfriend in one of those old-fashioned safari outfits complete with hat and it was all Jack could do not to drool all over himself.

He really needed to find out if Ianto would be adverse to a little role-play.

“Back on topic, Jack,” Ianto’s calm voice broke into the jungle fantasy that Jack was conjuring up.  “We can discuss it later.”

He looked at his boyfriend in surprise.   “How do you what I was thinking?”

Ianto smirked.  “I know everything.”

Okay, Jack couldn’t argue with that.

“So,” Rhys mused, “this is a mysterious temple.”

“Doesn’t look like much,” Suzie added.

“There are some carvings on the front of the building,” Toshiko pointed out.  “Maybe we should check those out?  They might tell us more.”

Jack squinted slightly, barely making out the carvings that she’d seen.  They were obscured by overgrowth, but he was willing to bet they’d be able to tell them something.  “Keep alert,” he cautioned.  “We don’t know what’s around here.”

“Jack’s right,” Ianto said.  “There could be any sort of traps to protect the temple.”

He grinned at his boyfriend, and then turned back toward the temple.  The other Rangers formed up on him, and he started forward, every sense alert looking for trouble.

It didn’t take them long to find it.

There was a strange, grinding sound, and what looked like a not very well disguised manhole cover in the ground lifted, and six fearsome creatures emerged.  They had strangely shaped heads, beady little eyes, and mouths full of razor-sharp teeth.  Each wore a baggy boiler suit in light blue, which would have looked comical if it weren’t for the claws that were swiping the air as they charged.

The Rangers broke up into teams without Jack having to tell them to. 

It was arse-kicking time.

Jack could work his boredom out on these land-shark creatures.  Nice of them to volunteer to help him out like that.

He could feel Ianto at his back, just where Jack wanted him to be.  They made a great team, and Jack knew they would even if they weren’t dating.   He grinned as they worked together to take on their opponents, letting his mind set into battle mode easily.

But he couldn’t help thinking that having his powers back would make this entire fight go faster.

Then he snorted, because he’d just been bored, and now he was hoping the fight would be over.  That was just ridiculous.

The battle was finished soon, though, with six butt-ugly creatures lying in the dirt, unconscious, and the way to the temple unguarded.

Jack wrapped his arm around his boyfriend’s waist as they rejoined the rest of the team.  He bumped fists with the others, laughing as the adrenaline rush flowed through him.  Yeah, that was exactly what he’d needed: a knock-down, drag-out fight. 

“What the hell were those?” Owen asked, kicking one of them with his foot.

“Who cares?” Suzie complained.  “They weren’t much of a challenge, even without powers.”

“Speaking of powers,” Jack said, “let’s get ours and go home.”

“I don’t think we have long to wait,” Ianto put in, pushing up his glasses.

Jack gave in to his glasses kink – well, maybe it was more of a Ianto kink – before turning toward the temple.  He raised an eyebrow.  “That’s kinda stating the obvious, isn’t it?”

“It’s only obvious if you’re looking at it,” his boyfriend replied.  “Which no one was.”

The carvings on the temple were glowing.

As one, the Rangers stepped forward.  Jack could feel a prickling against his skin, and he couldn’t help the shit-eating grin that spread across his face. 

They were the Power Rangers.  They were just that good.

Six bolts of golden energy blasted out of the temple, one each toward a single Ranger.  Jack got a glimpse of something that looked almost like a really big dog before the energy struck him in the chest.

It tickled.

He heard someone giggle, and he thought it might have been him but he’d deny it forever, because the leader of the Power Rangers didn’t do that sort of thing. 

Jack could feel the power, could feel himself morphing without even taking the usual position, which was a shame because they’d all practiced it so religiously.  Well, he had…Ianto had just seemed to get it, which was another reason Jack was head over heels for his boyfriend.  Owen had been the one needing the most practice, and it had been hilarious to watch him try.

And then it was over.

Jack took off his helmet, glancing over at the other Rangers.  They’d all morphed into their familiar armour, except for the medallions on their chests.  Jack craned his neck to check out his own medallion, and although he was seeing it upside down he could tell that it wasn’t a dog…it was a wolf.

How cool was that?

He turned to Ianto, who had also removed his helmet.  Jack’s mouth went dry at seeing him in all that red, but then he touched the golden metallic disc on his boyfriend’s chest piece.  “It’s a hawk.”

Ianto’s smile went a little crooked when he made out Jack’s medallion.  “You know this now makes us the Power Ranger equivalent of the couple in “Ladyhawke”, right?”

“It’s always been one of my favourite movies.”

Ianto snorted.  “Just don’t even think I’m the woman in this relationship.”

“I never would!” Then Jack leered.  “Although I’d wear a dress for you.”

“Some fetishes should be kept to yourself.”  Despite the sharpness of the words, Ianto’s expression was undeniably fond.

Jack laughed, and then headed over where the rest of his team had gathered in order to compare their own medallions.  “I have a wolf,” he proclaimed.  “And Ianto is a hawk.”

“I’m an ape,” Rhys said, rolling his eyes.  “Guess this means that any time Andy called me a big ape, he was right.”

“And I’m a bear,” Toshiko said, looking slightly confused.  “I’m not sure why.”

“Because you’re strong and you’ll always defend your friends,” Ianto answered.

She looked mollified by his words.

“Bloody hell,” Owen swore, “I’m a fucking frog!”

Jack tried to keep from laughing, but couldn’t completely, and he gave a rather undignified snort.  “Guess that means all those girls you’ve tried to pull were right when they said you were a slimy bastard?”

“Yeah, laugh it up, Harkness.  I could make a comment about you being a wolf.”

“Wolves mate for life,” Ianto pointed out, a soft, besotted-looking smile on his face.

Jack pulled him close, although their armour didn’t allow for much groping.  “And you’re it, Ianto Jones.”

Owen made a gagging noise, while Toshiko squee’d.  But then, she was such a fangirl.

 That left Suzie, and Jack couldn’t help but notice the outraged expression on her face.  “What is it?” he asked.

Her mouth moved, as if she couldn’t get the words out.  Finally, with a horrified squawk, she managed to say, “I’m a flamingo!”

Judging from the rest of the team, they were like Jack and found this completely hilarious. 

“Maybe it’s a crane,” Ianto offered, “and not a flamingo.”

“No, it’s a flamingo!” Suzie practically screeched.  “Why does the power always pick on me?”

“Cause you’re such a wonderful target?” Owen snarked.  “Besides, it’s better than a pink T-Rex.”

“And someone had to have the Pink Power,” Rhys pointed out, somewhat logically.

Suzie’s lower lip wibbled.

“C’mon team,” Jack stepped in, “we need to get back to Cardiff and stop the Master.  So, are you all with me?”

He held his hand out, palm down.  Ianto was the first to rest his hand on Jack’s, followed by the rest of the Rangers…although Suzie was last, most likely still feeling horribly put upon. 

“Power Rangers, go!” they chanted together, their hands flying apart.

They assumed their usual positions, hands on the morphers on their belts, and teleported back to their city.

Yes, it was great to be a Power Ranger.  Again.


Rose was lucky in a way, that the snowglobe was set in a place where she could observe what was going on down on Earth through one of the large viewscreens she usually watched her soaps on.

She really couldn’t believe that the Master had actually taken over all the adults in Cardiff with whatever his Archangel Network was, just to unbury the Cyberking. 

What a waste of time.

Yvonne and Lucy had been right about the Cyberking…he was the most boring monster ever created.  Rose didn’t have any clue as to why the Master would want him; he’d been buried for a reason.  Sure, that reason was because he’d put an entire invasion force of Slitheen to sleep with his endless chanting of “Delete!” because he couldn’t even gloat like a decent villain. 

So, just what was the Master planning?

If she craned her neck, she could see the construction site where the Cardiff parents were working hard to excavate the Cyberking.  It looked as if the Master was getting a lot of joy ordering people around, and Rose felt just a small jab of jealousy over it.  Well, one day she’d be the one doing the ordering.  Then she’d have her fun.

She didn’t pay Mickey any attention, until her ex-boyfriend came to stand beside her.  “Look on the bright side,” he said, “the Cyberking will probably put him to sleep and it’ll all be over.”

Rose snorted.  “He knows the Cyberking’s reputation.  I’m sure he has earplugs handy just for the awakening.”

Which seemed to be happening at that moment.

The giant robot’s eyes began glowing red, and enormous arms began pushing the metal body out of the soil.  Whatever the Master was using to control the humans, it was working really well because they didn’t panic or anything.

The Master was doing some funky dance moves, while shoving something into his ears…yes, there went the earplugs.  Damn it, Rose couldn’t even count on the Time Lord being bored to death.

At that moment, something out of the castle window caught Rose’s eye.

It was a rainbow streamer arching over the curve of the Earth, sparkles and glitter following in its wake.

Rose laughed.

The Power Rangers were back.

And it looked like she’d get a ringside seat for the beat down.

Oh, she couldn’t wait.

Chapter Six