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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Go Go Torchwood Rangers! - Chapter Six

Title: Go Go Torchwood Rangers!
Author: Milady Dragon
Prompt: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Movie
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, Rhys Williams, Suzie Costello, Gwen Cooper, Andy Davidson, Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, The Master, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Yvonne Hartman, Lucy Saxon, River Song, Sarah Jane Smith; Jack/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler (past), Tenth Doctor/The Master (past).
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Torchwood and Doctor Who are owned by the BBC, and the Power Rangers by Saban Entertainment and the Toei Company.

No Adipose, Weevils, Comets, New Zealand tourist sites, or snowglobes were harmed in the writing of this story.  The Toclafane, though, were scratched up a bit.
Warnings:  Crack.  C'mon, it's Torchwood Power Rangers, what else could it be?
Author's note:  Thanks to the usual suspects for poking me to get this done.  I really appreciate it!  This is written for Reel Torchwood Round Five.  Some might consider that a shame...that it got written, that is. 

Summary: The Power Rangers lose their powers, but still have to protect Cardiff from the evilness of the Master, who is bent on taking over the world.

Chapter Six


The Power Rangers landed on the Plass, the inevitable colours and tiny fireworks fading out around them. 

“Well,” Owen said, “you don’t see that every day.”

He pointed, and Jack followed his finger to where it was pointing at a rather large robot with glowing red eyes.  It was busily stomping on Cardiff.

Jack was furious.  No one stomped on his town!

“Time to call our new Zords,” he said, then suited action to words.

Oh, the Zords were really cool.  And the others agreed with him, if the comments over their comms were any indication, although Owen was having some problem finding the CD player in his Frog Zord.

Jack found himself in the cockpit of an awesome blue wolf, his hands stroking the controls of the immense machine.  He watched as Ianto and Suzie took off in theirs, flying over the city and toward the huge robot.  

It seemed to notice the Hawk and Flamingo Zords flying toward it, because it raised both arms.  A vibrant red laser shot out of a cannon on its left arm, and Jack watched, heart in mouth, as the Hawk Zord dodged out of the way.  Ianto returned fire, his own laser striking the silver skin of the robot and yet not doing too much damage.

A missile erupted from a launcher on the right arm, and the Flamingo Zord juked hard to the left and away, circling back to the rest of the Zords on the ground.

“Let’s go to Mega-Zord,” Jack ordered, getting five confirmations in return. 

He reached for his Zord’s controls.  Even though he’d never piloted this particular Zord before, it was some part of a Ranger’s power that he could instinctively know just what to do with all the high-tech gadgets within.  If it were any other sort of technology, he’d go running to Ianto for help.  It wasn’t that he was an idiot where electronics were concerned…no, it was just dead sexy to have Ianto bending over while trying to figure out why the DVR wasn’t plugged in.

Jack found the correct control, and the Wolf Zord began changing its shape.  He loved this part of being a Ranger, and had endless videos of the Mega-Zord forming that he’d gotten online or from the telly.  Not this particular Zord, of course. 

Damnit, he was going to miss his Velociraptor Zord.  That thing was wicked.

Jack frowned.  Had he just thought the word ‘wicked’?  If Ianto ever found out, he’d never hear the end of the teasing.

It took no time at all for the Zords to come together.  The Wolf Zord seemed to have formed the left arm of the Mega-Zord, and Jack let his chair move him up into the combined cockpit, where he found himself seated between Ianto and Rhys.   The other three were on a lower level, already at their controls.

“Where’s the stereo in this thing?” he heard Owen mutter, nearly echoing the words he’d said when he’d first gotten into his Frog Zord.  The Green Ranger did like to have a bit of battle music to listen to as they kicked monster arse.

“I’ll install one later,” Toshiko promised, as she cracked her knuckles before stroking her console. 

Sometimes Jack wondered about her, but in a good way.

“Let’s get this thing out of our town,” Jack went into leader/motivational speaker mode.

The Rangers all chimed in a perfectly timed “Right!”

The robot appeared to notice their approach, because it turned from busily shooting up a local bank to stomp toward the Mega-Zord.  “Delete!” it exclaimed in a strange, atonal voice that had Jack wondering if a nap would be a really good idea.

He shook his head.  Nope, not during monster kicking time.

There was a sudden, vicious trade of blows, and the Mega-Zord rocked under the assault.  Jack was glad he was wearing his seatbelt as the cockpit slammed back and forth in a crazy parody of what Rhys liked to call ‘Star Trek’ special effects. 

But they hadn’t left the silver robot untouched.

It was reeling backward, metallic knees catching on the edge of a building and sending the monster onto its back.  A couple of well-placed shots had the thing down for the count, and the Rangers shouted and generally acted out their victory in fist pumps and hugs.

“That was too easy,” Jack said, hating to break into the celebration but he couldn’t escape the feeling that the Master would have done something a lot more spectacular in order to stop them.

“You think you’ve won, Rangers,” came the hated voice of their enemy over their comms, “but I’m not done yet!  I don’t know how you got your powers back, but I’ll strip them from your cold, dead corpses!”

“That’s not half melodramatic,” Owen commented. 

“I hate it when the bad guys hack our comms,” Toshiko muttered, her hands racing over her controls.

Jack watched out of the cockpit window, his Ranger leader senses tingling.  He could see the robot, lying amid the rubble of the building it had fallen onto, not moving.

Then its hand twitched.

“It’s coming back!” he shouted, bringing his team’s attention back to their foe.

“You may have taken down the Cyberking easily,” the Master crowed, sounding completely unhinged, “but not with me at the controls!”

The robot – the Cyberking – got to its feet, its red eyes glowing even stronger than before.

The Rangers began firing everything that had at the Cyberking, but this time it just seemed to shrug off the attack.  It raised its arms, letting off two blasts that had the Mega-Zord slamming back into the nearest building. 

“There’s an organic signature inside the machine,” Toshiko reported.  “It wasn’t there before!”

“He must have merged himself with it,” Ianto said.  Jack thought he was stating the obvious but didn’t point it out.  He actually wanted to spend time with his boyfriend after this was over, and making disparaging comments would be the quick way to end up alone for the night.

“So, what’s that going to actually do?” Rhys asked.

“Time Lords are extremely powerful,” Toshiko answered, “and extremely intelligent.  Who knows what he might have done to augment the Cyberking’s power?”

They all clutched onto their consoles as the gigantic robot kicked the Mega-Zord while it was down.   Jack was infuriated.  How dare the Master do that?  It was unsporting and not at all chivalrous!

“We need to get him away from the city,” he ordered.  “We need room to maneuver without taking down Cardiff with us.”

“We can lead the Master out into space,” Ianto suggested. 

“Let’s do it!”

On Jack’s command, the Rangers got their Mega-Zord to its feet, namely by pushing the Cyberking out of the way by head-butting the robot in what would have been its stomach.  It gave them the chance to launch upward, and Jack was confident that the Master would follow.

“He’s on our tail,” Suzie reported, “and closing.”

“More speed,” Jack snapped.

“We’re up to full speed now,” Ianto exclaimed.

“I’m rerouting everything to the thrusters.”  Toshiko’s hands were all over her controls, fingers moving so fast Jack wondered if he could ask her to type up his end-of-term papers for him.

Something hit them in the back of the Zord, and the control room lurched.  “He’s firing at us,” Suzie said, sounding almost too gleeful.

“Evasive maneuvers,” Jack ordered.

“Yeah, figured,” Owen groused, putting the Mega-Zord through its paces.

They couldn’t run for long.  All too soon the Cyberking had caught up, and would have grabbed onto the back of the Mega-Zord if Jack hadn’t had them turn and face their enemy.  After all, it was only cowards who ran, and they’d wanted to get some space to fight anyway.  Saving innocent lives would always come first for a Power Ranger.

Well, that and laughing at everyone who didn’t seem to realise that Jack and his friends were, in fact, the Power Rangers themselves.

The impact jarred them all.  The Cyberking wrapped the Mega-Zord into a hug, almost as if it were greeting an old friend. 

“I’m going to tear your Mega-Zord apart, limb from limb,” the Master ranted into their comms.  “Then I’m going to stomp all over the pieces until there’s nothing left, and then I’m going to take that and burn it all up!”

Despite the moaning and groaning of metal around them, Jack couldn’t help but comment, “He’s more than just a little bit insane, isn’t he?”

“We need to get him off us,” Toshiko said.  “The stresses are tearing us apart!”

“I have an idea.”  Ianto was smirking when he said that.

He was dead sexy when he was saving the day.

“Comet Myfanwy isn’t that far away,” Ianto went on.  “If we can get the Cyberking in its path –“

“Then we can use the comet’s momentum to do some damage,” Toshiko finished.  “That’s brilliant, Ianto.”

“But isn’t a comet just a mass of gas and rock?” Rhys asked.  “How is that going to hurt that thing?”

The smirk had converted into a sly grin.  “It’s gas…it’ll explode under the right circumstances.”

Jack was grinning, and from the expressions on the other’s faces it must have been somewhat manic.  “That really is brilliant!”

Ianto blushed a little under the praise.  “If this works, I’ll expect some sort of reward.”

“It’ll work.”  Jack was totally confident that his boyfriend’s idea would be the answer.  “We just need to get the Master to let us go.”

“Leave that to me,” Suzie said slyly.  She reached behind her, where there was a large red button under glass just over her shoulder.  She slammed her fist into the glass, pushing the button.

There was another lurch, but this time they were floating free. 

“Did you just knee the Cyberking in the goolies?” Rhys asked, his voice awed.

“You go, girl!” Toshiko high-fived Suzie.

Jack couldn’t help but wince, telling himself that it might not be such a good idea to tease Suzie about being the Pink Ranger anymore.

“Comet Myfanwy is ahead,” Owen said, his hands confident on the controls. 

“Weapons ready?” Jack asked.

“Ready and waiting,” Rhys answered. 

Jack watched as the comet got closer.  It was quite breathtaking, he had to admit, and he felt a bit bad for giving Ianto grief about wanting to comet-watch instead of spending time with him. 

Of course, if the comet exploded, then Ianto’s Sunday night would be free…

Yeah, getting the Master to slam into it as it was blowing up was a really good idea.

Which, in the end, was exactly what they did. 


Rose felt the power holding them in the snowglobe fail, and suddenly she and Mickey were back to their normal sizes.  She ran to the balcony of her castle and got there just in time to see the massive explosion fading out, and what had to be a new Mega-Zord flying back toward Earth.

Well, it looked like no one would have to worry about the Cyberking boring people to death anymore.

“I can’t believe he actually let himself be slammed into that comet,” Yvonne’s voice echoed up from the hallway before the throne room. 

“And it seemed like he was winning,” Lucy whined.

Rose grinned.  She ran across to the throne, settling herself into it comfortably.  Okay, it wasn’t all that comfortable, but it was her throne and she’d missed it.

The door swung open as Yvonne was saying, “This means there’s a power vacuum…I think I’ll promote myself to Queen –“

“Don’t you think you should be asking the current Queen about that?” Rose purred, putting just enough insanity into her voice to get across just how monumentally bad an idea it would be to cross her.

The looks on Yvonne’s and Lucy’s faces were priceless.

Rose was going to have a blast making them pay for betraying her.  First, she’d cancel all the credit cards…

Chapter Seven