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Myfanwy 2

March 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Queen of Air and Fire - Chapter Seven

The Queen of Air and Fire - Chapter Seven
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Wizard and Deathless
Beta: Cjharknessgirl
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Rhys Williams/Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato/Tommy Brockless, Rory Williams/Amy Pond, Lisa Hallet/Andy Davidson; Jack Harkness/John Hart (Past), Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsher (Past);, Sebastian Shaw/Emma Frost (Implied).
Warnings: Language, Violence, Temporary and Permanent Character Death, Torture (Implied), Racial Slurs (both Human and Wizard), Natural and Unnatural Disasters
Spoilers: None really.  This is Torchwood, Doctor Who, and various characters from the X-Men movie franchises twisted into fantasy situations.
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood or Doctor Who, or even the X-Men. 
Author's Note:   This takes place three years after Ways of Light and Darkness and before the short story Perfection.   I have also borrowed some characters and situations from the X-Men movie franchise (especially "X-Men First Class" but you don't need to be familiar with it in order to read this.  It might add a little something in some places, but don't worry about having to watch any of the movies just so you can understand this, that is not required at all. 

Summary:  Jack, Ianto, and their team must unravel a mysterious prophecy that speaks of death and destruction for the Kingdom...and of a Realm long lost in the mists of time and magic.  


Chapter Seven


Ianto had been so very glad to see Jack when he’d entered the tent.

He’d known that his lover was on his way from Haven, but he hadn’t expected him to arrive so quickly.  The team must have nearly run their horses into the ground to have gotten there as fast as they had.  And Ianto was nearly pitifully grateful for it.

After a few pleasantries, the Baron dismissed them, and Jack wasted no time in snagging Ianto by the wrist and pulling him from the tent.  The Wizard was glad to be out in the open air, even though the atmosphere was heavy with moisture.  The humidity since the wave had crashed into Cardiff had been very high, and closer to the bay it was so thick there were times when it was hard to breathe.  However, this far away it was only as if there was a storm brewing, and it was tolerable, even though it pressed into the head and lungs like a wet blanket at times.

The team was waiting outside the tent, and Ianto couldn’t help but smile even if the expression was a bit tired.  Lady Lisa touched his arm and returned the smile.  “Take care of yourself, Ianto,” she murmured.

“You too,” he returned.  “And make certain that man of yours doesn’t do himself any other injury.”

She snorted.  “Easier said than done, I think.”  She nodded to the rest of the team.  “Good night, all of you.”  With that, she took her leave, leading her horse away.

“You’re on a first-name basis now?” Jack asked, surprised. 

Ianto couldn’t blame him; for a long time he and Lady Lisa had barely been on speaking terms over what had occurred between them.  “She’s changed quite a lot, and we’ve come to an understanding.”  In fact, she was more like the young woman he’d first known when he’d come to Cardiff as an apprentice, before shed taken her spurs.  He knew he had to thank Andy for that.

“That’s good,” Suzie said.  “Lady Lisa is a good person…she merely has an overinflated sense of honour.  I’m glad to see that she seems to be unbending a little, even though it’s under these circumstances.”

Ianto nodded, and then began introducing Charles to the team.  Despite the man’s own exhaustion, he was enthusiastic during the introductions, especially when he got to Toshiko; he bowed over her hand, kissing it gallantly and commenting about how excited he was to meet an Elf.  Tommy didn’t act overly thrilled about the effusiveness of the greeting, jealousy was something that didn’t look good on the young man, and it faded a bit when Charles was just as happy about meeting Suzie.

The introduction to John Hart was far less friendly.  Ianto couldn’t figure out why the mercenary was there, or why Jack had let him tag along, but at this point they needed all the help they could get in Cardiff.  He was willing to give Hart the benefit of the doubt…until he proved himself to be the bastard that had killed Jack and had kidnapped Ianto himself.  Myfanwy simply hissed at him, and it was all Ianto could do not to laugh at Hart’s cringe.

“The Baron had a camp set up for us just this way,” Ianto said, once the introductions were complete.  He took the lead, Jack beside him and still clutching his wrist, heading around the Baronial tent and into an open area beyond it.  There were a couple of Knights patrolling there, and they nodded to Ianto and Charles and the team as they passed.  The Wizard returned the silent greeting. 

Ianto had thought he was well-known before, but now, with everything that had taken place in the last couple of days, it was even worse.  It had gotten around quickly how he and Charles had tried to save as many as they could, in those horrible minutes before the tidal wave had struck, and everyone now considered them heroes. 

Ianto didn’t want to be a hero.  He just wanted to be himself, and to spend forever with Jack.

The four tents had been set up in a semicircle around a fire pit ready for lighting.  The team hobbled their horses near the tents, while with a flick of his wrist Ianto started the blaze going.  “His Grace also left some supplies in the tents,” he said as the team gathered their belongings from their mounts. 

“Thank Gods we don’t have to set this up ourselves,” Tommy sighed, setting  his pack down and then practically collapsing onto the ground with his back against one of the logs that had been conveniently pulled up around the open area in front of the tents.  “We busted arse to get here.”

“I’m glad you’re all here,” Ianto admitted.  He sat down as well, but was shifted from his position when Jack chivvied him up just enough to slip in behind him.  His lover wrapped his arm around Ianto, pulling him back against his chest, spreading his legs so that Ianto fit between them.   “It’s been…Gods, I can’t even describe it.”

“What the hells happened, Wizard Boy?”  Owen asked, taking a seat nearby, using his pack as a backrest.  “Lady Lisa said something about a wave…”

The rest of the team made themselves comfortable around the fire, and Ianto met each and every eye.  His gaze finally settled on Charles, where the other Wizard was leaning up against one of the other logs, his legs outstretched.  His newest friend nodded slightly, and Ianto knew he was silently being told that it would be best if Ianto started the story.

Ianto sighed.  He could still see it; the monstrous wall of water ploughing toward Cardiff, and he could still taste the overabundance of salt on his tongue and feel the sheer terror that had coursed through him when he’d realised there was no escape.  “It was,” he answered.  “We’d gotten some warning, but it wasn’t nearly enough…”

Jack’s arms tightened around him.  “But you managed to save so many of the people.”

“But it wasn’t enough,” the Wizard shook his head.  “So many still died.”

“It wasn’t anything that either of us could stop,” Charles chided lightly.  “I was in their minds, and the majority of those who lost their lives flatly refused to leave their homes.  They could see the danger, but thought it wouldn’t affect them that badly.”

Ianto knew that; of course he did.  But it was still a bitter pill to swallow, that he couldn’t shield the entire town.  “I figured that, if Daffyd was so certain I was the most powerful Wizard of the age he thought I was, then I could have done more to save Cardiff.”

“You saved lives,” Jack said quietly.  “Property isn’t important.  Houses can always be rebuilt.  But it’s the people who were important, and from what Lady Lisa said you were a hero.  You both were.”  Ianto felt him nod, and from Charles’ slight blush Ianto knew that Jack had indicated the other Wizard as well.  “And you can’t save everyone, Ianto.  There are those who just flatly refuse to be saved.”

“Jack’s right,” Hart agreed.  The mercenary had taken a place farthest away from the others, and he looked slightly uncomfortable, as if he couldn’t believe he was there.  Ianto knew he’d have to ask Jack about it later, but he’d do it in private.  “Those who didn’t at least try to evacuate were idiots.”  He shrugged.  “People that stupid shouldn’t be allowed to breed anyway.”

“You really are an arse,” Suzie snapped.

“Hey, I only call ‘em as I see ‘em, gorgeous.”

It was put crudely, but Ianto couldn’t help to be just a bit comforted by Hart’s words…and then was promptly disgusted with himself over it.  Well, over most of it.  He did have a point in agreeing with Jack.

“You both did good, Ianto,” Toshiko said.  She’d taken the seat next to Tommy, who murmured his own agreement.  “It could have been so much worse.”

“Chances are, it was.”  Ianto rubbed his eyes tiredly.  He went on to explain what had taken him to Torchwood Castle in the first place, and what he and Charles had found.  “It’s a safe bet that this Kingdom of Magic reappearing is what caused the wave.”

“How do you know that?” River asked.

“When Master John teleported to Cardiff after the disaster,” Ianto answered, “he gave us the rest of the prophecy that Idris had.  She said that the Lost Kingdom would rise again, and death would come before it like the tide.  She also said something about water, and that people were going to die.” 

Everyone was silent for a moment, taking in what Ianto had said.  Jack finally spoke.  “If this map you found was correct, and that a large island had once been where you say it was…Gods, the devastation…” His voice was hushed with obvious horror.

“The reappearance of an island like that would have displaced so much water,” Martha gasped. 

“It wouldn’t have affected only us,” Ianto finished.  “Every country bordering the ocean would have felt it.  Albion…the Western Lands… parts of the Eastern Empire…Esplanade…there are too many countries that will have been hit by that massive wave.”

“Cardiff was bloody lucky,” Owen swore.  “There are going to be smaller fishing villages on the coast that will have been completely destroyed.”

Charles nodded.  “From what Master John said, Their Majesties are already planning relief efforts.”  He sounded almost ill, and Ianto had to admit that he’d been worried about the man ever since the true extent of the damage had been estimated.  “He also said that reports are already coming in.”

“Yes,” Ianto confirmed.  “Newport was hit hard, but Owen is right: there are so many tiny villages that we just don’t know about.  Their Majesties are going to deploy the fleet in rescue and protection detail.  There’s…a real chance that raiders could take advantage of what happened and strike the coast.”

“They’re right,” Hart said.  “You know, Jack…the Corsairs and the 456 are the two that come to mind.”

Ianto felt his lover shiver against his back.  “Especially the 456…at least the Corsairs are only after riches.  The 456 raid for slaves.”

The Wizard had heard rumours of the Corsairs, but the 456 were new to him, and he asked about them curiously.

“They haven’t hit the United Kingdom in at least forty-five years,” Jack replied.  “The fleet has managed to protect the Kingdom’s coast against them.  Still, they are a problem from what I understand.”

Hart nodded sharply.  “I heard of them striking isolated villages in the Western Lands, and just recently, too.  So yeah, they’re still active.”

“We can only hope they’re too busy with their own problems because of the wave and don’t have the inclination to go raiding,” Jack said.

 “How many have died so far?”  Toshiko asked softly. 

“We don’t have an accurate count yet,” Ianto answered, “but we’re estimating at least two hundred.”  It was too many in his mind; however the others were right…Ianto had done all he could.  He needed to quit thinking that he’d failed when he really hadn’t.

“And your family is all right?” River asked.  The Davies’ had pretty much adopted every member of Jack’s team, and River had gotten along particularly well with Johnny.  They both had an irreverent sense of humour and loved sport, and would get into arguments over the merits of the Cardiff teams versus the London ones.

“They’re all fine,” the Wizard reassured her.  “Johnny had been at work when the bells had gone off, so he had been separated from Rhiannon and Mica for a while, but they’re reunited now.”  He chuckled.  “Johnny’s quite a hero in his own right.  He’d been hauling goods to one of the outlying warehouses and when he’d heard the bells he’d been just down the road from one of the smaller schools.  He’d decided that the children were more important than the goods he was carrying and managed to get all them into his wagon in time.  He rescued twenty-two kids plus three teachers.” He was inordinately proud of his brother-in-law, and couldn’t help but grin as he talked about Johnny’s exploits.

Then the grin vanished.  “We’ve managed to locate the parents of all but six of the children, and one of them – an eight year-old girl – began manifesting magic because of the stress of the situation.  Rhiannon brought it to Baron Rhys’ attention, and there are already documents made up that, if her parents are gone, then she becomes Daffyd’s ward and will be sent on to the school.  It would be the best thing for her in this situation.  The other children…well, you all know my sister…”

Jack laughed.  “She’s already adopted them, hasn’t she?”

“Pretty much, yes.  Baron Rhys has agreed to let her keep them for the time being, and if no parents or guardians can be found then he has no problem making them Baronial wards and letting Rhiannon and Johnny take care of them.  Mica’s over the moons about the idea of having siblings.”

“Are you sure your sister isn’t related to the Earth Goddess?” Owen joked.  “She’s got that motherly vibe about her.”

Ianto had to laugh too.  “I do wonder sometimes.”  Rhiannon was one of those people who had boundless love for those who needed it, and was always willing to take on more family.  Johnny would just roll his eyes and go along with her.  “She and some of the ladies of the court have taken over looking after any misplaced children that have come into the tents, and their success rate of finding parents has been phenomenal.”  He sighed.  “The wave struck while school-age kids were away from home, so it’s been a monumental task.”  He was also proud of Rhiannon, for stepping in with the children.  It was as if she’d been called to the task.

He suddenly yawned so widely his jaw actually cracked.  He glanced over at Charles, who didn’t look much better.  The rest of the team was just as exhausted, and he yawned again, which seemed to cause a cascade of yawning from his friends.  

“I don’t know about anyone else,” Martha said, rising to her feet, “but I’m about done in.  I’m even too tired to eat dinner.”

“Yeah,” Jack agreed.   “Let’s get the sleeping arrangements decided on, and then head to bed.  We’re going to have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“Looks like the dragons have already beat us to it,” Suzie chuckled, jerking her head toward all three dragons where they lay together in a pile next to the fire, with tiny Cerebro on top, his silver scales catching the firelight.

Ianto laughed.  “I think the dragon puddle will be fine until morning.”  He stood up, and Jack clambered after him, his lover resting an arm around Ianto’s waist.  “At least Myfanwy won’t be taking up most of the bedroll tonight.”

They quickly got themselves settled – with Owen complaining that he had to share a tent with two other blokes, until Suzie pointed out that she would be sharing with Martha and River, leaving the two established couples of the team with tents of their own.  Ianto was about dead on his feet, and he couldn’t help but be thankful that he and Jack could be alone.  Not to have sex, because he was far too tired for that, but he desperately needed some time with his lover after everything that had occurred in the last two days.

He and Jack had to shift some of the supplies that the Baron’s men had left inside their chosen tent, but they made fast work of it, finally managing to lie down.  Ianto wrapped around Jack like an octopus, not wanting to ever let go.

“I was so worried about you,” Jack murmured, stroking Ianto’s hair.  “When I didn’t hear from you…”

“I’m sorry about that,” Ianto whispered.  “I didn’t have time to get more of a message out, and then Charles and I had to concentrate on saving who we could…I dropped my speaking stone.  It must still be on top of the tower…”

“Master John reported that you were fine, but I needed to see it for myself…”  Jack’s arm tightened around him, and Ianto couldn’t help but burrow further into his lover’s warmth.  “Thank the Gods you’re all right.  I don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to you.”

“I’m fine.”  He raised his head enough to press a kiss onto the corner of Jack’s mouth.  “And I’m not going anywhere.”

That was a promise he fully intended to keep.



Great update - the devastation from this disaster is going to take time to recover from, not to mention the damage any raiders might cause.
Thanks! Yes, it's going to take a while to get over what happened. As for raiders...we'll see about those later. *winks*
Wonderful update. So much devastation and loss, along with the worry of raiders. Everyone is going to have their hands full.
It's not going to be an easy time, that's for sure. Thank you!
It's going to take a long time to clean up and recover from this. I hope they don't have to deal with the Corsairs or the 456, but that's probably wishful thinking by the sounds of it.

Jack's team are all alright and he and Ianto are together. That, at least, is something to be grateful for.
It will, and as for raiders...we'll see if they have to deal with those as well.

They are together, yes... *winks*
Somehow I'm not at all surprised about Rhiannon taking in those kids. She totally has a motherly vibe.
She does, doesn't she? I do love Rhiannon. :)
Great update! Now I can start worrying about the 456..
You should worry... :)
Hart with them hmmm that could cause problems. I hope not cause i like John. Yes!! Ianto is a hero, i love how shy he is when being praised. Lovely moment at the end, lookinkg forward to more :)
John has an important part to play, which we'll see later.

Thanks! :)
Um, I don't want to seem ungrateful or anything, but where's the rest?! Please tell me you haven't abandoned this story!
Sorry, but I promise there will be more. I just get into these challenges and then I run out of time, and real life...argh. But yes, I will come back to this, I promise.

Oooohh... I'm back to check for updates for this fantastic series :)

Very eagerly awaiting the continuing adventures of our heroic pair. Particularly love our shy hero!Ianto ^_^ and the Janto closeness and hotness *fans self* ~_0

I feel so bad about not updating this. I've just been so busy, every time I try something comes up. Plus there's that pesky dragon demanding my attention!

I promise I have not abandoned this. Thanks for your patience, hon. :)
Quite understand your situation...

Was just going through my favourites to see which fics I had marked to finish reading. I do love your stories and how you write our lovely boys.

I will patiently await your update.... it is well worth the wait :)