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Love at First Bite - Chapter Six (of Seven)

Love at First Bite - Chapter Six
Author: milady_dragon 
Characters:  Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Kathy Swanson; cameos by Eugene Jones, Mickey Smith, John Hart
Pairing(s): Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness; Jack Harkness/Gwen Cooper
Rating: PG-13
Warning: M/M situations; minimal blood; language; some Gwen-bashing (but it's the character she is in this)
Spoilers: None for "Torchwood"; all for "Love at First Bite", if you've seen the movie
Disclaimer: I don't own either "Torchwood" or "Love at First Bite".  "Torchwood" is property of the BBC and Russell T. Davies, and "Love at First Bite" is property of Orion Pictures and Melvin Simon Productions.
Beta:  My lovely friend and brother, kanporinpoche .  
Author's note: This was written for the reel_torchwood challenge Round 2.  It's also my first time writing in a challenge like this, and I hope it doesn't stink too much.

Summary:  Vampire Count Ianto Jones travels to America to find his soulmate, model Jack Harkness.  Of course, things don't go quite according to his plan...


Chapter Six

So much for a friendly judge.

Gwen thought they were lucky she and Swanson were lucky to get out of the courtroom without either of them ending up back in that padded room. 

After being ordered out of the courtroom by a red-faced judge Harriet Jones, the pair of them headed back to Jack’s.  Gwen had wished they’d just broken in like she’d wanted to before, but didn’t rub it in too badly.  After all, Detective Swanson had been a cop a long time, and was more into obeying the law despite the consequences than Gwen herself was.  Of course Swanson didn’t have the vested interest that Gwen did, and was more willing to be cautious.

If only the detective hadn’t actually mentioned the word ‘vampire’ to the judge…

“Look, Doc,” Swanson stopped them both in the lobby of the apartment building.  “I can’t do it.  If you’ll bring them down, I’ll do the rest.”

This didn’t surprise Gwen much.  She stifled her sigh.  “Fine.  You stay here.”  She made her way to the bank of elevators.

“Wait.”  Swanson caught up with her, pulling her gun from its holster at her waist.  “You might need this.”

“Oh, he’s already dead,” she scoffed, waving off the gift and getting into the arriving elevator car.

This time, Gwen knocked softly, hoping that Jack would open the door if she didn’t act like she wanted to break it down.  It took a few moments, but he did.

Gwen took the opportunity to barge in.

“You can’t come in,” Jack snarled.

“I’m already in,” she answered sweetly, prowling the apartment.  “Where is he?”

“He’s not here.  Why don’t you just leave us alone?”

“Where’s his damned coffin?  I know it’s here somewhere…”  Gwen bent over suddenly, then stood back up, a shoe in her hand.  “And who does this patent leather pump belong to…Cinderella?”

Jack shrugged carelessly.

Gwen found herself by the shelf that sat against the room’s far wall.  She snatched up the picture that sat there.  “It’s me!” she cried, brandishing the framed photo like it was some sort of weapon.  “I don’t see any pictures of him!  And you know why there aren’t any?  Because you can’t take any pictures of him…that’s why!”

She set it back down, then began to search again.  Jones just had to be there, there was no other explanation.  It bothered her that the vampire wasn’t there, but she and Swanson had checked and Jones and his servant had checked out of their hotel. 

But the question was…where were they?

A clatter came from the bathroom, and Gwen was at the door like a shot – only to be forced back by an annoyed zombie holding what looked like a blow dryer.  “What the fuck?” he exclaimed, the voice proclaiming him London bred.

Gwen knew exactly who this was; he was mentioned in her grandfather’s diary.  “So we meet at last, Owen Harper,” she greeted, giving him a smile that could have been manic under the right circumstances.

“Oh, we’ve met,” Owen sneered, “when you tried to torch the Count.”

“Speaking of the Count…just where is he?”

Owen rolled his eyes.  “Where do you think?  The airport, getting our tickets.”

“Owen!”  Jack shouted in surprise.  “Why did you tell her that?”

“Because the bad guys always tell the good guys their plans before they kill them,” Gwen answered, trying to stare Owen down.

“Oh please,” the zombie sighed.  “Are you the Queen of Clichés, or something?”

“We should let history decide who’s right and who’s wrong.”

“You’re really crazy, you know that?”

With a sudden burst of strength, Gwen pushed Owen back into the bathroom, sending the zombie almost into the toilet.  She slammed the door shut, quickly grabbing the nearest object to wedge it closed…which happened to be a bar stool that had been pulled up to the kitchen island.  She snugged the seat up under the knob even as Owen began pounding on the door, demanding to be let out. 

“Gwen!” Jack shouted.  He stood there, hands on his hips, looking at her like she was insane.

But the doctor knew she wasn’t.  Knew that she was right, that this was for Jack’s own good.  She had to save him from the vampire. 

So she reached out, grabbing his arm. “Come with me, Jack.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he answered sharply.  “Look…I love him and he loves me.  Why don’t you take a walk around the block and explain that to yourself?”

Gwen released her grip on him, knowing he wasn’t about to come voluntarily.  She stepped back, shoving her hands into the coat that hid the fact that she was only wearing scrubs.  Her fingers closed over the object she’d been able to grab from the hospital pharmacy.

“Okay, I’m sorry,” she said, trying to look contrite.  “I’ve been way out of line.”

Her contrition must have appeared real, because Jack was relaxing.  “It’s fine, Gwen.”

“No, it’s not.  I really am sorry.  You’ve seen the last of me.”  She went to move past him, toward the still open front door, pulling the syringe from her coat.  “Sorry that it had to end this way…” 

Then she was behind Jack, the syringe held out.  He actually squawked as the needle penetrated his skin. 

“Say goodnight, Gracie!”  Gwen chortled as the sedative took effect, and Jack collapsed to the floor in a heap.

That was, of course, when she realized that she hadn’t quite thought out this part of her plan quite as thoroughly as she should have.

And that was also when the lights decided to start flickering.


Gwen managed to get Jack to the elevator only by enlisting the help of a fellow tenant who’d heard the argument and had come to see what was going on.  Which was a good thing; she’d never have been able to get him into the elevator by herself.  Also luckily Owen had stopped pounding on the bathroom door, or else that would have been a mess to explain. 

“Jet lag,” Gwen chuckled, although it sounded really fake to her ears, as she and the guy down the hall manhandled the sleeping Jack into the elevator.   The man looked like he wasn’t sure whether to believe her, but together they got Jack inside the car, going down.

They weren’t the only ones in the elevator.  There were five others, including a priest and a strange looking man holding a pink dog.  Gwen ignored them all, her attention all on the sedated Jack, knowing she had perhaps twenty minutes before the weak drug would wear off.  She’d get him down to Swanson, and then they’d come up with a plan to trap the blood-sucker.

As soon as she thought that, the lights flickered again, and this time they stayed off.  The elevator car jerked to a halt, and if the neighbor hadn’t been helping hold Jack up both the model and Gwen would have gone to the floor.

The others immediately began to babble, going on about being trapped and that it was just a brown out.  Someone produced a lighter, and soon a faint light was illuminating their temporary prison.

Gwen was getting antsy.  The longer they were trapped, the more chance Jack would wake up…


Ianto flew onto the balcony of Jack’s apartment, changing back from the bat form he’d taken to come back from the travel agent’s.

Usually he let Owen handle things like that, but the vampire really wanted to plan this trip himself.  He wanted to show Jack the world, and he wanted it to be him doing whatever it took to make the other man happy.

He entered in through the balcony doors, expecting to see Jack and Owen busily preparing for the trip.  But the place was empty.

“Jack?” he called out.  “Owen?”

“In here!” came Owen’s pissed off voice from the bathroom.

Ianto was surprised to find the bar stool jammed under the doorknob.  He yanked it out, flinging it across the room in a show of vampiric strength. 

The door flew open, revealing a sharply cursing zombie.   If Ianto still had a fully-functioning circulatory system he would have blushed.

“She just barged in!” Owen was ranting.  “Damned bitch, locking me in the loo like that!”

“Who…Gwen?”  Ianto felt the anger building. 

“Who else?  Heard her and Jack fighting, but then it went quiet.  She must have gotten him out of here somehow.”

Ianto actually ground his teeth.  Why couldn’t Gwen Cooper just leave them alone?  How hard was it for her to accept that Jack wasn’t hers?  “When did they leave?”

“Not that long ago.  You gonna track them down?”

Ianto didn’t answer.  Instead, he pulled the tickets he’d just picked up out of his inside jacket pocket, and handed them to Owen.  The zombie glanced at them.  “Shit, boss.  London?  I thought you’d never go back there again!”

So had he.  “Just like old times.”

“Getting maudlin in your old age?”

Ianto rolled his eyes.  “Please.  Just go and get everything to the airport.  I’ll take care of Jack…and Gwen.”

With that, he swept out of the room, his cape billowing out behind him.


Jack came to slowly, his head feeling like it was filled with cotton wool.  He shook himself, and realized at one that he wasn’t in his apartment any longer.  In fact, he looked like he was in the elevator…and it was strangely dark.

And then he remembered what had happened. 

“Let go of me, Dr. Cooper!” he snapped, shrugging himself out of Gwen’s grip.  Someone was also holding him up from behind, and Jack took the opportunity to shake that grasp as well. 

“It’s all right, Jack,” Gwen tried to soothe, but instead coming off a little whiny, “everything’s gonna be all right.”

“I know what you did to me, Gwen.”  Jack glared down at her.  How could she just ignore everything he’d told her?  “Why can’t you just leave us alone?”

“Hey, calm down!” one of the elevator passengers cried.  “It’s too close in here for yelling!”

Jack took a look around, and immediately realized that the car wasn’t moving and that the only light was coming from a lighter being held up by a guy who wouldn’t have looked out of place at a rock concert.  Being a citizen of New York City Jack knew it for what it was. 


His head snapped up toward the ceiling, a grin splitting his face in two.  “Ianto!” he called, recognizing the voice coming from the shaft above.

The group trapped with him began to shout as well, collectively knowing that someone was coming to the rescue.

Gwen, however, went livid. 

“You fools!” she screeched.  “How stupid can you all be?  That’s Jones!  You can’t call him down here!”

“Jones?” the lone woman - Jack recognized her from the floor above him – asked curiously.  “Jones who?”

“He’s a blood-sucking vampire!” Gwen answered, practically jumping up and down in her distress.  “Haven’t you read the newspapers?  He’s on his way down here after this man, and God knows who’s next!”

Jack noticed the looks Gwen was getting, and if he didn’t already know about Ianto’s undead state he might have done the same.  But he did, and was grateful that people just didn’t believe in such things as vampires these days.

That was when the others all jumped on Gwen.

Jack’s grin went wider.  He couldn’t help it.


Ianto alighted on the roof of the stalled lift, throwing open the trapdoor to reveal the smiling face of his soulmate.  “Fancy meeting you here,” he said, returning the smile with a small one of his own.

“Well,” Jack drawled, “I thought I’d just hang around here and wait for you.”

Ianto reached down, holding out his hand.  Jack grasped it, and the vampire used his substantial strength to pull the model up and onto the roof with him.

“Remember,” the woman from below called up, “Mrs. Tyler in 6B.  Please turn off the pot roast!’”

“And don’t forget to tell them we’re stuck in here!’ the man with the pink dog added.

“I won’t forget,” Jack promised. 

Ianto almost didn’t wait for Jack to stand back upright; he pulled the other man toward him, kissing him passionately.  Jack met his kiss, letting their tongues tangle together for a short while before Ianto pulled away reluctantly.  “When I saw you gone – “

“But you came for me,” Jack whispered.

“I’ll always come for you.” 

“I know.”  Jack smiled. “Let’s say we get out of here?”

“At the risk of emasculating you…hold on and I’ll carry you up.”

“Emasculate me?” Jack scoffed, taking Ianto’s direction and putting his arms around the vampire’s neck.  “Do you have any idea how much I paid for this manicure?  You’re doing me a favor!”

Ianto chuckled, turning back to the cable he’d climbed down.  With very little effort he pulled both of them upward, toward Jack’s floor. 

“Listen,” Jack said, “is Owen single?”

“Yes,” Ianto answered slowly.  “Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that I think he’d like my friend Tosh…”


They’d held Gwen down on the floor, someone’s hat stuffed in her mouth.  She was practically shaking as Ianto carried Jack away up the elevator shaft, knowing she could do nothing to stop it.  These fools just didn’t see what she did; didn’t see the danger Ianto Jones posed to the world.  It was her duty to stop him, and to get Jack back.

It was only minutes after Jack had gone that the elevator lurched, and the lights came back on.  There was general merrymaking from the occupants of the car, and she was helped to her feet.

“Sorry about that, sweetheart,” one of the men said, brushing Gwen down and copping a feel as he did.  “But you went a little nuts there.”

“If you ever need anything,” the priest said, patting her on the arm, “I’m right across the street at St. Vincent’s.”

That offer made Gwen a little angry; the man called himself a priest and didn’t recognize pure evil when he saw it?

She barely escaped the elevator without punching anyone.

“Swanson!” she shouted, as soon as the doors began to open.

The tall cop turned, looking at her askance.  She looked frazzled, as if the brown out had taxed her patience.   “What?”

“I had Jack,” Gwen panted, upset.  “I had him, but that damned vampire took him up the elevator shaft.”

“All right,” the detective snapped, “what goes up, must come down.   Come on.”

Together they exited the lobby onto the sidewalk.  The crowd outside seemed a bit excitable, rushing around as if they’d never seen a power failure before.  One man was hawking flashlights at $50 apiece; Swanson threatened him, and the price went down to $20.

“Excuse me,” a voice said from Gwen’s elbow, “could you tell me what you were doing during the power outage?”

Gwen turned at the question, recognizing the person asking as one of the local television reporters.  She couldn’t remember her name, though.  “This is live?”

“Yes,” the reporter answered, shoving a microphone under Gwen’s chin.

Gwen took the opportunity, grabbing the mike and holding onto it for dear life.  “There’s a vampire loose in the city,” she said sharply.  “Lock up your loved ones – “

The reporter wrestled the microphone back, as Swanson was dragging Gwen off. 

“He’s already got my guy!” the psychiatrist cried, trying to get back in front of the camera.

“Come on,” Swanson snapped, pulling harder. 

Gwen was distracted from her statement to the press, in time to see Ianto and Jack get into a taxi.  “There they are!” she shouted, pointing. 

Jack must have heard her; he glanced in her direction, his eyes narrowing as he made visual contact. 

“My car’s this way,” Swanson tugged her away, toward where they’d parked earlier.   But the detective swore as they got closer.

The vehicle’s tires were missing.

A familiar dark head popped up from the other side of the car at Swanson’s cursing. 

“Oh…hi Doc!”  Mickey greeted, smiling brightly.

“Hello, Mickey,” Gwen returned it.

“I guess I’ll see you at the clinic.”  With those parting words, Mickey rolled the last tire away.

Swanson glared.  “I told you so.”

“Maybe it’s therapy,” Gwen shrugged. 

The cop gave her a “sure, yeah” look, then tugged her away from the stripped vehicle.  “There’s a bike.  Come on.”

Gwen took one look at the police motorcycle, weighed the pros and cons of actually getting onto the thing, then decided the only way they were going to catch either man needs must.


“They’re following us,” Jack said, turning around to face the front again.

“What?” the taxi driver asked, his eyes narrowing in the rear view mirror.  “Who’s following us?”

Ianto ignored him.  He was perusing a map, trying to find the best way to JFK.   He began giving directions, much to the driver’s irritation.

“You wanna come up here and drive?”

“If necessary,” Ianto answered carelessly as he kept his nose on the map.  He hoped that Owen would get their luggage to the airport in time.

Then they promptly ran into traffic on the expressway.

Their driver swore.  “Looks like we’re stuck.” He smirked.  “We could have an orgy while we wait.”

“And I didn’t think this night could get worse,” Ianto snarked.  He glanced up at the driver’s cab license pinned to the visor over the man’s head.  “John Hart, driver 456…close your eyes.”

“The last person who said that had me handcuffed to my bed,” the driver answered salaciously, but did as Ianto bid.

The vampire rolled his own eyes.  He reached into himself, touching the power he had as a vampire lord.  His hand waved…and the cab suddenly shot forward, taking to two wheels in order to thread its way through the stalled traffic.

Jack slid across the seat due to gravity, to lean against Ianto.  The vampire smiled and put his arm around the other man.

“Did you plan this?” Jack accused playfully.

Ianto simply raised an eyebrow, making the model snicker.

“Well, guess this means I don’t have to have my tires rotated this month,” their driver, John Hart, said, sounding really happy about it.  “Sure I can’t talk you both into a threesome in order to say thanks?”

The traffic was getting worse, and Ianto didn’t think he could keep up breaking the laws of physics to keep the car moving.  “Drive on the grass,” he ordered.

“That’s illegal!”  Hart exclaimed.  “But what the hell!”


Gwen peered over Swanson’s shoulder, her eyes widening as she watched the cab with their quarry veer off the expressway and into the median, then into a patch of trees that lined the road.  “He’s gonna get them killed doing that!” the detective shouted over her shoulder.

“I told you,” Gwen shouted back, “he’s already dead!”

That didn’t stop Gwen from worrying about Jack.  The way the cab was dodging in and out of the trees, she couldn’t help but be afraid that they’d pile up against one of them, and Jack would be lost to her.  Sure, Ianto would survive…but there had only been two bites, and Jack was still mortal. 

“How much did you say this guy owes you?”

“The money doesn’t matter,” Gwen snapped back…and then realized what she’d just said was completely true.  The money no longer mattered.  Jack was what was important.  “There’s a really good chance that I love him!”


“Watch out for that tree!”  Jack exclaimed.

“Tell your boyfriend!”  Hart shot back.  “I haven’t been driving for the last five minutes!”

Jack turned to look at Ianto.  The vampire was looking straight ahead, one hand outstretched, as the cab swerved to avoid said tree.  The vehicle swerved once more, going back on track. 

It was amazing, the power Ianto had.  Jack was in awe of him.  This powerful man – okay, vampire – had chosen him.  Loved him.  It was a heady and amazing feeling. and Jack had to wonder just what he’d done to deserve it. 

Suddenly the taxi reared upward to avoid a line of bushes.  Jack gasped, but Ianto didn’t seem to be bothered at all as the cab went airborne.

They cleared the bushes with inches to spare, slamming down to earth with a sharp lurch.  John Hart whooped in sheer delight.

Jack turned back; there was a couple on a bench that had been hidden by the shrubbery.   “Look….they’re still kissing.  How romantic.”

Ianto spared a glance as well; and on his way back to paying attention to where they were going, he brushed his lips against Jack’s.  Jack shivered at the contact, knowing that no one had ever made him feel like this.


“Get on the radio!” Gwen cried, as they maneuvered around a clump of shrubbery.  “Call for back-up!”

“And what am I supposed to say?” Swanson demanded.  “Tell them I’m on a stolen police bike with a psychiatrist, chasing a vampire about to put the bite on her boyfriend so he can turn into a bat?”

“Yeah!  Tell them that!”

Swanson said something that Gwen didn’t hear, but there wasn’t a radio call.

Chapter Seven


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