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Love at First Bite - Chapter Seven (of Seven)

Love at First Bite - Chapter Seven
Author: milady_dragon
Characters:  Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Kathy Swanson; cameos by Eugene Jones, Mickey Smith, John Hart
Pairing(s): Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness; Jack Harkness/Gwen Cooper
Rating: PG-13
Warning: M/M situations; minimal blood; language; some Gwen-bashing (but it's the character she is in this)
Spoilers: None for "Torchwood"; all for "Love at First Bite", if you've seen the movie
Disclaimer: I don't own either "Torchwood" or "Love at First Bite".  "Torchwood" is property of the BBC and Russell T. Davies, and "Love at First Bite" is property of Orion Pictures and Melvin Simon Productions.
Beta: My lovely friend and brother, kanporinpoche
Author's note: This was written for the challenge Round 2.  It's also my first time writing in a challenge like this, and I hope it doesn't stink too much.

Summary: Vampire Count Ianto Jones travels to America to find his soulmate, model Jack Harkness.  Of course, things don't go quite according to his plan...

Chapter Seven

The taxi pulled up into the unloading zone of JFK airport, coming to a smooth halt in front of the baggage check-in. “How much do I owe you?” Ianto asked, reaching for his wallet.

“Owe me?” Hart snorted. “Forget about it. I’ve been driving people to the airport for years now, and that was the first time I’ve taken a flight. Although, I wouldn’t mind that threesome…”

Ianto and Jack clambered from the cab, the vampire thinking that if he ever saw John Hart again it would be too soon…

The airport was fairly busy, and Ianto could just make out Owen standing at the check-in, looking somewhat pissed off. As they got nearer, Ianto could make out the argument in progress.

“- I don’t understand how it could’ve happened!” the embarrassed agent said.

“Can’t anyone read a simple transport label?” Owen snapped, glaring at the poor woman so harshly it was a wonder she didn’t melt under the heat.

“When it arrives in Jamaica, it’ll be sent on to London immediately.”

“That’ll be too late!” the zombie snarled.

“What’s going on?” Ianto asked, approaching the desk.

“We got a problem, boss.” Owen narrowed his eyes at the hapless woman, then turned to regard Ianto and Jack.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ianto saw the motorcycle bearing Gwen and her police friend pull up in front of the glass doors. “Correction, Owen…several problems.”

With that, Ianto smiled at Jack. “Age before beauty. Come with me.” He ducked through the luggage check, to the annoyance of the agent and a burly security guard that happened to see. Jack followed, and Ianto was glad for it. Together they seated themselves on the conveyor that would have taken the luggage back into the loading area.

“But boss!” Owen called out. “The coffin’s on the way to bloody Jamaica!”

Ianto rolled his eyes. Of course this would happen, when they were desperate to get away. “Then we’ll see you in Jamaica!” Then they were out of sight, although not before he heard Owen request a flight change to Jamaica.


Somehow they managed to avoid security and various other airport employees and made their way out onto the runway. Ianto had Jack’s hand, pulling the model along toward the flight line, where the plane to Jamaica would be waiting. Jack didn’t know how they’d get onboard, but he knew somehow Ianto would manage it.

Besides, he’d always wanted to go there anyway.

But Jack realized they weren’t going to make it. It was practically impossible to find the one plane going to their destination, not out on the tarmac as they were.

“Wait, stop!” he called, bringing them both to a halt. “We’ll never make it!”

Ianto glanced around, looking at the long line of jets waiting to board. Then he sighed. “You’re right. But…there’s another way.”

He was looking at Jack, those intense blue eyes searching the model’s own. Jack saw so much in those eyes: how ancient they were, and lonely.

“The third bite.” Jack ran a hand through his hair. Now that it came down to it… “I don’t know, Ianto. I mean, you’re a beautiful lover…and a great dancer. You go through doors great.” He felt his heart lurch painfully in his chest, as he saw Ianto’s eyes dull. “I don’t know! You’ll have to tell me what to do!”

“You have to make the choice.” The pain in his voice was evident.

“I don’t think I can!” Jack wanted to be with him; needed to be with him. Was in awe of Ianto Jones and everything he could do. But it would mean giving up his life, and everything he had. He’d thought he’d been so ready to do just that, and now that it comes down to it…he just couldn’t decide.

Ianto backed away. Jack’s heart clenched at the pain he saw in the vampire’s blue eyes, and he remembered thinking that he’d never wanted to see that pain again. Yet here he was, causing this man he loved to hurt.

“As for me,” Ianto whispered, his voice ethereal, “in a world without love…it’s better to be dead.”

God, this was so wrong! How could Jack hurt this man, who promised him so much?

He was distracted from his churning thoughts by Gwen’s voice. He looked around, finally seeing her running toward them.   “Jack! Wait! I’m pretty sure I love you! What am I saying? Of course I love you!” There was a pause. “I think!”

Ianto was right. It didn’t matter how he lived, but if he lived without love, then life wasn’t worth living. He didn’t love Gwen, and he was pretty sure she would never truly love him.

But Ianto…his love for Jack simply radiated out of him, and it warmed Jack like the sun. He could never doubt how Ianto felt about him.

He made his decision.

Jack stepped up to the master vampire. “Do it now, Ianto,” he murmured, tilting his head to give him access to his neck.

Ianto sighed softly. He lifted his arm, pulling his cape around them, to shelter them from prying eyes.

And then his lips were on Jack’s neck, his teeth scraping against Jack’s skin. When they penetrated, Jack felt like he was finally where he belonged.


Gwen was racing toward the vampire and Jack, raising her arm. “The third way to kill a vampire, Count! A wooden stake through the heart!”

She aimed at the cape that seemed to call out to her like a target. Screaming a strange sort of battle cry, Gwen leapt onto the cape, plunging her stake toward what had to have been the vampire’s heart.

The only problem was there was nothing behind the cape to catch her as she fell toward the hard tarmac. Her knees were scraped by the impact, but she didn’t care; she kept stabbing downward, until Swanson’s hand on her arm stopped the motion.

“Stop it Doc,” the cop said, kneeling beside Gwen. She tugged at the cape, pulling it away from the concrete. “See? They’re gone.”

“Gone.” Gwen knelt back onto her calves, looking up at the sky. “Jack!” she tried to call out, but her voice was rough from all her screaming. “Please don’t go, I need you! Let’s talk about this!”

But she knew she was too late. Jack had made his choice, and he chose that damned vampire.

She couldn’t be mad at him, though. She knew from her grandfather’s journal that vampires were sensual creatures, and so was Jack. She’d seen his love for the Count, but had hoped he’d pick life before everlasting death.

Then she noticed something fluttering down from the sky. Reaching out, Gwen plucked it out of the air.

It was a check.

Gwen had to smile. “Jack paid me everything he owed me. He left me, but he learned something. He’s a responsible person now…or whatever.”

Swanson helped her to her feet, and Gwen gathered up the cape. She slung it over her arm, thinking that perhaps a souvenir of events would help her get over being dumped.   Then they began to walk back toward the terminal.

“What was it with that guy?” she mused. “I mean, what did he have? Was it the accent? ‘Good evening’,” she managed a passable Welsh accent.

“Naw,” Swanson said. “It was the cape.”

“The cape?” Gwen scoffed.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Try it out.”

Swanson grabbed the cape, flinging it over Gwen’s shoulders. She took a good look as Gwen made various poses with it. “What do you think?” Gwen asked.

“Definitely the cape. It looks fantastic on you, and you’re not a man.”

“You think so?”

“I think so.” They began walking once more. Swanson seemed deep in thought. “Listen, Doc. I have an anniversary coming up. If I came home this Friday, with a bottle of wine and that cape, I think it would drive my significant other wild.” She gave Gwen puppy dog eyes. “Please… can I borrow it? Just for one night?”

Gwen couldn’t get over the whole idea of cape allure, but if Swanson believed it… “All right.”


“But I want it back on Saturday for the weekend.”

“Sure. I’ll even have it dry-cleaned.”

Gwen smiled. She took one last look up toward the night sky, wishing Jack well.

But knowing that, if she ever crossed paths with Count Ianto Jones again, he was a dead vampire.


Ianto couldn’t believe how happy he was.

His vampire senses – even strong in his bat form – could sense his love flying beside him. He’d really thought Jack was going to turn him down, but in the end he hadn’t, and that made Ianto happier than he’d been in centuries.

He was with his soulmate. And they had eternity.

“I think I’m going to love immortality,” Jack’s voice echoed through Ianto’s mind, its tones caressing his thoughts much as Jack’s physical hands would caress his flesh.

“There is one disadvantage,” Ianto warned lightly. “We can only live by night.”

Jack’s laughter warmed Ianto’s dead heart. “That’s okay by me. I mean, I could never get my shit together until 7pm anyway.”

Count Ianto Jones and his chosen Consort, Jack Harkness, flew on through the moonlight, heading toward their new existences together.

The End

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