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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Learning Curve - Chapter Four

Learning Curve - Chapter Four
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E2, "Sleeper"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. 
Author's note:  This story takes place directly after "Sleeper" so it is the same date as that story.  This chapter is also based on the Long Live Ianto Bingo Prompt: Amnesia.

If anyone wants a PDF of this, you can get one on my AO3 profile, the link is Here

Summary:  Rhys Williams meets someone at his local pub who will change his life forever. 

29 June 2008


“I’m not a liability!” Gwen shouted, jumping to her feet.  “I’ve been a productive member of this team.”

Jack shook his head, and he looked sad.  “No, Gwen.  You haven’t.  You had so much promise…but you let your prejudices and your stubbornness keep you from being the amazing operative that I saw in you that first day.  You didn’t live up to the expectations I had for you, and I’ve never been more disappointed.”

“Wait a bloody minute!’ Rhys exclaimed, grabbing Gwen’s hand to keep her from moving toward the two others.  Because, if there was one thing he did know about his fiancé, was that she’d most likely do something that she’d regret later.  “Are you saying you’re firing my Gwen?”

He wasn’t at all certain how he thought about that.  Yes, Gwen’s job was extremely dangerous judging from what he’d seen on the laptop, but at the same time he was more than a bit proud of her for doing it.  On the other hand, there was a part of him that was relieved, that she wouldn’t be put at risk anymore. 

Despite that, he was quite angry about her being fired like that, and was perfectly willing to stand up for the woman he loved. 

“We are,” Jack admitted.  “It’s been a while coming, but we have to let her go.”

“It’s not just one thing,” Ianto added, before Rhys could even begin to rant on Gwen’s behalf.  “I can deal with her disrespecting me, but she’s done it with every member of the team.”

“You never gave me a chance,” Gwen retorted.  Rhys stood beside her, to offer his support, knowing that she could handle herself but ready to step in if he was needed. 

“We gave you every chance,” Jack answered.  “I put you on liaison duty with the Cardiff police, and all you did was alienate everyone you dealt with.  It got so bad that Detective Inspector Swanson actually called Ianto on vacation when you told her he wouldn’t be coming back to Torchwood when all he was on was bereavement leave.”

“He didn’t deserve to come back,” she snapped.  “He’d brought that…thing, into the Hub and endangered us all.”

Rhys frowned.  Ianto had shared with him the story of his attempt to save Lisa, and he wasn’t happy with Gwen calling that poor woman – dragon – a thing. 

“That’s not your call to make,” Jack said.  “It was mine, and I would have done the same thing for any member of the team who’d tried to save someone they loved.  Hell, I would have done it for you if something had happened to Rhys.”

“Nothing was going to happen to Rhys,” Gwen answered hotly. 

“You can’t know that,” Ianto said. 

“I made a mistake making you liaison,” Jack admitted.  “I thought, with you being an ex-copper, that you could relate to them in a way that Ianto couldn’t.  I was wrong.  All you did was make the police you did deal with angry at Torchwood.  You refused to respect them, and so they turned that against the entire team.  It took Ianto a lot of work to get us back into their good graces.”

“I was only following your example,” Gwen defended herself.  “You walk all over the police at scenes!”

“I do, yes.  But I do it in order to help protect any innocents from getting hurt.  The liaison’s job is to smooth the feathers I ruffle, and I even told you that in your training.  But you didn’t listen, and your arrogance nearly ruined our rapport with the locals.”

Rhys listened as the two men explained their reasoning for taking Gwen off liaison duty, and found he couldn’t fault it.  If Gwen had really made it that hard to deal with the police, he could understand why she’d have been reassigned.  Still, it didn’t seem enough to fire her, and he said so.

“If it were only just that,” Jack sighed.  He suddenly looked tired.  “There’s your blatant disregard of proper procedure.  You only follow those procedures when it suits you, and you ignore what you don’t like.”

“The procedures are wrong.”

“No, Gwen.  Our procedures are there for very good reasons, like the one against messing with alien tech.  You’ve done it several times; the last one being the dimension jumper that sent our Ianto to another world and exchanged him with another version of himself.”

“And,” Ianto added, “when that other Ianto needed support from our team in order to get back home, you treated him like an enemy.”

“How do you know he wasn’t?”  Gwen challenged.  “He could have been sent to infiltrate us.”

Jack rolled his eyes.  “You forget; Owen saw your little confrontation with the other Ianto.  You didn’t trust him, and it didn’t have anything to do with infiltration.  In fact I believe you claimed that any version of Ianto couldn’t be trusted, and that, when you found out you weren’t on the team in that other dimension but Rhys was, you threw a hissy fit and claimed that you weren’t a member of Torchwood there because you’d tried to show that other Jack that any Ianto was a bad Ianto.  And you contended that there was no way Rhys could be on the team, because he wouldn’t be able to handle Torchwood.”

“Seems like he’s handling it just fine,” Ianto added, nodding toward Rhys.

Rhys was staring at Gwen and nearly missed the gesture.  “You really think I couldn’t handle Torchwood?” he asked, hurt.  He couldn’t believe that she thought so little of him. 

“Rhys,” she tried to calm him, “that isn’t what I meant –“

“We have CCTV footage of that as well,” Jack volunteered.  “We could show you the entire meeting and the subsequent confrontation if you’d like.”

Gwen went red in the face.  “You’re trying to turn Rhys against me,” she accused.

‘No, we aren’t,” Ianto denied.  “Why would we?  What sort of reason would we have to do that?”

“Because you hate me,” she said.  “You always have, because I took your place in the Hub and with Jack.”

Rhys narrowed his eyes, hoping that Gwen wasn’t saying what he thought she was saying.   “You slept with him?” he asked angrily.  He of course knew of Jack and Ianto’s relationship, the dragon having told him about it.

“Goddess, no,” Jack shuddered.   “Although I admit I flirted…but I flirt with everyone.”

Gwen paled.  “No, Rhys, that’s not what I meant!  I meant in Jack’s esteem, not his bed.”  She tugged on his hand.  “I think it’s time for us to go –“

“No, it’s not.”   Rhys wanted to hear more.  While he did believe her that she hadn’t slept with Jack – and it was Jack’s reaction more than anything that convinced him – he needed to know the rest. 

The thing was, Rhys was very familiar with Gwen’s personality faults, and he could see where what Jack and Ianto were saying would fit into those faults.  Yes, he still wanted to defend Gwen but he was being given some very serious food for thought.  “I think we need to get this all out in the open now,”

Jack rubbed his eyes.  “I’m really sorry, Rhys.  This should be aired out at work, and not here.”

“It’s fine.  I needed to know just what was going on, and what Gwen had against Ianto.”  He could tell both of them weren’t happy, and while Rhys thought he deserved to hear both sides he was beginning to regret doing this now. 

Jack and Ianto glanced toward each other, and it was as if they were having some sort of silent conversation.  It didn’t last long, and then Ianto seemed to collapse into his chair.  “She doesn’t like me because I hid the fact that I was a dragon from her, and she found out by accident.  She didn’t care for the rest of the team knowing and I didn’t share it with her as well.”

“But that was the tip of the iceberg,” Jack added.  “And I have to admit my fault in this as well.  I should have listened when Ianto counseled against hiring her.”

“Of course he didn’t want to hire me,” Gwen scoffed.  “He knew I was a danger to him.”

“No,” the dragon said.  “But I did – and do – sense a darkness within you, and didn’t trust you.”

“What do you mean by that?” Rhys asked.  There was something dark within his Gwen? 

“The only thing I could compare it to was, somewhere in her family’s past, an ancestor came into contact with something dark and it somehow tainted them.  What that was, I have no idea.”

Could that be the reason his mother was so adamant against Rhys marrying her?  While she didn’t have any magic herself, his Mam could still tell certain things.  Could she also sense this so-called darkness?

“You cannot believe this nonsense!” Gwen exclaimed.

“I told you my Gran was a follower of the old religion, and she had certain powers.”  Rhys took her by the shoulders.  “There are more things in this world than what we can see or feel.”  Besides, he knew dragons were magical, and had senses beyond those of humans.  If he’d felt something dark about Gwen…

Rhys couldn’t see it himself, and he wished he could.  He decided to ask his Mam about it at the first opportunity.

“It’s not just Gwen’s issues with Ianto,” Jack said.  “Although he’s my mate, and I take offence at anyone who dismisses him the way she does.”

Ianto clasped Jack’s hand.  “Jack’s right.  I can handle myself, and besides if we fired everyone who argued with me Owen would have been gone years ago.”  He made it sound light, as if he was trying to bring up the mood a bit.

Jack rolled his eyes, and then turned back to Rhys.  “There’s her willful insubordination, her unwillingness to accept that there are things she just doesn’t know, her inability to follow orders –“

“I’m not some mindless drone you can order around,” Gwen protested. 

“And I don’t want you to be,” Jack said.  “But you always question me in front of the rest of the team, instead of bringing your concerns to me in private.  You deliberately try to undermine my authority, when you don’t have any clue as to why I might be ordering a certain action.  I have over one hundred years’ experience, Gwen.  I do know what I’m talking about.”

“And let’s not forget your not listening to your teammates when they are far more knowledgeable in their fields than you ever will be,” Ianto added.  “Your misuse of Torchwood resources – which got you suspended.”

Gwen had been suspended?  Rhys was shocked by it, but then he recalled the nearly month that Gwen hadn’t been working.  “That was around the first of the year, wasn’t it?” When Jack confirmed it, he glared at Gwen.  “You told me you were on stand down!”

“Rhys,” she tried to placate him, “it’s not as bad as they’re making it out to be –“

“Not bad?” he asked.  “Sounds like to me it was bad enough that you got suspended!”

“It was blown out of proportion!”  She glared at both men. 

“Gwen,” Jack said, “you stole Retcon, and used it for…personal reasons.  You hadn’t even been trained on its use!  You could have administered the wrong dosage and totally destroyed that person’s mind in the process.”

“I knew what I was doing,” she insisted.

“No, you didn’t,” Ianto disagreed.  “Retcon is a tool we use, and it takes training in how to administer it.  We don’t just pass it around like it was candy.  You should have known better.”

Retcon.  His Gwen had taken Torchwood’s amnesia drug and had given it to someone without permission or training.  “I can’t believe you’d be so reckless, Gwen.”  He was ashamed of her for it, for nearly ruining someone’s life.  “What had been so important that you’d needed to steal that shit?”

“How do you know what Retcon even is?” she asked him, surprised.

“Ianto explained it to me at the pub.  It was my choice…to forget everything he’d told me, or to sign their bloody Secrecy Act.  Which I did…mostly for you, but also there was no way in hell I wanted to forget that I’d met an honest to God dragon.  But mainly, it was for you so you wouldn’t need to hide anything from me anymore.”  He was so disappointed in her.  “Now I’m beginning to wonder if I should have said yes to it.”

“No, Rhys,” she pleaded, her eyes wide.  “Don’t say that.”

“Why not?  I’ve just found out my fiancée almost poisoned someone.  Nothing could be worth that.”

“It was,” she assured him.  “At the time, it had been.  Please believe me, Rhys!”

Rhys looked down at her, and for the first time he truly believed everything that Jack and Ianto were telling him.  There’d been doubt, because this was Gwen, his Gwen, the woman he wanted to marry and have a family with, and he never wanted to truly think bad of her.  He’d never met either Jack or Ianto until tonight, and there was still that tiny grain of doubt that had worked its way into his head and wanted to disbelieve everything they’d been saying about her. 

But this…he couldn’t understand what would cause her to do something so dangerous to someone.  Couldn’t she have gone to either of them and asked them to do it for her?  Oh, of course not…Ianto had said it was for personal reasons that she’d taken the Retcon in the first place, and he was quite certain Torchwood had rules against that sort of thing. 

“What was it, Gwen?”  He needed to know the truth.  “What could have possibly motivated you to do such a thing to someone?  Tell me!”

Gwen stared up at him, and she wore that expression that usually got him to forgive her anything.   

But she said nothing.

“Rhys,” Ianto cut in, and Rhys glanced at him, still in his chair, looking exhausted.  “Just leave it.  It’s done and over with, and she was punished.  But you can see why we simply cannot have her in Torchwood any longer.   It’s not just the Retcon, but it’s a whole cavalcade of issues that makes us incapable of trusting her with the team’s safety.  I…had hopes for her, and I tried to keep it from getting to this point, but even I have to give up on her now.”

“Ianto’s right,” Jack said.  “Despite Gwen’s feelings toward him, he was the one who wanted to give her the chance to prove herself, and for a while it looked as if she had.  Yes, he’d advised me against hiring her in the first place, but once she was a member of the team he did make the attempt to smooth things over.”

“What changed?” Rhys asked.

“This thing with Beth,” Ianto answered.  “I…liked Beth.  The last thing I wanted to do was see her die, but she trusted me to stop her if she tried to hurt anyone.  I gave her my word that I’d do that, and that I’d always be honest with her.  Gwen tried her damnedest to override me, and it caused Beth more stress than she could really handle.  I’m convinced it was one of the reasons that eventually led to her death.”

“You’re blaming me for killing Beth?” Gwen shouted.  “It was Toshiko that pulled the trigger.”

“It was, but it was you who went in to confront her after we asked that you leave her alone.”

“Because you were telling her there was no hope!  I had to do something to convince her otherwise.”

“But Gwen,” Rhys said, “there was no hope.”  He was seeing her with his eyes wide open now, not clouded by his emotions.  Yes, he loved her dearly and passionately, but this was a new side of her and he didn’t much care for it.

He needed time to process everything he’d found out tonight, but he got the impression he wasn’t going to get it.

They were going to fire Gwen from Torchwood.  While no one had come out and said it, Rhys knew that had to mean Retcon.  It only made sense, since what they did was so very secret.  He was certain she’d signed the same papers he had, but could Jack and Ianto really risk her keeping it to herself?  Rhys didn’t believe so, and it was obvious that Gwen had the potential to be a security risk.   But then, so did he.

He felt sick to his stomach.

“How can you say that?” she asked. 

“Because I saw the footage, Gwen.  I saw her attack you.  And, if there was a choice between her and you, I’m glad they chose you.”

“But she wasn’t –“

“We’re not going over that again, Gwen,” Ianto warned.  “You don’t know what Beth would or would not have done.  So just stop arguing about it.”

“And you do?” If looks could kill, Ianto would have been dead several times over.

“The only thing I know was that Beth never wanted to hurt anyone, and made me promise to stop her.  Now, as I said, enough.  I’m tired of it.”

“Gwen,” Jack said, standing.   “Your services are no longer required by Torchwood.  Nothing will change my mind, and the rest of the team is behind me on this decision.  You will be Retconned and released from duty.”

Gwen suddenly looked very frightened.  “Please don’t do that!  I can keep your secrets.”

“We can’t take that risk.  You will report to the Hub at 8am, when you will be Retconned.  Rhys will come as well.”

Rhys nodded, swallowing hard.  If they were going to Retcon Gwen after being with Torchwood for nearly a year, what were they going to do with him?


30 June 2008


“Wha…what happened?”

“Thank God you’re awake.  How do you feel?”

“I…I dunno…”

“It’s okay, Gwen.  You were hurt but the doctor says you’re gonna be just fine.”

“I…don’t remember…”

“That’s not a surprise.  You do remember me though, right?”

“You’re Rhys…my boyfriend.”

“That’s right, love.  Now you rest, I’m gonna go and speak to the doctor.  He’ll want to check you over, now that you’re conscious.”

“No!  Please don’t leave me…”

“I’ll be right back, I promise.”



“How is she?”  Jack asked.  Rhys had to give him credit; he did look concerned.

“The doctor says her memories of the last ten months are completely gone.”  They’d explained to him what they’d wanted him to do, and Rhys had accepted the responsibility. 

But he still retained his memories of Torchwood, few as they were.  Jack and Ianto had trusted him, and Rhys wasn’t at all sure why.

“You have no idea how sorry I am that things turned out this way –“

“I know, Jack.  Believe me, I know.”  He really wished that Gwen had never gotten involved with Torchwood.  It had changed her almost beyond recognition, but at least that version of his fiancée was now gone.  They could go back to the way things had been before.

Or maybe they couldn’t.

It had been meeting that Owen bloke at the Hub, the one who’d administered the Retcon to a vociferously protesting Gwen, that had finally turned the tide. 

“I need to tell you something…”

“What sort of something?”

“I’ve been sleeping…I’ve been having sex with someone else.  From work.  His name is Owen, he’s a bit of a tosser and it’s all gonna stop –“

Rhys remembered it all.  The conversation.  The confession.  The Retcon, all because she’d wanted his forgiveness without any of the consequences.  And he hadn’t done it.  He hadn’t forgiven her.

He’d been the one she’d drugged with the stolen Retcon.  He’d been the one she’d risked just because she was feeling ashamed of what she’d done. 

His Gwen, the woman he loved, could have damaged him permanently.

He wasn’t sure he could accept that.

But, for now, he had a duty to do.  Ianto had admitted that he’d been feeling Rhys out yesterday in the pub, and that the dragon had been pleased at how well Rhys had taken the information about Torchwood.  Ianto had even gone to Jack and suggested they hire Rhys, but Rhys didn’t want a job with them, not yet. 

They’d already set up a couple of different stories to explain Gwen’s loss of memory.  The one Rhys had chosen had them staying in Cardiff; it was his home, after all, and he didn’t want to leave it.  But they couldn’t risk her going back to the police, and so they’d arranged it so that Gwen would think she’d been injured during a special operation, and that the brain damage that caused the amnesia meant she couldn’t be a copper anymore. 

“Call us if you need us,” Ianto said, “no matter what it is.”

They couldn’t risk her seeing any of them and triggering her memory.  She’d been in Torchwood almost too long, Jack had admitted, and that meant the chances of something bringing her memories back was greater. 

It was too bad, because Rhys thought that they could have been great friends.

“I will,” he answered.    And he would.  Rhys knew he would.

“Take care.”  Jack offered his hand, and Rhys took it.  Ianto did the same.

“I need to get back in,” Rhys said.  “I don’t want to leave Gwen alone for too long, she gets agitated.”

Jack nodded, and then turned to go.  Ianto looked at him for several more seconds.  “You are a true dragon friend, Rhys Williams.  It might not mean much to you, but you are.”

Rhys had an inkling what that might mean, from his Gran’s stories, but Ianto was right…it really didn’t mean much to him at that moment. 

He didn’t say anything.  Instead, he spun on his heel and headed into the hospital, not looking back.  He tucked his hands into his pockets, his right fingers brushing against the engagement ring that he’d removed from Gwen’s finger. 

Rhys had his duty.  And he was going to do it.  But things would never be the same.


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That was excellent. I hope there's more to come.
Thank you! Oh yes, I have much more planned for this universe. :)
Goddess! No more Gwen and her stupid prejudice and hypocrisy and lies! I feel sorry for Rhys but he showed to be a good man with a lot of morality and courage in the end. Choosing to stay with the woman who betrayed you for her pettiness, even if she doesn't remember it now, won't be easy. I don't know if I could ever do something like that, but Rhys is strong and with the heart in the right place. He gave Ianto the benefit of the doubt and listened to his story with an open mind... all things Gwen never did.
You know, for a moment I thought she was going to launch herself at Jack's foot to declare all her love for the Captain. And the the outburst of jealousy that we all were waiting for? >.< Worse than a child! What a stupid woman, her ancestor was not this puerile.
Let's hope she will never remember Torchwood and that Jack has finally learned to not think with his dick!
Now I'm very curios *_* Their team has one less player: what's going to happen?
Rhys does have his work cut out for him, with Gwen. He has a lot to think about, and what he decides will be shown later. He does have that sense of responsibility, but after what Gwen did to him... we'll see.

LOL! I have to say, I did think about her declaring her love for Jack, but in this universe I think it's gone past that. As for her ancestor... *grins*

We'll see if she comes back. And we'll see what happens with the team. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. :)


It's about time!
we turn round in circles because Gwen will never admit she is wrong.

I pity Rhys!
Tell me, I hope you'll give us his news. The ideal would be to send Gwen very far. and Rhys is released it.
their Small sentences make me think that Rhys will, one day, a role in Torchwood.

Re: :-D

Yes, it is. Gwen's gone now, but will she be forgotten? We'll see.

Yes, Rhys did get the short end of the stick, but we'll see more of him later.

Rhys isn't done with Torchwood yet. :)
My heart breaks for Rhys, having had his eyes opened to Gwen in such a brutal way. He's in a lose-lose situation, and it would be interesting to see some follow-on with this. Is this the last we're going to see of Gwen? Strangely enough, I hope not!

I definitely hope we see more of Rhys, and that he eventually accepts a job offer with Torchwood, or that they at least keep in contact.

Brilliant chapter, as always. You nailed Rhys's uncertainties, and gradual realization and acceptance, as well as Jack and Ianto's sheer weariness of the situation, and Gwen's utter belligerence. So beautifully done.
Rhys does have a hard time of it, but we'll definitely see more of him...and quite possibly Gwen. She may yet have a part to play in later stories. *winks*

Thank you. I just felt so bad for Rhys when I was writing it, because he really did get the short end of things. The boys were just at the end of their rope, and this was really the only thing they could do, and to mourn the possibilities.
Yeah, Gwen's out of Torchwood!! Although I'm sure that's not the last we see of her or Rhys, I'm glad she's out.
Yes, she is. As for Rhys, he'll be around. Gwen...we'll see. *winks*
I feel so sorry for Rhys. But Gwen...goodbye and good riddance!
Yeah, Rhys really did get a bum deal, but it's not the last we see of him.
Yes!!! Gwen's gone! She's gone and not coming back!:)

Loved Ianto & Jack's finally AND professionally calling Gwen on everything, perfectly counter-pointing Gwen's emotional outbursts...
& Rhys broke through the Retcon - no more secrets for him ^_^

...really hope the Retcon holds and that Gwen doesn't become like her alt-version - always running into Torchwood.

Excellent update. :D
Yep, Gwen's no longer in Torchwood. But shall we see her again? Maybe...maybe not. *winks*

I had to have Rhys break the Retcon. I hated that Gwen did that to him, and it gives him another thing to think about when it comes to their relationship.

Gwen becoming her Blue Child version? No, that won't happen. But I do have plans...

Glad you enjoyed it. :)
....Damn now I want the Rhys's to meet and discuss Torchwood

LOL! Oh dear, that would be almost as fun as the Gwens meeting.

Glad you liked it, it's been a long time coming. :)
I am feeling conflicted - on one hand - Yay! No more Gwen strutting around being a giant pain in the you-know-what! Yet on the other hand poor Rhys. I feel so sorry for him!
However I have two distinct feelings: the first is that this is not the last we see of Gwen and Rhys and secondly that Gwen has the potential to be even more of a nuisance while she is retconned... The potential is quite fun to contemplate ;)

I really like this little interlude, I think it bridges the gap between the two episodes really well - especially since it spans a little over an evening.
Well done! :)
Yeah, I know. It's good that Gwen's no longer around, but the burden on Rhys is a heavy one.

Well, Rhys will certain be around. His part isn't done yet. As for Gwen...maybe, maybe not. *winks*

Glad you enjoyed it! Got one more small interlude and then on to To the Last Man. :)
Ohhhh poor Rhys! What a shitty situation for him to be in! Still.... YAYYYYYYY NO MORE GWEN!!!!! WOHOO!!! Party in the Hub?? Owen's shout!
I know, I feel sorry for Rhys, but he's not done yet. It's about to get a lot calmer in the Hub, that's for sure! *laughs*

Oh, Donna icon is awesome!
Poor, poor Rhys to have to put up with that. But it's nice that he has been named a Dragon friend.

Now hopefully with no more interference from Gwen the team can get on with their jobs.
He does, but we haven't heard the last from him!

As for Gwen...no comment. *laughs*
So Gwen is finally out, but now poor Rhys is stuck being her watcher. It may not have been too bad for him, since he was allowed to remember Torchwood, if his memories of her infidelity and his subsequent Retconning hadn't returned. If not for finding out she'd drugged and possibly done him serious lasting harm just to assuage her own pathetic guilt, he may have been able to accept it if she'd gone back to the person she was before Torchwood.

It would be great if Rhys joined Torchwood. I think he'd fit right in. The fact that they're staying in Cardiff has me a bit worried though. I'm not sure how they can count on her never seeing any of them again when they're running all over town after aliens.

Definitely going to be interesting to see how this plays out.
She is, and Rhys now has to deal with her. He really had to remember it all, to get the perspective he needs to make any upcoming decisions, but yes...Gwen is back to the way she was, and that might help matters...or it might not. We'll have to see.

Rhys would fit in, but would he take a job with them after all of this? Hm...

More up later. :)
amazing and well deserved ending!
however, I'd love to see more of it!
Thank you!

Don't worry, we haven't seen the last of Rhys. As for Gwen... *winks*
Thank BOE, I thought she'd never leave.
LOL! Yep, it was about time, wasn't it? *grins*
A heartrending chapter, full of emotion and beautifully written. Really enjoying this :)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it! :)
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