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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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The Legacy - Chapter One

The Legacy
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Totally4ryo, whose art is Here
Beta: Bookwrm89
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Merlin Williams-Song/Arthur (Harkness-Jones) Pendragon
Warnings: Language, Violence, Reincarnation, MPreg, Angst
Spoilers: Just to be safe, for all seasons of Torchwood and all seasons of Merlin
Disclaimer: I don't own either Torchwood or Merlin.  They belong to the BBC and other people who didn't treat them as well as I would have if I'd owned them.
Author's Note: This is written for Dragon Big Bang, and is another of my future stories in the Dragon-Verse.   I want to thank Totally4ryo for her wonderful art, you should go and tell her how fantastic a job she did! 

Summary:  When the dragon, Ianto Jones, is kidnapped, Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Williams-Song of Torchwood investigate.  What they find leads to revelations about the past, and a secret that could bring either happiness to the Harkness-Jones family...or heartbreak.

15 November 5101 (Earth Standard Date)

Luna University, the Moon


“I’d like to thank Professor Ifan Jones for agreeing to give the lecture today,” Dr. Rowena ap Llyn – born Harkness-Jones – spoke from the podium at the front of the lecture hall, her face a combination of serious and pleased.  “Please give Professor Jones a round of applause.”

The packed house did so, as did the students who were attending remotely via the large screens that were mounted on the walls surrounding of the crowded hall.   Ianto – introduced by his current name, Ifan,  at the beginning of the lecture – couldn’t help but smile; when Rowena had talked to him about giving a lecture on dragon history and society, he’d been honoured and yet hesitant. He hadn’t been at all certain that standing up in front of a crowd of students and giving a talk on his people would be a really good idea, since he and Jack had long thought that standing out of the way of history at this point in time would be for the best because it was right in the middle of Jack’s mortal timeline.

Also, there was the idea that no one would actually be interested in hearing him speak about dragons.

Well, he’d been proven wrong when he’d walked into the hall and found the place standing room only.  He’d rolled his eyes at Rowena’s smug expression and had allowed her to introduce him.

Ianto nodded politely, letting a pleased smile appear at the standing ovation he was receiving.  His lecture had gone well indeed, far better than he’d thought it would when Rowena had first approached him about it, several months back.

He thought he might take her to dinner as a ‘thank you’.

Rowena stepped down from the podium to join him as the lecture hall slowly cleared.  She was smiling.  “That was amazing, Tad.” 

Ianto gave her a one-armed hug.  “I’m very glad you convinced me to do this, Rowena.”

“I didn’t think you really would,” his second eldest daughter admitted as he gathered up his data crystals and putting them into his satchel.  “Especially with Dad and all…”

All of their children knew that their father, Jack Harkness, was pretty much confined to Ddraig Llyn for at least the next twenty-five years.  Ianto knew that, in the life of an immortal, it really wasn’t that long.  However, Ianto hated to leave Jack on his own for a protracted time.  His mate did have a tendency to get bored after a while, and the dragon wanted to be around when that happened in order to distract his mate. 

“It was your father who finally convinced me to do this,” Ianto answered.  Together they left the lecture hall, mingling with the crowds of students making their way to their next classes.   “Apparently I was driving him nuts being underfoot all the time.  Personally, I believe this latest pregnancy has his hormones completely out of whack.”  He didn’t add that anything at all seemed to set Jack off, and that his mate was horribly distracted by his own uncertainties.

Rowena laughed.  “Like that doesn’t happen every other time!”

Ianto joined his daughter in laughter.  This was their tenth child in fifteen hundred years – not counting their eldest, Anwyn, who’d been born six hundred years before their twins, Rowena and Cadi – and Ianto was always amazed when it happened.  The dragon rate of procreation had been extremely slow; his own mother had had himself and his sister, Sabrina, nearly two thousand years apart, and that had been considered quick by some.  But then, Jack had been the one carrying the majority of their family, although that hadn’t been Ianto’s intention.  After the blessing they’d received from the Great Dragons had granted Ianto the ability to get pregnant he’d fully intended to share the duty.

It hadn’t worked out that way, though, and Ianto had ended up carrying four of their children compared to Jack’s seven, this time counting Anwyn.  That had included their twins, one of which was walking beside him.  Rowena had made a name for herself as a researcher and instructor there at Luna University while her twin, Cadi, had become an accomplished explorer and pilot, owning her own ship and working for this incarnation of Torchwood.

The Star Dragons.

 Ianto’s family, scattered among the worlds of the Human Empire, fulfilling the prophecy of the Great Dragons. 

He couldn’t have been prouder.

“Do you have classes this evening?” he asked as they approached Rowena’s office.  A discreet metal plate with Dr. R. ap Llyn, History Department engraved on it decorated the wall next to the door.  All of their children had temporarily set aside the Harkness-Jones surname that they’d all been born with in order not to draw any attention to their father and it still bothered Ianto to know that it had to be done for now, and that he’d had to do the same.  They couldn’t afford to have anyone make the connection between a currently mortal man and the person who would become the infamous leader of the Torchwood Institute in the far past.  Anyone with a grudge could very easily change time by keeping the young Jamys Franklinson from becoming the immortal Jack Harkness if they knew the truth.

Rowena ushered him inside.  “I just have a few things to do and then I’m free.”  She set her tablets and data storage units down on her perfectly straightened desk, taking a seat while she booted up her computer.

“Then let me take you out for dinner,” he suggested.  “A new classic Chinese place has opened up in London that I thought we might try.”  He grimaced at the word ‘classic’; he had yet to find a place that made Chinese food the way he remembered it.  He had very fond memories of the Chinese take-outs he used to be able to get.

Rowena grinned.  “Don’t think I didn’t notice that, Tad.  I don’t know why you keep torturing yourself with restaurants you know you’re going to end up hating.”

“Hope springs eternal,” Ianto replied.  “One of these centuries someone’s going to make a decent Kung Pau chicken.”

His daughter rolled her eyes.  “If you say so.”

“That’s the problem with today’s children…no respect for their elders,” Ianto teased.

“I’ll have you know I respect everything about you, except for your need to punish yourself in order to find a good Chinese place.”

“It’s not punishment,” he averred, “it’s a quest, one just as important as those preformed by the ancient Knights of old.”

She raised an eyebrow.  “I wonder, if I asked Arthur that, if he would agree with you.”

Ianto’s first grandson, Arthur Harkness-Jones – who had taken the name Pendragon, after his reincarnated soul-self – currently ran Torchwood, along with his mate, Merlin Williams-Song, the son of the Eleventh Doctor and his wife, River Song…and who was also the reincarnation of the mythical Sorcerer, Merlin Emrys.   “I’m certain he’d go along with his favourite grandfather.”

Rowena laughed.  “If you say so, Tad.”

“If you keep up this disrespect you’ll be paying for dinner!”

His daughter laughed again.  “All right…I’ll finish this and then we’ll go.  Transmat, spell, or shuttle?”

“Transmat, of course.  It’s a perk of being the grandfather of the Director of Torchwood and his Second.”  Ianto was so very proud of his boys, and was glad that Torchwood was in such good hands.  “Did you hear that Merlin was going to be revamping the Vortex Manipulators using some sort of magic to refine the mechanism?” At Rowena’s nod, he went on.  “He got two of them finished, but forgot to bring them on his last trip to Ddraig Llyn.  If he’d remembered, I could have teleported us there.” 

Ianto frowned, remembering that visit.  Merlin hadn’t just forgotten the Manipulators; he and Jack had gotten into a fairly loud row…

“Tad?  Is something wrong?”

He looked up at his daughter. Rowena’s expression was questioning, and Ianto sighed.  “Sorry, it’s just that…well, your Dad is convinced that time has changed, and the last time Merlin was there he tried to get him to look into the timelines to see where the change happened.  There was a bit of an argument about it, actually.”

“Dad and Merlin had a fight?” Rowena sounded incredulous. 

“It was…” Ianto sighed again.  The discussion had been distressing, both for himself and for his grandson’s mate.  “What you don’t realise is that your father didn’t believe in any sort of magic at all when I met him.  He swears that magic didn’t exist.”

His daughter frowned.  “But it does, thanks to Merlin.”

“Exactly.  Which is why Merlin was so upset by a few things that Jack said to him.”

“But Dad wouldn’t purposely upset Merlin!”

“I know that.”  Ianto dragged a hand through his hair, trying to put his thoughts into order.  “But Jack is so convinced that something has changed and he intimated that it was something to do with Merlin.  Merlin didn’t take that very well at all, which I can understand…he’s the Doctor’s son, after all, and he takes Time very seriously.”

Rowena nodded.  “It’s why he’s determined to clean up the Time Agency.”

Ianto had been a witness to one of Merlin’s many rants about the Time Agency and how corrupt it had become.  He’d been content to let them carry on as long as they were actually policing the timelines, but the moment that things changed the sorcerer had been adamant that something had had to be done.   It didn’t help that Jack, while admitting that things had been bad by the time he’d left after having his memory wiped, was still concerned that taking down the Time Agency would be messing with time.  Ianto had pointed out that John Hart had once claimed that the Agency had been disbanded, and Jack had settled a bit, but the dragon’s mate had been more and more antsy about screwing things up the closer to his own time they’d gotten.

 “So Dad is sure that time’s been somehow messed with?” Rowena asked.  “And he bases this on the fact that he doesn’t remember there being any magic in the future?”

Ianto nodded.  “Or dragons, and while there aren’t that many out there yet, the Star Dragons are at least spoken of in most galactic circles.  Your siblings have done a lot of good work out there, and of course there’s Arthur, in his role as Director as Torchwood.”  He chuckled.  “You should have heard your Dad trying to rationalise me when we first met.  His favourite was the ‘alien influence in Earth evolution’ theory.”

Rowena snorted.  “That’s still going on, actually.  One of my colleagues mentioned it when I suggested this seminar on dragons.  There are some out there that are still convinced that dragons are creatures of nature, and not magic.  I laugh every time, since magic is about a natural as it can get.”

“There will always be people who think that, even with the proof of magic in the universe once more.”  Ianto turned sober.  “It took me a long time to get Jack to admit that magic exists.  I think it helped when he was able to turn into a dragon the first time, at our original mating ceremony.  He had no logical way to explain it.”

“Maybe I’m being a bit thick here, Tad, but I don’t get why Dad thinks time has been changed, just because he doesn’t recall something.”

“Jack swears that magic didn’t exist in this time.  He’s convinced that something is wrong, and it’s frankly scaring him.”

He could see it dawning on Rowena.  “He’s afraid that something’s changed time so badly that his younger self won’t follow the path that he did.  That there’s a paradox brewing.”

“Merlin says there isn’t, and I believe him.  He’s got his father’s time sense, and I should think he’d know if something that big was looming.” 

“And Dad’s working himself into a frenzy, which isn’t helping the pregnancy any,” Rowena guessed.

“I’m worried about him,” Ianto admitted.  “I hadn’t intended on taking the seminar when you offered, but he insisted and I didn’t want to argue with him.  Your Dad gets bored easily, being stuck in Ddraig Llyn and with his certainty that something is going to go wrong…he has plenty of time to dwell if he’s not kept busy.” 

“Now I’m sorry I suggested it.”

“No, don’t be.”  He leaned forward, taking her hand in his.  “This was amazing, Rowena.  I enjoyed it, and all of those young people, interested in what I had to say…it was a gift.  A wonderful gift.”

Rowena smiled, blushing slightly.  “With the interest in the Star Dragons, I thought it was time for people to know our history.  And you tell it in a way that makes others hang on your every word.  It’s your passion, Tad, and it’s amazing to see.”

“Our family history is important,” Ianto said.  “We should never forget.  And it’s startling in a way, because I still remember being hunted and feared and being so alone.  To be accepted…all right, they have no idea I’m actually a dragon, but your brothers and sisters are out there, and they’ve never made it a secret of what they are.”  He pulled his hand away, leaning back into his seat.  “Now, get your work done and we’ll talk more at the restaurant.  Your old Tad is hungry.  Public speaking is hard work.”

Rowena laughed.  “No wonder I’m always hungry after my lectures, then.”


Old London, Earth

The transmat dropped them off in the old section of London.  Ianto knew it didn’t look a thing like the 21st Century London he could remember, but then it would only be noticeable to himself and Jack.  Plus, it was impossible to make something resemble something it simply could not be, and London had changed too much in the last three thousand years to go back to the past; from natural disasters to over-building to alien invasions, London could not simply be recreated in its former image.

Still, the air was clean – cleaner than it had been in over a hundred years – and the day had just enough of a chill to be bracing.  Not that Ianto really minded the weather, but he could still appreciate a nearly perfect day.   The sun chased away the coolness until they walked under the coloured awning that marked the entrance to the new restaurant the dragon had wanted to try.  He stood in the way of the door’s automatic eye in order to let Rowena enter first, and then he followed her into the restaurant.

The décor seemed to lean toward Chinese dragons, which made Ianto smile in spite of himself.  He could recall the one time he’d actually met a Chinese dragon, an ancient being who had been a High Priest to the Eastern Sea King Dragon.  He had been enormous, without the wings that Ianto had thought all dragons had, and he’d come to consult with the Water Dragon on an issue that the young dragon had never discovered, although his father had been aware of the visit and had sat in on the actual discussions.  He’d asked his father at the time why the Chinese dragon had been so different, and he’d simply answered that not all humans were the same either, despite being descended from the same line going back to the beginning of time. 

They took a seat at a table near the window, Ianto gallantly holding Rowena’s chair out for her.  She snorted, but took the seat, shaking her head in wonder.  “You are the most old-fashioned person I know, Tad.”

Ianto raised an eyebrow.  “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Rowena’s response was interrupted by the waitress appearing at their table with the electronic menu, setting it in the centre within reach of both dragon and daughter.  Ianto greeted her in Mandarin; the woman looked surprised and then delighted, and that led to them speaking for a couple of minutes in rapid-fire Chinese, Ianto learning about her spouse and their two children and how great it was that someone had actually taken the time to learn her language. 

Ianto was glad that he’d decided to take up languages as a hobby when he and Jack had retired from Torchwood. 

Once the waitress had left, they perused the menu, finally settling on what they wanted.  Ianto stood, saying, “I’m going to the mens’.  Can you order me the Kung Pau Chicken?”

“Taking a chance there, Tad?” Rowena teased.

“It’s my destiny, you know,” he answered primly.  “To find a Kung Pau Chicken that meets my expectations.”

Rowena’s laughter followed him toward the colourful sign directing Ianto to the mens’ room.  He grinned, shaking his head, passing their waitress and several other seated customers on the way.  He really didn’t see his older children as much as he wanted, and it was good to be spending time with his second eldest.  They’d all moved on, getting lives of their own, finding mates and raising families and spreading magic into the galaxy. 

He was so proud of each and every one of them.  

Ianto quickly made use of the facilities, and was at the sink washing his hands – there was actual water, instead of the sonic cleansers most places used anymore – when a sudden flash lit up the room.

The dragon didn’t even have time to react when something was pressed against his neck.

Darkness descended.

Chapter Two


I am looking forward to tonight. Some Scottish Gin and a new Dragon-verse story
Life looks good to me
I hope you enjoy it! :)
I did. The plot's explanation for the wiped two years is clever. I am still getting used to Merlin and Arthur, but I have no fear following you down a storyline
Glad you liked it. And thanks, I'll always try to steer you in the right direction. :)