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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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A Stitch in Time - Chapter Six

A Stitch in Time - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Toshiko/Kathy, one-sided Tommy/Toshiko
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E3, "To the Last Man" and a small mention of the audio book, "Department X""
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: Here's the Dragon-Verse version of "To the Last Man".  As always dating was taken from a couple of fan-made timelines, especially Ianto's Desktop, and facts of the episode from the TARDIS Wiki.  Also, in the actual episode, it says it takes place on the 20th, on a Friday.  However, the only day that falls on in 2008 is in September, so I jiggered the date just a little.

A/N2:  Okay, yeah...I know I said I'd be posting more often.  Just goes to show I shouldn't be making promises when real life and plot bunnies are on the line.  *sigh*

SummaryIt's the time of year when Tommy Brockless, the frozen World War One soldier, is awakened for one day.  Only this time, things will be very different.

19 July 2008

Ianto didn’t know what to do…so he panicked a little.

Later, he would realise it was actually more like a lot.

Seeing that drawing of himself in dragon form confused and appalled him. He would never reveal himself like that to anyone, especially to any version of Torchwood that was not his own. Yes, things were different now because of Jack’s leadership, but to show his true self to anyone else, especially to Gerald Carter and Harriet Derbyshire…no, he never would. The consequences were…gods and goddesses, he didn’t even want to consider them.

He looked at his mate. Jack was examining the instructions that had been left in the temporally sealed box, his face contorted into a confused frown.   Certainly if the Torchwood of 1918 had known there was a dragon out there, Jack would have been told about it? There had been nothing in the Archives as well, nor in the original file holding the public information on the events at St. Teilo’s. Sighting a dragon would have been a rather important happening, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t there be some sort of report of it?

Ianto slumped against the desk, the wood of the edge digging into his naked hip. He paid it no heed as his mind raced, trying to work out the permutations of Torchwood knowing about him. No one had ever come for him, but that didn’t rule out the fact that they could have searched, and simply not found him and his home. He’d stayed pretty much in Ddraig Llyn after his family had died, only leaving every once in a while when the urge to travel struck him, and if someone had come looking during one of those few times he would have been told as soon as he’d returned. Plus, he hadn’t travelled in the last one hundred years, mainly to avoid most of the wars that had occurred, so no one would have been able to sneak past him.

And there was the lack of records on dragons. He’d completely overhauled the Archives when Jack and he had taken over Three, and there had only been the vague mythological references to dragons present – he’d promptly destroyed them all, since they were all grossly mistaken anyway. He had gradually replaced them with stories from his own history, hoping that, some day, the Torchwood Cardiff Archives would be the greatest receptacle for dragon history in the world.

Neither Gerald nor Harriet had said anything about seeing him in any of the official files that had been left about Tommy and St. Teilo’s, except for the sealed records. There would have been something in the Archives if they had, some form of written report that would have proven there’s been some sort of search for either himself or any other dragon.

Ianto shuddered as a sudden thought crossed his mind, What if they’d informed One of what happened?

What if his revealing himself to Gerald and Harriet had gotten back to London?

Had Torchwood London gone looking?

He suddenly shuddered, as the next logical thought came to him.

Had they found Lisa because of what Ianto had done? Because they were searching for him?

He barely heard Jack call his name as his knees hit the ground. The pain of impact was negligible against the pain in his chest, as guilt and terror and mourning struck him hard.

What had happened to Lisa could have been his fault.

Records from Torchwood One had mostly been destroyed during the Battle of Canary Wharf, including the ones detailing Lisa’s capture and experimentation. That was why he hadn’t known that Tanizaki had been one of the humans who had helped in the development of the device that had kept Lisa from transforming back into dragon form and had eventually driven her mad. He’d asked her about her capture, but she’d never told him how it had happened, claiming that she really didn’t recall much of what had occurred before London had gotten ahold of her; whether this was a lie or not he would never know. He did know that they’d held her for decades, long before Jack had found him in Ddraig Llyn.

“Ianto!” Jack’s frightened voice finally brought him out of his self-recrimination, and he looked over at his mate, who was kneeling beside him. There was such an expression on his face; one that the dragon wanted to soothe away, because Jack should never look that scared.

“I…” He tried to tell Jack that he was fine, that there was no need to worry like that, but he was unable to. Ianto shook his head, and then did the only thing he could: he leaned against his mate, resting his forehead against Jack’s cheek, and let the immortal simply hold him, selfishly accepting the comfort that Jack was offering even though his lover had no idea what was wrong.

They sat like that, on the rough carpet that was no true padding against the hard concrete of Jack’s office floor, and Ianto lost track of time. The warmth of his mate’s skin against his calmed him, although the certainty that he had been the one responsible for Lisa’s eventual capture by Torchwood grew within him until he believed it was the only way it could have happened.

He might never truly know, but that didn’t matter. It was the only explanation that made sense. Otherwise, how had Torchwood One had known to even search, let alone create a device that had kept her captive?

Ianto relaxed little by little, curling up into his mate’s strong body, Jack’s arms wrapping around him protectively. He felt he could lose himself in this embrace for an eternity, and never get tired of knowing that Jack was there, taking care of him.

But no, that was impossible. Eventually the real world would intrude, and Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness would be needed once more.

“Want to talk about it?” Jack murmured, his fingers stroking down Ianto’s side softly, the caress quieting his restless emotions even more.

The dragon sighed. “It…occurred to me that, if Gerald and Harriet had known about me, Torchwood One would have as well.”

Jack stiffened slightly, but he relaxed again just as quickly. “You think they deliberately went dragon hunting, and found Lisa.”

“It makes sense.”

His arms tightened around him. “I won’t lie and say it doesn’t, but I can tell you right now that neither Gerald nor Harriet would have risked the time lines just so Torchwood could get its grubby hands on an actual dragon. You were there from the future, which meant they didn’t dare change anything just to report you.”

“Report me, no…but what about other dragons? Would they have said something about there being a real dragon in the future, so there must be others?”

“It’s true that Three was much more into One’s pockets back then, but if the only record we have of you existing is in that sealed box, then there aren’t any other reports out there. If they even thought that looking for dragons would endanger the future, they wouldn’t have done it.”

Jack sounded so certain, and Ianto wanted to believe him, but… “They found Lisa, though. That can’t be coincidence.”

“We have no idea just how they found her, or when. But Ianto, you also didn’t read the last page of Gerald’s report.” One of Jack’s arms reached behind him, and Ianto could see the report that his mate must have dropped in his haste to get to him. He dragged the papers back to him, and Ianto sat up a bit in order to let Jack rifle through them.

The sketch looked up at him once more, and he couldn’t help the shiver that passed through him.

Jack shuffled through the report, obviously locating the page he’d been searching for. He dragged it around, practically pushing it into Ianto’s face.

He had no choice but to take it. It was a bit wrinkled, but perfectly legible.

To Commander Torchwood Three, Cardiff;

As I am not certain when it became Torchwood policy to recruit dragons, Miss Derbyshire and I have agreed to remain completely silent on the matter of what we witnessed within St. Teilo’s during the time slip we experienced. And it is obvious that the creature we saw was Torchwood; it was coaching the young man on what he needed to do, and an outsider would, of course, have had no knowledge of the Rift tears that are threatening to bring our two time zones into one. The only record of the creature will be in these sealed orders, out of concern for the eventual repair of time.

We also must assume that this dragon’s presence is known by Torchwood London, and while we might not agree that bringing mythical phantasmagoria into the team dynamic is the best thing for Torchwood, there must have been a reason for such a thing being done. We will not question it, and keep this a secret from anyone else in order to preserve future events.

However, I must stress that I completely disagree with this creature’s presence within Torchwood, and I officially request that my concerns for security be forwarded to the current Director of the Institute at the soonest opportunity. Torchwood was created to battle such beings and to have one actively a member of the Cardiff team is a breach of protocol that I wish I could report directly in order to evict it from our organisation.

I do vigorously demand that my objections on this subject be taking into serious consideration.

Gerald Carter.

“Well,” Ianto sighed, putting the letter down, “they might not have liked me, but it does look as if they didn’t turn me in.”

“Good thing I’m the current Director,” Jack teased.

Ianto elbowed him in the ribs, just on general principle.

“They never said a thing,” Jack continued, “at least not to the team, and trust me when I say I’ve worked with some of the biggest gossips ever. Even when I was non-contracted and wasn’t in the Hub all that often I heard things. So, I think you can trust that Gerald and Harriet didn’t tell anyone, not even London.”

The sense of relief crashed through Ianto, making him sag even further against Jack. His mate tightened his grasp, and they sat there for a few more minutes, until the dragon had his emotions under his control once again.

He sighed. “I’m tired of sitting on this floor. Let’s get dressed, and I’ll make us a coffee.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Jack clambered to his feet, and Ianto instantly missed the warmth of his mate against him.  

Jack held out his hand, and Ianto accepted the help getting up.   “We should also check the sensors out at St. Teilo’s and see what they’re reading.” Now that he was no longer distracted, the dragon could feel the change in the Rift energy that normally rippled across his senses like a steady drizzle; the sensation was more of a itching, and there was a steady throbbing like a heartbeat against his skin.  

He raised an eyebrow at Jack. “Apparently you’re such a good distraction I didn’t even sense the change in the Rift,” he said teasingly.

Jack frowned. “Is it bad?”

Ianto shook his head. “No, just…different. Something is definitely building up to let loose.” He moved past Jack to retrieve his trousers, which had somehow ended up on the guest chair.

Jack stopped him by putting his arms around Ianto’s waist. “You’ll let me know if anything changes.” It wasn’t a request.

“You know I will.” He twisted just enough to kiss Jack lightly, and then he broke away gently in order to get dressed. “I’ll start the coffee.”

“And I’ll check the readings.”

They got dressed in companionable silence, and Ianto was once again glad that Jack had chosen him, and that they were mates. His concern over Torchwood One knowing about him was fading; Jack had been convincing about the reports of his existence hadn’t made it beyond Gerald and Harriet, and he was able to relax enough to make a disgruntled noise at just how wrinkled his suit was despite Jack having been careful with it, and he forwent the jacket and tie, rolling his sleeves up to his elbows. He then headed into the kitchen, where he put the coffee on.

Ianto doubted that they would be getting any sleep that night. He, himself knew that while he was feeling much better about his secret being kept, he was still wired enough that he was certain that sleep would not come.

Seeing that sketch did open up another whole can of worms…Tommy.

He’d never admitted to the young soldier that he was a dragon, simply because it wasn’t important. Plus, no one knew exactly how going back in time would affect him, although Jack was fairly convinced that Tommy would revert back to the way he was before Torchwood had interjected itself into his life. Sending him back with the knowledge that dragons might exist brought on the same fear he’d had when he’d seen that drawing: that, somehow, Tommy wouldn’t be able to keep the secret, that Torchwood would find out about his kind, and go on some sort of hunt.

He hadn’t tied Lisa into that, until now. Ianto felt almost ashamed of not recalling her.

Now, however, he and Jack would have to take into consideration Tommy knowing about his true self. Ianto didn’t like the idea, but there really was no choice. If what the letter said was true – and Gerald Carter wouldn’t have had a reason to lie about it – then Tommy had been accepting directions from him even though he was transformed. That meant that this hadn’t been the first time Tommy had seen the dragon, because otherwise he would have been panicking.

So, on top of monitoring the Rift tear, they would have to figure out a way to tell Tommy that one of the people he’d grown to depend on wasn’t an actual person at all.

The coffee ready, Ianto carried his and Jack’s mugs down into the main area of the Hub, where his mate, now dressed, was standing at Toshiko’s workstation, eyes on whatever readings it was giving him. Ianto set Jack’s mug down onto the desk, leaning over to read what was on the screen. He couldn’t help but whistle. “You’re really good at distracting me,” he commented, “if I missed that sort of build-up.”

Jack leered up over his shoulder. “I’m really just that good.”

Ianto rolled his eyes good-naturedly. “Humble, too.” He shook his head. “Where did you get that song, anyway? I’ve never really heard anything like that from you before.”

His mate lost the teasing look. “I don’t know,” he admitted.   “It just came to me. I’m sure it was just something out of my imagination.”

The dragon draped his free arm around Jack’s shoulders. “Then you have a really good imagination, since that’s one of the older of the mating songs.”

“Really?” Jack looked pensive. “I must have picked it up from you, then.”

Ianto wasn’t so sure of that, but he held his tongue. He hadn’t intentionally taught Jack any of the songs of his people, but how could he have learned it otherwise?

“How long do you think it will be before the tearing starts in earnest?” he asked instead, settling in next to his mate. The readings were very much stronger than they’d been before, and Ianto was still somewhat surprised that he’d missed it gaining in strength while he’d been with Jack. But then, this was Jack he was thinking of. Ianto wasn’t ashamed to admit that he tended to block out the rest of the world when he was intimate with his mate.

“If I’m reading this right, then it’s definitely today. I can’t give anything closer than that. At least we now know what to do to stop it.” Jack glanced up at Ianto. “And we’ll have to figure out a way to let Tommy in on your secret without freaking him out.”

Ianto sighed. He was well aware of Tommy’s PTSD, or what had been called shellshock back in the day. The young man seemed fine, but there was no telling how he would respond to seeing something so out of his frame of reference.

But then, Gerald had claimed that Tommy had accepted orders from him in dragon form. Ianto had no idea why he’d transformed, but he had, and he would have to deal with that when the time came.

“As soon as he gets in,” Ianto murmured. “We’ll tell him then.”

He couldn’t help but be nervous about it, but he knew that Jack and Owen would have his back, no matter what.

Chapter Seven


Been missing this story so thanks for the update! Love all your stories but I comfess the Drangon-verse is my favorite! Understand about RL so I hope all is going well for you and thanks for sharing all your Janto stories <3
Thank you! Hopefully things will quiet down but until then I'll just keep chugging away. :)

Glad you liked it.
Loved the update! Tommy's going to be in for a big surprise!
Thanks! And yes he is! *grins*
Things are really coming to a head... Poor Ianto, to think that about Lisa. Memories like that raise their heads at the worst moments. To be honest a talking dragon as your personal coach/cheerleader has to be pretty convincing. :)
I also have great admiration for Ianto's attitude, if I were to read something like that about me I would take it very personally and be quite offended.
I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes. :)
They are, aren't they? Ianto doesn't want to think he's responsible for Lisa, but he can't help it. I know I'd like to have a dragon hanging around!

Yeah, he's just too much in shock over it to take it personally. I'm sure it'll come back to him. Or wait until Owen finds out...

More up soon. :)
Really glad that it doesn't appear Ianto had anything to do with Lisa's capture. He certainly doesn't need that on his conscience.
He might not have, but you know he'll still feel a bit guilty about it. That's just our Ianto. :)
Awesome chapter. I adore this verse and the way I get to see it all in my head.
*huge hugs*
D xxx
Thanks! That's just fantastic. What a compliment.

*hugs back*

Poor Ianto feeling guilty all over again about Lisa. Always love the dragon verse. Hope everything is alright with you.
Yeah, he is, even if it's not his fault. Thanks, hon.

Everything is fine, if just a bit harried at the moment. Too much to do, and not enough time really.

I'm so happy to see an update! This series is by far my favorite, and no matter what fandom I'm currently obsessing over, I always check here every day for new chapters. (I'm back off on Grimm right now. Their take on dragons called "daemonfeuer" is pretty interesting if you haven't seen it already.)

I'm really interested in seeing how this all plays out and why Ianto ends up having to take his dragon form. I also want to see how Tommy reacts to knowing Ianto's true form. I hope you update soon and that things are going well for you. <3
Thank you! I'm really happy to get an updated posted. *grins*

Wow, what a great compliment. Thank you so much! There should be something up a bit sooner this time, because I'm determined to finish this up and move on to the next one.

How Tommy reacts should be very interesting. *winks*
I can understand Ianto's moment of panic. I would too if as big a secret as he was got out into the main Torchwood radar. This is also a big twist to the whole story. I don't have a clue about what could happen next other than Tommy saving the two timelines. This has me on the edge of my seat.
Yeah, it only made sense that was how Torchwood found Lisa. Whether that was the case or not, he's going to keep feeling a bit guilty about it.

More up soon. :)
glad to see an update. I've fallen in love with this series. the crossover with Blue Child was what originally drew my attention, since then I've read the entire series. Looking forward to seeing more. :)
Thanks! I'm so glad you like this universe. I love Blue Child, so I'm glad you decided to read my universe too.

More up soon. :)
Poor Ianto blaming himself for the capture of Lisa.I'm so glad Jack talked him out of those thoughts. Very interesting mystery about the dragon drawing though. Looking forward to see how this pans out :)
Yeah, but to him it makes sense, and they'll really never know the truth.

Or will they? *winks*

More up soon. :)
Loving this verse! :)

...question, if I may: When Ianto asks Jack "Where did you get that song, anyway?"....where/when in the story was Jack singing, please? I seemed to have missed it. - Rose
Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. :)

Jack was singing while they were having sex in a previous chapter. That's where that was.
Wow, Tommy going to know Ianto's a dragon. Quite a twist!

Hmm... Jack knows a mating song. There's magic at work here! ;)
There could be, yes... *grins*
you described masterfully anxiety strikes Ianto. it is breathtaking!
Fortunately, the team at the time wanted to protest against the presence while indicating they had never spoken!