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Myfanwy 2

April 2018



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Surviving the Interview Process - Chapter One

Surviving the Interview Process - Chapter One
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Toshiko/Kathy
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E3, "To the Last Man"; and minor spoilers for DW S6 E1 and E2, "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon"
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: And here we go!  This is the story where we finally meet the newest team member.  I do hope you like him.

Also, there are five other OC's in this story, however since I've made rather a big deal about reincarnation later in this universe I thought it would be fun to base these on known characters.  So, I've decided that, whoever can guess first just who all five of them were originally, I would write them something using whatever prompt they'd like to see and in whatever universe they'd enjoy seeing me write.

SummaryPatrick Everett Delaware  thought he might actually be interviewing for what could have been his dream job...if he knew what that job really was.

29 July 2008

Patrick Everett Delaware woke up quickly, a learned response from his time in the US Army and the FBI. His eyes checked his surroundings even as his hand slid under his pillow to find his gun, and he sat up on the side of the far-too comfortable bed he’d crawled into last night, his feet sinking into the carpet just slightly. He couldn’t help but wriggle his toes at the plushness and enjoy it just a little too much.

Nothing was out of place.   Patrick scrubbed his face with his free hand as he fought off the slight jet lag he was still experiencing. The alarm on his phone had awakened him, and he leaned over and shut it off, placing the gun on the bedside table before getting to his feet and shambling over to the bathroom, hoping a shower would dispel the cobwebs that were busily clogging up his brain and keeping it from functioning properly.

The bathroom was just as high-end as the rest of the suite – a suite! – he’d been given the key to when he’d checked in on his arrival in Cardiff late yesterday afternoon. He’d been shocked by the posh hotel he’d been put up in, because who spends this kind of money on someone interviewing for a job?

Certainly, he’d done his research…well, he’d had certain members of his family do it for him after his boss had called him into his office three days ago. He’d been given a plane ticket, reservation information, and the news that Assistant Director Skinner had sent in Patrick’s resume to Torchwood, saying it was a job better suited to his family background.

After he’d heard back from his father and his uncle, Patrick had to agree. Although he’d been curious just how his boss had found out about his family since all of that stuff had been classified out the ass.

It wasn’t that Patrick didn’t enjoy working for the Feds. It was just that he’d been hoping for a bit more excitement, and to be able to use his skills in other ways that didn’t entail him sitting on his rear at a desk doing research or spending time in the lab or the gun range, when he’d been approached to join the Bureau after his second tour in Afghanistan.

Honestly, there were days when he believed he should have stayed in the damned Army. At least he’d been able to spend his time doing things, even if it meant getting sand where sand shouldn’t be and checking his boots for scorpions every morning.

Or he should have waited until a better offer had come along. After all, it wasn’t as if there weren’t already a bunch of acronyms in his immediate family. But hey…it was the FBI, where his Dad had spent his career, and where his grandfather had gotten his start before circumstances had forced him to leave.

Still, it seemed to have led Patrick to what could conceivably be his dream job even if he wasn’t quite certain what that job would entail. As long as he got through the interview, and got some sort of explanation, today would tell the tale.

The shower was heavenly, and Patrick came out of the stall much more awake than when he’d gone in. He checked the time on his phone; 7:06am, which meant he had a little over half an hour to get dressed and grab something from the complimentary breakfast downstairs before he had to meet up with his fellow interviewees in order to be taken somewhere God only knew where in order to get asked a lot of boring questions.

There had been a note in his room when he’d arrived last night, along with a rather large fruit basket, explaining to him exactly what would happen that morning. No other details, just to be out in front of the hotel at 7:45am in order to be picked up and taken to the place where the interview would be held. It also said that there would be six others accompanying him to the interview site, but nothing more on them either.

But then, from what he’d been told, Torchwood thrived on secrecy and sheer hinkiness, and Patrick could feel his nerves jangle from it. However, it wasn’t frightening; it was exciting, and he couldn’t wait to see what exactly was going on and what the job actually entailed.

He put himself together into his ‘professional’ mode: dark trousers, white shirt, equally dark jacket and tie. He threaded his holster onto his belt; the good thing about being a Federal agent was that he could get away with bringing a weapon overseas, even if he’d had to check it with his duffle. He knew he should have informed the local police that he was there, out of courtesy, but he doubted he’d be in Cardiff that long…unless he got the job, of course.   Plus, he had to think that if Torchwood had the cash to set him up in a fucking suite they had to have the resources to make the local cops happy.

Patrick finished getting ready, and was heading toward the door when he decided against whatever breakfast he would have found downstairs and grabbed an apple instead. It had a golden-green skin, and it was tart against his tongue as he took a bite. He could really use about a gallon of coffee, but was counting on there being some sort of beverage at the interview site.

He pulled the door shut behind him, hanging the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign over the knob. He jiggled the knob to make certain it was secured and then headed toward the elevator.

He wasn’t the first one to have reached the lobby. The man standing near one of the potted plants had to have been an interviewee as well, despite the fancy uniform he was wearing. He was a Captain by the insignia on his dress greens, and he held a red beret tucked under one arm. A familiar symbol was on the cap as well as on the sleeves of his uniform, and it was all Patrick could do not to grimace at the fact that UNIT also had someone in the running for the job he was hoping to get.

The man was good looking though, with dark hair and equally dark eyes. There was an olive cast to his skin, and he was very well built. He smiled as Patrick approached, holding out his hand, not bothering to hide the fact that he was giving Patrick the same once-over that Patrick was doing. “Captain Santiago del Rio,” he introduced himself, with a slight Spanish accent, “UNIT.”

Patrick accepted the hand, noting the gun calluses that convinced him that del Rio knew how to use the revolver he was wearing at his waist. “Special Agent Patrick Delaware, FBI.”

One perfectly man-sculpted eyebrow went up. “I am a bit surprised word of this opening travelled as far as the United States,” he commented.

Before Patrick could even try to comment, they were joined by another man, this one in a suit as dark as Patrick’s own, except he wore a steel grey tie. “Good morning,” the man greeted, his accent British to the core. “I can’t say I’m surprised that UNIT is here.” He smiled pleasantly, but that did nothing to hide the disdain in his voice. He would have been good-looking if it hadn’t been for the rather prominent scar on his left cheek, and the supercilious attitude. His dark hair was slicked back and his eyes were cunning.

The stink-eye the man was giving Captain del Rio seemed to roll off the UNIT soldier’s calm demeanour like water from a duck’s back. “Whereas I am surprised that they allowed you anywhere within one hundred kilometres of Cardiff.” His voice was chilly, even as his expression was pleasant. Apparently they must have been familiar with one another. Or at least their agencies, even though Patrick couldn’t tell just what this second man was part of just by his clothes.  

Patrick wondered if winter had somehow settled in without his knowledge; it felt like the temperature in the area dropped a good twenty degrees just in the seconds since the other guy had shown up.

The man turned to Patrick, and his smile seemed a bit more genuine. “Pardon my bad manners. I’m Parker Agnew. Torchwood One.”

Formerly Torchwood One,” Captain del Rio corrected primly.

Ah, so that was why the UNIT captain wasn’t happy to see the other man.

Patrick knew about Torchwood One and the Battle of Canary Wharf. At first, he’d been told that it had been a terrorist attack, much like the rest of the world had been informed. However, both his grandfather and uncle had had inside information and they’d clued Patrick in on just what really had occurred. Of course, the rather large robots in every home had been a dead giveaway that some sort of invasion was going on, and it wasn’t his fault that the majority of the human race was extremely gullible about cover stories where such things were concerned.   The stories his grandfather had told him of the Silence had given him nightmares for weeks and had caused his mother to forbid such stories until Patrick had gotten older.

Patrick reintroduced himself, and received the same reaction from Agnew as he had from del Rio. By the time they’d completed their handshake, the other four had arrived.

Two were French; the young woman, named Margaux Reynard, had blonde hair, too much mascara and was with the Sûreté, while the other woman, a dusky-skinned beauty who introduced herself as Genevieve Colvert, had Interpol written all over her. The last woman was quite lovely, and seemed to be amused by the whole thing. She gave her name as Leticia Jones, also sounded British, and there was something in her eyes that had Patrick feeling slightly afraid of her.

The last man was apparently Welsh, and was some sort of special investigator for the Mayor’s office. He introduced himself as Eoin Gwynne, and he had shampoo advertisement hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and eyes that couldn’t seem to stop twinkling.   Patrick couldn’t tell if he was going to either like or hate the man just on general principles.

Once everyone was aware of who was who, a fine sense of antagonism settled over the group, and it set Patrick’s hackles rising. He took a step back and let them irritate each other; it wasn’t any of his business just as long as they didn’t include him in it. Instead he turned on his heel and headed toward the exit, tossing his apple core into a handy trash can along the way. He pushed through the glass revolving door and out into foot traffic, sighing with the first hit of partially-fresh air.

Well, it was better than Washington, DC at least.

It was a bit gloomy though, so Patrick left his sunglasses in his jacket pocket. He watched the people making their way along the sidewalks. Cardiff was a modern city, but interspersed with the new buildings were old-fashioned brick and mortar structures, and it was a charming combination. Of course, they all drove on the wrong side of the street, which was a bit disconcerting, but he felt he could get used to it if he got the job.

Or else he’d get a lot of traffic citations.

As Patrick stood there, a black minivan pulled up to the curb, and if he was any judge it was parking illegally. A woman climbed out of the front, and she smiled at him as she smoothed down her knee-length blue skirt. She had to have been no more than twenty-one, with a fresh face that wore just enough make-up to look like she wasn’t wearing any at all. Blonde hair was pulled back from her face and into a ponytail, revealing nice cheekbones and blue eyes. She looked like some sort of tour guide in her neat suit and pale blue shirt.

But then, a wayward gust of wind blew her jacket back, and what looked like the butt of a gun peeked out from its holster on her slim belt.

Patrick didn’t get a very good glance, but there was something off about the weapon that had him wondering just what it was. The butt seemed to be plastic; it had that shiny and slick appearance that plastic had. Some sort of stun gun, maybe?

So, she wasn’t the sweet and innocent girl her façade claimed. It actually made Patrick like her a bit more, even though he had no clue who she was.

“Hello,” she said, smiling. “I’m Deborah Morrison.   Welcome to Cardiff.”  

She didn’t offer her hand, but Patrick wasn’t insulted; she was just too sweet to let any sort of rudeness bother him.   “Patrick Delaware, and thanks…it’s nice to be here.”

She smiled wider, revealing a pair of fetching dimples. “You should see some of the sights while you’re here, Special Agent Delaware. Cardiff is a wonderful city.” Her accent was adorable, too.

He cocked his head, giving the young woman a knowing smile. “I take it you’re our ride, then?” Which made sense, since she obviously knew who he was and what agency he was with.

“I am,” she admitted. “And here come the rest of your party.” She stepped forward, giving the others her name as well and motioning them toward the minivan.

Patrick was closest and quickly claimed the front passenger seat. He took a good look around the vehicle while the others were getting in, and from what he could tell this was simply a rental due to the lack of personal effects anywhere. The only thing that didn’t belong in a rental was the thermos bottle on the floorboard by Patrick’s feet, and he could feel the heat from whatever was in it through his trouser leg. He hoped it was some form of caffeine, because he was beginning to wish he’d stopped for a cup of coffee on his way out.

Deborah got back into the driver’s seat, sliding the seatbelt around her and putting the key into the ignition. Patrick put his own seatbelt on, and then settled in to watch the city go by.

“Ms Morrison,” Agnew piped up, “are you also on Harkness’ team?”

The young woman’s eyes narrowed. “If you mean do I work for Captain Harkness, then yes. I do.”

“I see that he still hires them young and pretty,” came the snide comment. “Nothing has changed in that regard.”

Patrick wondered at that. If this Captain Harkness only hired pretty people, then what the hell was he doing there? He resisted the urge to run his hand over his already-thinning hair; he’d managed to inherit the Coulson male pattern baldness from his mother. His grandfather hadn’t helped in that regard, either, and sometimes Patrick felt he’d been double-whammied in the genetics department, at least where his hair was concerned.

“I think you’ll find that the captain will only hire those who are right for the job,” Deborah defended her boss, “and looks have nothing to do about it. Which means you still have a chance, Mr Agnew.”

That earned her a round of barely stifled laughter. Patrick didn’t have to look to know that Agnew must have been stroking his facial scar and glowering in anger. He wondered if the man meant to be hateful, or if it came naturally.

Before there could be a rebuttal from the bastard, Eoin Gwynne spoke up. “I understand that Mr Jones will be handling the interviews?” He sounded excited.

“He and the Captain both, Mr Gwynne,” Deborah answered, “although the team had a callout first thing this morning, so only Mr Jones will be available for the first part of the process.”

“But you didn’t go with them?” Captain del Rio asked curiously.

The smile returned to Deborah’s face. “I’m not a field officer, Captain.”

“Then what do you do?” Patrick asked, curious to know what exactly someone as young as she appeared got involved in whatever this whole thing was.

She favoured him with her smile. “I’m Administrative Support for the team,” she answered. “I work our cover story, make certain files are kept up-to-date, and handle any sort of PA work the Captain and/or Mr Jones might require. Oh, and I also handle the shuttle service.” That last sentence was said with a soft chuckle.

There were so many questions he wanted to ask, but Patrick managed to keep them in. At least he’d been able to prepare a little, and he would have been pissed off at AD Skinner for just throwing him into the deep end with no parachute if he hadn’t had connections.

Oh crap, he was mixing his metaphors.

Wait…was that actually a metaphor?

He didn’t know, and to be honest he really didn’t care; only that he was mixing something that should not be mixed.

Deborah drove the minivan through Cardiff, and Patrick enjoyed the scenery very much. Eventually though they seemed to move into an older part of the town, if the slightly shabby and run-down buildings were any indication. It was still picturesque, and Patrick wondered if he’d have time to do some sight-seeing, as Deborah had suggested. This area of Cardiff had character, and he would have enjoyed seeing more of it.

The young woman pulled up in front of a brick-fronted building that had ‘office space’ written all over it. She turned off the ignition, and then announced, “This is where the initial interviews will be taking place.”

“Why not the main base?” Agnew asked.

“The Captain and Mr Jones felt it best to not overload everyone,” Deborah answered. She unbuckled her seatbelt, turning to Patrick. “Special Agent Delaware, would you mind handing me the thermos by your feet?”

“Not at all.” He unsnapped his own belt, leaning forward to grab the thermos. He handed it over. “I kinda hope there’s coffee in there,” he half-joked.

She gave him the dimples once again. “Don’t worry; there will be coffee provided. The team practically lives on it.”

Sounded like his kind of place, Patrick reflected as he got out of the vehicle.

The group hadn’t even stepped up onto the curb when another vehicle pulled in in front of the minivan. Patrick got one good look at it and decided it had to be an unmarked police car; it was just unremarkable enough, being a beige coloured four-door with the inevitable radio aerial on the roof.

Two people got out; a man and a woman. The man was gangly, wearing a suit – black, of course – and with hair that appeared blond, until he moved his head and then it looked a somewhat pale orange. He leaned his hip against the car, smirking slightly as he gave them all an onceover that had Patrick smiling and waving back. While he couldn’t hear it, it was obvious the cop snorted.

The woman walked forward, her stride confident in a ‘take no prisoners’ way. She was dressed somewhat more fashionably than her partner, in a bronze-coloured pantsuit and a gold blouse. She was dark-skinned, her dark hair made up into tiny braids that were pulled back into a no-nonsense tail at the back of her head. She really was very attractive, but Patrick knew from experience that flirting with the police was usually a bad idea.

“Detective Inspector Swanson,” their guide greeted her, moving to intercept the woman. If Patrick knew his police ranks – and he liked to think he did – then Swanson was pretty high up in the cop hierarchy.

Swanson stopped just in front of Deborah, and she gave their group her own once-over, looking mightily unimpressed. “These your new recruits?” she asked, her voice sarcastic. “They don’t look like much.”

Instead of being insulted on their behalf, Deborah laughed. “I’m quite certain Mr Jones has made you aware of their CV’s.”

Swanson smirked. “He did, yeah. I hope they live up to what was on paper. We don’t want a repeat of the Cooper Incident.”

“Excuse me,” Parker Agnew piped up, sounding just a wee bit put out, “but what does a cop’s opinion matter in an internal matter?”

“Oh yeah,” Swanson shook her head, “you’re obviously the prat from Torchwood One. I could smell the disdain from all the way down the street.”

Agnew spluttered, and Patrick had to hide his chuckle behind his hand. Swanson, though, seemed to notice just fine and she rolled her eyes at him, although Patrick thought he saw humour in her expression.

“Tell Jones that I don’t like that one,” Swanson went on, hooking her thumb in Agnew’s direction, “and we won’t put up with his shit here in Cardiff. This isn’t London and we will only tolerate arses in our city.”

Deborah was smiling. “I’ll pass along your opinion.”

One corner of Swanson’s mouth tilted upward. “The others seem all right so far, and I’ve met Mr Gwynn before.” She nodded toward the Welshman, who acknowledged it with a nod of his own, and a flirty wink besides.

Then Swanson addressed the rest of the group. “Just a warning: if any of you pull any crap while you’re here, you will be seeing the inside of a cell. No cowboy antics or breaking local laws, or I won’t hesitate to slap the cuffs on you…and not in a pleasant way. I and my partner,” the man by the car waved, “will be watching you all very closely.”

With those parting words, Swanson returned to her car, and her partner got back behind the wheel. Patrick watched the vehicle pull out, and he had to admit that little speech had just made him respect the hell out of the local LEO’s. He wondered if they were all like that.

“Why did you let her get away with that?” Agnew fumed. “In London –“

“As Detective Inspector Swanson pointed out,” Deborah interrupted, a steely tone in her words that Patrick had not previously heard from her, “we are in Cardiff. Our team is on good terms with the local police, thanks mainly to Mr Jones and his hard work. DI Swanson and DC Davidson are our primary contacts on the Cardiff Police, and if you are hired you will be expected to interact with them in a respectful manner. Now, shall we go inside?”

In that moment, Patrick knew that Agnew had blown the job. While he didn’t know what the man’s issues were, there was no excuse to be that rude to anyone, let alone someone he might end up working alongside.

That was, of course, the problem with stats on paper…they never showed anyone what a person’s true nature was. And from what Patrick had gotten from Agnew it wasn’t a good one.

Patrick figured that was one down, and five to go…

Chapter Two


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Am hooked [as always!]

Dragon Verse rules!
Thanks, hon! *hugs*

I found this *after* I'd had my caffeine intake. Am slightly hyped right now. Needless to say, I am also thrilled to see a new Dragon-'verse story! And what a great start!
I know the feeling about the caffeine high! LOL!

Thanks! More up soon, because I have to post this before my CoE Dragon-verse monster. :)
Yay, Dragon Verse update! :D

Hmm... some interesting new recruits there. I'm surprised they're even looking at anybody from TW1. ;)

Well, Agnew's CV looked good... *laughs*
Oh exciting and a Delaware - as you know Canton is one of my favourites. Looking forward to reading this so much already. And I love snarky Swanson.
Oh, I adore Canton! And it just seemed perfect to have his grandson in Torchwood. Plus, I just watched Astronaut and Moon and fell in love with it all over again. :)

Yeah, Kathy's my favorite. *laughs*
Yay! So glad to see the next installment of this series. I'm completely hooked by Dragon Ianto. Looking forward to seeing more soon! :)
Thanks! Glad you're liking it. More up soon, I'm working on the next chapter as I type this. :)
Yay a new Dragon verse story!!! You have an interesting set of interviewees there.
Thanks! Yes, they are an eclectic bunch, I do admit... :)
Yay! More Dragon verse.

Well, I'd say Patrick is right. Agnew is obviously an ass and there's no way he'll get past Ianto. It'll be interesting to see who's the next to blow their chance.

Patrick is inevitably right about Agnew. But then there's always a douche in any group. *laughs*
yay! this verse is bqck!!!!
Nice first impression!! *g*
Thanks! More first impressions up soon. :)
I only have 4 of the 5.

I can't figure out who Agnew is supposed to be. I have Gwaine, Guinevere, Mourgause, and Lance.
I knew Agnew would give people a bit of grief. You have the other four right, though!

I may give out a clue if no one guesses him. :)
This was Brilliant , as all others. Love Kathy and Andy showing up. Will be interesting with Ianto. Fabulous, Thanks1
Kathy's gotta scope the possible newbies out, especially after Ianto was kinda enough to share their CVs with her!

Thanks! :)
Yeah!! I haven't figured out anything yet, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Great start!
Good luck! Glad you liked it, more up in a bit. :)
I like this, clearly Jack has learned his lesson and is asking what everyone else thinks this time. I am looking forward to the antics to follow... Squeee!
Oh yes, from now on Jack will be getting the opinions of the others before hiring anyone!

I can promise you there will be antics. *laughs*
HURRAY!!!!! it must be christmas already...a new dragon verse story!

Love it, need more asap!
Merry Christmas! *grins*

Glad you liked it, hon, and there will be a new chapter up shortly. :)
I am getting the feeling that Agnew is Agrvain not sure how it is spelt. The others all seem to be from Merlin as well.
They are all from Merlin, you are right about that. As for Agnew... *winks*

Ooh I loves interview fics and meeting some new characters :)
This is like my first interview fic, and it's been fun! I also like seeing Torchwood through other eyes, which is why Patrick's my viewpoint in this.

More up soon! :)
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