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Myfanwy 2

July 2018



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Surviving the Interview Process - Chapter Two

Surviving the Interview Process - Chapter Two
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Toshiko/Kathy
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E3, "To the Last Man"; and minor spoilers for DW S6 E1 and E2, "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon"
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: Here's your next chapter.  More shenanigans are on the way.  *grins*   

SummaryPatrick Everett Delaware  thought he might actually be interviewing for what could have been his dream job...if he knew what that job really was.

29 July 2008

Patrick and his fellow interviewees stepped inside the building, and he found himself in a large, airy room that had once been a foyer, but had been converted into a meeting area with the additions of a desk, several chairs, and a table with a large coffee urn and various types of pastries on it. There was a laptop set up on the desk, as well as a stack of files and what resembled a digital recorder of some sort with a green light on top. Patrick noticed a bank of elevators toward the back as well as a couple of closed doors that must have been offices.

The young man who walked out of the nearest room, past the elevators and then entered the room took Patrick by surprise.

If he had to guess, he would have said the man was in his mid-twenties, with dark hair and pale eyes. He was a couple of inches taller than Patrick, and he moved with a grace that had Patrick thinking of danger and power.   And he wore a suit like his Uncle Phil did: like he’d been born in one, and if Patrick knew anything about clothes then he’d say that single black suit/dark red waistcoat/white shirt/red tie combo cost more than he made in three months working for the FBI. And that didn’t include the shoes or the pocket watch chain looped across the man’s midsection.

A nicely trim midsection, Patrick wasn’t above noticing, because he was perfectly comfortable with his own heterosexuality that he could admit another man was attractive. He was also glad that he’d decided to wear one of his own suits, even though it was obviously cheap compared to what this man was wearing it at least gave him the semblance of being a professional.

The man stood just behind the desk. “Welcome to Cardiff,” he said pleasantly, his Welsh accent clear and carrying around the room easily. “I’m Ianto Jones, and I’ll be performing the preliminary interviews. Captain Harkness sends his apologies for not being able to be here as planned, however there was an incident this morning that has taken his attention.   He is on scene, or else he would have accompanied me.”

Jones glanced at the laptop, tapping something into the keyboard. “Please, help yourself to coffee, and then we’ll begin.” He smiled and then went back to whatever he was doing on that computer.

Patrick wasn’t about to be invited to a second time, and was the first to reach the urn. It smelled heavenly and was just what he needed. He helped himself to a blueberry muffin, as well.

“Ms Morrison," he turned as Jones addressed the young woman who had come to stand beside the desk, “I won’t need you to take notes at this time. The Captain wanted me to ask you if you wouldn’t mind heading back to the base and starting your duties? You can take my car.” He handed her a set of keys. “I’ll drive our guests back to the hotel once we’re done.”

She gave Jones the full force of her dimples. “Not at all.” She handed him the thermos that she’d carried in from the minivan. “It’s not like I don’t have a tonne of paperwork waiting for me.”

He returned the smile, his a bit more restrained. “I’ll call you if I need anything.”

Deborah nodded. “Oh, before I leave…we ran into DI Swanson and DC Davidson just outside. She wanted me to tell you that she doesn’t approve of Mr Agnew, but the others seemed all right.”

Jones rolled his eyes. “Of course they showed up this morning. And I didn’t even get any warning.”

That comment made Deborah laugh. “Like you would.”

“Very true. Thank you for the message.”

She nodded, and then headed deeper into the building, past the closed offices and the elevators and finally around a corner, where Patrick lost sight of her. There would have been a rear entrance, of course.

Jones tucked the thermos down by his feet and under the desk. Patrick had to wonder what was in it since coffee was already present. Perhaps it was tea? Weren’t the British supposed to be addicted to tea or something? Or did that not translate to the Welsh? Patrick was curious, but instead of being nosy about it he took a sip from his cup…

And had to lock his knees to save himself from an embarrassing swoon.

Damn, where had coffee this good come from? Patrick figured any job was worth it if he got this every day, up to and including mucking out backed-up toilets, which was a duty he was familiar with from his time in the military. He knew then and there that he would be sucking up to Jones because there was no way he’d ever be able to go back to ‘normal’ coffee again, and he absolutely needed this job in order to get his next fix.

“Just how much faith do you put in the local police, Mr Jones?” the Interpol woman, Genevieve Colvert, asked curiously.

“We’re a small team,” Jones answered. “We rely on the CID to get us tips and reports of odd activity in the city. DI Swanson has been our direct contact for years, and her partner, DC Davidson, has been recently read-in on some of our operations. Both of them are eminently trustworthy.”

“I’ve formally met Swanson but not Davidson,” Eoin Gwynne added, a winning smile on his handsome features, “and I do know they’re good coppers. They both have an exemplary reputation within the CID.” His eyes practically twinkled.

Ever since Jones had come into the room, it had been obvious that Gwynne had a crush on him, judging from the grin and the flirting glances. Patrick had to wonder just what the man had done to earn that sort of appreciation, but then Gwynne would have had a chance to work with him previously if he was some sort of special investigator. Plus, it didn’t hurt that their would-be employer was quite good looking.

“Now,” Jones went on, after everyone had gotten their own cups of coffee, and completely ignoring Gwynne’s not-so-subtle flirting. “I wanted to give you a précis of the job that you have applied for. As I said before we are a small team, at the moment with five members. We are looking for another field agent, one willing to take orders on scene but also not afraid to think for themselves and come up with alternate scenarios that the current field commander might not have seen. We’ve also chosen your particular CV’s because each of you has something to offer.” He closed the laptop, tucking it under his arm.

“You should also be aware that there are no set hours in this position, although we expect you to be on base during certain hours of the day. If you are called in for an incident we will expect you to stop whatever you’re doing – and that includes being caught in flagrante, which will happen.” Judging from the faint blush on Jones’ face, it had done so to him, and Patrick had to bite back laughter. “This job is 24/7/365, because the Rift doesn’t care if you’re in the middle of dinner, visiting family, or there’s a really good match on and your team is winning.”

The Rift? What the hell was a Rift? This was new information to Patrick, not something that his contacts had chosen to share with him. Of course, it could also mean that they either didn’t know or couldn’t have found out…or else they’d felt he was a big boy and could discover this himself, which was much more likely. After all, it wasn’t as if they’d been all that forthcoming anyway.

Thanks much, friends and family.

“One more thing: we are greater than top secret. We answer to only one person: Her Majesty, the Queen of England. This means you cannot share with anyone what you do. Your family, friends, and bed partners do not have clearance to know a single thing about your job. You need to be able to live with the secrecy this job entails. If you cannot do that, then you do not belong here. Is that understood?”

There were various nods and murmurs of agreement, and Patrick added his own. He came from a family that had so many secrets it was surprising they had anything to talk about with each other, so keeping quiet about his duties would be relatively simple. Everyone would be expecting it. He’d hate to disappoint, and if there was one thing he hated more than anything was to see his mother disappointed in him. That look she got on her face whenever Patrick did anything wrong was his secret Kryptonite, even though he was now an adult.

“Alright,” Jones said, witnessing their agreement, “we’ll get started. Perhaps Mr Agnew would like to be first?”

Agnew puffed up at that, and Patrick wanted to roll his eyes at his reaction. While Jones hadn’t mentioned what order he was going to be taking people in, Patrick guessed it would be alphabetical, so of course Agnew would be the first one interviewed.

Patrick was glad of it. The man had seemed insufferable and quite honestly he hadn’t wanted to deal with it.

Jones waved Agnew forward, and together they made their way down to the first office, their possible boss taking the laptop, several files, and the odd-looking recorder with him and juggling all three with aplomb.

“So,” a voice said from just behind him, “what do you think so far?”

Patrick didn’t jump at the sudden intrusion; his nerves were better than that. He turned to regard Leticia Jones, who still seemed to have that amused look in her dark eyes. He had to wonder what she was finding so funny.

He shrugged, taking another sip of the marvellous coffee. “I don’t know what to think,” he admitted. “I don’t have enough information yet.”

She cocked her head, the amusement gone and curiosity replacing it. “What about everything Mr Jones told us?”

“He didn’t really say much, did he?” he said pleasantly. It was actually just enough to get Patrick’s curiosity standing up and begging for attention.

“No,” Leticia answered, “I suppose he hadn’t.” But then she grinned. “But the whole alien thing is pretty cool, isn’t it?”

Patrick didn’t react. Nowhere in his talk did Jones mention aliens. Certainly, it had been a selling factor on this job once his grandfather had explained generally what Torchwood did, but even Patrick knew it wasn’t something you busted out with a total stranger. And there was no way he was going to share any of his family history with her.

And so, he snorted. “Aliens? Yeah, right. You sound like my bosses’ pet conspiracy theorist, and they banished him to the basement at the Bureau in order to keep him away from normal folks.” Okay, there were times when the guy had been correct in his outrageous suppositions, but Patrick wasn’t above using him to throw Ms Jones off track.

She frowned then, and it was as if that was the last thing she’d expected him to say. “Don’t you know what this job is?”

He shrugged again. “My boss handed me a plane ticket and told me to come to the interview. Beyond that…” It was basically the truth, and the best sort of lie was as close to the truth as one could get. Patrick just didn’t bother to share that he had connections within his own family who could ferret out the other, somewhat scarce, information he’d been given.

Besides, he didn’t know this woman. Certainly she must have the sort of experience that would get her this far, but Leticia Jones was a complete stranger to him. If he didn’t get this job then he would never see her again. Some might call it paranoia, but Patrick knew it was just plain common sense not to share anything with a person he’d just met.

“You don’t know why you’re here?” Margaux Reynard asked incredulously, her French accent making the question sound almost condescending.

“I’m quite sure Jones will explain once it’s my turn,” Patrick replied. “And there had to have been something in my background that made this position something my boss would believe would be a good one to have.”

Of course, now that Patrick was thinking about it – and he really should have considered this even before he’d set foot on the airplane – just how had an assistant director for the FBI heard about this sort of thing? Surely Skinner’s clearance wasn’t high enough…unless he had more contacts in the upper echelons that Patrick would have guessed at.

By now, the rest of the interviewees had joined them. Gwynne laughed. “You just have to love secrecy…you never know when it’s gonna come back and bite you in the arse.”

“And how did you know about this?” Leticia inquired, looking at the Welshman intently.

The man laughed, flipping his hair back in what had to have been a practiced move. “I worked for Margaret Blaine, back in 2006.”

“The Slitheen,” del Rio commented, with a single nod of his head.

Patrick had no idea what the hell a Slitheen was, but apparently it wasn’t very good. He wanted to ask, but his training kept his curiosity at bay.

“I heard about that!” Leticia exclaimed.  

“What is this Slitheen?” Genevieve Colvert asked, her eyes wide with surprise.

“An alien family that’s tried to destroy the planet more than once,” del Rio answered knowledgably. “They would murder their victims and then form their skins into disguises.”

Well, that was disgusting. Apparently both Leticia and Genevieve agreed from the expressions on their faces.

“That’s nothing,” Leticia said, waving a hand as if to brush off Gwynne’s earlier boast. “I worked for Harold Saxon.”

Now, that was a name Patrick had heard before. “The guy who assassinated President Winters?”

Leticia nodded. “Only he was an insane alien wanting to take over the planet.” There was something in her eyes that Patrick identified as fear, and he wondered if there was more to this story than what she was telling. “He almost succeeded, too.”

The others looked suitably impressed. “A friend of mine was on clean-up duty on board the Valiant,” del Rio said. “He told me it was a real mess. Torchwood was involved in that too, although the details are beyond my pay grade.”

Patrick knew he could top these stories. All he had to do was tell them the story of his grandfather, and how he’d fought the Silence with the Doctor and his companions. That had been the source of so many nightmares in his childhood, but now that he was an adult he could appreciate just what they’d all gone through in order to save the human race.

But no. He wouldn’t, because it wasn’t something to bring up in a room full of strangers even if they might have greater security clearance than he did.

As the others continued gossiping back and forth, Patrick watched as Leticia gradually managed to wheedle information out of each and every one of his fellow interviewees. Even Agnew wasn’t immune, when he came out of his meeting with Jones, and Patrick had to hand it to her at just how good she was at it.

By the time he was called in for his own talk with Ianto Jones, Patrick knew they were being played.

Chapter Three


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Loved the update!
Thank you! Glad you liked it. :)
Well played Torchwood, throw a wolf in with the sheep to see how much they know and if they can keep their traps shut, hehe. Another great chapter! :)
Glad you liked that. Yeah, if you want to see if someone can keep something secret, after you've said to keep it secret... Thanks!
Agnew has a target on him that he just keeps making larger, doesn't he? ^_^

excited to read what happens next to our interviewees (& Tish is there! yeah! :)
Poor guy, yeah...I've made him a target. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. :)

Glad you liked it!
Yay! The promise of shenanigans.

I love that Gwynne is flirting and that Patrick knows that Ianto is attractive in spite of his heterosexuality. Poor man. You are missing out.

But you would have to deal with Captain Pouty-pants if you try to chat up "his" dragon.

Can't wait for more
Sorry no real reply here just wanted to tell you that I laughed at "Captain Pouty-Pants" for like 4 minutes straight then started coughing, because I'm sick. So yea.
Hee, this is a hoot! Looking forward to seeing how the interview with Ianto goes.
Glad you liked it! Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon. :)
I love Patrick, he is so sharp! I love seeing Ianto and Jack from external points of view, the results are always fantastic and usually hilarious. I can't wait for Jacks grand entrance... I am loving this foray into Torchwoods hiring process and I am eagerly anticipating the next instalment. :)
Thanks, glad you like Patrick. I don't show the team from an outside perspective that often, so I'm happy this works.

Jack will be swanning in...eventually. *grins*
Talking about digging holes for themselves...Keep spilling secret info boys and girls and the job will be Patrick's
Yeah, you're right about that. If they can't keep stuff quiet and they don't even have the job yet... *winks*
SO enjoying this. And Tish, oh, Tish! That's one way of weeding out the blabbermouths quickly.

Can't wait for the next installment.
Glad you liked how I brought Tish into this. She's really doing the boys a favor!

More up soon. :)
One does have to wonder about the blabber mouth quality of some candidates, but then they are UNIT, etc. this is fun & I love Tish or as I think of her the Trojan Horse
Well, they're like any group out for the same job...you just have to try to one-up the competition!

Glad you liked it. :)
Interesting... and undercover Tish is fun. I have to admit that I see it in a somewhat different light though. Tish's role can certainly shine a light on the personalities involved. Do they brag, are they condescending, abrasive, etc. that could affect how they fit into the team. The secrecy element though... Torchwood is actually the only part of the whoverse that thinks secrecy about aliens is paramount. Lord knows, the Doctor doesn't. He'll talk about aliens left and right, to pretty much anyone within hearing distance. And can you just see Sarah Jane using retcon? So holding those who came from outside Torchwood to the same secrecy standard, when they haven't yet been told that they need to keep the knowledge of aliens secret seems rather unfair, if that's a selection criteria. Just my 2 cents, responding more to the comments than the story... Looking forward to part 3.
Glad you liked Tish in this. And it's a bit more than trying to find out who's most likely to flap their lips...it's also a personality exercise as well as an example of passive interrogation. None of them have any idea Tish is, and yet they're handing out high clearance secrets in an attempt to look good. Besides, Ianto did tell them all that the job would be above Top Secret, and if they can't keep the secrets of their own organizations...

Anyway, more up soon. :)
I like Patrick. He's a very smart man. He keeps his mouth shut and his eyes and ears open.

Agnew buried himself from the very start, because basically he's just a real ass, and the others are not doing themselves any favors with their gossiping and attempts at one-upping each other with their alien stories.

I love how sneaky Jack and Ianto were, placing Tish in the middle of them to see what she could stir up. Kudos to Patrick for not falling into the trap even before he figured it out. Since the others were all shooting their mouths off right up until he went in for his interview, Patrick must be the only one to see what was going on. That will no doubt impress Ianto, much more than Eoin Gwynne's flirting.
Yes, he is. Glad you like him. :)

Tish is playing a game of passive interrogation, but there's also more to it than that. You'll seem some of that in the next chapter.

Oh, and don't think Ianto doesn't know what's going on out there while he's in interviews... *winks*
Great update, love Tish's part, is the recorder with the green light the lie detector from 'Adam'? Looking forward to Jack's response to someone hitting on 'his' Dragon.
Thanks! Glad you like Tish in this. And yes, that is the lie detector.

More up soon... :)
I must be really slow plus I don't watch Merlin. Am I right in assuming Patrick is related to Coulson and Mulder? I finally put together Skinner, X-Files, uncle who believes in aliens put in the FBI basement and came out with him being related to Mulder.

Loved Tish. Loved this chapter.
That's fine, I just have those characters in the future, so I thought it would be fun to bring them into this as well. Gotta love reincarnation!

Patrick's not related to Mulder, but he does have some pretty powerful relatives. You'll see. :)
Couldn't wait. Stayed up until you posted it, saved it to my phone, went to bed - and promptly fell asleep. *makes face*

I did, however, read it first thing this morning, and it's already making me curious and excited! And I KNEW Tish would have a good reason to be there!

Where you find the time to post, let alone write, this close to the holidays is beyond me (unless you don't celebrate, of course), but I'm glad you do, because it provides some well-needed downtime for me in the midst of running around like a headless chicken, trying to get organized.

Oh, and I LOVED Patrick's description of Ianto when he came in the room!

Edited at 2013-12-13 07:40 pm (UTC)

Glad you liked it. Tish is just helping the boys out, and there's a reason she is. You'll see. :)

The only reason this is posting so fast is because I'm like a chapter ahead at this point. I'm going to start posting my big bang after this, and that's completely done. Thank goodness.

Patrick has a good eye about stuff. *grins*
Ok, I'm hooked! Damn happy that Skinner didn't send Mulder but I like Patrick! Keeping his mouth shut will move him up faster than the others. He'll be an interesting addition to Torchwood if he gets the job. My only issue is his FBI connection but then Jack and Ianto would know how to handle that and keep too much info on Torchwood away from them.
Thanks! Skinner likes Mulder too much to let him go. There are other reasons that Patrick would be an interesting choice, and you'll see those next chapter.

More up soon. :)
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