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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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The Breaking - Chapter Three

The Breaking - Chapter Three
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Madbottoms
Beta: Totally4ryo
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Toshiko/Kathy, pre-Alice Carter/Patrick Delaware, Martha Jones/Tom Milligan
Warnings: Language, Violence, Child Endangerment, Temporary Character Death
Spoilers: Up through S3, "Children of Earth".
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better...and so I rewrite it so it might make more sense.
Author's note:  This is the first chapter of "The Breaking", the Dragon-Verse rewrite of "Children of Earth".  I have changed the date to reflect the fact that school doesn't start in Great Britain until September, and not the original airing date.  This was written for the Long Live Ianto Big Bang Round Two.

SummaryThe Fae are watching.  The children are chanting.  Can Torchwood stop the end of the world?

15 September 2009

The bad thing about mobiles was that a person couldn’t slam the receiver down when one was pissed off.

Ianto barely contained the urge to throw the thing, though.

It wasn’t the girl’s – she’d said her name was Lois – fault. She couldn’t help it if today was her first day and hadn’t a clue as to what Torchwood was.

Still, it had been like running into a brick wall. The girl hadn’t budged when Ianto had requested to speak to John Frobisher, and there really hadn’t been a lot he could have done about it. Certainly, he could have called and hoped to have gotten Bridget Spears, but if the Home Office was so busy that a temp was left to answer the phone, then the chances of reaching someone in some sort of authority was very small.

“Damnit,” he sighed.

“You got nowhere, either?” Jack’s voice had him turning to meet his mate’s own frustrated gaze.

“Not a thing. Got a temp though, first day, who didn’t have a clue.”

“Not the best day to start a new job,” Jack commiserated. “But it couldn’t have been worse than the sergeant I got at UNIT. Apparently Colonel Oduya was off base.”

“Well, Frobisher was in a meeting. Want to bet who he was meeting with?”

“No bet,” Jack answered wryly. “It’s going to be Her Majesty next, if I don’t get a return call.”

“Bringing out the big guns?” Ianto teased.

“Damn straight. Now, let’s see if Rhys and Tosh have anything interesting.”

Ianto followed his mate down into the main Hub once more, making a beeline toward Rhys first. “Please tell me you have something,” Jack begged.

Rhys shook his head. “Sorry, Jack. I have a lot of images but nothing that tells us what really caused the kids to freeze like that. There’s nothing up on YouTube and the what-not…yet. I think it was just too subtle for the majority of people to notice.”

Ianto clapped him on the shoulder. “Keep at it, all right?”

“Sure, mate. I’ve sent the CCTV footage to your computer so you can check it out yourself.”

When they’d hired Rhys after the space whale, none of them had known just how useful the man would prove to be. While he wasn’t anywhere near Toshiko’s and Ianto’s own prowess with the mainframe, he could still run searches and find things that others might overlook. He was also a solid field agent who wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and had taken over a lot of the in-Hub duties that Ianto had once performed. Rhys Williams had clicked into place seamlessly and with surprising ease.

Once he’d gotten out from under the shadow of Gwen Cooper, Rhys had blossomed into a fast friend and someone Ianto trusted to watch his back.

“I also spoke to Kathy,” Rhys went on, “and she says that she’d appreciate we didn’t wreck the city if we could avoid it. I told her ‘no promises’.”

“Good man,” Jack said approvingly. “She didn’t cuss you out too much?”

“Nah, she likes me.”

Ianto laughed, and then headed over to Toshiko’s workstation. “Anything yet?”

“You remember the attempted hack job that the Home Office tried on us a couple of months ago?” Ianto nodded. “I’m getting pinged along that route again. Someone’s trying to get in…not that they’ll have any more luck than they did the last time.” She sounded fierce, and Ianto knew that no one messed with Toshiko’s mainframe.

“Will the partitions hold?” Jack asked.

She looked at him as if he’d just grown a second head. “Of course they will. As far as whoever is hacking, is only going to be getting false information. There is no way they’re getting past me.”

Ianto pitied the person who got on Toshiko’s bad side.

“Anything else?” Jack put both hands on her shoulders, kneading gently.

“It looks like most of the bigger agencies noticed,” she answered. “UNIT has gotten its hands on a couple of children, as have SHIELD, but there aren’t any results back from whatever it is they’re testing for. I’ll let you know what else I get.”

“Sounds good.” Ianto could have guessed that it was a bit early in the day to get a lot of information, and he really hoped that nothing else would happen.

Although he just knew it was going to get worse.

Jack didn’t look happy. “I could always call Martha, let her know what’s going on…”

“If she didn’t notice it already,” Ianto replied.

“Don’t you dare call her,” Toshiko snapped. “She and Tom deserve their honeymoon.”

She was right, but Ianto also knew Martha Jones very well; she’d be on the next plane home the moment things went to hell, and Tom would follow her. Doctor Milligan might not be an official part of either Torchwood or UNIT, but he did remember the Year of the Toclafane very well, and had been a member of the Resistance, partnered with Owen a lot of the time.

They’d both be on their way back and wouldn’t accept any arguments to the contrary.

Jack’s mobile rang, and he flipped it open. “Harkness.”

Ianto watched as his mate’s expression changed from worry to a semblance of calm. He mouthed ‘Alice’ and the dragon nodded in acknowledgement. He wanted to listen in, but instead left Jack to it and moved so he could see over Toshiko’s shoulder as she worked.

“Staring at the screen isn’t going to change anything,” she teased.

“Do you have any idea what the Home Office is after this time?” he asked.

“No, but this can’t be a coincidence. Something happens with the children and the Home Office decides it’s a good time to try to get a peek into mainframe? No way.”

Ianto had to agree. Sure, many of the alphabet agencies often tried to get one up on each other, and this wasn’t the first time someone tried to get into their systems. They never succeeded, although Toshiko liked to play and would feed them disinformation for fun. She’d made up some of the funniest things to let whoever it was find in partitions that kept anyone far away from the heart of mainframe.

Ianto was particularly fond of the one that blamed the Rift on Jack’s immortality.

“Patrick and Owen got to Alice’s and Owen is looking Steven over,” Jack said, re-joining them. “Steven seems fine but Alice is worried. Not that I blame her.”

“I know.” Ianto looped his arm around his mate’s waist. He was concerned about Steven as well. The dragon was very protective of his family and he didn’t like it when something happened to one of them.

Ianto’s phone rang at that moment, and the caller ID showed that it was Deborah up in the Tourist office. He answered it, and didn’t even have time to speak before she said, “It’s happening again, Ianto. Up in the Plass.”

“We’re on our way.” He didn’t even flip his phone closed before he was informing the rest of the team. “Up on the Plass. The children have frozen again.”

With that, Ianto took off, nearly hitting the bars that protected the cog door in his rush. He knew that at least Jack was following him by the sense he had of his mate. Ianto’s heart was racing, and not from the exertion. Whatever was causing the children to act this way, he needed to see it in person if just to understand what his adopted grandson was going through.

He exploded out of the secret door and into the Tourist Office. Deborah wasn’t at the desk, and the outer door was open. The dragon raced out onto the Quay, his footsteps echoing out over the Bay as he ran, catching up with their receptionist and then passing her. Other steps sounded behind him as he headed up and out onto the Plass, where he could see that there were several children standing still.

And then the screaming began.

Ianto wanted to cover his ears but he didn’t dare. Whatever was affecting the children was now making them shriek in unison, and there was nothing more he wanted to do than to stop that horrible noise.

“What the hell?” he heard Rhys exclaim. The dragon turned, and saw him with a video camera, taping the nearest child.

Jack was standing close by, and he put his hand on Ianto’s shoulder. The dragon could feel him trembling slightly through that contact. “We need to figure this out,” he said, and Ianto knew his mate was thinking of his grandson, because this had to have been happening to Steven as well.

Ianto felt the same. Steven was now as much his family as Jack and Alice were, and he hated to know that something was affecting him and they didn’t know what it was.

The shrieking stopped, and silence fell once more. The mother of the little girl Rhys was filming was frantically trying to get her child to respond, but she simply stood there, staring straight ahead.

It was possibly one of the spookiest things Ianto had ever seen in his entire life.

It had been only a few moments after the screaming stopped that the children began to speak…in unison.


The words were said in the children’s’ voices, but there was an underlying alien-ness in the repeated words that sent a shiver down Ianto’s spine. Jack physically shuddered, the involuntary movement travelling to the dragon through the hand that was still resting on his shoulder.

“We are…we are…we are…we are…”

Ianto stiffened at the change in the chant. He leaned back against Jack, just for the support. Jack let him, and the dragon could feel his mate’s rapid heartbeat against his back. It was fear, pure and simple, and Ianto was feeling the exact same way.

What was doing this? It had to be something alien; humans wouldn’t have the wherewithal to take over every child, all over the world, unless Torchwood had somehow missed something. And Toshiko never missed anything in her covert hacks into various agencies’ computer files.  

He had to get some sort of reading on this. He managed to pull his PDA out of his pocket, aiming it at the same child that Rhys was filming. His hands were almost shaking too hard to turn the device on, but he managed.

“We are coming…we are coming…we are coming…we are coming…”

Ianto shivered. It was a message…and a warning.

Yes, this had to be an alien influence. There was no other explanation. “Blood control?” he questioned softly, so only Jack could hear. He recalled what had happened with the Sycorax, and this reminded him a little of that.

He still remembered Suzie standing on the roof of the Millennium Centre, so still and silent.

“No,” Jack answered. “I don’t think so. It seems far too invasive to be blood control.”

“Who’s coming?” Rhys demanded.

The child didn’t answer, which didn’t surprise Ianto. But it had to be tried.

The little girl went through one more round of chanting, her mother growing more and more frantic the longer it went on. But, just as suddenly as it had begun, it was over, and the girl was blinking and staring up at her Mum. “Why is that man filming me? Am I gonna be on the telly?”

The mother obviously hadn’t noticed what Rhys was doing, so distracted by her daughter. She frowned up at Rhys, and then practically grabbed the little girl and dragged her off.

“What caused that?” the Welshman asked, turning off the camera.

“Hopefully we’ll know soon,” Ianto replied, slipping his PDF back into his pocket.   He was so glad that was over, he couldn’t even express it. This was something unnatural, something that needed to be stopped as soon as they could.

“Ianto,” Jack murmured. The dragon felt his mate turn him gently, until he was facing to his right.

That was when he saw Jasmine Pierce.

Chapter Four


Aaaaaa!!! I'm so filled with suspense right now!!!

(not that this is bad, by any stretch :D )
Thanks! And more suspense is coming... *laughs evilly*
What a place to leave it! I'm right on the edge here!!! I always thought that it would have been very interesting to see how the fairies would have reacted to the incursion by the 456 what with whole children aspect... I'm really looking forward to the next instalment. :)
I know, I'm so evil... *cackles*

Yes, I agree with you, and it was a real lost opportunity. Of course though if the actual show did it, then where would I be? :)
I am so glad you are posting every day!!! Can't handle the tension...
Yes, going to post every day, although there may be times when I can't. So you won't be left in suspense too long!

Really glad you like it. :)
I now proclaim you Master of the Hanging Cliff:). Exciting stuff there!
I gladly take that title! *laughs*

Glad you like it. :)
Aaargh! Evil cliffie!

This has been terrific so far!
I know, but I just can't help myself with the cliffies! *laughs*

So very glad you think it's good so far. :)
Argh! Evil Cliff hanger!!
I know, and I'm sorry...no, not really. *laughs manically*
Oh. My. God. Oh my God. This is now MORE hair-raising and breath-taking and scary than the series. I gasped out loud when I read the last bit. Ohmygod.
Wow, thanks! Glad you think so, and I'm happy you're enjoying it so far. :)
I get asked lots of questions about how you are directing this story!
is what the Doctor will look Torchwood? is what they will put a bomb in Jack? when Jack will realize what is happening? ...
I look forward to reading ...
We'll see... *winks*

More up now. :)