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Myfanwy 2

April 2018



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The Breaking - Chapter Six

The Breaking - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Madbottoms
Beta: Totally4ryo
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Toshiko/Kathy, pre-Alice Carter/Patrick Delaware, Martha Jones/Tom Milligan
Warnings: Language, Violence, Child Endangerment, Temporary Character Death
Spoilers: Up through S3, "Children of Earth".
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better...and so I rewrite it so it might make more sense.
Author's note:  This is the "The Breaking", the Dragon-Verse rewrite of "Children of Earth".  I have changed the date to reflect the fact that school doesn't start in Great Britain until September, and not the original airing date.  This was written for the Long Live Ianto Big Bang Round Two.

SummaryThe Fae are watching.  The children are chanting.  Can Torchwood stop the end of the world?

16 September 2009

Day Two

The sound of a phone playing ‘Moonlight Serenade’ awoke Jack from a sound sleep.

He was up and away from the dragon’s warm side in a second, grabbing the phone out of his trouser pocket. Jack glanced at his watch – 5:32am – as he answered the mobile. “Harkness.”

“Jack, it’s Rhys.”

He sounded out of breath, and that was enough to sweep the rest of the cobwebs away from his brain. “What is it?”

The last Jack had heard from Rhys was a report saying that he didn’t think Timothy White was much of a lead, the man seeming completely out of it and only spouting things that didn’t make any sense. Then he’d joked about getting a swanky hotel on Torchwood’s dosh, and that had been it.

“Some blokes with guns just broke into my motel room,” Rhys answered.

Jack’s heart lurched. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Luckily I was in the bathroom when they arrived, and the window was large enough for me to climb out. I was down the street before they even knew I was gone.”

Jack let out a breath he hadn’t been aware he’d been holding. “Good, keep moving while we talk.”

Ianto had changed into his human form and had joined Jack. “What is it?” he enquired.

“Someone tried to attack Rhys in his motel room,” Jack murmured.   “You say they had guns? Did they identify themselves?”

“No,” Rhys answered. “They just busted in, shouted my name and told me to raise my hands and surrender.”

“Wait…they knew who you were?” That was troubling…

“Unless they happen to know another Rhys Williams.”

Something about this wasn’t right. Toshiko had said that Rhys wasn’t in any of the information she let leak to MI5, and yet someone with trained soldiers had obviously sent them to take Rhys while he was supposed to have been sleeping. This was too much of a coincidence to be anything but that.

How did they know about Rhys?

And then it hit him.

“Rhys,” he ordered, “I want you to destroy your phone. In fact, take out the simcard and crush it, and then destroy the phone. Make it so no one can get anything from it if it’s found.”

“But Jack –“

“Secondary protocol, Rhys.”

There was a pause, and then, “Understood.”

The phone disconnected, sounding very final.

“Jack?” Ianto asked, worry lacing his words.

He gripped the phone so tightly it felt as if the plastic was cutting into his skin. “Whoever attacked Rhys in his motel room knew who he was.”

Ianto’s eyes widened. “You mean –“

Jack knew his mate understood. He said nothing. Instead he quickly got dressed and headed out of their hoard room, striding toward the upper levels of the Hub.

This was getting out of hand. Someone was obviously out for Torchwood, and this was the first strike. What was worse, Jack had no idea why.

“Get Owen, Deborah, and Toshiko,” he told Ianto, himself heading over to start powering up the workstations. They’d all gone to bed late; Jack and Ianto had had to practically force Toshiko to bed, so caught up in her attempts of hacking she’d been unwilling to leave her computer. It had taken the combined efforts of the three men and Deborah to finally get her to rest for a bit, and that was after she’d been able to call Kathy and let her know she wouldn’t be home. Not that that apparently bothered Kathy; with parents all over Cardiff in an uproar the police were on full alert.

In the few minutes the rest of the team on base had gathered, Jack had everything up and running once more, the lights of the Hub bright and making them all blink.

“What is it?” Toshiko asked, running her hands through her hair in an attempt to brush out the severe case of bed-head she had.

“Yeah,” Owen groused, “what the fuck is going on?”

“I just got a call from Rhys,” Jack answered, his anger growing. “He was attacked in his motel room by men with guns, who knew his name and tried to take him into custody.”

As they were adjusting to that piece of information, Jack looked at Toshiko. “How simple would it be to have had someone track our mobile signals?”

Toshiko shrugged. “Our system is pretty secured, but Jack…these are still mobile signals. They travel through the airwaves and through towers like any radio signal, plus there are things such as GPS installed in most phones these days. They can both be intercepted and followed back to whoever was called if someone had the right equipment to do so, and calls can be traced through whichever tower they might have gone through and that would give a general area to search.”

“You’re saying Rhys was tracked through his phone?” Deborah asked, shocked.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” Jack answered. “I told him to destroy the phone and enact secondary protocol. Hopefully he’ll be on his way to Ddraig Llyn by now.”

They’d come up with a secondary protocol after the events of the Year of the Toclafane, making Ddraig Llyn their fall-back position in case of any trouble threatening the team and/or the Hub. After Toshiko and Kathy’s wedding their technician had spent several weeks preparing a place for them to make into a second Hub, ready if they should ever need it.

Jack was very worried about Rhys. He felt guilty about suggesting he stay away from Cardiff, because at least they could have protected each other then…

“You can’t blame yourself,” Ianto said, resting his hand on Jack’s arm. “We had no idea that they’d be tracking our calls. Besides, Rhys can take care of himself…as you well know.”

Jack shook his head, smiling. “You always know what to say, and of course you’re right…Rhys is resourceful, he’ll be fine.” Still, Jack knew that there would be no way he wouldn’t worry until he knew that his teammate was safe. “Okay,” he went back to Toshiko, “what about landlines?”

“The Hub’s landlines are secured and encrypted,” she answered. “We’ve just gotten out of the habit of using them since we all carry mobiles with us. The only reason you use them now is when you have to call someone in the government or the Queen, because that’s standard protocol.”

Jack cursed. “No more. I’m putting into place new protocols for calling out from the Hub. Unless our mobile network is completely secure, we use landlines within the Hub itself. We can’t risk this happening again.”

“Jack,” Ianto said, and the dragon’s human face had gone pale, “Rhys isn’t the only one we’ve called on our mobiles today –“

If Jack had been afraid for Rhys that quadrupled when he thought of the one person he’d phoned that day…


Alice couldn’t sleep.

She tossed and turned, her mind going over the day and threatening to drive her to the bottle of vodka she kept in the freezer for just such days. She couldn’t escape the fear that had gripped her ever since her dad had called her and had asked her about Steven and if he was all right. And then the chanting had started, and Alice’s whole world had disintegrated into a single thought: something was taking her son away from her.

It had been good that Owen and Patrick had been there when Steven had begun chanting, right there in her lounge. She really would have freaked out otherwise, and that wouldn’t have done anyone any good. So, she’d sat there while Owen had taken scans and blood and tried to figure out what was doing this to her only son.

Owen was, after all, about the only doctor she would ever completely trust with Steven.

Alice didn’t want to admit how much better she’d felt when Patrick had decided to stay. There was something about the American that made her feel safe…and it wasn’t because he carried more hidden weapons than cash on him at any given time. Alice frankly hated guns of any kind, although she did know how to use them. Her mother had seen to that, and she even had a personal weapon in the bedside table. She sometimes felt like a hypocrite over it, but she also knew just how dangerous things could be, and that was even without a megalomaniac creating a time paradox and threatening to destroy the universe.

However, she quite liked Patrick, and could put up with a little from him over being prepared.

There was a sudden noise downstairs, and Alice sat up, her heart suddenly in her throat. She recognised the sound as Patrick’s mobile, and the only person who would be calling this early in the morning would be either her dad or Ianto.

Alice threw the covers off and got out of bed. She didn’t turn on the light, but made her way to the closet in the dim glow from the streetlight outside, finding the duffle bag by feel. She was pulling clothes out of the closet when Patrick appeared in the doorway, already completely dressed. “Jack’s called a secondary protocol,” he murmured. “You need to leave any electronic equipment behind, especially your cell phone. Can you get yourself and Steven ready in ten minutes?”

“Yes,” she answered, equally quiet. She was surprised that Patrick couldn’t hear the frantic pounding of her heart as she threw things into her bag, but doing as directed and not tucking anything electronic away. Alice wondered what that was all about, but before she could ask Patrick had disappeared back downstairs.

Of course Alice knew what a secondary protocol was, and a part of her was glad to be leaving for one of the places she felt completely safe. Still, it must have been horrifically dangerous for her dad to tell them to leave.

She wondered if Patrick knew any more.

Alice was in Steven’s room before she’d even realised she’d gotten dressed, and was shaking her son awake. “C’mon, sweetheart,” she urged, “we need to leave.”

“But, Mum…” Steven whined as he came fully awake.

“Get dressed and I’ll pack some things for you, okay?”

Steven got out of bed, doing as she’d asked. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, but your granddad needs us to go somewhere safe. And don’t take your mobile or anything electronic.”

“Okay,” Steven answered. He pulled on jeans and a long-sleeved shirt as Alice dug around in the closet, hoping to find at least some clean clothes in there. She cursed to herself for not doing the laundry as she filled another bag for him, and Steven was pulling on his trainers as she finished up.

As they were heading toward the landing, Alice darted back into her room in order to grab her gun. She might not like the thing, but she knew she could very well need it.

Slipping the gun into her jacket pocket, Alice rejoined Steven in the hallway. Together they made their way downstairs, to have Patrick meet them on the landing. “An unmarked Hummer just pulled up outside,” he whispered. “Let’s get to your car.”

Alice nodded, and led the way through the kitchen and into the garage where her car was waiting. She searched for her keys…and they weren’t in the handbag she’d picked up from the kitchen counter.

Patrick’s hand on her shoulder kept her from totally panicking. He slipped something into her hand – her keys, and she wanted to ask him where he’d gotten them but the sound of the front door crashing open kept her mouth shut.

They ran to the car. Alice pulled open the rear door to let Steven crawl in, and then tossed their bags in after him. Then she was in the driver’s seat, key in the ignition as Patrick pulled the passenger side door closed behind him, a gun in his free hand.

Then the electricity went out, cutting out even the small wall light Alice kept in the garage in case of emergencies.

Which meant they couldn’t open the garage door.

Patrick muttered a curse, and started to get out of the car in order to open the door manually. It was a heavy door, Alice knew, and there would be no way he would find the manual lever in the pitch dark that had blanketed the garage when the power had been cut. She put a hand on his arm to stop him, thumbing on the tiny overhead lamp set in the ceiling of the car.

He looked at her, confused. Alice didn’t say anything; instead, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, calming herself and allowing her to access the power that the Air Dragon had left her after the Earth had gotten stolen.

She could feel the air around them; sense the movements of the men who’d broken into her house as they passed through the atmosphere around them. There was a slight breeze outside, and it took no time at all to whip it up into a frenzy.

The sudden strong gusts of wind blew both the single window and the back door open, and Alice focussed it at the closed overhead door. She could tell the intruders now knew where they were, and a sharp spike of panic intensified the mini-storm building within the confines of the garage, knocking loose items off shelves and rocking the car slightly.

With a loud groan the overhead door began to bend.

Alice raised her hand toward the now-damaged door, her heartbeat ramping up as the first of the armed intruders entered the garage. The first one was tossed back into the one behind him, and that gave Alice just enough time to finally blow the garage door off of its tracks and out into the front yard.

She turned the ignition key, gunned the motor, and was out of the garage before anyone could react. The wind she’d called acted as a tailwind and her car went sailing forward. Alice wasn’t sure the tires even touched the driveway as they barrelled along, past the large black Hummer and into the quiet residential street.

“Way to go, Mum!” Steven shouted.

Patrick’s whoop of excitement joined Steven’s cry, and Alice was gasping like she’d been holding her breath all that time. The tires squealed as she took the corner a bit too quickly, but she couldn’t see the other vehicle in her rear-view mirror, so she was hoping they were still getting their acts together and were too far behind to actually catch them.

“Did you learn how to drive from your Dad?” Patrick teased.

“He learned from my mother,” Alice answered, grinning like a loon as she barrelled through a red light and took another corner far too closely. Her heart was hammering in her chest like she’d just run a marathon, and she briefly wondered if this was how her Dad felt when he was in danger.

She managed to get them onto the A416. There wasn’t much traffic as yet, and Alice slowed down just a little, to avoid being pulled over and getting a speeding ticket. “Do you think we’ve lost them?” she asked, still slightly breathless.

“For now,” Patrick answered. “But we’re gonna need to dump this car and get another one.”

For a second, Alice balked at the idea of leaving her car somewhere, and she said so.

“They were there for you, Alice,” Patrick pointed out gently. “If they knew your name and address, you can bet they also know exactly what car you drive. We can’t afford to get picked up by any sort of police. Kathy might be able to protect us…if we made it to police headquarters. But we won’t, not if those men get to us. I think you understand that.”

She did. Alice hadn’t wanted to get involved with Torchwood’s business, and she’d thanked her mother many times over for changing their names in order to protect them. She had no doubt that this had something to do with her Dad and Tad, and not all that long ago she would have cursed them for it.

However, she’d seen what both of them went through in order to protect the world, and she could only respect them for it. Plus she had a much better idea of just what Torchwood did and had gained a family along with that understanding. If this did have something to do with Torchwood – and she really had no doubt that it did – then they’d done their best to get her and Steven out of danger by calling Patrick and warning them as soon as they could. They would do everything in their power to look after them and to keep them safe.

Alice understood things better, and could accept that they were in danger even if she didn’t have to like it. Especially if it had something to do with her only son.

She also had Patrick with her, which was a relief. She liked the gregarious American, maybe a bit too much. The idea of even thinking about asking him out on a date made Alice reconsider even more about Torchwood. Yes, she didn’t like the idea that he seemed to have at least one gun on him at any time, even if she could wrap her head around the need to be prepared for anything. There were things he did that she didn’t quite care for, like sometimes the way he treated her as if she was some sort of damsel in distress, even when they weren’t racing down a major road at nearly 6am with unknown people trying to find them.

But, at the same time, Patrick was really good with Steven. He respected Alice’s intelligence and her life choices and was there, in this moment, and Alice knew there was only two other people she would completely trust to get them to safety.

“Alright,” she said. “What do you suggest?”

She glanced over and caught sight of the smile on Patrick’s face. “Head toward the airport and I’ll explain.”

And this was how, three hours later, they were in an old Volvo station wagon that they’d ‘appropriated’ from long-term parking at Cardiff International, after laying a trail that their pursuers would believe had them flying out for Berlin on the next available plane.

Alice was impressed, and said so.

Patrick actually blushed and explained that Airport 1970 was one of his granddad Canton’s favourite movies, and how they’d watched it together when it had been released to regular television. He went on to say that Helen Hayes had been his hero, because of how she’d managed to stow away on planes and how he’d done it himself at the tender age of fourteen because he’d wanted to see Disney World and his parents had said no. He’d actually made it to Orlando, Florida, but had been stopped at the airport there and had been sent back home to Washington, DC immediately. His parents had been furious but his grandfather had simply smiled. Patrick had studied various ways to get into and out of planes and airports once he’d joined the FBI, in remembrance of that particular movie and the silent approval his grandfather had given him over the whole Orlando business.

It was in moments such as this that Alice really wanted to meet the mysterious Canton Everett Delaware III, because she wanted to give him a piece of her mind.

But then, Patrick’s grandfather had been one of the reasons he’d accepted a place in the FBI, and that had been the stepping stone into Torchwood. She never would have met him otherwise.

That didn’t stop her from wanting to enroll the man in parenting classes, because there were just certain things a person didn’t encourage an impressionable child to attempt.

Still, they were safe for the time being, and heading toward Ddraig Llyn. She could worry about Patrick’s particular upbringing another day.

Chapter Seven


I'm glad that they are heading to Ddraig Llyn, they will definitely be safe there. The antagonists should definitely be afraid because if there is one person you don't want to back into a corner it is Jack Harkness. Not to mention God help anyone who hurt the daughter of Ianto's heart. :)
Yep, Ddraig Llyn is a safe place...but for how long?? *winks*

OMG!!! I totally love Patrick and Alice and granddad Canton!!!

Thanks, glad you like them. :)
I don't want to have to wait for the next chapter! *whines* Thank heaven they're on their way to Ddraig Llyn! Can't wait to see what else is going to happen in your version :-)
Anything can happen... *laughs evilly*
teach you children well...a joy forever!
Oh how right you are... :)
Got to love grandad Canton!
He's certainly a bad influence... :)
I'm loving Patrick all the more. Airport reference is WIN!
Thank you! I love the Airport movies, they're like one of my guilty pleasures... :)
Mine too, especially the first two. ;)
Argh! Mobile damn! They are worse than a snitch!
Alice already pliers for Patrick? LOL
Unfortunately, yeah...

Oh Alice knows what she wants... :)
Oh This is so delicious. I waited until you were finished to start reading, then saved it for my vacation, then had a kidney stone attack the first day of vacation (all better now thank you) and am now back to work and don't want to. Work that is. I'd much much rather be READING.

This is wonderful.