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Myfanwy 2

April 2018



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The Breaking - Chapter Twenty-Six

The Breaking - Chapter Twenty-Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Madbottoms
Beta: Totally4ryo
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Toshiko/Kathy, pre-Alice Carter/Patrick Delaware, Martha Jones/Tom Milligan
Warnings: Language, Violence, Child Endangerment, Temporary Character Death
Spoilers: Up through S3, "Children of Earth".
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better...and so I rewrite it so it might make more sense.
Author's note:  This is "The Breaking", the Dragon-Verse rewrite of "Children of Earth".  I have changed the date to reflect the fact that school doesn't start in Great Britain until September, and not the original airing date.  This was written for the Long Live Ianto Big Bang Round Two.

SummaryThe Fae are watching.  The children are chanting.  Can Torchwood stop the end of the world?

19 September 2009

“And just what are you doing here?” Jack inquired as Tom came to stand next to him. He surreptitiously checked Tom over, making certain he was alright; and, apart from what looked like would become a spectacular black eye, his friend looked basically unharmed.

“Um…I was following the lorry your body had been put in.” Tom looked faintly embarrassed.

This did put a different spin on things. As long as his team was free, Jack could hold out as long as he needed to. But having just one in custody…UNIT knew he’d never endanger one of his people.

Jack played it calmly, even though his concern had just ramped up into worry. “Are we gonna have to arrange lessons in tailing a suspect?” he asked lightly.

Tom shrugged. “I can duck a Toclafane. Following someone is somewhat different.”

Oduya started, staring at Tom as if he was seeing a ghost. “The Toclafane are beyond top secret!”

“You’re looking at one of the heroes of the Year of the Toclafane,” Jack announced, proud of the young doctor. “He helped lead the Resistance, along with my team, plus he’s Martha Jones’ husband which automatically makes him special.” He regarded Oduya. “I seem to recall you didn’t last past the first month…not that you’d remember that, of course. I’m sure that fact must be in a report somewhere.” He gave Oduya a smug smile. “You really have no idea just how talented my team is, do you? You’re so hung up on jurisdiction and posturing that you overlook anyone not fitting into your small corner of the world.”

Oduya narrowed his eyes. “I don’t think it much matters at this moment. We’re concerned with the 456, not some paradox that doesn’t exist any longer. We’ll hold the pair of you until you cannot cause any more trouble.” He waved at the guards. “Take them to cells. And get our new ‘guest’ appropriate garments to wear.”

Jack rolled his eyes and stood. “The accommodations are not even two-star,” he said as an aside to Tom. “I won’t recommend this place as a vacation spot ever again.”

Tom snorted. “Oh darn, and here I was hoping Martha and I could come here for a second honeymoon.”

Yes, there was a reason why Jack liked Tom Milligan so much.

Before they could even leave the office, though, the entire building seemed to shake slightly. The facility had been built to withstand a lot of things, so Jack knew whatever was going on would have to be something pretty spectacular. Colonel Oduya’s phone began ringing as an alarm blared.

“Having a bit of trouble?” Jack asked over the headache-inducing alarm.

Oduya ignored him. “Cut out that damned alarm!” he shouted into the phone. In seconds, it was once again quiet, except for the impact refraction going on somewhere in the complex.

And then, Jack heard it. It was a roar, full of rage and the promise of violence. He couldn’t help but grin. “That dragon of mine knows how to make an entrance,” he proclaimed happily.   He was so glad that Ianto was alright and coming for him that it was all he could do to remain calm and to continue to poke at Oduya’s growing fury.

“I want to know what’s going on,” the colonel said into the handset. He was silent as whoever it was on the other end reported the presence of a royally pissed-off dragon somewhere on the base.

Jack didn’t even have to hear the conversation to know what exactly Oduya was being told.

Another roar came from outside, this time it was coupled with Jack’s name. Jack was beaming proudly. “You might want to consider giving the dragon what he wants before he tears the building down around your ears.” He was feeling positively giddy.

Oduya didn’t look happy as he said into the phone, “Bring out the rocket launcher and armour-piercing shells. If we can’t run it off, we’ll blow its brains all over the countryside.”

He slammed the phone down. “Takes these two to the cells, then report to Captain Spencer out in the car park.”

The three soldiers nodded, and they hadn’t even taken three steps before the phone rang once more. Jack heard Oduya pick it up as two of the guards yanked him forward by the biceps. He almost stumbled, and it was horribly undignified, but Jack didn’t care. He winked at Tom, who also had a smile on his face. “Do you think Martha’s with him?” he asked.

“Not even a dragon can keep our Nightingale away,” Jack declared proudly. “Your wife is a complete badass.”

Tom’s expression turned sappy; Jack wondered how many times he’d looked like that thinking of his dragon. “That she is.”

“You are one lucky bastard, Tom.” Jack couldn’t go as fast as the guards wanted him to, with the shackles on his bare ankles.

“I know it, Jack. So are you.”

The building shivered once more. “Oh, yeah, I’m very well aware of that.”

One of the soldiers ‘escorting’ them looked a bit freaked out. “I hope none of you are virgins,” Jack sing-songed. “The dragon loves a good virgin for breakfast.”

“Jack, you are evil.”

“It’s one of my best characteristics!”

Tom laughed at that.

The first cell they came to, both Jack and Tom were thrown in together. At least the guards thought to remove Jack’s shackles, but both were kept handcuffed.   “Well, this is impressive,” Tom said sarcastically, glancing around in distaste. “You were right about the accommodations.”

“We won’t be here long, though,” Jack said confidently. Honestly, his mate had never gone up against a rocket launcher before, but Jack felt certain it would just piss Ianto off even more than he already was.

The armour-piercing rounds, though, Jack was concerned about. On paper, those bullets could go through a Dalek, and while Ianto’s scales were like hardened steel any of those might possibly penetrate into vulnerable flesh.

He tilted his head toward the window, set too high in the wall for him to look out of, although he could tell it was becoming daylight. Then he grinned, glancing over at his cellmate. “If I give you a boost, do you think you could see anything out of that window?”

Tom eyed is speculatively.   “Don’t see why not, although it’ll be a bit awkward with our hands cuffed.”

Jack squatted, lacing his fingers together. “Alley oop!”

Tom rested his hands on Jack’s right shoulder, planting his foot carefully into the make-shift stirrup of Jack’s palms. The doctor wasn’t overly muscular; he was lankier, and Jack didn’t have too much trouble taking his weight as he hoisted Tom upward.

There was a bit of wriggling, and then a whoop of sheer excitement. “Damn it,” Tom swore, “you have any idea just how intimidating a single dragon eye at a window can be?”

Jack didn’t even bother hiding the grin that bloomed across his face. Ianto was fine, and he was there to get them out. “Bringing you down,” he said, not wanting to surprise the other man and have him fall.

Once Tom was back on the ground, Jack backed up against the steel door, wanting to see what Tom had. Unfortunately he was at the wrong angle and couldn’t make out a thing.

Tom joined him at the door. “How do you think he found us?”

“Probably because he can sense me,” Jack explained. “He can feel the Rift as well. It’s the time energy…at least that’s what he believes.”

There was a sudden tinkle of glass as the window was broken inward by a single, large talon. “You manage to get into the most trouble,” the familiar, Welsh-accented voice rumbled through the opening.

“Hey, now!” Jack exclaimed, laughing. “I’m not the only one with the trouble gene, you know!”

There was a snort, and the claw that had broken through the window curled around something that Jack couldn’t see; there must have been at least one bar up there.

Jack could see the claw flexing, and cinder block dust drifted down into the cell. Another flex and most dust floated on the breeze, while a crack appeared in the mortar between the blocks that formed the wall. Yet another pull and, with a loud crunch, the window suddenly tore open far wider, and the claw vanished. Jack bounced on the balls of his feet, not noticing the cold concrete under this toes any longer.

A head appeared in the opening. “I only asked you to follow them,” Martha teased her husband, “not get into what must have been a dust-up and then get yourself thrown into a cell.”

Tom touched the forming black eye and managed to look outraged and sheepish at the same time.

“Yeah,” Jack jumped on the ‘let’s give Tom grief’ bandwagon. “I offered to get him surveillance lessons, Nightingale.”

“We can discuss this later,” Ianto’s voice interrupted them, “because the UNIT troops are regrouping and I don’t relish being shot at. Even if the bullets won’t penetrate my scales, they still sting,”

Martha moved back, and a large, clawed hand inserted itself into the damaged window. This time, the dragon managed to rip a large enough hole in the wall for them to climb out. Spurred on by the idea that his mate might not be able to withstand the weaponry Oduya would be readying, Jack leaped into the opening, pulling himself out with the help of Ianto’s fingers.

He moved out of Tom’s way, who scrambled out of the hole almost on Jack’s heels.   The orange jumpsuit Jack had on didn’t do much for the wind that cut through the thin material, and he wished he knew where his greatcoat had been taken. Oh well, he could get it back once this was all over. For now, they needed to leave.

“We need to get those cuffs off,” the dragon growled.

Jack stepped up and calmly held out his wrists. Ianto gently positioned the short chain between two of his claws, and snapped the links easily. Tom followed suit, quipping, “Why Grandma, what big claws you have.”

Ianto didn’t answer as he usually would, and that was when Jack got his first good look at his mate.

There was scorch marks marring the smooth green of the dragon’s scales along his flank and back. From what Jack could see of his left wing, the joint was swollen, pushing the scales out of alignment. Ianto also had his head down, and Jack could see the pain in his expressive blue eyes.   Jack swallowed hard, seeing his mate in this condition. “Are you alright to fly?” he asked gently, gently touching unmarked scales.

“We need to leave,” Ianto answered…which wasn’t what Jack had, in fact, asked. He looked toward Tom. “Martha and I saw your car from the air, Tom. It’s parked just on the other side of the building. If I covered you, you should be able to make it.”

“Okay,” Tom said. He was also eyeing the damage done to the dragon, and Jack knew that the young doctor would be cataloguing the visible injuries for later treatment.

Now though wasn’t the time to argue about it, though, and Jack was grateful that the young man kept silent on the matter for the moment.

“I don’t have the keys anymore since they confiscated them when they grabbed me,” Tom went on, “but I did learn how to hotwire stuff while running missions during that Year.” He grasped Martha’s hand, tugging her forward. “Let’s get the hell out of here. I don’t like the idea of UNIT using us as target practice.”

The dragon nodded. “I still have my flame, and I can take care of anyone wanting to take shots at us. Just stay near me, alright?”

“Ianto – “ Jack began.

“I’ll be fine,” he assured him. “I’ve been hurt worse; you’ve just never been around to see it. Let’s go home.”

Jack couldn’t argue with that, even though he was going to have words with his mate later and get an explanation of just he’d meant.

Together, the four of them circled the building. Apparently Oduya hadn’t cadged onto the fact that his prisoners had escaped, because most of his men were around near the front of the facility. Jack didn’t like what he saw; there were several soldiers with rocket launchers, as well as at least one fifty-calibre rail gun manned by three red-capped men. That was the one thing Jack worried most about, and he hoped they could get past it.

Ianto solved the issue by breathing a line of fire toward the hunkered down troops.

Men dove out of the way, most of them abandoning their posts to prevent from getting burned. Jack, along with Martha and Tom, raced toward the car park on the other side, Jack spying the Milligan’s vehicle among the official UNIT trucks. He knew once they got in among them Oduya’s men wouldn’t be able to target them.

A loud roar came from behind them, and then Jack heard the unmistakable rush of air signalling yet another burst of flame. He was terrified for his mate, and it was all he could do not to turn and make his stand with Ianto.

A sudden whoosh had him turning just in time to watch Ianto duck a rocket aimed at his head.

That was it.

Jack stopped his forward momentum, yanking open the door of one of the parked Jeeps. He crawled most of the way inside, and by leaning over the front seat he found the stash of weapons every UNIT vehicle came equipped with.

Jack climbed out, holding a pair of machine pistols in his hands.

The spray of bullets he sent toward the soldiers must have shocked them, because Jack managed to take down several before they even noticed him. Their attention was on him, and he had to duck behind the armoured Jeep in order to avoid getting shot. Yes, he would come back, but he didn’t want to be a burden to his friends, and he knew them all well enough by now that he was certain they wouldn’t leave him behind, even if he ordered it.

He managed to see Ianto, though, to know where the dragon was and to ascertain that he seemed to be alright at the moment. Once the attention was off him, the dragon mantled his wings and used the momentum to hop clumsily several yard toward the parked vehicles, and he let loose more fire since the soldiers were distracted.

It was almost like a tennis match. Ianto would send fire toward the UNIT troops, all the while making his slow – and obviously painful – way toward the facilities’ front gates. Jack would then shoot at them, making them change their direction toward him, basically making them stay under what cover they had. Jack managed to take out the gun crew on the 50-cal on one pass, while the dragon bathed it in flame on another.

That was one gun that wasn’t going to be fired, ever again.

But Jack could tell his mate was hurting badly. After a few short hops using his wings, the dragon had taken to scuttling backward on all fours, and he could see Ianto was favouring his rear left leg as he moved. They needed to get out of there quickly before someone got lucky and hit one of Ianto’s wounded, vulnerable areas.

“Jack!’ he heard Martha shout his name, and he took the chance and glanced backward. She was waving at him from their car which, true to Tom’s word, had obviously been hotwired and was idling just two rows over.

He let off twin bursts of his machine pistols, and while the UNIT men were avoiding the flying bullets, Jack called out to Ianto.

The dragon must have heard him, because he took another wing-assisted hop – although Jack could see how much it pained him – and finally got his back against the closed gates. Jack took several more shots as Ianto quickly turned his back to the soldiers and tore the fence apart with both hands, claws ripping through chain link like it was made from room-temperature butter.

The revving of an engine had Jack backing toward the Milligan’s car, both pistols held out and ready to shoot at anyone who stuck his head out from behind the barricades Oduya had set up. The gravel under his bare feet hurt like a bitch, but he couldn’t deal with that now. They had to get out of there, and now.

Jack had to duck behind a troop transport, and he lost sight of his mate for the few precious seconds it took for him to get to the idling vehicle. He could still hear the tell-tale sound of a dragon breathing fire as he practically threw himself in the back seat, yelling, “Go!” as he nearly ricocheted off the back of the passenger side front seat.

Tom floored it, and the car slammed forward, gravel slinging in all directions from the spin on the tires. He had to thread it between a lorry and another Jeep before getting out onto the driveway, and the car fishtailed as the doctor slung the wheel hard around left.

The car was pointed right at the dragon, from where he was perched in front of the ripped-apart gates, protecting their escape. Jack rolled down the rear window, and helpfully sprayed the area with high-velocity rounds, sending what troops were left undercover once more. He took a look outside of the windscreen, and saw they were unbelievably close to a scaled green chest; Jack was about to shout a warning when the dragon disappeared, leaping into the sky just as Tom shot the car under his bulk.

Jack stuck his head out the window, ignoring the UNIT troops in order to watch his mate take flight. Ianto wasn’t gaining altitude very fast, and Jack’s heart was in his throat for several seconds before it was obvious that the dragon was going to stay in the air. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Are you okay?” Martha asked worriedly, turning to look into the back seat.

Jack shrugged. “I always am.” Then he glowered at her. “I can’t believe you let Ianto fly here from Thames House!”

Martha rolled her eyes. “Like I was about to stop him! C’mon, Jack…you know as well as I do that there’s no stopping Ianto when it concerns you. He was going to come for you whether I was with him or not.”

She had a point. Ianto would tear apart the world if it meant he would get to Jack. Still, seeing him in pain like that…he sighed.   “Yeah, I know. I just hate it that he was hurt. What happened, anyway?” He knew what Oduya had told him, which hadn’t been much at all, and Jack needed to hear it from someone he trusted.

Martha explained what she’d seen, and what she’d heard from the team back in Ddraig Llyn. Jack was stunned when he’d heard of the destruction of Thames House, and that Ianto had been buried under literally tons of concrete and metal until he’d managed to dig himself out. No wonder his mate was hurting! It had been far worse than he’d even imagined, after seeing the very visible wounds on his dragon.

“Do we know for sure that the 456 in Thames House is gone?” Jack asked, once Martha was finished.

“Ianto said so,” she answered. “The gas ignited from the heat of his flames. There was no way it could have survived.”

“And the child?”

“According to Patrick, the Fae managed to save the boy.”

Jack slumped back against the seal, suddenly exhausted.

“Here.” Martha handed over her mobile. “Call the team; they’ll want to hear from you. The number’s listed under ‘vacation home’.”

Jack snorted at that, flipping the phone open and scanning down the contacts list. He paused before speed-dialling, but said to hell with it if anyone was still listening. It rang only once before it was answered. “What’s up, sweetheart?”

He couldn’t help but smile at the sound of Owen’s voice. “Nothing much, honey,” he returned.

“Bloody hell, Harkness,” the medic shouted down the line. “Didja have to get yourself killed?” He sounded relieved, and yet mad at the same time.

“We didn’t expect a contact agent,” Jack said. “How’s things going there?”

“Toshiko’s got the Archangel Network up and running. We’ve got everything under control so far, but we have no bleeding clue what the 456 are gonna do when they figure out they’re not gonna to get an answer from their buddy that’s now a splat on the concrete of Thames House.”

That was a puzzle to Jack as well. Certainly the other aliens would have reacted by now? “Maybe Toshiko managed to block their signals as well?”

“That’s what she thinks. But she thinks she’s also found out where their ship’s been hiding out.”

“That’s great news.” It was one more thing they could try to control: when the next problem occurs. If they could monitor the 456’s ship, then they would be several steps ahead of any sort of incursion. “We need to come up with a way to send them on their way, though.”

‘Yeah, Tosh is working on that, and we’re all brainstorming ideas. Seems like Alice came up with one that’s doable: sending a signal back along their transmission lines in hopes of disabling them. Patrick’s all for blowing them to hell, but you know how much he enjoys things that go ‘bang’.”

“That still wouldn’t be a bad idea.” If they could destroy whatever the 456 have out there, it would send a message that the human race could take care of themselves, instead of the one that the government was bent on setting. “We really need something that communicates to them that we want them the hell gone, whatever that’s going to be.”

Jack glanced out of the back of the car, and for some reason they weren’t being followed. He knew it was only a matter of time before UNIT got off their arses and sent out patrols to catch them. “We can’t come to the valley,” he said. “Not yet, anyway. But Ianto’s been hurt and he can barely keep himself in the sky. One of his wings is injured.” He described the swelling he’d seen.

Owen cursed. “I can’t see it myself, but it sounds like he either pulled or tore the muscle. He needs to get out of the air and rest that wing.”

“And we’ll have UNIT on our tails in no time. We can’t stop.” Jack was really worried at what Owen had told him, about Ianto’s wing. With an injury like that he knew damned well that the dragon wouldn’t be able to change shape.

“We’ll need to dump this car,” Tom said from the front seat. “UNIT knows what we’re driving.”

“I heard that,” Owen said. “Look, I…wait a second, Rhys wants to talk to you.”

There was the sound of the handset being transferred over, and Rhys’ voice came over the line. “Ianto’s hurt his wing?”

“Yeah, he has.”

“Then I know exactly what you need to do…”

Chapter Twenty-Seven


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Ianto is awesome and sometimes I think that he is even more amazing that Jack realises. However of all the people in all of time and space Jack probably comes the closest. I love it at the end though, Rhys to the rescue!
Especially now he's out of the shadow of Gwen. It's his turn to shine
Yay, Rhys!!!!
Note to self: never piss off a dragon....

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