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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Positive Things Meme - Day Three

Okay, this was a bad day so I had a hard time coming up with three things that were positive...

1.  Since work was dead boring, I started reading "Heat Wave" by Richard Castle.  Yes, that Richard Castle.  I must recommend it, it's quite good.  And it was on sale as an ebook on Amazon, which was a plus.  I love a good ebook sale...

2. I also went through my Kindle docs and started sorting them into collections.  I started this job a while back and well, boring work is boring, and I needed something to keep me awake before I hit upon the really good idea of reading.  I have 1596 docs on my Kindle, every one of them fanfiction except for my mother's medication list.  This outweighs the number of published books I have, which sits at 138.

Anyway...I began working on that again, and it's quite fascinating to see just what I've downloaded, and who my favorite authors are.  It also made me realize there's a lot still out there I haven't downloaded yet, i.e. stuff on LJ and FFN that I love and should completely grab soonish.  I also noticed how many of the fics I have that are from authors who took their stuff down, which makes me sad.  Okay, so maybe this wasn't such a positive thing after all, only in that I have fics from authors who aren't around anymore, so at least I saved them even if it's for my own enjoyment.

3.  After work tonight I put on "Ancient Aliens", which always cheers me up.  I mean, really?  Our ancestors were a lot smarter than these guys give them credit for and it makes me outraged on their behalf.  I love history.  No one has any idea how many fics I've had ideas for that are historical AU's.  I have no idea why I never got any of them done, but one of these centuries I might dust one off and see what I can do with it.

Oh, the dragon says no.  That doesn't surprise me.

So, there we go!  Not very impressive but today was kind of a crap day.



Sorry to hear you had a bad day. You bring us all so much pleasure, you should never have a bad day. I wish I could help. I was re-reading the future stories in the dragonverse last night, and really enjoying it.
Oh, thank you so much! You are wonderful. I think sometimes my bad days outweigh my good ones, and then someone says something that nice to me. *hugs*
That's dragons for you; very bossy and opinionated. He wants his story told, lol!

Saving fanfic is good. They need to be rescued and kept for posterity, shared among other fans etc. If there's anything Torchwood you want that has vanished, I have an awful lot saved as plain text files.

A good book is always a positive thing =)

Sorry you had a bad day *hugs*
He really is! It's a darned good thing I like him so much! *lsughs*

Fanfic does need to be saved. I can understand why someone might want to take a story down (I'll be honest; I've been there) but it's such a shame when it happens.

It's gotten better, *hugs*
Good to hear things have improved.

I know the fics belong to the writer, but it's still sad, especially with the really clever well-written ones. Later fans will never know the pleasure of reading them.
I have about 1600 books on my Kindle and non of them are fanfic

A good place to buy m/m books (well, any kind of romance or erotica genre really) is here https://www.allromanceebooks.com/ you get rebates (you pay full price but get ebook bucks to use on other books) and every time you buy 10 books you get one for free

(My downloaded fanfic is stored on my laptop and in Dropbox)

Hope life has improved since you posted
That's a lot of books. Sometimes I'm surprised I don't have more, to be honest. There's been a big sale in steampunk stuff on Amazon and I've been downloading like crazy. Free is such a good price!

Oh, cool. Thanks! I'm definitely checking that out. :)

It has, it really has. Thank you so much.
Forgot to say, look for these titles on ARe

Don't Read in the Closet (5 book)
Love has no Bounderies (9 book)
Love is always Write (10 books -possibly 11)
Stuff my Stocking (1 book)

They're free m/m anthologies and you get several 1000 pages of all kinds of m/m
Keep all my fanfic in folders on flash drive under each author's name. You have a pretty good size file; I haven't read all of them but when things get quiet at work or home, I do read. I find that TW has some really terrific writers who craft well-written stories that i'll sometimes re-read and find something I missed.

Why not combine one of your historical AU's with the dragon? If he's prominently featured, maybe he'll relent. :D :D :D

Oh, that makes sense too! That would certainly be an easy way to keep track of what you have.

I'm always amazed when someone says they have all my stories. There are just so many! And yes, TW fandom has so many amazing writers. My TW file is quite large. :)

Oh LOL! Now that might be something to think about!
Sorry to hear about the bad day, but I think perhaps those are the days when it's extra important to try to find the positive stuff?

Wait, there's an actual Richard Castle? Or is this some sort of light entertainment inception thing? :-P

I swear I just heard "dragon says no" in Carole Beer's (from "Little Britain") voice! :-D