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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Positive Things Meme - Day Four

It's Day Four already?  Time flies....

1.  Mom will be released from the nursing home Thursday!  *does happy dance*  She'll be staying with me for a couple of days while they're working on her house (which will cut into my writing time) and then by Saturday or Sunday she gets to go home for good.  I'll need to do some rearranging of  my apartment because I have some narrow places her walker might not go through, and I have to clean, but it's so worth it.

2.  I was feeling a bit down yesterday, so today I bought myself something I've been wanting for a while: a whole bunch of Agents of SHIELD charms to make a bracelet.  There's this online store,  Optimystical Studios, I absolutely love.  I first ran into them at Gallifrey One last February, where I bought a crapload of Torchwood charms and my SHIELD pendant, and have been buying from them every once in a while (my HYDRA pendant is so cool) so I emailed the owner who sent me pictures of the SHIELD team members he had.  I chose seven of them and intend on putting them on a charm bracelet.  They even make special orders, which is cool.  I also follow them on Tumblr, where they show their new stuff first.  Their Game of Thrones-based necklaces are amazing, and I have my eye on the new Sailor Moon designs.

3.  We had a meeting at work today of all the remote operators - those of us who work from home.  There have been a lot of issues with communication between the office and the remotes, and it has really come to a head lately.  It was so nice to be able to tell our boss exactly what was going on and know that they really want to take care of the issues.  There have been so many times when the remotes were ignored about something and I've lost count of the times my breaks got skipped because they forgot about me.  So the remotes got to vent in safety, which was a very pleasant surprise.

And so, there goes Day Four!

Hope everyone had their own version of a positive day. :)



Yay! So glad to hear that you mom will be home soon! That's great news!

The charms sound fun, it's amazing the cool stuff fans can get these days.

Glad you could air all your concerns and know you were being listened to!
OOh good to read it's all going well and according to plan with your mother. Enjoy her stay at your place. I am sure the dragon will forgive you for any delay in telling his adventures.
He will understand about mothers and their importance..
So nice to hear your mum gets to go home! I'm very close with mine, so I know how strong that connection can be :-)

And when it comes to work there's nothing more important than feeling at least content with what you do, so I am glad you got your say, and I hope things will indeed improve!