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Myfanwy 2

September 2019



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Myfanwy 2

Hey, everyone!!

Well, I'm back from Florida, and I had a great time.  Being without a computer drove me a bit nuts, but the muses seem to have taken the opportunity to glomp onto my brain and not let go.

My folks live out on nine acres in the middle of nowhere, and it was so quiet out there compared to my place...until the trains went by.  Here are a few shots of their property:

Like I said, it's all out in the middle of nowhere, and it's absolutely beautiful out on their land.  My Dad and Stepmother live in one manufactured home, and they have another one set up for my Grandmother, who's 93 and still living on her own.  She has some health issues but Dad and Stepmom take really good care of her.

Anyway, it was a nice visit but I'll admit it was good to get home.  I have a couple more days of vacation left, and go back to work on Friday, which of course I'm not looking forward to.

As I said, the muses used the lack of computer time in order to give my brain conniptions.  In the next couple of weeks I have plans to work on both the next chapter of Ghosts of the Collider, as well as my Reel Torchwood story based on the film, "Holiday Inn" and I hope to get that done fairly quickly.

And then, there's NaNo.

Oh, the plans I have...

I do intend on finishing the fic that I promised idycat1170 for naming all the reincarnated people in "Surviving the Interview Process".  It would have been done so much sooner but they really gave me a good prompt and it went a little sideways from what was requested...longer, too.   It's a future Dragon-Verse fic, which is all I'm going to say, and it actually spawned two sequels that I'm also going to be working on for NaNo as well.   The first follows pretty much directly from this, but also affects the 2014 version of Torchwood...there's time travel involved, of course.  It also touches a bit on events from "Captain America: the Winter Soldier" and some of "Agents of SHIELD" (thank goodness the only plots from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that have anything to do with Torchwood are the ones regarding Phil Coulson and his death/resurrection/et al.  Of course, SHIELD being destroyed is part of that.  This is still a Torchwood story, so don't worry about the MCU taking over.)

The second sequel is the long-awaited reunion between Jack and his mother...and Gray.  Because it's about time Gray came out of cryo-sleep.

There's also a direct sequel to "The Breaking" dealing with the repercussions of what happened in that story.  It basically gives an outline of what Her Majesty wants to happen with Torchwood...which is to grow and eventually make UNIT obsolete.  I'd have to post this one before the above future fics, because the second one would otherwise contain spoilers for what comes next, and I'd like to give some sort of explanation of what happens before that one in order to avoid any sort of confusion.  There's also this other fic that I wanted to work on, dealing with the Delaware/Coulson family in the aftermath of Phil Coulson's death (taking place after "The Avengers") but it's not all that important in the scheme of things.  If I have a chance I'll work on it, but these four are the most important at the moment.

Of course, then there's "Remember", the Dragon-Verse version of "Adam".  *grins manically*

And my Steampunk/SHIELD story I've been slaving over for nearly a year now.  I actually have a plot!

I do realize I'm being a bit ambitious, because I doubt I'll get all this worked on, but it's all on my agenda for NaNo.  I'm feeling really inspired, which to be honest hasn't been the case in a while.  I have so much I want to work on, and little time to do it in, which is why my plate is so full for NaNo.

Think productive thoughts, okay?

Thanks, all, for your continued support.  You all rock.  *fist bumps everyone*



WOOHOO! Dragon-Verse fans rejoice! There are a lot of delicious treats in store for us in the future! Don't know about anyone else, but I'm excited! I'll sit quietly and be patient though =)

Beautiful pictures, all those tress, I'd be in heaven!
The property looks nice (of course, I like the middle of nowhere too). It kinda reminds me of the roadside parks in my area where a person can stop and have a picnic, family gathering, or just rest for a bit before continuing the drive. A former coworker used to live in Florida, so I have to say watch out for the snakes and alligators. Especially the snakes.

I look forward to whatever you write, but the list does seem ambitious. Good luck with that.
Looking forward to all your muse-inspired writings!! Especially those with dragons in them and with Coulson!! Love AC..

Your parents place looks great , I catch myself planting Hosta's in de wooded area (in my mind)..lovely!
that's a lovely place they have.

Oh, Christmas/holiday season is gonna be awesome this year with such amazing presents to look forward to! ^_^

Looking forward to reading all of these
Good luck! :D
*making a large mug of tea and patiently waiting for some great reading...* :D

Lovely land to get your muses a vacation on. You've got quite a list of things you want to write so I'm gonna sit back and just bead while you write... :D DragonVerse is always worth the wait! :D
Oooh, so much happy! Doesn't matter that the fic-writing in the fandom is dwindling - you're obviously aiming to pick up ALL the slack! :-D Good luck with all the writing and with NaNo - another reason for me to love this time of year!

Oh, and your parents' place looks gorgeous and very peaceful - no wonder the muses are back on form :-)
That looks so peaceful and lovely, but no computer? O.O
*slides the plot bunnies a few cookies*

Glad you had a great trip and those plot bunnies are bouncing!

Looking forward to whatever awesomeness you come up with next.
thank you for the news.
it really looks nice with your parents. Me who loves peace, greenery and sun ... I love.

Super all your projets.Je'm glad you have so many minds to dig. proemt this beautiful reading ahead!
welcome back home.

I wonder what the effect of Adam on an old Millennium Dragon ???? especially since it is not provided in the original version.
For my part I hope it will not be affected. but you're the writer and it is only happiness to read you!

Edited at 2014-10-27 09:27 pm (UTC)
Yes, thank you for this update. I have loved your Dragon-Verse as well as you other Torchwood stories. I must keep an eye out for that Steampunk/SHIELD. It sound interesting. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. :)