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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Time Trap - Chapter Three

Time Trap - Chapter Three
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones; Patrick Delaware/Alice Carter; Martha Jones/Tom Milligan; Arthur (Harkness-Jones) Pendragon/Merlin Williams-Song; Clint Barton/Phil Coulson (Past); Owen Harper/Diane Holmes; John Hart/Cadi Harkness-Jones
Warnings: Language, Violence, Mpreg, Angst, Time Travel, Perceived Character Death
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood Series Three, through Agents of SHIELD Season One, for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, none really for Merlin, Doctor Who, and Sarah Jane Adventures.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.  Nor do I own Merlin, Doctor Who, anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the Sarah Jane Adventures.  Oh, or Josh Gates either, although I'd kinda like to.

Author's note:  This is the sequel to the story, "Decisions", and is a crossover between the Dragon-Verse Post-Series and the Future Adventures.  It's also "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" compliant and "Agents of SHIELD" season one compliant.

SummaryTorchwood London gets a surprise...a displaced time traveller who is the double for a long dead friend.  Meanwhile, the Cardiff Hub also plays host to a visitor that is somehow linked to the man in London.  Who is he, and what does his presence mean for the timelines?

3 June 2014


The sun was just on the horizon by the time Patrick pulled his car into the driveway of his and Alice’s house in a quiet cul-de-sac in Battersea. There were lights on in a couple of the other houses on the street; neighbours were up and getting ready for work just as he, Jack, and Clint were getting home from a long night.

The thing was, Patrick would never have wished for a normal life like the one his neighbours had. A normal life would never have gotten him what he had now: friends, family, his Alice and their children, and a job that he loved and knew he’d never retire from, which in his mind was a good thing indeed.

Patrick let them inside. The smell of coffee welcomed him home, and he couldn’t help but smile despite how tired he was.

His father-in-law and friend following, he headed toward the kitchen, where his wife awaited them with coffee already poured, looking soft and comfortable in her pyjamas and robe.

Alice Delaware looked at them each in turn before handing out the mugs. “I shouldn’t be giving you this,” she commented. “Coffee isn’t exactly good for getting any sleep.”

“You are a goddess among women,” Patrick gushed, accepting her offering. “I don’t say it enough, but it’s true.” It was hot and not quite as strong as he usually took it, but he understood Alice’s reasons for it.

“Good thing Tad called ahead and said all three of you were coming,” she said, leaning against the kitchen counter. “He said it was serious.”

Patrick couldn’t help it; he leaned next to her, close enough to feel the heat from her body. He soaked it in as if it were the very balm to his soul. He honestly hadn’t believed in soulmates until he’d met Alice. “Yeah, it is,” he admitted. He knew he could tell her anything and she would be there to support him. Just as she knew she could confide in him and he would be there for her, no matter what.

Her eyes darted to Jack and Clint, and Patrick could tell she was figuring things out. “It must be bad.”

“Yeah,” Clint said, slumping down onto one of the stools that stood around the central island. He was still a bit pale from the night’s revelations, and he cradled the mug between his hands.

Alice looked concerned at his demeanour. “What happened?” She glanced at her father, and then Patrick, as if she could glean it from their expressions.

He told her everything; about the fight in Hyde Park, and of finding the man calling himself Phillip Pendragon and of how much he resembled his dead uncle. Alice’s face turned understanding as he continued on, and once the story was done she rested her hand on his arm in support, and then made her way around the island to wrap her arms around Clint, giving him what comfort she could.

Patrick didn’t blame her one bit. Yes, he’d been shocked by how much their guest had looked like his uncle, but Clint had taken it even harder. It hadn’t just been losing someone he’d cared about; Clint had dated Phil Coulson for nearly a couple of years before distance and missions came between them, and Clint had always regretted losing him to another. But it was also the guilt of leading the raid on the Helicarrier that had led to Uncle Phil’s death, before Clint had admitted that he’d made a mistake in letting him go. Seeing Phillip Pendragon had raked up every bit of loss and guilt and pain he’d suffered, and when he’d been nearly healed…

“You’re welcome here for as long as you need,” she murmured into Clint’s shoulder. Her eyes met Patrick’s, and he nodded at her unspoken request.

“Let’s get cleaned up and in bed,” Patrick urged. “It’s been a hell of a night and we’re all exhausted.”

“Besides,” Jack chimed in, “we all want to be asleep before Gracie wakes up the entire place.”

That brought a snort out of Clint. “My goddaughter isn’t that bad,” he denied, turning his head and giving their boss a mock-glare.

“My granddaughter is,” Jack grinned.

“He has a point,” Patrick added. His and Alice’s daughter, Grace Phillipa, was nearing the terrible twos and was showing it in a really big way. Even Steven, usually so easy-going, was beginning to show the strain.

“You’re all mean,” Clint raised his head without dislodging Alice’s embrace. He’d regained a little of his humour at the quiet bantering.

Maybe the wounds weren’t that bad after all. Patrick could certainly hope.

“How long are you going to be in town, Dad?” Alice asked as she chivvied Clint up off his stool.

“A couple of days at least,” Jack answered. “I know the translation program is now up and running but I’m hoping a friendly voice speaking his language will help to convince him to cooperate fully.”

“You can stay as long as you want, Dad,” Alice responded. “I know Steven will be happy to see you.”

Jack looked contrite as they headed up the stairs toward the bedrooms. “I’m hoping now that things are calming down a bit and Ianto’s pretty much finished with Torchwood House that we’ll have more time to visit. I really do miss you all.”

Alice smiled softly. “We miss you and Tad too. Come on, to bed with you all, because if Steven finds out you’re all here Gracie won’t be the only one making a racket. And believe me when I say that a sixteen-year-old can make just as much noise as a two-year-old…if not more.”

Once Clint and Jack had been shown to the guest room, and Alice had given them both hugs as they parted company, Patrick grabbed her by the hand and led her toward their own room at the end of the hall. “Lay down with me for a bit?” he asked, letting more of his tiredness show.

Alice shook her head fondly. “Just a few minutes,” she allowed. “Some of us have things to do today, after all.”

“I doubt I’ll be up to much anyway,” he admitted, leaning forward and kissing her lightly. “I just need to be close for a short while.”

“I can understand that.”

Patrick led her into the bedroom, and she didn’t even wake him up when she got up to take care of the kids.

Chapter Four



Great update! It's nice little domestic break, after the night they have had
Thanks! A little domestic goes a long way, but of course you know it won't last long. :)
Spoiling me with two chapters..have to run to the next now!
Yes, both of these were so short I felt like I was cheating everyone! LOL!
I must've missed something...Patrick and Alice married and had a kid?! Jack's over the moon, I bet but even more, I love her attitude to him in this universe!
You really haven't missed anything. Patrick and Alice started dating after the events in "The Breaking", and one day I'm going to write their wedding. Gracie was born after what happened in "The Avengers", in fact she was pregnant with her when they all went to Coulson's funeral.

Hope that helps! :)