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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Immortality of the Deathless - Chapter Thirty-Four

The Immortality of the Deathless - Chapter Thirty-Four
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Master Archivist Ianto Jones of Torchwood Castle discovers the presence of a powerful magical Artifact, Baroness Gwen Williams hires Captain Jack Harkness and his band of mercenaries to retrieve it.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones; Gwen Williams/Rhys WIlliams
Warning: Fantasy violence
Spoilers: None really; mostly for Doctor Who S1 episodes "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways", and Torchwood S1 "Everything Changes" and S2 "Fragments".  Although the stories have been warped to fit into a fantasy setting. 
Author's Note:  This is Torchwood in a fantasy setting.  Everything that could be considered alien in the normal universe is magical here. 
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, if I did I'd have treated it better. It - and Doctor Who - are owned by the BBC, and created by Russell T. Davies.

Chapter Thirty-Four

The farther away from the road they traveled, the more nervous Ianto became. He could not say where the feelings were coming from, only that it felt as if someone were running ghostly fingers up his spine. He shivered, tightening his grip on the pack animals' reins.

His horse seemed almost as nervous as the archivist was, its head jerking at every little noise. The presence of Myfanwy wasn't helping matters any; the dragon kept making sharp whining noises as she walked beside Ianto and his mount. He'd tried to soothe her by sending calming thoughts, but it was hard when his own thoughts were jittery with unknown fears.

He kept glancing in Suzie's direction; Ianto would catch her looking at him every once in a while, and her expression made the nerves even worse. The mercenary's dark eyes seemed to drill into him almost as if she were staring into his soul. Ianto wished that Jack was visible to him; the captain's presence would go a long way to helping him stay calm.

As soon as that thought crossed his mind, the Wizard mentally shook himself. Since when did he become so totally reliant on another person that he couldn't handle himself without them? Yes, he could truthfully say that he cared very much for Jack, but to place his own emotional well-being on one person's shoulders was detracting from his own self-reliance. He had to get himself back under control on his own, he just couldn't constantly rely on Jack to make things better.

With that thought, the archivist tugged a bit harder on the horses' reins, in an attempt to get the beast under control once more.

Ianto looked over toward the pack horse to check that the box containing the Dagger and the Gauntlet were still firmly tied to the animal. The thing disturbed him more than he wanted to admit, and he would be grateful to have the Artifacts in the deepest, darkest Archive in Torchwood Castle for the rest of eternity.

Now, all they had to do was get to Cardiff.

Which, seemed to be a bit more impossible than it had been before, if whatever had disturbed Myfanwy was waiting for them. All he could think of was John Hart, and the man's insistence that he could get money for the Artifacts. It made the wizard wonder if whoever was on the road ahead knew what they were carrying.

Or, he was just being bloody paranoid.

Well, his father always claimed that just because you were paranoid doesn't mean that they are not out to get you.

He wished his bond with Myfanwy was stronger, so he could understand what was disturbing her so badly. From what he'd seen, she'd somehow been attacked, although by enemies or simply hunters, he could not say. As if she knew he was thinking of her, the dragon blinked up at him, her green eyes swirling with anxiousness. Ianto met those eyes, and he felt the connection instantly, breaking against his mind like a wave. He wavered in the saddle, wondering why he'd never quite felt it as strongly as before, even earlier on the road. What are you trying to tell me? He thought, even as he brought his horse and the pack horse to a halt.

Once again, it was as if Myfanwy was reading his mind; she launched herself upward, wings glinting in the daylight. Ianto watched her as she circled the band, flying higher and higher until she was a red-gold blur against the blue of the sky.


He turned in the saddle at Jack's shout. The captain was looking at him, a combination of confusion and irritation on his handsome features. The entire group had come to a stop, and Ianto was now the center of everyone's attention.

Jack rode closer. "I thought I told you to keep her close?" he demanded.

Ianto took offense at the tone the mercenary used, but hid it. He didn't answer, because quite honestly he didn't know how to answer that question. Instead, he looked upward, watching as the dragon flew overhead, a feeling of something growing in his mind.

What are you trying to tell me?

Myfanwy began to circle once more, this time somewhere to the south. It hit him all at once. "We're not alone," he murmured. "She's trying to tell us…we're not alone."

Jack must have heard, judging from the cursing the immortal was doing. "Call her back," he ordered, going into full Captain mode.

The archivist heard him giving orders as Ianto tried once more to reach out to the dragon. Come back, he sent his thoughts toward her, hoping she'd understand.

He was frightened for her; if whoever was about caught sight of her, she would be attacked again. The passing notion that the ones out there were innocent, but he discarded it immediately. What they were carrying was too dangerous to even assume that there was no danger, and once again he considered that John Hart had known someone who would have paid hard coin for these Artifacts. They might not be the ones Hart had told, but really…it was too much of a risk to assume otherwise.


This time Jack's voice was filled with concern. Ianto looked at him once more, nodding. "I'm fine," he answered the unasked question.

"I didn't doubt otherwise." Jack's hand touched his shoulder. "Ianto, I want you to take the Artifacts and ride toward Gateway –"

"I'm not leaving."

"Yes, you are," the mercenary asserted. "We'll cover you as you ride." He leaned closer. "You know as we as I do, that once you're in Gateway you can tap into the Deep Magic there to protect yourself and the Artifacts."

Of course he could; he recalled vividly what he'd done to Hart there. "I don't like leaving you."

"We can take care of ourselves," Jack grinned. "This is what we get paid to do." The grin turned into something a little more intimate. "We can't assume whoever's out there doesn't know what we're carrying. And, right now, our job is to protect those Artifacts…and by extension, you. We'll keep them off you, and once you get there you can do whatever you need to do in order to protect yourself and the Dagger and Gauntlet."

Ianto nodded. What Jack was saying made sense. He didn't like it, but he could see the logic of it. "All right," he acquiesced. "But I'm leaving Myfanwy to help you."

Jack looked like he wanted to argue, but as he opened his mouth the dragon landed beside Jack's horse, startling the animal even as Myfanwy was putting a clawed hand on the captain's calf. She turned to regard Ianto; her head bobbed as if she were nodding, her eyes fierce.

"See?" the Wizard pointed out. "She knows she belongs here with you. She'll look after you, Jack. For me."

"All right. Just get going. We'll hold them off."

Ianto would have kissed him, if there hadn't been as much distance between them. Instead, he nodded, then pulled on the pack horse's reins and began to ride away.

He passed Toshiko, and the Elven woman smiled as she turned her own horse toward the direction Myfanwy had indicated. "We'll be fine," she said. "We've done this sort of thing before."

The Archivist took a final look back at the mercenary band; they were gathering around Jack, who was giving orders in a low tone that Ianto couldn't make out. Myfanwy crouched by the captain's stirrup, looking as fierce as Ianto had ever seen her.

Then he turned around, urging the two horses toward Gateway.


The ruins beckoned to him, and it felt like Ianto was coming home.

He rose deeper into the field of broken stone, the magic humming deeply within him. He'd not felt this powerful since his first visit; he knew instinctively that this place could be dangerous for him, that he could easily lose himself within the power saturating the area. The ghosts he'd seen before flickered on the edge of his vision, moving as if they were still living their normal lives within the transparent walls of the once-great city.

A preternatural silence lay around him; not a bird or creature appeared to be around, and the quiet thrummed against his nerves just as the magic did against his mind. A peaceful gravesite, came the unbidden thought. It made him shiver.

Ianto kept riding, he didn't know for how long. He found himself deep within the ruins, a large pinnacle of stone before him, reaching into the sky. There was something about it that drew him toward it, like a beacon in the darkness. The sense of power was greatest there, and the archivist could see the specters of the past there more clearly than anywhere else. He caught glimpses of people: a tall man, with a shock of wild brown hair, eyes weary beyond their years; a young woman with blonde hair, laughing with the sheer joy of being alive; and a man in armor, smirking as he flirted with both the man and woman.


This was Jack, before his Deathlessness took over his existence. And the man and woman…they had to have been the Wizard and his Apprentice, Master John and Lady Rose.

Ianto didn't think she looked at all like a person who would curse a friend with immortality.

Suddenly he didn't want to be there. He turned his mount, ready to escape from the visions he was an inadvertent witness to. Damn Jack for sending him here. This place might make him powerful, but that didn't mean he had to like staying there.

He hadn't ridden very far, when Ianto caught sight of someone riding toward him at a gallop. He stopped, hoping it was Jack coming to tell him that they'd stopped whoever it was who'd been stalking them.

But no…to his surprise, it was Suzie.

Distrust shivered through him like a chill wind. Ianto couldn't see Jack sending her, of all people, after him and the Artifacts. Not with the strange way she acted around them. No…something was wrong.

Ianto reached for the power around him, feeling it rise to his call. He dismounted, putting the pinnacle at his back, holding the horses' reins so the animals wouldn't wander off. He waited until she was closer, then called out to her to stop.

Another surprise…she obeyed. Suzie halted her mount, then clambered down from the saddle. She took a few steps toward him, but Ianto asked her to stop once more. "What are you doing here?" he demanded.

"I've come to make sure you and the Artifacts are safe," she answered. The weapons' expert was trying to act nonchalant, but Ianto could see through it. This woman was dangerous, and the archivist knew he had to be careful.

"I'm fine," he answered cautiously. "As you can see. Where are the others?"

"They'll be along," Suzie answered, taking another step forward.

"What happened?"

She looked at him, her dark eyes glittering. "They were Lord Henry Parker's men," she answered. "Apparently they found out what we were carrying, and Lord Henry sent them after us to get the Artifacts."

He'd heard of the man, of course. Lord Henry had always been a thorn in Torchwood Castle's side; even though magical Artifacts had become very rare – since no one had been able to read many of the ancient documents until Ianto had come along and had figured out the magical glasses – there'd always been rumors, and Lord Henry would always try to work out ways to get to things before the Baroness. It was said that the man was dying, and Ianto could see how at least the Gauntlet would be attractive to him.

Then is clicked…this must have been the person Hart had gone to, and had promised him money to bring the Artifacts to him.

"Everyone's all right then?" he asked.

Suzie shrugged. "Jack died. But he's fine now."

Ianto flinched. He really hated when that happened, and wished he could have been there when Jack woke up…

Wait a moment. Suzie was acting as if Jack's Deathlessness wasn't a shock to her.

"What do you mean?" Ianto asked, deciding on playing dumb on the subject. "How can Jack have died…and now be fine?"

One side of Suzie's mouth curled upward in an ugly smile. "Come on, Ianto…you know. Jack is the Deathless. It's pretty obvious, really."

"The Deathless is a myth," Ianto scoffed, his blood going suddenly cold. How did she know? Jack had claimed to be so very careful…and in fact had said he hasn't died in about a year.

"Oh please. You know. I know you know." She was moving closer. "The magic keeping him alive calls to you. It's no wonder you jumped into his bed; that sort of power must really be a turn-on." Another step. "Tell me…is he as good as they say? I bet he can make you scream – "

"Stay back, Suzie," he ordered, raising one hand to ward her off. "I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm only here to make sure the Artifacts are safe," she answered. "After all, it's what I'm being paid for."

"No. You're being manipulated. Somehow, the Artifacts are influencing you." He blinked, and could suddenly see the darkness surrounding her, a darkness that hadn't been there before. Or, at least he hadn't been looking for it. And why should he? She was one of Jack's trusted crew, and he knew the captain would have done everything in his power to make certain he was surrounded by good people.

It didn't answer the question on how she knew about the Deathless. "Tell me Suzie…how do you really know about Jack? How did you find out?"

The mercenary laughed. "Let's just say I had my eyes opened."

The other shoe dropped. "By the Artifacts." Of course; it made sense. They were powerful and full of dark magic. Being sentient would only be one of their abilities.

She shrugged, one-shouldered. "The Dagger, actually. It calls to me. I'm destined to hold it." She took yet one more step forward, putting her nearly within reaching distance. "You will open the box and give it to me."

"No, I won't." Gods, he felt bad about this. If he hadn't found out about the Artifacts existing, then this wouldn't be happening. "Suzie, you have to let this go."

"Let it go?" This time her laughter sounded somewhat maniacal. "All my life I've been waiting for this, for something that would make my fortune. I'm not going to let you stop me, Ianto."

The magic roared to life within him even as Suzie was launching herself forward.

Chapter Thirty-Five...


*Wails* you can't leave it there...... more please *grumbles about evil writers and their cliffhangers*
Yes, I am evil...but you knew that already!

All I can say is...be glad I ended it there...*cackles maniacally*
My poor Suzie...
I know, I feel sorry for her...
oh my
im loving this story. i only just started reading this and its really good. i've been seeing this around fanfiction.net but didnt read it. i cant wait for the next chapter.
Glad you like it! Thanks! The next chapter should be up in a couple of days or so!

Great chapter! :D
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
Knew Suzie would be up to something - looking forward to more and I will catch up with your other stuff when I've time.
Yep...no matter what universe, Suzie will always have a weakness where the Gauntlet and Dagger are concerned...

Glad you enjoyed it!
Suzie is evil ... i hope Ianto gets her before she hurts him!
Maybe he does...maybe he doesn't...
But, but, but.. *looks behind and under her computer for the next part* where is it?

This is so good, please type faster!
Sorry about leaving it there, but you know I had to make sure you all would come back for more!

Working on the next chapter now, hope to have it up soon...