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Remember - Chapter Five

Remember - Chapter Five
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato/Kathy Swanson, Rhiannon Davies/Johnny Davies (Mentioned), Jack Harkness/Estelle Cole (Past), Adam Smith/ Toshiko Sato
Warnings: Language, Violence, Non-Con, Mind Control, Amnesia, Memory Alteration, Horror, Angst, Body Horror
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E5, "Adam" and the radio play, "Lost Souls"
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Adam".  Please be aware that this story is dark in places and does contain elements of non-con (if you're familiar with the episode then you know what I mean) and other instances that might be triggery for some people.  I beg you, watch the warnings and read at your own risk.

A/N2:Here is the next chapter. Hurray! I'm thinking there's about three more chapters in this, and then we'll be moving on to "Curse of the Mayfly" (AKA "Reset"). This chapter is actually the first scene I came up with when I was thinking about the rewrite, so I hope you like it.

I did complete NaNo this year, but it's going to be a bit before you see that story. It's a Future Fic, and there's something I have to write before I post it. I can hear you all saying, "But she writes stuff out of order all the time!" but this is something I want to make sure is in the correct order. So I'll be working on that the same time I'm working on the end of this and the next story.

Thank you all so much for your patience! Hope this was worth the wait. :)

SummarySomething was wrong at Torchwood.  Kathy Swanson knew this.  What she didn't know was who the strange man was spending time with her fiancee, what had happened to Ianto, and how she was going to fix things....

13 September 2008

Kathy slumped down in the driver’s seat of her car, taking a sip from her cold coffee. She made a face and set the cup down in the holder on the centre panel, wishing it was both warm and Ianto’s special blend.

Davidson’s idea had merit; a little surveillance of the Torchwood Hub might be one way of telling what they would be dealing with inside. Certainly the team wouldn’t stay there if there was Rift alert, and then she and her partner could see who was being involved and if there was anything visibly wrong.

There were four entrances to the Hub that she was aware of: the sewers, which was how Jones had gotten out and was fairly dangerous if precautions weren’t taken; the Tourist Office, where Deborah would be on duty; the invisible lift, which seemed to be Harkness’ preferred method of coming and going; and the hidden delivery entrance in the parking garage under the Millennium Centre, where Kathy was currently sitting on her arse with the Torchwood SUV under watch. Davidson was up on the Plass playing tourist, watching Mermaid Quay and the lift. The sewers…well, there were too many entrances to that to keep under surveillance, so Kathy had given that up as a lost cause.

Still, despite Davidson’s rather good idea, Kathy had hated leaving Estelle’s house while Jones was in the condition he was. It was obvious how it was affecting Estelle and especially Alice, seeing him almost completely unresponsive and tucked away in his corner like a catatonic child. Alice had practically begged to come with them, to get out and to be doing something, but Estelle had appealed to her love for her adoptive father, and so Alice had stayed.

Besides, keeping Alice away from the temptation that was storming the Torchwood Hub was only the smart thing to do. While Kathy could understand the impulse and had felt it herself, it would only put any of them in danger, not knowing what they were dealing with. Any member of Torchwood could hold their own, but Kathy knew they primarily had to look out for Harkness and Delaware, the two most dangerous people in the Hub, if not in Cardiff itself. They couldn’t take the risk that something was affecting the members of the team, just as Ianto had been affected.

No, they had to know what they were dealing with. And, without eyes inside the Hub, surveillance on the outside was the next best thing.

Still, waiting was the hardest part of a stake-out. Kathy hated them on general principle; bad food and cold coffee being the norm, along with sheer boredom. What was worse about this time was it was giving her time to think about what had happened to Toshiko, and how they could possibly fix it.

In any other circumstance, Kathy knew that Toshiko and her teammates could hold their own. They’d been through so much together, saved the world any number of times…so, whatever was going on had to be bad if it was keeping her fiancée from contacting her and Harkness from being at his mate’s side. Whatever it was, it had damaged Ianto so badly he couldn’t even speak about it, let alone recall anything that had been done to him.

Kathy sighed. All of this was getting her nowhere and coming up with horror stories wouldn’t make anything better. No, she had to concentrate on what she was doing and not let her own fears distract her.

Her eyes trailed from the conspicuous Torchwood SUV toward Harper’s sports’ car, Williams’ Ford, and then to Toshiko’s own car. When she’d first noticed the vehicle Kathy had frowned; the last time she’d seen it, it had been in the carpark of their building where Toshiko had left it when Deborah had picked her up to take her to the airport, for her trip to Geneva. Somehow it had gotten from there to here, and the only person Kathy could think of collecting it was Toshiko herself. It must have occurred sometime after Kathy had left for Cardiff CID that morning, which was more disturbing than it should have been since there had been no note or call that she was collecting the automobile.

She’d been sitting there for a couple of hours when her mobile rang. Stifling a sigh, she answered. “Swanson.”

“Kathy,” Rhiannon Davies answered, “I just made it to Estelle’s.”

Her heart sped up. “You’ve seen Ianto then?”

“I have.” Her voice was sombre. “This is like nothing I’ve seen or read about. It’s not magical, either; I’m not getting any of the usual vibes. But at the same time, Ianto’s own magic seems…suppressed, in some way. I can’t explain it.”

That confirmed Estelle’s hypothesise about the cause of Ianto’s ‘illness’ wasn’t magical in form. “What about his reaction to the word, ‘remember’?”

“Maybe it triggers something for him, I don’t know. And I don’t dare try saying it to him, either. I’m not gonna put him through that again, I don’t want to risk him getting anymore hurt than he already is.”

Kathy could agree with that. Having seen Ianto in distress, it had been all she could do not to get sick at the sight of her normally strong friend so weak and vulnerable. Her mind flashed back to when she and Davidson had first found Ianto, back against a rubbish bin, curled up as if he were afraid he was about to be struck a deadly blow. Kathy still didn’t know what she’d done or said to convince the traumatised dragon to come with them, but she was glad he had. For once he needed to be protected, and Estelle and the others were the best ones to do just that.

“I do think though that the Earth Dragon is somehow tied up with Ianto’s condition,” Rhiannon went on. “I just don’t know…yet. Estelle wants to contact the Historian for the Cardiff Coven, and it might not be a bad idea. For the time being though, I want to see if he can’t recall a few things on his own, like who we all are. We’ll see if it works…”

Kathy certainly hoped so. “Keep me posted, okay?”

“You know I will. Anything happening there?”

“Not a thing…” Movement out of the corner of her eye had her readjusting her sentence. “I may have spoken too soon. I’ll call you back.” She disconnected the call, sliding the phone into her jacket pocket as she watched what was going on at the hidden door.

Her breathing stopped for a moment when she realised it was Toshiko coming out of the Hub.

But she wasn’t alone.

There was a man with her.

Kathy didn’t recognise him. He was a bit on the short side, with ginger hair and a ratty-looking face. He was smiling at something Toshiko said, and then he put an arm around her waist.

In that moment, Kathy saw red.

Under her hands the steering wheel of the unmarked police vehicle she was using grew warm, and it took her a few moments to figure out that she was doing it; that she was channelling some sort of fire magic from the Fire Dragon and that was making the material in her grip heat.

Kathy took a deep breath to calm herself. This was it, the proof she needed that something was seriously wrong. Toshiko wouldn’t let just anyone hug her like that, and this stranger certainly couldn’t be one of those people simply because Kathy had never before met him. And he wasn’t from that Year, so no super-secret origin, either.

No, this was a complete and total stranger, and he had his arm around Kathy’s fiancée’s waist.

She’d have to explain the finger marks melted into the steering wheel when she turned the car in.

Kathy watched as Toshiko and her ‘companion’ got into Tosh’s car, the man driving. It was another tick in the ‘something seriously wrong’ column, because Toshiko didn’t even let Kathy drive her pride and joy, a wonderfully restored classic Mustang that Harkness had given her not long after Toshiko had been hired by Torchwood. Toshiko had told her that Jack had claimed that it reminded him of her spirit. So, it was simply too precious to let just anyone get behind the wheel.

It was just another sign that something was dreadfully wrong.

She watched as the Mustang roared out of the car park, calling Davidson over the radio and letting him know what was going on. He responded, acknowledging her order to stay on surveillance on the Plass as she was starting her own car and following Toshiko’s out. All of Kathy’s cop instincts were screaming at her, that this guy wasn’t right, that Toshiko was in danger even though all she’d seen so far was some intimate touches. This wasn’t someone that her fiancée had ever introduced her. He wasn’t affiliated with Torchwood that Kathy was aware of, and both Jack and Ianto had been good about letting her know about new employees; case in point, Patrick Delaware. They’d even asked her opinion on the hiring, which Kathy had appreciated. Sure, the idea of an American messing around on her streets in an authority position made her teeth itch, but he’d been better than the others…with the exception of Eion Gwynne, but she’d met him before at the Lord Mayor’s office and hadn’t been certain he’d have been right for Torchwood.

It had also helped that she’d known what Delaware had done during the Year of the Toclafane.

This person though…she hadn’t heard anything about, and that was out of character for Harkness or Jones.

The Mustang was breaking at least five traffic laws, and while Kathy would have been perfectly within her rights to pull it over, she really wanted to see where they were going. It didn’t take long for her to figure it out: whoever the arsehole was with Toshiko was driving toward her old flat.

Kath was well aware of Toshiko’s history with UNIT, and how she’d been rescued by Jack and Ianto and given a job at Torchwood. She knew about the agreements that had been made, the contract that had been signed, and that Toshiko had less than two months before her practical five-year ‘slavery’ period would be ending – not that Harkness or Ianto had ever treated her like she was less than a full team member and a part of the family. As part of that agreement she had to keep a flat in her name, so that UNIT could check up on her at any time, just to make sure that she was abiding by that contract.

But, once that time was done, Toshiko had planned on giving up the flat and moving in with Kathy. Not that she hadn’t already done that, given that most of her belongings were already there, but this would be official. Kathy’s flat wasn’t as large, but it was actually a bit closer to the Hub, so it was a just a bit more convenient for both of them. They would be completely free to live their own lives without UNIT looking over their shoulders.

Kathy was looking forward to it. Even if Toshiko would never leave Torchwood, there would no longer be that looming presence waiting for her to screw something up. It enraged Kathy that UNIT had had absolutely no compassion toward her fiancée’s plight, and she was just plain grateful that at least Harkness and Ianto and believed in her enough to get out of the hell that UNIT had put her into.

Not that she’d ever admit it out loud, at least not to Harkness. That bastard’s ego was big enough already.

Sure enough, Toshiko’s car turned into the car park outside of her old building, and Toshiko and the ratty stranger got out, strolling up to the front door as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Kathy ground her teeth as she pulled up to the curb, watching them enter before she got out and went after them, pulling her gun from her holster.

Kathy gave them a couple of minutes head start then made her way up the stairs and up to the third floor. Toshiko’s flat was down the hall, and she had her key in her hand without her thinking about it. It slid into the lock almost soundlessly, and then Kathy was in.

The gun was a comfortable weight in her hand as she made her way through the flat. It was almost as familiar as her own, the scent of jasmine still in the air despite the fact that Toshiko hadn’t spent all that much time in the flat.

There was nothing in the lounge or the kitchen, but as Kathy stealthily made her way across the hard wood floor she could hear noises coming from the bedroom. Her blood froze as she realised just what was going on in there, and then she began burning in anger. She had no fucking clue what that bastard had done to Toshiko, because there was no way she’d ever cheat on Kathy with someone else.

“How far would you go for me?” she heard a strange voice ask.

There was a pause, and Kathy crept forward, leaning her back against the wall just outside the bedroom.

“I need to know,” the voice went on. “Would you die for me?”

“Yes,” Toshiko answered breathlessly.

Kathy couldn’t take it any longer.

She pushed her way into the bedroom, gun held out in front of her. “Stop right now!” she ordered.

Kathy had expected what she saw, but it still felt like someone had slammed a spanner into his chest. Toshiko was lying on the bed, her shirt off, and the unknown man was straddling her, his own shirt unbuttoned and his belt undone. He was looking at Kathy with such a look of anger in his pale eyes…and then that expression was gone, replaced by concern. “Is there some sort of problem?” he asked mildly, not moving.

Toshiko’s head was craned uncomfortably backward, her brows drawn in confusion. “Detective Inspector Swanson?” she questioned, sounding as if Kathy was the very last thing she was expecting to see.

And maybe it was, judging from the look of incomprehension on her fiancée’s face. It was as if Toshiko had forgotten what they meant to each other, like Kathy was nearly a complete stranger. That they hadn’t been through hell and back with each other.

Kathy felt the anger rise. She didn’t know who this arsehole was, but she was willing to get he was the reason the woman she loved didn’t know her anymore. Kathy didn’t care if it was magic or some other shit, but she wasn’t about to lose Toshiko to this would-be rapist.

“Get away from her,” Kathy growled. She could literally feel the Fire Dragon within her, the connection heating with the fury of the world’s burning heart, rising like magma through her very veins. She could feel a tingling in the hand not holding her gun, and she knew if she looked down she would be able to see the fire magic flickering about her fingers.

The man slowly backed away, hands raised. “This is simply a misunderstanding,” he said as if this was the biggest joke he’d ever heard. “We can discuss this…”

He took a step closer, and Kathy aimed right at his heart. “Do not move,” she barked. “I don’t know who you are –“

“Of course you do,” Toshiko cut in, buttoning her blouse. “Adam’s with us…with Torchwood. I know you’ve seen him with the team numerous times…”

“Bullshit,” Kathy spat. “This arsehole isn’t with Torchwood at all. I’ve never seen him before with the team.”

She stared at the man, name apparently Adam, and just knew he was behind everything that was happening. He’d brainwashed Toshiko somehow into thinking that he’d been with Torchwood all along, and also that they were an item. Kathy didn’t know how he’d done it, but the sooner she got him away from Toshiko the better.

First though, she needed to convince Toshiko that something was wrong.

“If he’s with Torchwood,” she went on, “then he must know all about the Toclafane.”

Toshiko frowned. “What’s the Toclafane?”

Yeah, this guy had obviously done something with Toshiko’s mind, to make her forget about that Year. Even though it had been the worst thing Kathy could have ever gone through – not including what was currently going on in this bedroom – it had been the beginning of her and Toshiko’s coming together, leading to her finally popping the question.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Adam said, his voice soothing.

He took another step forward, and Kathy growled out a warning, “I said don’t move. Unless you want to get shot, then of course keep it up…”

Truthfully she didn’t really want to shoot him. He must hold all the answers to everything that had happened, with Toshiko and Ianto and Torchwood. She needed to get those answers out of him, and putting a bullet in him was out of the question.

Still, he didn’t need to know that, did he?

So, Kathy racked the slide of her weapon then pointed it back at him. “Go ahead, try something. I’d love to kill you just for putting your hands on my fiancée.”

That threat seemed to get through to him. He stopped moving, his hands still up in the air, and his eyes were pensive even though he was smiling. “I think you have Toshiko confused with someone else…”

“Oh really? Then how do you explain the ring she’s wearing?”

Toshiko blinked. She then raised her hand, where the diamond ring that Kathy had given her twinkled as if nothing weird was going on.

Then her eyes darted toward Adam, and she said, “Why didn’t I notice the ring before?”

Before he could answer, Kathy went on, “And the picture?” She motioned with the gun toward the framed photograph lying face down on the bedside table. “I’d love to hear his explanation of that.”

Toshiko’s hand was trembling as she reached toward the frame, but before she could touch it Adam spoke. “She’s obviously trying to get to you, Tosh.” He sounded completely and utterly sincere. “We know the truth, remember?”

Even as Toshiko froze, Kathy was struck by that word.


It was the one word that Ianto had reacted to so badly.

Before she knew what she was doing, Kathy’s finger was tightening on the trigger. She barely managed to stop herself from putting a bullet right through the arse’s heart. “You’re the one!” she spat. “You’re the one who hurt Ianto!” It was all she could do not to step forward and punch the bastard in the balls because she really needed him alive to find out how to fix things, even if shooting him would make her feel a hell of a lot better. “What did you do to him?”

The smirk was barely there, but Kathy saw it. This Adam had been the one who’d damaged her friend so badly he didn’t even seem to recall who he was; who was currently a wreck curled up in Estelle’s living room, not able to communicate with anyone and without apparent memory of who he was and what he was.

He was proud of what he’d done to Ianto.

But it was Toshiko’s query that just about broke Kathy’s heart.

“Who’s Ianto?”

Nothing could have prepared her for that. For Toshiko not knowing Ianto; the one person who was as close as a brother to her, who had been the one Kathy had approached about getting permission to ask for Toshiko’s hand. Toshiko had been the one to guide Ianto and Martha through the disaster that was the Year of the Toclafane, and who Toshiko wanted to stand up with her at their wedding in the position as father of the bride. It was inconceivable that she would ever forget Ianto Jones, and Kathy gasped with the enormity of what this bastard had done.

Kathy didn’t know what to say. She stood there silently, her eyes darting from her fiancée to this Adam person, her brain scrambling for the right words that would bring Toshiko’s memories back to her.

She didn’t get the chance to discover them.

Her mobile rang.

Without taking her eyes from either of them, Kathy dug into his jacket pocket for her phone. She flipped it open without glancing at the caller ID. “Swanson,” she growled, not at all concerned about how wrecked her voice sounded.

“Kathy,” Alice’s own voice was terrible, full of worry and fear, “we need you back here now.”

“I can’t,” she denied. “I think I have who’s responsible –“

“Then bring them along. We need you here! Tad needs you here!”

She was near panic. Kathy couldn’t ignore that. “What happened?”

“It’s…he changed into his dragon form, and he didn’t know what he was…he was horrified! Please, come back.”

It was one more major shock in a day of them. Kathy had to go, but she didn’t want this…whatever he was within feet of Estelle’s house. But there was nothing for it.

“I’m on my way.” She disconnected the phone and put it back into her pocket. Then she reached around to the side of her belt and pulled off the handcuffs. She tossed them to Toshiko. “Put those on your fake boyfriend,” she snarled. Kathy didn’t really want to get close to him; there was something about him that had her completely on edge, and that was even beyond the fact that she was pretty certain he was the reason Toshiko and Ianto were the way they were.

She watched closely as Toshiko locked the handcuffs, even having Adam turn so she could make certain they were on properly. Then she said, “There’s another pair in the table there,” she motioned toward the bedside table. “Get them out and put them on. Slowly.”

Toshiko did as Kathy asked, her face confused as she pulled out a pair of fuzzy pink cuffs.

Really, it was the best that could be done in the circumstances. Toshiko was under some sort of mind control, which meant Kathy couldn’t trust her. However, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t make her fiancée as comfortable as possible. “Get them on,” she directed, “and while you’re doing that you should ask yourself just how I knew they were in there…”

Chapter Six


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