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Myfanwy 2

July 2018



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Lost and Found - Chapter Nine

Lost and Found - Chapter Nine
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Rowena Harkness-Jones/Henry Morgan, Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (mentioned), Clint Barton/Other (mentioned), Cadi Harkness-Jones/John Hart (mentioned), Rhys Williams/Gwen Cooper (past), Others
Warnings: Implied Torture, Mpreg (mentioned), Reincarnation, Language, Violence, Angst
Spoilers: For most of the Dragon-Verse stories, some not yet written
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. There are other things in here also that I don't own as well.

Summary: "Fucking Rift," Rhys managed to mutter, realising immediately what must have happened.

Living in Cardiff was like playing Russian Roulette: no one was safe, but the Rift more often than not dropped off instead of picked up and it was just luck of the draw when those negative spikes appeared and snatched a person away.

15 June 5119 (Earth Standard Date)


Rhys didn’t meet Morgan Jones until after a nap.

Nathan came to fetch him for dinner, the shirt he was wearing more eye-watering than the last. It didn’t help that the outfits left for Rhys to wear also tended to wander into the tacky category, but it didn’t take him long to figure out that these were the ‘uniforms’ of everyone involved with the musical tour.

The young man had taken one look at Rhys and said, “At least it’s not what Aunt Morgan and the band wear onstage. That’s all violent colours, glitter, and fairy wings.”

“Wait, what?” Rhys demanded, startled at anyone in the Harkness-Jones family using the word “fairy” with such honest disregard. He’d seen the Fae, and it wasn’t something he was likely to ever forget.

“Oh!” Nathan seemed to realise just what Rhys was on about. He wondered if the kid was psychic or something. “No, not those fairies…these are the animated ones that are famous all over the galaxies. You know…the fluffy, friendly ones. Not the capricious, war-mongering sadists you’re familiar with. Those we all know about,” and he shuddered melodramatically, “and trust me, Morgan would never tease about those.”

Rhys took a deep breath, nodding. Of course he should have known that any child of Jack and Ianto would have a very thorough understanding of the Fae and what they represented.

They took the lift up one floor. Rhys thought that there would be another corridor like there had been on his floor, lined with doors that had been painted the same green shade as the employee’s uniforms. Instead, the doors opened up onto a massive room, pale green and cream walls with sea creature motifs and one massive window looking out onto the sea beyond. Furnishings were the same hues as the walls, and they were plush; Rhys was afraid to sit on one of the sofas out of concern that he might be lost within the cushions. The tables were made from a light wood and had plants sitting on them in what resembled terra cotta pots. There were two doors leading off the main area, which had to have been bedrooms.

“Hello!” the female voice called out from one side of the room, where what resembled a minibar had been set up.

The woman who came out from behind the bar had the unmistakable mixture of Jack and Ianto’s features that marked all of their children so far. Her brown hair was cut into a short bob, something that Rhys thought would have been called a ‘pixie cut’ back in his time, but he couldn’t be sure. She was tall and willowy, graceful as she crossed the room to engulf Rhys in a welcoming hug.

“Welcome to the future!” she exclaimed, leaning back but keeping her hands on his shoulders. “I’m Morgan…but I’m sure you already knew that. It’s so nice to meet you!”

Rhys couldn’t take her greeting with any sort of suspicion; she was just too sincere. “Thanks,” he answered, returning her bright smile with one just a little less brilliant.

To his surprise, Morgan was wearing plain clothes: what had to have been the future version of yoga pants and t-shirt, both in understated colours. He’d expected her to have on clothing that was at least as flamboyant as Nathan’s.

But then, he was certain she only wore that sort of thing on stage. A part of him wished he could prepare his corneas for that palette onslaught.

“I’m sorry you got caught up in all that on Andrala,” she went on, tugging on his arm in order to get him to walk toward one of the man-eating sofas. “I’m just glad Phillip found out and sent Cadi and Sabrina to get you out of there.”

“So am I,” he admitted, taking the offered seat with a faint feeling of dread. It was just as soft as he’d thought, but the cushions didn’t devour him.

Thank goodness.

“I’ve ordered up dinner,” Morgan went on, plopping down beside him and tucking a bare foot up under herself. “Don’t worry, I’ve ordered things that you can eat. Some of the more exotic cuisine might not agree with you.”

“They have an excellent beer here, though,” Nathan but in. He was perched up on the back of one of the armchairs, his feet firmly planted in the seat cushion.

Rhys did notice that Morgan seemed to have more of the Welsh pronunciation in her words, more than her sisters had. It was nice to hear it; it reminded him of Wales. He wondered what had happened there, however he’d been a bit too scared to ask. He didn’t want to know how much his former home had changed.

He’d just decided to ask just how old Nathan was – was he old enough to be drinking? – when there was a chime from the lift. Nathan sprang up from his chair and went to answer it, the doors remaining firmly closed to whoever it was inside.

“You have to have an approved bio-print in order to get up here,” Morgan said. “Right now the suite is primed for me, Nathan, and a handful of others. I’d make sure you were as well, but this is our last performance tonight so it wouldn’t really matter.” She grinned. “I was actually scheduled to leave yesterday, but the Sygnar Entertainment Council asked that I stay for more performances. I told them I would extend my stay by one night, but after that I needed to go home to be with my family. Since the Sygnars are family oriented, they completely understood.”

“I really appreciate it,” Rhys said earnestly.

Anything else he might have said was interrupted by Nathan pushing a cart next to the sofa, laden with covered plates and glasses. A wonderful smell was rising from it, and Rhys heard his stomach grumble. Nathan maneuvered the cart so that both Morgan and Rhys could reach without stretching, and then tugged an ottoman over so he could sit close enough to eat and not drop food all over the floor.

Trays were removed, and the smell got stronger. Rhys found himself reaching for something that looked like a chicken wing, bit into it…and had to stifle his moan of joy over the fact that it did, in fact, taste exactly like chicken.

He didn’t know what he’d been expecting from future dining, but chicken wasn’t it.

The three of them were silent as they ate. Rhys was totally unsurprised at the appetites of his companions. After all, he’d seen Ianto demolish enough food for a family, all part of his dragon metabolism. It just wasn’t fair that none of them could gain weight. Even Jack could pack a bit on, but as soon as he died he’d just lose the pounds.

As a diet plan, getting yourself killed didn’t even rank in the top one million.

“I’ll need to get ready soon,” Morgan said, after they’d finished stuffing their faces. “The concert will run late, and you’re not obligated to be there. I know you’ve been through a lot in the last several days – “

“No way would I miss it,” Rhys averred, “although I can’t guarantee I’ll make it all the way through.” He was tired, but not that tired. Besides, he was curious about the type of music Morgan performed, even if she wore ‘glitter and fairy wings’ as Nathan had put it.

The smile he received at that was sweet. “I hope you enjoy yourself. And, if you do get too tired, Nathan can always bring you back up to your room. Although he should have given you the key…”

“He did,” Rhys said before Nathan could protest. “And I’m sure I can find my way back if he doesn’t want to leave.”

“I like the music,” Nathan admitted, “but I’ve now heard the same songs now for two standard weeks. I’m sure I won’t miss too much if I leave for a short while.”

“We probably won’t leave until later in the planetary day tomorrow,” Morgan added. “I have an appointment with the Entertainment Council in the morning, and it’ll take a large part of the day to get everything loaded onto our transports. Since I have my own ship I could probably leave before the transports are done, but I always like to make sure we don’t forget anything.” She shrugged. “Pretty sure I get that from my Tad.”

Rhys shook his head, amused. “I think that goes without saying.”

Chapter Ten


Lovely to see the family traits in all the children..
I am soooo looking forward to Rhys being united with Jack and Ianto.
And I wonder what will be in store for him, new job? Love interest? Masses of adventures?

This underwater city looks very beautiful.
The natives, especially "marine" are a bit like the dolphins ???

The flashy colors, is this in relation to a specific visual perception? After, many sea fish / reefs are very colorful!

Always so magical!