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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Brothers and Enemies - Chapter One

Brothers and Enemies - Chapter One
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones; Jack Harkness/John Hart (Past); Toshiko Sato/Kathy Swanson (Mentioned)
Warnings: Language, Violence, Temporary Character Death (Jack, of course), some Torture.
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E13, "Fragments" and "Exit Wounds", and the audio play, "Lost Souls".
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's Note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Fragments"/"Exit Wounds".  I've gone with one story to cover the two episodes, since a lot of "Fragments" was flashback, and I do plan on writing those into longer stories at some point so I don't see the need to add them here.

Summary:  John Hart is back, and with him is Jack's long-lost brother, Gray.  But not all is what it seems...and Jack has to deal with consequences of actions that happened so long ago...and far into the future.

14 March 2009

It was a deserted building out in the middle of nowhere.

Two storeys…brick. Broken windows that gave the breeze a distinctive whistling sound as it blew about the cracked sashes and shattered glass. Scrub brush with patchy yellow grass waved in that slight wind, and the crunching of gravel under their feet was the only other noise in the vicinity.

“This is Patrick, you know what this is and what to do.” Beep.

“Patrick,” Ianto said into the phone, not wanting to sound frustrated at his teammate’s not answering. “I’ve talked to Rhys, and he’s on his way to pick you up. We’re reading four or five life signs. You both need to get here ASAP; Rhys has the location.”

The dragon snapped the phone closed, irritated. He put it away and drew his gun.

“Are we sure it’s not Weevils?” Owen asked. He also was armed, and he walked hunched over against the chill.

“Different energy signs,” Toshiko answered. Her head was down, her eyes on her scanner as she walked, relying on her own natural agility to keep her from stumbling. “I can’t make sense of it at all. I’m thinking it’s an unknown alien species.”

It had been a quiet few weeks, and Ianto had quite gotten used to sleeping the night through with his mate by his side. It had only been a matter of time, of course, before something had come in and had sent the team out. It didn’t surprise him at all that the signal had led them to this Goddess-forsaken place.

Well, except for Rhys and Patrick. Jack had sent them home for the day a couple of hours before the Rift alert had gone off; he and his mate had also been nearly out of the Hub for a dinner date when he’d felt that tell-tale tingling of a Rift spike just before the Predictor had signalled it. The dragon had called Rhys first, knowing that he’d have to swing back by and pick up Patrick. Honestly, they were going to need to speak to the American about finally buying his own car, although he knew for a fact that the Cardiff constabulary were grateful that that “crazy American” hadn’t yet begun to menace the drivers of the city.

Still, they were used to Jack’s form of driving, so they really shouldn’t complain.

But Patrick wasn’t answering his phone. That was unusual for him, but Ianto wasn’t concerned yet, although he was a bit put out.

“Let’s hope they’re friendly,” Owen quipped.

Jack shook his head fondly. “Ianto…Owen…take the far side of the building. Tosh, you’re with me.”

The four members of Torchwood split up as Jack indicated. It was unusual that his mate paired Ianto with Owen; usually he’d have been sent out with Toshiko, since they worked extremely well together. Still, it was the captain’s prerogative to change things up, and it wasn’t as if Ianto didn’t like Owen; he did, quite a lot, not that he would ever admit that to the medic simply because he didn’t want to be ridiculed any more than usual.

The dragon moved with Owen by his side, both of them armed. If Toshiko couldn’t tell what sort of aliens were awaiting them, then it was best to be prepared. It was always easier to apologise to a friendly alien than to die to an unfriendly one.

The interior of the building was just as ramshackle as the outside, pale late afternoon sunlight highlighting the dust dancing in spinning motes in the wind that blew through the windows and cracks, the moaning it made even more ominous as Ianto and Owen once again split up, taking refuge behind the thick concrete pillars that ran along the inside of the structure as they moved forward.

“I’m getting mirror readings on both floors,” Toshiko’s voice murmured through the comms.

Ianto heard Jack order them to split up once more. Owen glanced at the dragon from behind the pillar he’d put his back against, pointing in the opposite direction from where they’d been headed.

Ianto nodded in understanding. He went the other way, gun out, covering himself as he made his quiet way through the building, looking for any sign that anything was there.

“You know,” Jack’s quiet voice came over the comms, “these aliens are awfully quiet.”

Jack had a point. It was usually about this time when whatever was out there would have jumped out at least one of the team. Something was off, but Ianto didn’t know what it was, and his dragon-enhanced senses weren’t picking up anything, except the faint brush of residual Rift energy.

“Maybe they’re sleeping,” Owen suggested.

“Or hatching,” Ianto put in.

There was a pause, and then Toshiko said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Maybe they aren’t aliens at all.”

Ianto almost stopped in his tracks at that point. There was something off in Toshiko’s words, and his heart suddenly began thudding as adrenaline rushed through him.

He took a step around one of the pillars…and saw it.

It was a silver box, perhaps two-foot square. It had been machined; the metal glittered in the dim sunlight that streamed through the broken windows.

It was counting down.


“Explosive devices,” Jack whispered.


“Oh snap,” Owen added faintly.


Ianto did the only thing he could do.

He transformed.

The explosion caught him in mid-transformation.


eeep! a cliff-hanger!

"The explosion caught him in mid-transformation."
[That's soo much worse than dislocated shoulder.]

Well, I get to re-use the word "tense" again to describe one of your stories.
This one's going to be INtense, isn't it?

Next chapter, please. ^_^

Re: eeep! a cliff-hanger!

Well, I did aim for intense, so I hope it pays off. :)