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Brothers and Enemies - Chapter Seven

Brothers and Enemies - Chapter Seven
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones; Jack Harkness/John Hart (Past); Toshiko Sato/Kathy Swanson (Mentioned)
Warnings: Language, Violence, Temporary Character Death (Jack, of course), some Torture.
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E13, "Fragments" and "Exit Wounds", and the audio play, "Lost Souls". 
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's Note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Fragments"/"Exit Wounds".  I've gone with one story to cover the two episodes, since a lot of "Fragments" was flashback, and I do plan on writing those into longer stories at some point so I don't see the need to add them here. 

Summary:  John Hart is back, and with him is Jack's long-lost brother, Gray.  But not all is what it seems...and Jack has to deal with consequences of actions that happened so long ago...and far into the future. 

14 March 2009

Central Server Station, Cardiff


“Twelve major explosions,” Toshiko reported, horror lacing her words, “at strategic points across the city.  There's currently a surge in traffic trying to leave the city but the explosions have cut off all major routes in and out. Landlines, mobile phones and IT networks are all down, TV and radio off air. He's completely crippled us.”  Her PDA beeped.  “I’m also getting a huge Rift flare over at the castle.”  She looked up, and her dark eyes met Ianto’s.  There was anger and fear in them.  “It was generated by the Rift Manipulator at Torchwood judging from the energy signature.”

Ianto knew exactly what that meant:  Hart had taken Jack somewhere…or somewhen.

There was complete silence over the comms as the team digested just what had happened.

What John Hart had done.

And they still didn’t know what had been done with Patrick and Deborah.  He was certain that Jack himself was gone somewhere that Ianto couldn’t follow at the moment.

He and Toshiko were standing in the suddenly dark Central Server area, red emergency lights bathing everything in a horrific, bloody wash.  He turned back to the stacks, wondering where they were even going to start to fix this.  Whatever Hart had done had crippled Cardiff, and it was going to take everything they had in order to set things right.  He didn’t even want to think about how many people had been killed in the explosions, let alone the ones that would die in the chaos. It was overwhelming.

It took everything in Ianto not to completely break down.  “I want to hear from everyone,” he snapped, needing to know that at least the rest of his Torchwood family was alright, to know what their statuses were.

“Shit,” Rhys answered succinctly.

Ianto couldn’t disagree with him.

“The hospital’s lost all power,” Owen was first to speak, breathless.  “The backup generators gave out in the blast. Every single machine in this hospital is down. It's a fucking disaster.”

Ianto could imaging him running around, trying to save as many as he could.  Owen might swear up and down that he hated treating live patients, but the dragon also knew that the doctor was talking out of his arse.  Owen cared, more than he would ever admit.

“And I hate to be the harbinger of doom here,” Toshiko added, “but the systems that serve the Turnmill Nuclear Power Plant have all gone offline.”

There was another round of silence. There really wasn’t anything anyone could say.

“Can we fix it from here?” Ianto asked.

Toshiko took a good look at the stacks that surrounded them.  “I can try, but doing it from the reactor would be easier and has a better chance at success.”

That would have to be their first priority.  They couldn’t even begin to look for Jack and the others until they’d saved the city from the possible fallout if the power plant went down.  That would have to be him and Toshiko, that he knew.

He was about to say so when another voice cut into the quiet.

“Can anyone hear me?”

Ianto’s heart leaped with joy. “Deborah! Are you hurt?”

“No,” she answered, but there was something off in her voice that had Ianto on the verse of panicking once more, “but Patrick’s been shot.” She sobbed once, then managed to get back under control.  “He’s still alive, but it looks bad…”

Owen was swearing rather creatively over the comms.  “I’m on my way. I can’t do anything here right now. Get something to try to stanch the bleeding…”

“I’m using my jacket.”

“Where’s the wound, darlin’?”

Ianto could actually hear Owen running over the connection, and was forever grateful that their comms system ran independently of the rest of the city’s systems and that the Hub had its own generators.  He prayed that Owen would get there in time; they couldn’t lose Patrick, not to John Hart.

“His upper chest.  There’s so much blood…”

“I’m gonna be there as soon as I can,” Owen promised.

“The roads are jammed,” Toshiko said. 

“I’ll get him there,” Rhys vowed. 

“I’m going to fly Toshiko out to the power station,” Ianto said.  “We’ll get there much faster under dragon power than horsepower, as it were.”  He and his technician made their way out of the server building; there really wasn’t a thing they could do there at the moment and they needed to get the nuclear power plant from going critical before they would even think about fixing anything else at that moment.   “How did you escape Hart, Deborah?” He wanted to keep her talking until they were at least airborne, to keep her from freaking out too badly.

“I don’t know,” she confessed. “I was ambushed in the Tourist Office and dumped down into Jack’s former bunker.  I don’t know how long I was there, but suddenly the handcuffs I had on came open and I was able to escape.  Ianto, Jack must have died up here, judging from the blood splattered around…”

He ground his teeth.  Hart was going to pay; the dragon would uphold his vengeance.  John Hart would not escape what he’d done to his family.  The man was dead, he just didn’t know it yet, and Ianto would be the one to carry that out. 

He couldn’t explain how or why Deborah had gotten free, but he trusted her to look after Patrick until Owen got there.

“We’re on our way to Turnmill,” he said into his comm.  “I’m going off comms until we get there.” They had yet to find a comm that would change with him, so he would have to remove it until he was human once more.  “Keep Toshiko apprised of everything.”

He received the chorus of agreement.

“You ready?” he asked Toshiko.

She was pale and haggard, and he wondered if the pain killers Owen had given her were beginning to wear off.  The dragon knew she also had to be scared to death, not just for Jack and Patrick, but also for Kathy and Andy Davidson, who were dealing not only with the chaos that had gone down at the Cardiff CID, but also the fact that the city had just experienced the worst attack in years.  The city would need them to step up. 

Just as the city would need Torchwood to once again save them all.

“Let’s do this,” Toshiko said, determined.

Ianto nodded once sharply, then he triggered his transformation.

They had work to do.

And then he was going to get his mate back from wherever Hart had taken him.

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