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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Immortality of the Deathless - Chapter Thirty-Nine (Adult)

The Immortality of the Deathless - Chapter Thirty-Nine
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Master Archivist Ianto Jones of Torchwood Castle discovers the presence of a powerful magical Artifact, Baroness Gwen Williams hires Captain Jack Harkness and his band of mercenaries to retrieve it.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones; Gwen Williams/Rhys WIlliams
Warning: Fantasy violence
None really; mostly for Doctor Who S1 episodes "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways", and Torchwood S1 "Everything Changes" and S2 "Fragments".  Although the stories have been warped to fit into a fantasy setting. 
Author's Note:  This is Torchwood in a fantasy setting.  Everything that could be considered alien in the normal universe is magical here. 
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, if I did I'd have treated it better. It - and Doctor Who - are owned by the BBC, and created by Russell T. Davies.

A/N2: Thank you to greendrider85 for the lovely artwork, which can be found here. 

A/N3:  This is my second attempt at smut!  Enjoy!

Chapter Thirty-Nine

The trip back to Haven was pretty much anti-climatic, in that no one else tried to attack them.

Jack spent most of his time keeping an eye on Ianto, making sure the younger man wasn't overdoing it. On the third day Ianto had caught him at it, and had fairly told him off for being a mother hen, but the captain was still marveling a bit that the archivist had survived Suzie's attack. He knew he had the Deep Magic to thank for that, even though he wasn't so sure he wanted to owe it anything.

His mind was still wrapping itself around what he'd been told, about the Deep Ways and how he was made Deathless. A part of him was still worried that he'd been somehow tainted by the Nameless Demons, but Ianto had done a good job at mostly reassuring him on that score. He still couldn't quite grasp what Rose had done, and how she'd done it; he'd always been so certain that it had been some sort of spell that had made him this way. But he'd seen evidence of what Ianto could do, and if he claimed that Rose had been the same then Jack would believe him. It almost went against what he'd been taught about the ancient power, but Ianto had explained that, as well; that the Wizards thought it was blasphemy to mess with the Deep Ways, and so convinced others of that as well. It didn't hurt that his belief that it was dangerous stemmed from his own fate. Even Ianto could understand Jack's ambivalence in that regard.

But then, Jack would look at Suzie, tied upright to her saddle so she wouldn't slide off, white eyes staring straight ahead, and all his previous opinions seemed all the more valid. And he knew that Ianto felt guilty about it, too.

Most of their conversation on the ride centered around Jack's Deathlessness and Ianto's magical ability. It took a little bit for the captain to be comfortable discussing it; he was so used to keeping his own council on the subject that opening up about it, but once he started it was hard to stop. Just having people to believe in him, and support him…it was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Although, if Owen got any more supportive Jack was going to start looking for signs of the battle surgeon actually being a doppelganger…

The one thing that made Jack the happiest though, was the thought that Ianto was going to be around for a very long time. He'd always been very careful about who he would get close to, knowing he would lose them in the end. But now he wouldn't have to worry about that; what that would mean in the long run he didn't know. But Jack knew he wouldn't have to be as guarded around the young Wizard, that he could actually share more of himself, and that made his heart so very much lighter. Who knew what the future would hold; but the immortal didn't have to face it alone unless he chose to.

And honestly, Jack didn't see that happening.

The entire team seemed to be bonding. It made Jack wish that this mission wasn't ending, that Ianto wasn't going back to his duties at the castle. He really wanted Ianto to go with them when they left Cardiff, but knew that wouldn't happen. Ianto was too honorable, too willing to fulfill his contract to the Baroness. He would fit into the team seamlessly, even after the rough start he'd had…although a large part of that had been Jack's own fault. It was his own feeling that Ianto had outgrown Torchwood, and that staying there would stifle his potential.

And he really didn't want to think what the Baroness would plan once it got back to her that Ianto was a full-fledged Wizard. Gwen Williams was crafty; she wouldn't be Cardiff's ruler if she wasn't. There was no telling what she would do, in order to keep Ianto under her thumb. It made Jack shiver just considering it.

Two days out from Haven, they were met by a troop of Knights, led by the Knights' Master Lord Sir Anthony Hallet himself.

"Captain Harkness," the knight greeted, his smooth voice barely covering his obvious disdain.

Which was fine by Jack; he didn't like the man, either. "Lord Sir Hallet," he returned, false bonhomie in his salutation. "To what do we owe the pleasure of this meeting?"

"The Baroness sent us to meet you, after receiving intelligence that Lord Henry Parker had sent men to recover the object of your…errand."

Well, that explained who'd attacked them outside of Gateway. Jack was very familiar with the man; knew his passion for magic and magical items.

"She didn't need to worry," Jack breezed. "We took care of them."

Hallet raised one aristocratic eyebrow, as if he doubted Jack's claim. He glanced away from the captain, dark eyes alighting on Ianto. "Master Ianto," he nodded, this time respect tingeing his words. "I trust your mission was successful?"

"Some might disagree," Ianto answered, his own voice colder than Jack had ever heard from the man. "Although we did find what we were looking for."

The Knight looked slightly confused by the response, but covered it with a short nod. "We'll escort you back to Cardiff now. The mercenaries are no longer required."

"Now what a minute!' Owen exclaimed.

"Sorry," Jack said over his battle surgeon, "but it doesn't work that way. The mission we were given was to get Master Ianto and the…items…back to Cardiff. We haven't done that yet. And, no offense, but I don't trust you. You're not my people and you don't know the danger like we do. So, you're hardly qualified to complete this."

Hallet rolled his eyes. "Please…what possible danger is there? They're simply Artifacts, nothing more."

"Magical Artifacts," Ianto snapped. "You have no idea what you're dealing with, Lord Sir Hallet. Captain Harkness' team has first-hand knowledge of just how dangerous these Artifacts are. If you'd simply look closely at Mistress Costello, you'd see the effects they could have on your men."

Jack was so angry he didn't mind Ianto's slide from the truth where Suzie was concerned, both in her rank and in the reason for her catatonia. What right did the Baroness have to take this mission from his hands, when he and his people had been through so much to complete it?

A flaring of Hallet's eyes signaled his shock at Suzie's appearance. "Then it's imperative we get the Artifacts back to the castle," he finally said.

Jack could hear Ianto's barely stifled sigh. "What do you think we were doing?"

And so, they found themselves with an "honor guard" on the rest of their journey.


They stayed over in Haven.

Jack wasn't happy about it.

It wasn't about the staying over part that made him angry…it was the fact that Hallet insisted on Ianto staying at the local Knights' barracks instead of at the mercenaries' normal inn. The captain had planned on making use of the beds with the younger man, and that had put a major crimp in his plans to finally have some alone time with Ianto.

It was why he was currently stalking the streets, trying to distract himself from what he had envisioned would happen that night. He'd had thought about dinner, then a possible show or concert, whichever would be Ianto's choice…then back to the inn, where Jack had been looking forward to showing the archivist just how much he meant to him until morning.

But no…Lord Sir bloody Hallet had his men practically surround Ianto once they'd reached Haven and had bundled him and the Artifacts off like they were so much baggage to be taken care of. Jack had seen the look on the Wizard's face; Ianto hadn't been pleased, and Jack could imagine the words Hallet would have gotten over his high-handed treatment. He almost wished he could be an insect on the wall during that dressing down…

The captain sighed. This storming around and frightening the locals by his "furious" face wasn't getting him what he really wanted…and that was Ianto. His shoulders slumped in defeat. Maybe he should just go back to the inn and try to get a little rest. Perhaps give into some of his fantasies and have a good wank…

Jack collected a mug of ale and a sandwich on his way up to his usual room. He didn't have to worry about Owen showing up; he would have found one of the many brothels in town, easing his own tension in his own way. Tosh was visiting the Elven Guild while in town, and Suzie had been safely ensconced in the local healing hall.

He'd have the night entirely to himself, and that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

He juggled mug and plate while he unlocked the door. It was dark within; a sliver of moonlight was enough for Jack to see by as he set his dinner down on the closest surface and turned to shut the door behind him.

"It's about time you showed up."

Jack spun, his adrenaline surging at the unexpected voice; his eyes scanned the room, finding the source of the familiar accent as a shadow sitting up in bed. "Ianto?"

"Who else would it be?" The archivist sounded amused.

Jack grinned, leaning against the wall. "Just how did you get away from Hallet?"

The dark shape shifted slightly, coming into the moonlight. Jack's mouth went dry when he realized that Ianto wasn't wearing anything but the bed sheet. His blue-gold eyes glittered as they rolled. "I simply walked out of the barracks. Honestly, their security is appalling. If they hadn't locked up the Artifacts in their strong room, I would have brought them with me as well. As it is, I took the key to the room with me, to avoid anything any unpleasantness."

Jack laughed. "It should be interesting in the morning when they realize you're gone."

"Oh…do you intend for me to stay the entire night, then?" His teasing tone had a small undercurrent of uncertainty to it.

Jack sobered immediately. "Oh yeah. I do."

There was a flare from the gold encircling the Wizard's pupils; that circle had remained after his close call at Gateway. "Good. Because I intend to stay here until morning."

He could feel it; the call of the Deep Ways as he moved toward the bed. Seeing Ianto sitting there, his magical gaze on him, knowing that there was nothing between Jack and his ultimate goal but a sheet, was making his blood race through his veins and his cock twitch in anticipation.

Stopping just outside reach, Jack began to remove his clothes; he did it slowly, teasingly, and he could see Ianto's own arousal in the Wizard's suddenly glowing eyes. "Gods," the young man swallowed convulsively.

"Like what you see?" Jack whispered, as he finished undressing.

"You know I do. Get over here…please."

Jack was never one to deny that sort of request.

He slid onto the bed, pulling the sheet down in order to have better access to Ianto's naked body. He managed to reach over and twitch the curtain open a bit more, the better to see his lover's body. Ianto looked ethereal in the moonlight, pale skin and dark hair and golden- blue eyes.

Jack thought he was absolutely beautiful.

Gods, he so very much wanted this…

His lips found Ianto's, and the archivist's mouth fell open under the assault, the Deep Magic sparking as their tongues tangled in a dance as old as Time itself. Jack's hands roamed Ianto's bare chest, the softness of the other man's chest hair tickling his fingers. He looped one arm around the archivist's slim waist, the other hand trailing down to caress a nipple, wringing a gasp from his lover as it hardened under Jack's touch. That single sound drew Jack's mouth away from Ianto's, planting little kisses down the younger man's throat and neck, across the collarbone, and then finally alighting on the stiffened nipple.

He began to lick and suck the nipple, eliciting another gasp from Ianto. The Wizard's own hands caught in Jack's hair, holding him in place. His breathing was growing quicker under Jack's mouth, increasing the captain's own arousal.

Then Ianto pushed him away. Jack opened his mouth to protest, but then hands were pulling him back into another kiss, this one fiery with Magic and passion and need. Long fingers began their own exploration, stroking down Jack's smooth chest to tease the nipples. Jack arched into the feather-light touch, letting out his own moan, which grew louder when Ianto's own mouth began to lavish his own teeth and tongue on the hardened nubs.

Then Ianto was pushing Jack onto his back, looking down at the captain, his eyes glowing. Jack couldn't believe how gorgeous the Wizard was, his body striped with moonlight from the window. Ianto smiled, then leaned over and continued his ministrations to Jack's nipples, wringing more moans from the immortal, as well as a vague thought that, for a man who'd never really been with another man before, Ianto sure knew how to drive him crazy…

Jack felt a hand travel down, across his stomach, to rest at the base of his shaft; while Ianto's mouth was doing things to his right nipple that should have been illegal and were driving him insane. His hand wrapped around Jack's erection, stroking him lightly.

"Oh Gods," the mercenary managed to gasp, "what you do to me…please don't stop…"

"I won't," was the whispered reply. "I've been wanting to touch you for so long…"

Jack had intended on taking the lead, but Ianto seemed perfectly fine with what he was doing. It was a reversal of roles in a way; the captain prided himself on being an attentive lover, having hundreds of years of experience to back up his expertise. But what Ianto didn't have in the experience department he was more than making up in enthusiasm, and Jack was perfectly content to let him get on with it. He'd return the favor in a bit…

And then he didn't think much more, as Ianto's mouth left his sensitized nipples to travel down across abdomen and toward its new destination…his groin.

Jack wound his hand in the Wizard's hair, encouraging him on. Ianto leaned up a bit, planting a soft kiss on the weeping tip, the lightness of the touch almost sending Jack up off the bed. He could practically feel the smirk on those lips as they encircled Jack's straining erection.

It felt as if they had always meant to be there.

Jack wanted to scream, but nothing came out as his mouth opened and he flung his head back at the erotic feeling of his lover's mouth and tongue on his cock. He could feel his orgasm building, coiling up from a primal place within him that Jack had never really been aware of before.

He couldn't stand it any longer. He pulled Ianto up, and flipped him onto his back. Jack's fingers moved on Ianto's beautiful body, stroking and touching and drawing out the most delicious sounds from the younger man. He nipped and sucked downward, until he was in position to return the favor, and he went down on the Wizard's own penis.

It tasted heavenly.

Ianto gasped and wriggled under Jack's mouth, the gasps becoming moans of pleasure as the mercenary sucked and licked along that glorious length. He swirled his tongue around the slit at the tip, then laved his way down to the root. His hands cupped Ianto's balls, rolling them in talented fingers. As he worked, he could feel his orgasm growing closer, Ianto's pleasure adding to his own.

Then he licked one finger, and slid it carefully into Ianto's tight arse.

The Wizard jerked sharply, a small scream escaping his throat. Jack looked up, pulling his finger out, afraid that he'd hurt the younger man.

"No," came the strangled reply, "don't stop."

Jack did as Ianto bid. His mouth went back to work on the archivist's cock, as he gently slid his finger back into Ianto's body. He began to pump his finger in time with his sucking, and from the trembling he could tell that Ianto was enjoying it very much.

He crooked his finger, finding that one spot within and touching it lightly. Ianto jerked, his hands where they'd rested on Jack's head convulsed tightly, yanking on the immortal's hair almost painfully.

But Jack didn't care. He stroked again, and the noise that came from Ianto was half scream, half sob. The hands pulled even tighter, drawing him away from the Wizard's throbbing erection. "I want to come when you're inside me," Ianto moaned.

"Gods, yes…"

It was what Jack wanted more than anything, to fill his lover's beautiful body with his seed. Just thinking about it made him even harder, if that was possible.

He climbed up Ianto's quivering form, covering it with his own as he kissed the young man, sharing the taste of that glorious cock. Ianto reciprocated, moaning into the kiss as the familiar tingling passed between their mouths.

The captain broke away for a moment. "Are you sure you want this?"

Ianto met his gaze; those blue eyes were black with lust, their golden ring glittering against their darkness. "Yes," he whispered, stroking Jack's cheek with his fingers. "I've wanted you for so long…"

He pressed a quick kiss to those swollen lips, then reluctantly climbed off his lover in order to get to his pack. He was back in moments, holding a small ceramic jar. He slid back into place, kissing Ianto once again.

The sensation of their cocks rubbing against each other just about made him come right then and there. Jack moved, taking up position between Ianto's spread legs. He popped the cork from the jar, coating his fingers with the thick oil from within. He gently slid his finger back into Ianto's arse, adding a second and then a third, the Wizard thrusting backward against the intruding digits and mewling in pleasure.

When he judged that Ianto was prepared – he didn't want to risk hurting the young man – Jack removed his fingers and slicked up his aching cock. Ianto was watching him avidly, and the lust in that gaze just about sent Jack over the edge. He pulled the archivist's hips toward him a little, until he had the perfect angle.

Then he very slowly pushed himself inside Ianto's willing body.

Ianto cried out again, and this time Jack knew it wasn't from pain. His arse was so tight, it felt as if Jack was completely sheathed in heat. It was one of the most amazing sensations, and Jack didn't want to move.

But he did begin to thrust, slowly into that heavenly heat. He could feel his cock stroking that sweet spot within Ianto as he pushed in, and the sliding drove him past the point of no return.

The noises Ianto was making was only increasing Jack's own pleasure. He glanced down; the Wizard's eyes were closed, his breathing labored as he gasped and moaned at what Jack was doing to him.

Ianto's cock was so hard it wasn't even moving as Jack thrust. Freeing one hand from its grip on the young man's hip, the immortal curled his fist around the straining member and began to stroke him in time with his movements. "Come for me," he coaxed, adding a twist to the upward stroke of his fingers.

Even as he worked Ianto's cock, Jack could feel like his own was about to explode. He threw his head back, groaning. "Come with me," he gasped. His orgasm kept building within him, threatening to carry him on a wave of pleasure so intense he thought he could black out from it.

The final release was so powerful that Jack shouted, crying out Ianto's name even as he felt the archivist's own member pulse in his hand. Ianto exclaimed something in a language Jack didn't understand as his own climax hit, coating his own stomach with come.

Jack barely kept himself from collapsing onto his lover; he didn't want to pull his now spent cock from Ianto's arse, but knew he couldn't stay upright any longer. He curled up against the younger man's side, not caring that the pair of them were sweaty and mussed, or that Ianto's belly was covered with his release.

"Wow," Jack whispered, nuzzling against Ianto's neck.

"I think that's my line," the Wizard gasped, reaching over to lace his fingers through Jack's own.

"Just so you know," the mercenary said playfully, "this means you can't go dating any skanky whores behind my back…"

Ianto chuckled. "No...only rich, glamorous whores for me from now on."

Jack bit him gently on the shoulder. "See how you are."

"I'm not the one with the reputation, you know."

He sat up a bit, resting his chin on his hand so he could look down at his sated lover. "That's over with. I'm with you. Only you. You have my word."

"You don't have to – "

"No….but I want to." Jack smiled softly. "You're quite enough for me, Ianto Jones."

Ianto matched his smile with one of his own. "Quit being so sappy and let me get some rest."

Jack leaned down, kissing the Wizard gently. "Yes, sir."

Chapter Forty...


hot and sweet at the same time, but is there trouble in the next chapter. Please update before next Wednesday, I won't be able to read fan fiction for the next two months.
Bsrring anything unforeseen, the next chapter will be up by Sunday.

I don't think I could handle not being able to read fanfiction for two months! *eek!*

And there is a bit of trouble in the next chapter, but I shall say no more...
*hugs* Yeah!
I'm hoping I can get internet access down where I'm going but if not I'll have alot to catch up on.

Thanks for the minor hint.
Hoo very good my lovely. I dont like smut, but this one was gorgeous. So, where is my Suzie ? :)
Glad you liked it! I felt the boys needed to be together once like that before the story ended, since I kinda promised it, and so there was smut.

Suzie will get mentioned next chapter, then we pick up on what happens to her in the next story. She has a bit of an interesting part in that, and I hope it works. I just can't leave her, she's too good a character.
great chapter
i made you a myfanwy icon. its the same your using now but without the white background. http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=QnrDhDRffRKQz2lobUHEZIh4l5k2TGxc
Glad you liked it!

Oooo... pretty! I do love it! I love having dragons as my icons, and Myfanwy just makes it perfect.
Great start to my day reading this - though I probably shouldn't - made me feel all warm inside!I think I'm in a seriously soppy mood. BTW I think the icons are amazing. Looking forward to more and wondering how Jack and Ianto are going to be together.
They are, aren't they!

We find out about their "arrangement" next chapter, but things don't quite go as they plan in the next story...and that's all I'm saying... :)
Um yeah, very nice :)

I really hope we don't have to wait too long for the next part, I've grown quite addicted to this story

Not too long, I want to work on Harkness' Eleven and then get more done on my tw_bigbang story, I already actually have the first chapter written, so it really depends on how antsy I get in waiting. It will probably be a couple of weeks unless I can't wait...
Oh, nice reminder, I need to go read Harkness' Eleven, I've fallen terribly behind
Yay! Great chapter! I'm so glad that they got to spend some quality time together! ;)

The boys were really pushing me, so I just followed their lead. Besides, I did kinda say they'd get to be in a bed next time instead of a stone floor, and I had to keep my promise. :)
That was amazing ... i'm so sad this is finishing soon, will you be writing more in this 'verse?

Yes, I have a sequel planned..in fact, I have the first chapter written. But I want to try to finish Harkness' Eleven first, and work on my tw_bigbang story, so it might be a couple of weeks before I post it...

Unless I am convinced otherwise...or get impatient...
Loved it! Smut nicely done, not smutty at all, just lovely. Glad they had their moment before trouble comes a-knocking!! Is the sequel coming right after CH 40? Or are you doing something else in between?
Thanks! I'm still a little uncertain about the smut, so hearing you enjoyed it is nice.

I do need to finish my other story, and wait to put up the first chapter of the sequel...but I might be having second thoughts on that...

I might be very easily persuaded to post it early...
Oh no! What a predicament! As for persuasion, I am enjoying Harkness 11 very much and am looking forward to Jack and Ianto meeting up again! But, depending on how you leave Chapter 40... I might need that 1st chapter :)
Haha! We'll see...
Hot and gorgeous, Loved it!
Thanks! The boys deserved a night to themselves.