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The Stolen Earth Incident - Chapter Six

The Stolen Earth Incident - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato/Kathy Swanson, Owen Harper/Diane Holmes, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Martha Jones/Tom Milligan, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts
Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst, Temporary Character Death (It's Jack), Perceived Character Death, Minor Character Death. 
Spoilers: Thru S2, E13, "Fragments" and "Exit Wounds", the audio play "Lost Souls" for Torchwood, S4, E12 and E13, "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" for Doctor Who.  Slight spoilers for the movie, "Iron Man" 
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. Don't own Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either
Author's Note:  Here it is, the Dragon-Verse version of "Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End". 

Summary:  The Earth has been stolen.  There are twenty-six other planets in the sky.  The Daleks are raining death down from the sky.  It's the end of the world.

30 April 2009

New York


Martha Jones wanted to curse under her breath but refrained, needing to keep professional under the circumstances.

As if the Earth being moved wasn’t bad enough, she couldn’t reach the Doctor…and that should have been impossible.

Her phone had been gimmicked so that it could have reached the TARDIS no matter where – or when – the time machine was, and there was just dead air on the line.  Her phone wasn’t connecting. 

She hung up in irritation.  It wasn’t a case of the Doctor simply ignoring her, because then she would just get the voicemail.  This was different, and she was willing to bet that the signal was somehow being blocked.  Whoever was responsible for stealing the Earth was preventing her mobile signal from getting out.

Her fingers itched to call Tom.  She hadn’t seen him in almost three weeks, ever since she’d been abruptly transferred to UNIT New York.  Colonel Mace hadn’t given her much of a choice, moving Project Indigo out of UNIT Great Britain and to New York had meant that, if she’d wanted to remain as Medical Director, she’d need to go along as well.  Her own sense of duty had been used against her, and she didn’t care for it one bit.

She’d had to leave Tom, just as she’d gotten around to asking him to marry her.  Her thumb played with the ring on her finger, a reminder of what she’d left behind in London to come to complete the project.  The good thing was, as soon as Indigo was up and functioning, she could go home, back to the flat she and Tom had shared. 

Martha needed to know if Tom was safe.  And yet, she was in the middle of a crisis, under the eye of her commanding officer, General Sanchez, a no-nonsense man who frowned upon personal detours just to make sure family was safe. 

She also wanted to phone her Dragon.  She knew Ianto and Jack and the team had to be in the thick of things.  They were also down two, although they’d picked up Clint for the duration, and that worried her more than a little.  Both Owen and Patrick were excellent out in the field, plus Owen was their doctor.  She’d actually argued with Colonel Mace about taking a temporary secondment to Torchwood until Owen was at least cleared for duty, but the colonel had declined and had sent her to New York instead. 

And then there were her parents.  Martha had to wonder just what they were going through.  Her Mum and Dad and Tish were healed from the events of that Year, but this had to be disrupting all that hard-earned peace. 

But she had her duty, and she would do it. 

Right now, that duty was to try and reach the Doctor.

Once again, Martha tried to dial the Time Lord. 


It was all she could do not to throw her phone against the nearest wall.

“We have approximately two hundred objects, Earthbound trajectory,” one of the men on the tracking computer announced.

Martha turned toward the large main screen, phone still at her ear.  In the middle of the image was the space station they’d detected almost immediately upon getting everything back up and running, and from that was a swarm of dots that were heading directly toward them.

She shivered.  She couldn’t help it.  She just knew this was going to be so horribly bad.

“Geneva is calling a Code Red,” Sanchez snapped.  “Everyone to battle stations.”

The lights in the room faded to that reddish-tinge that meant things were going to hell and they’d need to stop it. 

Sanchez glared at Martha.  “If you’re not too busy, Dr Jones?” His tone was patently hostile, but Martha had come to realise that this was just the general’s way, and that it wasn’t anything personal.

She pulled the phone away, thumbing the disconnect button.  It wasn’t connecting anyway.  “I’m trying to reach the Doctor,” she said, with just enough steel in her own voice to let the general know that she wasn’t just messing about.

Sanchez’s demeanour changed, slipping to stern curiosity.  “And?” he prompted.

“There’s no signal,” she answered, letting her frustration show.  “This phone can call anywhere in Time and Space.  It never breaks down.  And yet…it’s being blocked, and that worries me.”

Sanchez might have been an arse, but he trusted his people, and right now that meant Martha.  “You think whoever’s responsible for all of this is powerful enough to block Time Lord technology?”

“Whoever they are.” 

Martha wasn’t a technician – she knew to leave that sort of thing to Toshiko – but she did know that Time Lord tech was some of the most powerful there was in the universe.  What the Doctor could do would have been considered magical to anyone else, but it all came down to science with him.  There wasn’t much that the Doctor didn’t know.

In all her travels with him Martha hadn’t really run into much that he couldn’t get around.  Certainly, it might take some time, but the Doctor usually could work around a lot.  And he’d been the one to program her phone to reach the TARDIS no matter where or when it was.

“We’re about to find out.”  Sanchez turned toward the monitor.  “Looks like they’re coming into orbit.”

Martha stepped away, deciding it was time to reach out to her Dragon.  She knew that the satellites around the Earth had been brought along for the ride, which meant the mobile network was still up and running…for the time being.

However, it was Jack who answered.

“Hello, Nightingale.  Please tell me you managed to put something into my drink.”

The words were joking, but the tone was deadly serious.  Jack was in Captain mode, and it actually comforted her more than all of the weaponry that UNIT currently had on display.

“Afraid not, Jack.  Is everyone alright?”

“Not really.  Whatever caused the Earth to move has incapacitated all the Great Dragon Friends.  Ianto thinks it means the Great Dragons themselves are down.”

Martha’s heart seized in her chest.  That meant Toshiko was out of the picture, unable to help in whatever was coming, as well as Alice, Kathy, and Rhiannon.  “Are they going to be alright?” she asked, realising that she had the answer before Jack could even speak.

“We have no idea.  It doesn’t help that we don’t know what we’re dealing with here.  Anything on your end?  I spoke to Colonel Mace, and he said he’d get us information the moment he had it…”

What Jack wasn’t saying was that he wasn’t trusting UNIT to keep that promise.  She wanted to bristle at the shade he was casting on her employers, but she really couldn’t.  She was still bitter about moving to New York.  

“Director Fury from SHIELD is going to be contacting the commander onsite for New York UNIT’s offices,” Jack went on.  “I think it’s best if we all share information at this point. Until we know who dragged the planet halfway across the galaxy…”

Martha agreed.  “One second, Jack.”  She put her hand over her phone’s receiver, turning back to General Sanchez.  “General, I have it on authority that the Director of SHIELD is going to be in touch.”

Sanchez nodded, his stern expression turning dour.  One of the first things that Martha had learned upon coming to New York was that there was no love lost between SHIELD and UNIT, and that the general’s fondest wish was that Nick Fury would take a flying leap off the deck of his own Helicarrier.  It didn’t help that the builders of the Valiant hadn’t accepted the contract for it from Stark Industries, instead going to Justin Hammer, and so SHIELD considered the UNIT airship to be an inferior vehicle.  Now that both were in New York there was a pool going on just which one would win during the inevitable game of Chicken that everyone saw coming.

Personally, Martha hoped the SHIELD Helicarrier would knock the Valiant out of the sky.  She had far too many bad memories of that Year to even set foot on board it.

Just as she was going back to her own call, Martha saw someone hand Sanchez a sat phone, and she knew immediately that it would be Fury on the other end of that call.

“Have you heard from the Doctor?” she asked Jack.

Her friend snorted.  “And you’d think he’d call me…why?”

Alright, so maybe Jack had a point.  However, Martha liked to think that the end of the world would have trumped any bad feelings the Time Lord had for the immortal Director of Torchwood.  “I’ve been trying to call him, and all I get is a dead line.  Something’s blocking my call.”

“That shouldn’t happen.”

“No, it shouldn’t.  I was hoping to speak to Toshiko about it…I didn’t even consider that all of this might have affected her.”  Then she had a thought.  “What about Ianto?  Is he alright?”  She liked to think that Jack would have told her immediately if something was wrong with her Dragon, but there was a lot going on at the moment and he might not have wanted to worry her.

“Here, let me put you on speaker.”  There was that slight tonal change that marked a mobile going into speaker mode.  “Ianto, let Nightingale know you’re okay.”

“I’m as good as I can be,” the familiar voice answered. 

Martha hadn’t known just how worried she was, until she actually heard Ianto’s voice.  Yes, it sounded tired, but at least he sounded alright. 

She curled a bit around her phone, not wanting anyone to hear her conversation.  Not that anyone really would be paying attention, not with everything else, but Martha didn’t want to take the chance.  “Do you have any sort of symptoms, Dragon?”

Ianto was connected to the planet, not as strongly as the Great Dragon Friends, but there was still that closeness that came from the Earth Dragon.  “I’m feeling a bit nauseous, but at least I wasn’t knocked for a loop like Toshiko and the others were.” 

“He was still affected when the Earth moved,” Jack butted in.  “He’s mostly recovered, but you know I won’t take a chance on him getting sick.”

Martha was as certain of that as she was about anything else; Jack was protective of his entire ‘family’, but of no one more than his mate.  “Have you heard from Tom?” she blurted the question before she could stop herself.

“Owen has, and he’s fine.  He’s with your family.  He’s worried about you, of course, so you might want to call him if you get the chance.”

It suddenly hit her: the world might possibly be ending, and she was an ocean away from the one person she wanted to be with.  Tom was the love of her life, and if she had only a little time left she really wanted to be with him.  And yet, there she was…in New York, while Tom was in London, staying with her family while she worked to save the world.  Again. 

She vowed to herself, then and there, that she’d always fight any other posting that would take her away from him. 

“General!” a voice called out.  “We’re receiving a transmission!”

“Put it though,” Sanchez ordered.  “Let’s hear it.”

Martha held her breath.  This was it…the answer to the question of who actually had moved the Earth.  It would mean they’d finally have something to work with…

And when that answer came, Martha almost dropped the phone in sheer horror.


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