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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Seven

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Seven
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack Harkness is released from prison, and gathers together a crew to pull the job of his conman career.  Based on the movie "Ocean's Eleven"
Pairing(s): Past Jack/Ianto; past Jack/John; Harold Saxon/Ianto Jones
Warning: Language
Spoilers: None for Torchwood or Doctor Who, follows situations from the movie "Ocean's' Eleven"
Author's note:  I originally started writing this for Reel Torchwood, but the plot bunnies absconded before I could finish.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or Ocean's Eleven


New Vegas City, New Vegas

Ianto Harkness-Jones sighed, closing his eyes as he brought the small cup to his face, inhaling the scent of fine coffee before he took a small sip. The sharp, earthy taste exploded on his tongue, and he barely bit back a moan of pleasure. "This is the Columbian dark, isn't it?" he murmured, opening his eyes to look at his business manager, Bilis Manger.

Truth to tell, Ianto found the older man a bit creepy, but Harry had recommended him with the some of the highest praise Ianto had ever heard, and so had brought him in to help with running the younger man's string of coffee shops. And Ianto had to admit, the man certainly knew a lot about business.

"Yes, it is," Manger answered, blinking those weird dark eyes slowly. Ianto often wondered if he had some alien blood in him, but was too respectful to ask. "The salesman is here now, if you're interested in speaking with him."

"Yes, please send him in."

Manger did a little half-bow movement, then left Ianto's office. Ianto leaned back in his chair, savoring another sip of the coffee while he waited. Coffee…it was what had brought him to the attention of Harold Saxon in the first place, had made Ianto the businessman he was today, and had gained him the respect of coffee growers over ten different worlds. And, if he was truthful with himself, Ianto could say that coffee had brought him to Jack Harkness as well.

No, he didn't want to think about Jack. And yet, his ex-husband had been coming to mind a lot lately, since he'd discovered that Jack had been released from prison.

He turned his chair to face the window overlooking New Vegas City. When Harry had come into his life and swept him off his feet, the casino owner had insisted that Ianto have a well-appointed office within the Gallifrey Casino itself. It wasn't that high up in the massive building, but it suited Ianto just fine. He could look out over the city, and even at night there was enough light streaming in from the various other casinos and attractions that, if he chose to work that late, he would have been able to see what he was doing without turning on the overhead.

Well, they did say that New Vegas was the city that never slept. Ianto could understand why, and it wasn't because of the gambling and other entertainments. It was simply too bright out to get any decent rest.

There was a soft knock on the door, and without prompting Manger entered once more, bringing with him a nervous-looking young man wearing an ill-fitting suit. "Mr. Harkness-Jones…allow me to introduce Mr. Eugene Jones, he represents the coffee growers of Columbia Prime."

Ianto rose, and reached over and shook the salesman's hand. "Welcome to New Vegas," he greeted calmly, letting himself fall behind the mask he reserved for strangers and business…or pretty much anyone else. "Please, have a seat."

"Thank you, sir." The young Mr. Jones took the offered chair, and Ianto sat back down. "I understand that the coffee crop on Columbia Prime was especially good this year…"

He listened as Jones related the yields and types of bean that made his planet one of the finest for coffee in the sector. Ianto asked pointed questions; Jones answered them, relaxing visibly as their conversation continued. Soon Ianto was making a deal to have the special Columbian Dark blend in his shops, and with Manger helping it was a beneficial deal indeed.

They were just getting to their feet once more, this time to shake on their concluded business, when Ianto's office door opened. All three men turned at the intrusion.

Harold Saxon walked into the room. He wasn't an imposing man, but his presence seemed to fill the office as he entered. There was an aura of danger about him; Ianto was never sure if this attracted or repulsed him, but then Harry had always been pretty honest with his dealings, no matter how shady.

It made a distinct difference from his ex- husband.

No, he wasn't going to think of Jack again.

"Good evening, Mr. Harkness-Jones," he greeted, stopping just inside the room. There was a twinkle in his unreadable dark eyes. "I'm not interrupting anything?"

"Not at all, Mr. Saxon," Ianto answered smoothly. It still bothered him that Harry was so adamant about treating him like an employee when they weren't alone. "Our meeting is just concluding." He introduced Harry to Eugene Jones, who was even more nervous about meeting Harry than he'd been Ianto himself.

"Then it's a good thing I was kept by my fight promoter." He grinned widely. "I give him an unlimited budget…and he exceeds it."

Ianto barely managed to keep from rolling his eyes. One of Harry's least endearing characteristics was his needing to flaunt his wealth at people. Even the Goddess knew that Harold Saxon was about the richest man in the Vegas Galaxies.

"I understand it's gonna be a helluva fight," Jones piped up, surprising Ianto with his forwardness.

"We hope so," Harry said, favoring him now with a look.

Jones must have heard the implicit dismissal in the response; he hurriedly made his farewells, and Manger escorted him from the office, leaving Harry and Ianto alone.

"You should try this coffee," Ianto said, pouring a little of the Columbian Dark into a cup and passing it to his lover. "I've just made a deal to sell it."

Harry took a sip, nodding. "Do you like it?" he asked plainly.

"I do, yes."

"Then I like that you like it."

It was one of Harry's patented dodges, but Ianto knew them all so well by now. He just wasn't a coffee snob like Ianto himself was.

"I have some bad news on the fashion front," Harry went on, putting the half-finished cup down on Ianto's desk.


"It seems that Billy Davis is going to be wearing red trunks on Saturday night."

The younger man raised an eyebrow, wondering just what Harry's prize fighter would be wearing had to do with him.

"And I understand you'll be wearing a charcoal pinstripe with a red shirt…if the cameras pick us up in the front row, and you looking like you will in that red shirt…"

"Ah." Ianto suddenly knew where this was going.

"He's a charming man and a damned fine fighter, but no one's going to be watching him fight when they can make a study of you. I've asked Frobisher to find three or four things for you to try. I hope you're not too disappointed."

Of course he was. But he managed to bury his feelings under his customary mask. "Not a problem."

"Are you sure?"

Ianto nodded. He really didn't have much of a choice; to be honest he really didn't want to go to the fight, but as Harry's 'companion' he was expected to show up.

Harry favored him with a smile. "I'll see you tonight then."

Instinctively Ianto leaned over to kiss him, but Harry recoiled. The younger man frowned. "What? We're alone…"

Harry glanced upward, and Ianto turned to see the almost hidden camera in the corner. "In my hotels," he murmured, "there's always someone watching."

He turned then, leaving the office without so much as a farewell. Ianto watched him go, unconsciously chewing his lip. He sighed. There were times when he was happy, but those times were becoming few and far between.

Ianto was beginning to seriously wonder why he was still with Harold Saxon.



Harold Saxon took a stroll through his casino, his expensive shoes making a slight drumming sound as he strode purposefully toward the high-roller's room. His pit boss, Tommy Brockless, was waiting for him; he'd sent a message that he'd wanted to see Harry. "What do you have for me?"

Tommy made a motion toward the blackjack table. Harry took a good look; it wasn't someone he recognized, a youngish man whose face looked like an affronted frog. He had a sizable stack of chips at his elbow. "Who is he?"

"Mr. Parker, sir. Henry Parker. Wishes to speak to you privately."

"You know anything about him?" Harry looked at him closer. The suit he was wearing must have been worth thousands, and that wasn't including the jeweled tiepin and cufflinks.

"Businessman of some kind, mostly New Wales area. He's very vague, but I asked around; word is he deals primarily in alien weapons. One of the biggest arms' dealers."

Harry frowned. "I've never heard of him."

"Yessir. That's why I don't doubt the story."

Tommy had a point. None of the really good weapons' dealers you just didn't hear about; it meant they weren't sloppy. "He's staying here?"

"Checked in two nights ago, sir. He's in the Cloister Suite."

"How's he doing?"

"He's up almost forty grand."

Harry stifled a sigh, knowing he couldn't duck meeting the man. "Good for him…"


Ianto sat at their usual table in the Gallifrey's restaurant, sipping a glass of wine almost absently. He glanced at his watch for the fifth time since he'd sat down; Harry was actually going to be running late in a few seconds…

But a pair of warm hands rested on his shoulders. Ianto smiled, turning in his seat. "You're thirty seconds late. I was about to send out a search party…"

And then he recognized the tuxedoed man standing over him.


Jack Harkness gave him a familiar, winning smile. "Hello, Ianto."

Ianto couldn't make up his mind if he was thrilled, petrified, stunned, or outraged. "What are you doing here?" he demanded, deciding that outrage worked just fine.

"I'm out."

"You're out." Ianto's voice went cold.

"Of prison. You remember. The day I went out for cigarillos and never came back. You must have noticed."

"Neither one of us smoke."

Jack pulled the chair out opposite him.

"Don't sit – "

But Jack did anyway. "They said I paid my debt to society."

"Funny, I never got a credit."

Ianto stared daggers at Jack.

Jack simply kept smiling.

"You can't stay – "

"It's good to see you," Jack said, overriding Ianto. He glanced down, and a line appeared between those perfect brows. "You're not wearing your ring."

Ianto couldn't believe his ex-husband was being so blatant. "I threw it into the nearest black hole. And I don't have a husband. Or didn't you get the papers?" Not being married hadn't meant that Ianto had changed his name back, but he wasn't about to admit that to the insufferable bastard sitting in Harry's chair.

"Yeah, I got them."

"Well, I told you I'd write."

Jack reached across the table, toward Ianto's hand.

There was no way he was going to let Jack touch him. He'd been having enough doubts about Harry – and enough thoughts about Jack – that he really didn't want that sort of intimate contact.

Ianto slid his hand down into his lap.

"Jack…go, now. Before…"


Ianto froze. Jack knew?

But Jack just kept smiling.

Then he caught the eye of a waiter. "Hypervodka, please."

Ianto couldn't believe what was happening. How dare Jack just show up like that, and act like everything was just fine? He wanted to go all righteous anger on him, but they were in a busy restaurant and didn't want the attention. "Jack…"

"You're doing a wonderful job with your coffee shops. "

Ianto sighed. Trust Jack to bring coffee up.

"The Blue Fields is quite good, but I think the Mountain Roast has fallen off a bit – "

"Does it remind you of anyone?" Ianto snarked, crossing his arms across his chest.

"But I still get the Wheaten Red and the Wheaten Gold confused."

"The Red is a more cinnamon flavor, while the Gold has a sweet honey base to it."

The two men stared at each other for a heartbeat, and Ianto was wishing Jack would just leave. The man wasn't doing good things to his nerves.

"You know," Jack sighed, "I've replayed this conversation in my head so many times over the last several years…"

"Did it always go this poorly?"

"Pretty much, yeah." He smiled, but it was completely different from what Ianto was used to; this was more self-deprecating, as if the man opposite him had finally given up every ounce of cockiness he had.

"Sounds frustrating." Damn, he hadn't meant to sound sympathetic!

"You were never easy."

Ianto shrugged as if he didn't care, but he couldn't help but wonder if that was some sort of bizarre compliment.

"Okay," Jack said. "I'll make this quick. I came here for you. I'm gonna get on with my life, and I want you with me."

"You're a thief and a liar," Ianto hissed.

"I only ever lied about being a thief. But I don't do that anymore."



"I'm with someone now who doesn't have to make that kind of distinction."

"No, he's very clear on both."

Ianto was well aware of who Harold Saxon was. But Harry had never hidden it, not like Jack had. And if there was anything Ianto despised, it was someone who kept secrets on the par that Jack Harkness had. "Do you know what your problem is?"

"I only have one?" Jack asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You've met too many people like you." Ianto leaned back. "I'm with Harry now."

"Does he make you laugh?"

"He doesn't make me cry," the younger man whispered, seeing his words hit home as Jack visibly flinched.

Chapter Eight...


"Does he make you laugh?"

"He doesn't make me cry,"
That is my favorite lines in that movie. I was like Damn thats cold.
Oh, it was mine too. In fact, that very scene made me want to write it for Jack and Ianto. In my stories, Ianto won't ever descend into cry-baby-land (unless there's a very good reason for it) and I figured that, finding out the man you love was lying to you for your entire marriage, and you only found out because he was arrested...yeah, I think that's a good reason to cry a bit. It's also a good reason to be heartily pissed off at your significant other...
yep the last two lines were the best part of the movie besides the guys (Damon was my favorite).
I agree, it was mine too. I just saw Jack and Ianto sitting at that table, and it was really the first scene I imagined in the story for the boys. And Ianto would most likely want to get a bit of his own back by hurting Jack...just a little...
It's been younks since i last watched the movie, but i vaguely remember the last two lines here, ouch!
I agree, those last words just hurt. But really, in a way Jack deserved them...

oh, that was a sucker punch there at the end...

great chapter

Yes, it was quite a punch, but it certainly got Ianto's opinion across...
this sentence! : It kills.

and the idea of mixing the love of Ianto to coffee: great idea!
It does, doesn't it? It killed me to write it, honestly.