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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Eight

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Eight
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack Harkness is released from prison, and gathers together a crew to pull the job of his conman career.  Based on the movie "Ocean's Eleven"
Pairing(s): Past Jack/Ianto; past Jack/John; Harold Saxon/Ianto Jones
Warning: Language
Spoilers: None for Torchwood or Doctor Who, follows situations from the movie "Ocean's' Eleven"
Author's note:  I originally started writing this for Reel Torchwood, but the plot bunnies absconded before I could finish.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or Ocean's Eleven

New Vegas City

Owen Harper pushed nine thousand credits' worth of chips forward, settling the stack on top of his cards, signaling that he didn't want any more. He was sitting on a twenty, and hoped that it would be enough to beat the house once more.

He thoroughly enjoyed playing high rollers. He could show as much bad behavior as possible and no one would say anything. He could sleep with all sorts of women – not that he would now, with Katie waiting for him back home – and not an eyebrow would be raised. It was really the perfect role for him, and while he always would excel at any part he was given to play, it was the rich bastard that always felt like he was donning a well-worn glove.

He'd been out of the game for a year, living the retired life on Floridia with a woman who'd managed to capture his heart – or at least his libido – and had considered himself fairly happy. But then that bloody John Hart had showed up, teased him with this big payoff…and Owen had followed like a puppy looking for a treat.

He was loving it.

Although if Jack got on his case one more time about not having his head in the game he was going to feed the man's bollocks to him with a nice brown sauce.

He also had to wonder if he'd be able to go back to Katie after this.

"Hey," the player next to him drew his thoughts back to the here and now. "You don't want to get in too heavy to this Saxon."

"What?" he asked, acting confused; in actuality, Owen was very familiar with just what Harold Saxon could get up to, there were enough rumors about the man.

The player – a Thargon, judging from his coloring – sidled up a bit closer, as if he was about to share a confidence. "A friend of a friend of mine once borrowed a hundred thousand from the guy. Two months went by, Saxon hadn't heard from him, so he calls him up and asked for his money. My friend's friend tells him he'll get it when he himself has it. Half an hour later Saxon's in his hotel room, dangling him off his 50th floor balcony by his ankles."

Owen could tell this was yet another urban legend about the wily casino owner; Saxon never dirtied his own hands, preferring to have minions do his work for him. Still, there might have been some truth to it at some point, he just doubted that Harold Saxon was the one who'd done the actual dangling. Besides, these "friend of a friend" stories a person had to take with a large grain of salt.

The dealer turned over a nineteen; Owen won.

He sensed a presence over his shoulder; Owen had seen Saxon standing by the door, so he assumed it was the casino owner. The man could lurk with the best of them, and it had been a bit hard to ignore him.

His assumption proved correct. "Mr. Parker."

Owen turned in his seat. "Mr. Saxon," he answered to his current name, one corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk. "I recognize you from the vids. You know, in nine casinos out of ten, the owner comes up in the middle of the hand to ask me what I want. I respect you're waiting."

If any of Owen's friends had seen him then, they wouldn't have recognized the man's demeanor. It was always best to start off polite; hit them with the attitude later when the mark was in your pocket.

"You're the guest," Saxon said, returning the smirk.

"Care to sit in on a hand?" Owen was very familiar with the gaming laws, and knew that the man would refuse.

"I'd love to, Mr. Parker, but the NVGB would feed me to my pet Mandrils."

Owen suppressed his shiver; Mandrils were nasty, and anyone who kept them as pets was to be feared. He wondered how many of his enemies had been fed to them already.

It was a good thing he already felt a very healthy fear of Harold Saxon. It would keep him alive.

If you didn't fear the mark, you lost the game.

"Right shame, that," he replied. "You're basically the King of New Vegas and you're stuck playing craps in a dark alley somewhere."

Saxon shrugged. "No shame at all. It'd remind me of growing up." He made an ushering movement with his hand. "You wished to speak to me?"

"I did." Owen gathered his chips, sliding a thousand-credit chip across to the dealer in a show of magnanimity, then allowed Saxon to lead him away.

The casino owner showed him to a secluded corner. "What can I do for you, Mr. Parker?"

"The big fight is Saturday, isn't it?"

"It is. I can get you tickets – "

Owen shook his head. "Nah. That sort of thing doesn't interest me. But I do have a package arriving here Saturday night. A black briefcase, standard size, and the contents are pretty damned valuable to me."

"I'd be happy to put it in the house safe for you."

"The house safe is for the Saurian brandy and your grandmother's pearls. I'm really gonna need something more secure." Owen had to play it carefully; he didn't want Saxon to wriggle off the hook he was setting.

"I can assure you, the house safe is perfectly – "

Owen just looked at him, letting the contempt he felt for the regular safe show on his face. "I can assure you, Mr. Saxon…your generosity in this matter won't be forgotten. Now…what can you offer me besides the house safe?"



Jack sat across the table from Ianto, his eyes on the younger man as he leaned forward, a neutral mask disguising his true feelings. The conman wondered just when that blank look had appeared, and his heart sank at it.

He'd really missed Ianto. More than he'd thought possible. He'd been expecting the divorce papers but it has still felt like he'd been stabbed in the heart when they'd finally arrived. There'd been that small part of him that had hoped his husband would be waiting for him when he got out, but he knew Ianto well enough to know the man's pride would have been wounded, and his trust in Jack completely lost.

Jack really couldn't blame him.

"See," Ianto said, his New Wales accent doing things to Jack's libido that should be illegal in most systems, "the kind of people you steal from, they have insurance to compensate them. They get made whole again. I don't. I had to leave my home to get away from what happened. How do I get that time back, Jack?"

He'd known he'd hurt Ianto; and he truly deserved to be told off. But Jack hadn't known just how bad it was going to be. He really wanted to get through to the gorgeous man opposite him, to get him back on his side. "You can't," he admitted. "But what you can do is not throw away any more time."

Ianto was shaking his head. "You don't know anything – "

Jack cut him off. "Listen…you don't love me anymore, you want to make a life with someone else? Fine…I have to live with that. But not him."

That caused the younger man to bark out a laugh. "Spoken like a true ex-husband."

"I'm not joking, Ianto." Why couldn't Jack convince him?

"I'm not laughing." He rolled his eyes. "You have to admit there's a bit of a conflict of interest when you give me advice about my love life."

Jack sighed, leaning back in his seat. Ianto did have a point. "Yes," he conceded. "But that doesn't mean I'm wrong."

Ianto looked at him, his blue eyes examining Jack minutely. His gaze went to Jack's hand, to take in the platinum band that was prominent on his finger. His eyes turned wistful, and Jack knew at that moment that he might actually have a chance.

"Do you remember what I said to you, when we first met?" he asked softly.

Jack nodded. "You said, 'You better know what you're doing'."

"Do you, Jack? Now? Because – truly – if you don't, you should walk out of here and forget all about me." There was a seriousness in his tone that thickened that accent, and if Jack hadn't been so focused on the conversation he would have been painfully aroused.

"I know what I'm doing," he answered, equally as serious.

"What are you doing?"

Both Jack and Ianto looked up at the interruption. Harold Saxon stood there, a curious smile on his face.

Jack had the almost uncontrollable urge to punch that smirk right off those hated features.

"Harry," Ianto said into the sudden, uncomfortable silence, "this is my ex-husband – "

"Jack Harkness," the conman finished, extending his hand.

Saxon took it, and Jack decided he was going to wash the hand at the first available opportunity. "Mr. Harkness." The casino owner turned to Ianto. "I'm sorry I'm late. A guest required my attention."

In that corner of Jack's mind that was keeping track of all the moves that his crew was making, he knew it had to have been Owen in his Henry Parker persona.

"Jack was just walking through the restaurant," Ianto said, "and he spotted me."

"Is that right?" Those dark eyes met Jack's. They were cold, like a predator's.

"I was shocked myself," Jack laughed lightly. "Imagine the odds." He stood up. "Here, I'm sitting in your seat."

Saxon slid gracefully into the newly abandoned chair. "I run several casinos," he answered. "I can imagine the odds quite easily." There was a subtle threat in his tone. "You've recently been released from prison, isn't that right?"

Jack nodded, not saying anything. He glanced at Ianto; his ex-husband was favoring Saxon with a look that he couldn't identify.

"How does it feel to be out?" Saxon went on.

"About the same," jack admitted. "Everything you want is still on the other side."

"That's the human condition for you."

"Harry," Ianto cut in, "Jack was just about to – "

"I just wanted to say hello," Jack spoke up, "for old times' sake."

"Stay for a drink," Saxon invited, although it had a tinge of frost in the words.

Jack knew he wasn't wanted there. Not that he was surprised; he was technically trespassing on Saxon's territory…that territory being Ianto. "I can't – "

"He can't," Ianto said at the same time.

An awkward silence fell. Saxon was the first to make any sort of move; he reached across the table to take Ianto's hand in his.

Jack didn't miss the surprise in the younger man's eyes.

"I don't imagine we'll be seeing you again, Mr. Harkness." There was definitely a warning there.

"You never know," Jack answered, adding a slight smirk.

"I know everything in my casinos."

"So I should put those towels back."

"The towels you can keep." Saxon pulled Ianto's hand not-so-gently toward him, pressing a proprietary kiss to the back.

Again, Jack didn't miss the surprise at the gesture.

"It was good to see you again, Ianto," Jack said.

"Take care, Jack," the young man said quietly, glancing up in Jack's direction. There was a mistiness in those blue eyes, as if he really didn't want Jack to go.

Jack left anyway. He'd seen everything he needed to.

It left him convinced that he actually had a fighting chance to get Ianto back, despite his ex-husband's anger at what Jack had done. He knew he deserved everything that Ianto had said, but at the same time there'd been something still there…

Whistling, he left the casino, content for perhaps the first time since he'd been released.


Andy watched Jack leave the restaurant, his brows drawn down into a puzzled frown. He glanced inside; Saxon and his companion were sitting at their table, talking. Saxon didn't look happy; his date had his arms crossed, his handsome face wearing an inscrutable mask as he listened to what was being said.

He pulled back before anyone could catch sight of him, absently chewing on his lower lip. What had Jack wanted with that Ianto guy?

Shrugging, he turned to follow the older conman out of the casino. He'd have to ask Hart about it.

Chapter Nine...


I'm really enjoying how you have slotted in the characters of TW into this story, keeping the TW characters 'personalities true
So glad you're enjoying it. It was the dinner scene that first convinced me this movie could be given a Torchwood treatment...I just saw Jack and Ianto at that table, and knew I had to write it.

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Eight

this reallu brightened up the bus journey this morning, i so love this fic.

Re: Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Eight

Yay! I hate bus trips, so I'm glad this made it a little better for you.

loved that
Thanks a lot!
This weapon goes between Harry and Jack! giant.

and everything that Jack has deducted. again: superb

and then there is the role of Owen / Henry: I can not wait to read more
Jack just gets it, I think, and knows he has a lot to make up for.

Love this chapter. I like how you've written this so someone like me who knows nothing about the film can still follow the plot. Ianto's just so believable here, and I admire him for not giving in to Jack, even though he's clearly not very happy with Saxon. It's such fun to see the boys bicker like ex-spouses. (I hope he didn't really throw his wedding ring into a black hole, though...)

This was the scene that made me think to write this adaptation, to be honest. I just loved the bickering, and could hear them in my head.

Glad you liked it!