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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Stolen Earth Incident - Chapter Forty-Three

The Stolen Earth Incident - Chapter Forty-Three
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato/Kathy Swanson, Owen Harper/Diane Holmes, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Martha Jones/Tom Milligan, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts
Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst, Temporary Character Death (It's Jack), Perceived Character Death, Minor Character Death. 
Spoilers: Thru S2, E13, "Fragments" and "Exit Wounds", the audio play "Lost Souls" for Torchwood, S4, E12 and E13, "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" for Doctor Who.  Slight spoilers for the movie, "Iron Man" 
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. Don't own Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either
Author's Note:  Here it is, the Dragon-Verse version of "Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End". 

Summary:  The Earth has been stolen.  There are twenty-six other planets in the sky.  The Daleks are raining death down from the sky.  It's the end of the world.


30 April 2009



Jack recognised the Hub immediately, but didn’t recall leaving it in the shape it was now.

There was a fine film of dust over everything, as if Ianto hadn’t run a duster over anything in weeks.  Several small pieces of rubble littered the floor, and with a jolt Jack realised that the Hub must have come under attack after he and Clint had left. 

“Owen!” he shouted, needing to see his medic and to know if everyone was alright.  Yes, he’d seen Owen through the sub-wave, but that was different than actually laying physical eyes on him.

“Down here!” came the answering shout from the autopsy bay.

Jack rushed through the Hub, past Toshiko, who was laying on the sofa, a blanket covering everything except her hair, and was at the railing looking down into the bay even before he was aware he’d moved.  Down in the medical area, he saw Owen bustling around the metal exam table in the centre of the room, where Jack’s mate was lying, pale and still.

“How is he?” he demanded breathlessly, his heart pounding like it wanted to jump right out his chest. “And how’s Toshiko?”

Owen’s eyes met his, and Jack could see the worry in them.  “We need to get this planet back to where it belongs,” the medic reported, “and I don’t see where either of them won’t recover.  But it needs to be soon, Jack, so hop to it and get done what the Doctor needs.”

Jack gave him a nod, and then headed back up into the main Hub.  Toshiko’s workstation was the best one to use in order to access the Rift Manipulator, and so he sat himself down and got to work.

While he wasn’t as proficient as Toshiko and, to a smaller extent, Ianto, Jack did know his way around mainframe.  She liked him quite well…not as well as she did Toshiko and Ianto, but well enough to give him what he needed, when he needed it. 

The Rift programs were Toshiko’s baby, though.  After she’d come on board with Torchwood, their knowledge of the Rift had increased tenfold, more than any other time in Torchwood Three history.  Ianto had helped her, in his own way, with his ability to sense the Rift’s energy and predict when it was going to spike.  Working together, the pair had made Rift Prediction an art form. 

It made manipulating the Rift that much simpler.

Jack got into the programs that ran the Manipulator.  The hardwiring they’d done to send the signal to the Doctor was still in place, so it was only a matter of minutes before everything that could be siphoned off from the Rift was being aimed directly at the TARDIS per the Doctor’s plan.

This would mean the Rift would most likely be drained for a while, but that was fine.  It was nice to get a quiet period before things heated up once more.  Unfortunately, there was no way of telling how long that would last, but it would at least give their injured teammates more time to fully recover.

That now included Toshiko and Ianto.

Getting up from the workstation, Jack made his way over to his technical expert.  He carefully pulled back the blanket, not wanting to risk waking her, and was shocked at her wan appearance.  Her normal complexion had an almost yellow tinge to it, and there were dark circles around her eyes, as if she’d been punched in the face.  Jack thought there were pinkish streaks on his cheeks, and a bit of blood caked one of her nostrils.

He gently swiped away a strand of hair from her forehead then leaned over a brushed a kiss across overly warm skin.  Jack was so very worried about her, but Owen seemed to think she’d recover once the Earth was back where it belonged.  He tucked her back in, heading toward the autopsy bay, where his mate was.

Owen had covered Ianto with a blanket.  Jack reached underneath for one of his mate’s hands, tangling their fingers together.  His skin was unnaturally cold, and Jack brought it up to his mouth, exhaling across the knuckles, trying to warm then up once more.

“Dragon Boy’s core temp is down,” the medic reported.  “It’s like his inner flame is fading.”

“What could cause that?” Jack was desperately worried.  Ianto had always run hot because of that flame, and for it to be almost gone…

“Despite Ianto’s deeper connection to the Earth Dragon, his race is actually a balance of all four.  Since all the Great Dragons are being affected, all this shit is messing with his entire metabolism.”

“The Rift is connected to the TARDIS,” Jack replied.  “It’ll be over soon…one way or the other.”

He’d barely spoken when the entire Hub began to shake.

The TARDIS was towing the Earth back to its usual place in the universe.

Jack found himself holding onto the exam table for dear life as the earthquake made the floor dip and heave.  Owen found himself being thrown back toward the steps, and the medic grabbed onto the railing with both hands, and he was shouting as if he was on the best roller coaster ever, a combination of fear and excitement that had Jack answering it with a cry of his own.

The Doctor’s plan must be working.

Ianto began to slide off the exam table; Jack threw himself across his lover, hoping to keep him in place.  He hoped Toshiko was alright out there on the sofa, and also that he didn’t get seasick.

The shaking seemed to go one forever, but it eventually stopped.  Jack clung to the table a few extra seconds, to make certain it didn’t start up again, then he straightened up, tucking the blanket back around his mate. 

“Fuck,” Owen groaned, “and I just cleaned up in here.”

Jack took a look around, noticing the overturned rolling tables and instruments scattered all over the tiles.  “Well, you’ll have time to after I’ve headed back to the TARDIS.”

He really didn’t want to.  The idea of giving up his newly working Vortex Manipulator was making his stomach hurt.  How many times in the past had they needed that sort of advantage?  They’d had it that one time, with the space whale, but he certainly could have used it when Gray and John Hart had attacked Cardiff, and off the top of his head Jack could think of at least another half a dozen times it would have made a difference.

But no. He’d promised the Doctor he’d let him disable it for good, and Jack was determined to show the Time Lord that he could keep his word.  It hurt that he didn’t trust the immortal, but it was just more pain tossed on top of all the rest that had been heaped on him ever since he’d run after the TARDIS last year.

Jack wished he’d never done it now.  He could have more easier lived with the uncertainty of his condition than knowing the Doctor couldn’t stand to be around him.

But, at the time, that result hadn’t even crossed his mind.  He’d thought he’d been accidentally left behind, not deliberately abandoned.  He’d believed that his reunion with the Doctor would have been a joyous affair, not filled with disgust and condescension. 

Now, of course, he knew.

Jack wasn’t about to prove the Doctor right, and run away.  No, he’d keep his word, and go back to the TARDIS to collect Clint and be abandoned once again.

Jack wasn’t about to do the same thing to Clint that the Doctor had done to him, even though at least Clint would be somewhere on Earth, and not on a space station filled with death and dust and despair.

“Call me when you hear from the others,” Jack ordered, heading back out of the autopsy bay.  “If either Toshiko or Ianto wakes up, see if they’re in any condition to run damage reports.  We’ll need to get things back up to speed as soon as we can, because the Rift is going to ramp up again as soon as it recharges.”

“Dragon Boy’s out for the count,” Owen said, walking with Jack back up into the main Hub.  “I had to sedate him.  I was afraid he’d change into his natural shape if I didn’t.  But I’m hoping Tosh will be up soon, now that we’re done being slung about all over the fucking universe.” 

“Keep me informed.  I’m liable to be stuck in London for a bit.”  He really didn’t want to be away from his team and family, but there would be no help for it.  Jack seriously doubted that the trains would be running on time for a while, and he had no doubt that was where the TARDIS would end up.  He also was certain that the Doctor wouldn’t feel magnanimous about bringing Jack and Clint back to Cardiff, and the immortal wasn’t about to ask.

Owen frowned.  “Your wrist thingy is working again, though.”

Jack stifled a sigh.  “The Doctor fixed it so I could get back here and work on the Manipulator.  I had to promise to come back and let him break it again.”

“Bollocks,” the medic growled.  “That thing could be right useful in a crisis.”

There wasn’t anything Jack could say to that, since he agreed.  Still, he’d fulfil his promise and get back to the TARDIS and let the Time Lord do whatever the hell he was going to with it.

He flipped open the wrist strap, knowing that he’d not have to reset anything in order to get back, that the Doctor would have made certain he couldn’t go anywhere else.  “Clint and I will be back as soon as we can.  I have my phone on me, so check in when either Toshiko or Ianto wake up.”

“You got it.”  Owen sketched a salute and then headed over to check on Toshiko.

Jack took a deep breath, and then activated the teleport.