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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Nine

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Nine
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack Harkness is released from prison, and gathers together a crew to pull the job of his conman career.  Based on the movie "Ocean's Eleven"
Pairing(s): Past Jack/Ianto; past Jack/John; Harold Saxon/Ianto Jones
Warning: Language
Spoilers: None for Torchwood or Doctor Who, follows situations from the movie "Ocean's' Eleven"
Author's note:  I originally started writing this for Reel Torchwood, but the plot bunnies absconded before I could finish.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or Ocean's Eleven

New Vegas City

Mickey "the Idiot" Smith was in love.

Not with your usual man/woman/alien…this was a love affair with wires and capacitors and chemicals that mix together in interesting ways.

Oh, and the loud noises were an attraction, too.

Currently, Mickey was sitting on the sofa in their well-appointed suite, leaning over the equipment that he'd strewn all over the plastic-wood conglomerate coffee table. He was working on his newest masterpiece, fancying himself an artist as he carefully shaped the charges into a seemingly innocuous form.

He whistled as he worked, idly thinking about his family and how they just hadn't understood his love for all things explosive. He wasn't an idiot by any stretch of the imagination, except to his parents; but then, they'd each had IQ's that rated off the charts. Mickey's was in the mere 200's, which had earned him the hated nickname from a cousin who really didn't have any room to talk. But it had stuck, and now all he could do was his work and show them all that he was, indeed, the best demolitions man in the business.

It was why he enjoyed working with Jack and John so much. They treated him with respect, not like some of the dumbos he'd done jobs with. Goddess, that last job had been a disaster, all because someone hadn't bothered to check for alarms on the vault floor. He'd be in stir now if it hadn't been for John Hart.

Not that he'd ever admit he owed the smarmy bastard anything…

The news vid was chattering in the background; Mickey had turned it on for noise, but apparently the Tardis Casino was going to be demolished that morning, and Mickey was curious to see another professional at work. It didn't matter how much the technology progressed, blowing things up was still an art form, and the Idiot enjoyed watching another master at his craft.

"We're here at the historic Tardis Casino," the news reader nattered on, "Once it was the prize resort on New Vegas; now it was seconds away from demolition…"

Mickey knew this was the reason "Doctor" John Smith had agreed to bankroll them – to get revenge on Harold Saxon for putting him out of business. He glanced up at the vidscreen; on it, Harold Saxon was standing on a platform, looking incredibly smug. A young man was with him, standing just behind and to the left; Mickey's brow furrowed, thinking the guy looked a bit familiar…

And there was the Doctor, standing beside Saxon, looking very much put out. Mickey shook his head; he remembered how pissed off the man had been before he'd left for the demolition ceremony, not really wanting to go. But Jack had convinced him, saying that they needed to keep up pretenses, and the former casino owner had finally, reluctantly, agreed.

Also on the podium stood the two fighters from Saturday's event: Mark Lynch, and Billy Davis. Both looked like they'd been stuffed into the suits they were wearing, and Mickey snorted as he went back to work, the newsreader still nattering away about the old casino, and the spectacle for Saturday…

Out of the corner of his eye, Mickey saw both fighters move up to a huge, decorative-looking plunger. He rolled his eyes at the ostentation of it all as the pair pushed the handle down.

Mickey heard the explosion – well, technically it was an implosion – twice: once over the vid's speakers, the second time a split second later, from outside the building; he knew, if he turned around, he would have seen the old building slowly disintegrate into a pile of dust and debris from the window in the suite.

And, as he started back to work, the power in the room flickered and went out.


Mickey practically propelled himself off the sofa and out of the suite, hooking the "Do Not Disturb" sign over the knob on his way out.


John looked around the table at the crew he and Jack had assembled…except for Mickey, and when John had called him in for the meeting all he'd gotten was a spate of cursing over the comms and a snarled request to "leave him the fuck alone". He gladly left the demolitions expert alone after that.

"Okay, guys and gals," he began, leaning over the table and the mock-up of all three casinos that took up nearly the entire surface. "Call is at 17:50. Make-up and costume. Owen's package arrives at 19:25, and Andy grabs the codes. All goes well there, and we're a go." He looked at the aforementioned men; they both nodded their understanding. "At 19:50, Rhys and Banana deliver Jenny. From that point, we have thirty minutes to blow the power before she suffocates."

Rhys looked significantly serious; Banana was chewing on a fingernail with a look that made John think he was constipated. He resisted the urge to smack him upside the head, thinking to knock some brain cells loose, but didn't bother.

He glanced over at Jenny. She was practically bouncing, and John couldn't help but leer in her direction. She really was quite cute…maybe when this was over…

Then he got a look at the Doctor's face, and decided he quite liked his balls where they were. It didn't help the man's attitude that Saxon had knocked down his casino that morning.

"Once the electricity is blown – " and this was where John wished Mickey was there – "all entry points to the vault and its elevator will automatically lock down for two minutes. That's when we make our move."


The dummied-up cash cart was wheeled into the center of the mock-up vault by a uniformed Rhys Williams. He positioned the cart with three others then walked back out, through the rather intimidating false vault door. Once the door clunked shut, the top of the cart pushed up, to reveal a small pair of feet, which wriggled up until the small form of Jenny Smith was able to pull herself up and out, and onto one of the other carts.

She removed the rebreather, closing the lid of the cart she'd popped out of. She was dressed all in skin-tight black, and John had to admit she looked positively yummy in a cat-burglar way. "Okay…they've put you in the middle of the room, far from everything. You have to get from there to the door without touching the floor. What do you do?"

Jenny fired him a cheeky grin, bending her knees with her back to the door. She inhaled slowly, her upper body completely loose, seemingly oblivious of her audience as she centered herself.

"Five says she shorts it," Gwen murmured.

"Make it ten," Toshiko said.

The two women shook hands.

John just shook his head. He had faith that Jenny would make it; after all, he'd chosen her, and he did actually know what he was doing most of the time. Maybe it was female jealousy…yeah…

From a dead squat, Jenny launched herself backward, to land seated on top of the chip rack that took up space near the door, her legs dangling over the edge in a perfectly relaxed position. Her grin lit up the room.

Gwen paid up.

John opened his mouth to congratulate her, when the echoing sound of a door slamming had him and the others turning toward the noise.

It was Mickey. And he looked distinctly unhappy.

He didn't smell all that great, either.

"We're in deep shit," he growled, as he practically ripped the stained and soaked shirt from his chest. John wrinkled his nose at the scent that wafted from the abandoned material. "That damned demo crew didn't use a coaxial lynch to back the main line! They onioned the mainframe couplet!"

John leaned toward Toshiko. "You get that?"

"I'll explain later," the tech expert whispered back.

"They blew the back-up grid, one by one! Like freaking dominoes!" Mickey went on, adding some rather colorful swears in about three different languages.

Jack looked as confused as John felt. "Mickey…what happened?" the older conman asked.

The demolitions expert threw up his hands. "They did exactly what I'd planned to, only they did it by accident. Now they know the weakness in the power grid, and they're fixing it."

"So…" Jack prompted.

"So, unless we do this job on New Reno…we're screwed."

They all began to talk amongst themselves. John glanced over at Jack; the other man was pacing furiously, absently chewing on a thumbnail. It occurred to him that this little screw-up may have happened for the best; yeah, they'd be out a lot of money, but with the personal issues…he honestly didn't begrudge Jack's happiness, but this shit with Ianto being in the picture…

"Maybe we could…" he faded out as Jack turned to look at him.

"By tomorrow?" he asked, one eyebrow raised.

John sighed into the silence.

"Wait a sec," Mickey said, getting everyone's attention. "We could use a pinch…"

"And what's one of those when it's at home?" Jack asked acerbically.

"It's a bomb," Mickey answered, a sudden grin on his filthy face. "Only there isn't any explosion."

"That's about as clear as mud," John snarked. "Which, judging from how you look, you would be intimately familiar with."

Mickey gave him a two-fingered salute, then continued. "Every time a nuclear device detonates, it unleashes an electromagnetic pulse which shuts down any power source in its vicinity. Of course, usually that doesn't matter, because the weapon destroys everything you might need power for anyway. But a pinch creates a similar electromagnetic pulse, but without the headache of mass destruction and death."

"But," Jack questioned, "wouldn't anything be shielded against atomics?"

"Nah," Mickey waved the inquiry off. "They're considered too primitive. Hardly anyone uses nuclear bombs anymore."

"So, how long?" John asked the million credit question.

"About ten seconds," Mickey answered.

"Could it take out the power grid of, say…." Jack said, "New Vegas City?"

"Sure. But there's only one pinch powerful enough to do it."


"Pasadena, on New Cali."

Pasadena, New Cali

Andy sat in the back of the hovervan they'd rented on New Cali, trying to calm his nerves by watching his fellow criminals as they prepared for their raid on the lab where Mickey's pinch would be located. Rhys was driving; Banana sat in the passenger seat, messing with something that looked vaguely like a remote control.

Jack, Mickey, and Jenny were with Andy in the back of the van, all dressed in black and looking pretty damned melodramatic. Jenny and Mickey were tooling up; the acrobat with ropes and hooks; the demolitions expert with such things as drills, and something that Andy thought was some sort of sonic screwdriver.

The van pulled to a halt, but Andy couldn't see what was outside simply because the back of the vehicle was closed. He knew, of course, where they were going, but there was something about not being able to see out that made his head itch a bit. He wondered vaguely if that was what being in a cell was like, but didn't want to ask Jack for clarification.

"You two ready?" the older conman asked, looking at Mickey and Jenny in turn.

They both nodded; for once Jenny wasn't all bouncy and excited, and Andy knew this was her 'business' face, which didn't fit what he'd seen so far of the younger woman. Jack threw open the hovervan's rear doors, and jumped out. The two followed, and Andy moved to join them.

"Where are you going?" Jack demanded.

"Coming with you," Andy answered, confused.

Jack simply smiled, and shook his head.

"But – "

Anything else he might have said was cut off as the door was slammed in his face.

It took approximately five minutes for Rhys and Banana to get on his very last nerve.

It started off with a game of Twenty Questions – which Rhys won handily after three questions – and was now going on with an argument about string theory that had them each claiming that their decimal points were both right, and then quickly degenerated into Banana calling Rhys a bitch and Rhys pulling Banana into a headlock.

Andy had enough.

He climbed out of the back of the van without either man noticing. He took a deep breath of night air, looking around to see if he could spot the others. They weren't in sight, but he finally got a good view of the laboratory they were currently parked outside. It was all concrete and glass, very modern-looking, with most of the rooms visible from the outside in darkness. The stairwell was lit; there wasn't anyone on the stairs, so Andy assumed the three were already at their destination.

The pickpocket decided there was still time to catch up. He headed toward the door, knowing that was how Jack and the others had gotten in. And yes…the door was ajar, and Andy pushed his way inside.

He was just passing the third floor when he heard the harsh sound of air being accelerated through an anti-grav engine. He glanced outside…

The hovervan was leaving without him.

Andy swore. Okay, next time he was going to listen when told to stay in the van…

He began to tear off back down the stairs, but the loud pounding of footfalls echoed up the stairwell, coming toward him. Andy reversed, going back up, leaving the stairwell at the very next floor.

Apparently they'd noticed him missing, because he caught a glimpse of the van coming to a halt just as he left the stairs.

Sirens and alarms start to blare as Andy rushed into the first office he could find unlocked, not wanting to take the time to pick his way inside. Without thinking, he picked up the nearest heavy object – a desk chair – and threw it at the floor-to-ceiling window, shattering the glass.

He had no choice. He had to jump.

Luckily, the main entrance overhang broke his fall.

The hovervan started to back up, and Andy accepted the invitation. He leapt off the overhang and onto the back to the van, then propelled himself through the open rear door. Jack and Jenny each grabbed an arm and hauled him inside.

The engine roared, and the hovervan took off as if its tailpipe was on fire. Andy tumbled into Jack, unable to keep his balance, and the rear door slammed shut…on Jenny's hand.

The young woman gasped, then cursed in a language Andy wasn't familiar with. Mickey was at her side at once, cradling the injured hand carefully as he probed the fingers gently.

Suddenly Jack was standing over him. The look on the older man's face was fierce. "When I say stay in the van, you stay in the van…got it? You lose focus in this game for one second, and someone gets hurt."

Andy knew he'd screwed up, but he didn't need Jack Harkness raking him over the coals for it. "I got it," he snarled back, pulling himself up and taking a seat beside the large device that had to be the electromagnetic pulse that Mickey had wanted.

Could this get any worse?

Chapter Ten


Oh boy ... things are hotting up that's for sure!

Fantastic chapter.
Yes, they are!