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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Stolen Earth Incident - Chapter Fifty-Three

The Stolen Earth Incident - Chapter Fifty-Three
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato/Kathy Swanson, Owen Harper/Diane Holmes, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Martha Jones/Tom Milligan, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts
Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst, Temporary Character Death (It's Jack), Perceived Character Death, Minor Character Death.
Spoilers: Thru S2, E13, "Fragments" and "Exit Wounds", the audio play "Lost Souls" for Torchwood, S4, E12 and E13, "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" for Doctor Who.  Slight spoilers for the movie, "Iron Man"
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. Don't own Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either
Author's Note: Here it is, the Dragon-Verse version of "Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End".

Summary: The Earth has been stolen.  There are twenty-six other planets in the sky.  The Daleks are raining death down from the sky.  It's the end of the world.

20 May 2009
Epilogue Three – Torchwood Hub

“Jack,” Deborah’s voice sounded over the comm, “there’s a woman up here to see you.  Says her name is Donna Noble.”

Jack stopped in mid-stride, shock causing him to stumble a bit.

It hadn’t taken them long to clean up the Tourist Office after the Daleks had trashed it.  The secret door leading into the corridor to the Hub’s lift had had to have been replaced, but that had been paid for through the Welsh Tourism Board, with a judicious use of Retcon and insurance forms, which Ianto had handled with his usual efficiency.

The hall outside the cog door would still have been a mass of rubble if not for a certain dragon digging it out.  After that, it had been repaired almost as easily.

The Retcon supply had taken a bit of a hit in the last three weeks, that was for sure.

And so had the requisition forms, because it had become apparent that having some form of explosive in the Hub had been a really good idea.  Patrick had been over the moon when the first shipment of military grade C-4 had shown up at the Tourist Office.

Even now, there were so many people calling the Stolen Earth Incident a form of chemical or biological terrorism, that there couldn’t have possibly been a bunch of different planets in the sky and that Daleks flying around and shooting things had been some sort of illusion.  It constantly amazed Jack at the ability for the human race to blind itself so willingly, but it certainly made Torchwood’s job a bit easier.

Toshiko and Rhys had had a field day with some of the conspiracy websites.

Jack had also had fun with UNIT.  Between himself, Nicholas Fury, and the Queen of England, UNIT had been brought to task for the entire Osterhagen debacle.  Her Majesty had gone right to the UN with her concerns, and the World Security Council had stepped in, ordering UNIT to dig up all their nuclear bombs and then present them for dismantling according to UN mandate.  They’d even assigned a few peacekeepers to UNIT HQ in Geneva.  All-in-all, UNIT’s reputation had taken a severe hit over the Osterhagen Project.

As it was, the Valiant was never going to be rebuilt, leaving SHIELD with the only flying headquarters currently in use.

Cardiff was still rebuilding, but there had been a lot less damage done to their city than other places around the world.  It just seemed bad, as they’d still been dealing with the destruction caused by Gray and Hart’s rampage not all that long ago.  However, according to Eion in the Lord Mayor’s Office, things were proceeding apace.  He’d been quite proud of the way the Cardiff Police had responded to the crisis, and Kathy was understandably puffed up with pride for the bobbies under her command, who’d stepped up when she’d been incapacitated, and had put Andy in for a commendation.

There was going to be some sort of ceremony in a couple of weeks.  Andy had asked Deborah to be his date, and she was still considering it.  Her request for him to be patient for her to get through University before becoming serious still stood, and he was still willing to wait.

Jack thought they really had a chance to go the distance if they made it through Deborah’s education.

Everything was slowly getting back to normal…except no one had heard anything from the Great Dragons.

Rhiannon thought they might have been very badly affected by the damage done by the Daleks, and were simply recovering their strength.  She had no idea how long that would take; however, it seemed that each of the Great Dragon Friends had gained just a bit more power than they’d had before.  She believed it was a gift, to help with protecting the planet while the Great Dragons couldn’t.  Toshiko was already complaining about being able to feel the Earth rotating under her feet, and Kathy kept a fire extinguisher in her office now, just in case of accidental pyrotechnics.  Alice could predict the weather with amazing accuracy, while Rhiannon herself could walk across the lake of Ddraig Llyn without getting her feet wet.

And now, Donna had just showed up at the Tourist Office.  The last thing Jack had heard she’d still been travelling with the Doctor.

Not that he’d heard anything about the Doctor returning to Earth.  Jack doubted he’d ever see the Time Lord again…at least, not by choice.

He found himself being a little disappointed, but at the same time not at all surprised.

He touched the comm in his ear.  “Bring her down, Deborah.”

“We’re on our way.”

“What is it, Jack?”

He turned, smiling at his mate.  Ianto had improved dramatically after the Earth had been returned to its orbit.  He’d awakened from his enforced nap a very pissed off dragon at Owen for sedating him, but Jack had backed the medic up on his decision.  Ianto had eventually given in to both of them, accepting that knocking him out had been the right thing to do.

Today, he was looking particularly sexy in a black three-piece bespoke suit and a deep red shirt, red and black tie completing the ensemble.  It really amazed Jack at the fashion sense the dragon had in his human form.

“Donna Noble’s visiting,” he answered.

The dragon frowned.  “What could bring her here?”

Jack shrugged.  “Guess we’ll find out.”

To be honest, he hadn’t expected to hear from Donna at all.  If anyone, Jack had been expecting was Rose, although not quite so soon.  He really wanted her to meet Ianto, and he’d told his mate about asking her to come to see them.  Ianto had been looking forward to it, especially when Jack had claimed she was like a sister to him.

Ianto could have been against it.  After all, the reason he’d once hired Gwen Cooper was because, on first appearances, she’d reminded Jack of Rose.  Gwen hadn’t liked Ianto at all, and while the dragon had given her every chance she’d been adamant about not wanting him on the team.  Ianto could have easily held that against Rose as well, and yet he hadn’t.

Yes, Jack really did love that dragon.

The cog door sounded, and Deborah stepped into the Hub, followed by the familiar red-headed form of Donna Noble.  She was wearing jeans and a long grey sweater that almost hung to her knees.  She looked pleased, Jack noted, as she stared around the Hub, taking everything in.

“Nice underground science fiction super-base you’ve got here,” she said approvingly.

Jack had no choice but to hug her.  “Welcome to Torchwood,” he greeted.

Donna returned the hug.  “Good to be here, gorgeous,” she answered, pulling away just enough that her hands rested on his shoulders.  Her head moved as she got a good look around.  “This place is more impressive in person than over that sub-wave thing.”

“Come and meet the team.”  Jack ushered her forward, where the rest of his team had gathered.  “Everyone, this is Donna Noble…I’m sure you remember her.”

There was a chorus of greetings welcoming Donna to the Hub.

Jack took her around and introduced her to everyone…this time, officially.  Patrick told her that he knew Clint, and that Donna had made an impression on the archer, which made Donna laugh.  “I’m looking forward to seeing him again,” she confided.  “Now that I’m not travelling with the Doctor anymore I have the chance to do what I want to, and he did offer me a job…”

“And here I was hoping to talk you into staying,” Jack pouted, surprised that she wasn’t with the Time Lord any longer.  He wasn’t really going to attempt to poach her; even if he didn’t know about Clint’s previous ‘claim’ on her for SHIELD, Jack doubted she’d be happy working for Torchwood.  She just didn’t strike him as the type.

Of course, he could have been wrong.  But he was going to respect whatever decision she made.

“No chance,” she exclaimed.  “I’m gonna be on my way to Washington DC as soon as I deliver this.”  She reached into the back pocket of her jeans, where she pulled out a letter which she handed to Jack.

The immortal took it, and the others went on with the introductions as he saw his name scrawled across the front of the envelope.

“So, this is Ianto,” her flirty comment drew Jack’s attention.  Donna was holding onto the dragon’s hand, and she winked at him.  “This is the guy who trusted Clint to watch your back, Jack?”

Ianto was smirking.  “I have to deal with Clint’s lover most of the time; it’s only fair he have to deal with mine.”

That had her laughing.  “Turnabout’s fair play.” She wasn’t letting go of Ianto’s hand, and Jack wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

“Oi,” Owen cut in, “you might want to let go of Ianto before Jack gets jealous.”

“I do not get jealous!” Jack denied hotly.

“Yeah, you do,” Patrick replied, grinning.

“Very jealous,” Toshiko giggled.

“I’ve never seen blue eyes go green so fast,” Rhys added, his own eyes glittering with silent laughter.

Jack huffed, but he couldn’t deny it.  He did get jealous, which was hard for a 51st century man to admit.  But a lot of his preconceived notions went out the window where a certain dragon was concerned.

Donna snorted, and finally let go.  “I was just enjoying the warm hand.”

“Warm hands,” Ianto said, “even warmer heart.”

“I like you!”

Ianto smiled.  “Would you like some coffee?”

“I’d love some, but I can’t stay.  I just wanted to make sure that letter got delivered like I promised I would.  But trust me,” she winked, “we’ll be seeing each other again, handsome.”

“I don’t doubt that for one moment, Ms Noble.”

“Donna, please.  Ms Noble’s my Mum, and I’m not ready to be her yet.”  She then hugged Ianto, and the dragon looked surprised but then returned it.

Then she stepped away.  “I can show myself out…”

“Not at all,” Deborah said, showing her full set of dimples.  “I’ll take you back up.”

They were nearly to the cog door when Jack called out, “Donna!”

She turned, one eyebrow raised.

He held up the letter.  “Just what is this?”

“Read it and see.”

With those parting words, she was out of the door, Deborah following in her wake.