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Myfanwy 2

October 2019



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February 25th, 2011

Myfanwy 2

Wizard and Deathless Verse

These are the stories in my Wizard and Deathless Verse:

The Immortality of the Deathless 
        When Master Archivist Ianto Jones of Torchwood Castle finds evidence of a power magical Artifact, Baroness Gwen Williams hires  Captain Jack Harkness and his band of mercenaries to retrieve it.   Winner in Round Six of the Children of Time Awards

Ways of Light and Darkness
         When mercenary Captain Jack Harkness vanishes while on a mission, Wizard Ianto Jones has to choose between his lover, his duty...and quite possibly his destiny.

The Queen of Air and Fire
           Jack, Ianto, and their team must unravel a mysterious prophecy that speaks of death and destruction for the Kingdom...and of a Realm long lost in the mists of time and magic.

          Wizard-at-Large Ianto Jones oversees the building of his and Jack's first house, even as their family starts to grow.

The Wizard and the Void (Complete on AO3)
           Master Void Wizard Phillip Coulson had believed he'd left behind his former life as the Dark One, the most feared Wizard in the Western Lands. He'd even gone as far as to fake his own death at the hands of the mad Wizard, Loki of Asgard.

Or, so he'd believed.

When the Void cabal calling itself Hydra approached him in order to recruit him to their cause, Phil found himself fighting to hold onto the life he'd built for himself out of the ashes of his former one. However, too many mysteries surrounded his first "death", and those mysteries were being dug up, one by one, and going back to his quiet life in his magically unPlotable Keep and raising his adopted daughter seemed to be impossible.

Add into that the fact that he'd hidden his survival from Clint Barton, Elven archer, the man he'd had feelings for back during his Dark One days, and Clint discovering that Phil, indeed, was still alive...things were never going to be the same again.

The Hunters and the Prey (Posted on AO3)        
               Newly-minted Grand Master of Void Order, Phil Coulson, has his work cut out for him: to hunt down any hidden members of the Void cabal, Hydra, within his order's ranks. It's a huge task, but he has help: his fellow Grand Masters, Ianto Jones and Stephen Strange; as well as his daughter Daisy, her friends, and his new lover, Clint Barton. Honestly, its surprising he isn't feeling more than a little overwhelmed even with the support.

Sir Steven Rogers, the Paladin of the Western Lands, is having his own problems, because he's nearly three hundred years out of his time. He really just wants something to do, to keep his mind off things. Enter Sam Wilson, who becomes a friend and ally in Steve's quest to deal with this new world. Oh, and the Winter Knight is someone he thought long dead, and who has no memories of what he was before being cursed.

There are enemies in unexpected places, familiar forms of prejudice, and surprises that will change lives. All the usual, really.