September 15th, 2014

Myfanwy 2

Positive Things Meme - Day Three

Okay, this was a bad day so I had a hard time coming up with three things that were positive...

1.  Since work was dead boring, I started reading "Heat Wave" by Richard Castle.  Yes, that Richard Castle.  I must recommend it, it's quite good.  And it was on sale as an ebook on Amazon, which was a plus.  I love a good ebook sale...

2. I also went through my Kindle docs and started sorting them into collections.  I started this job a while back and well, boring work is boring, and I needed something to keep me awake before I hit upon the really good idea of reading.  I have 1596 docs on my Kindle, every one of them fanfiction except for my mother's medication list.  This outweighs the number of published books I have, which sits at 138.

Anyway...I began working on that again, and it's quite fascinating to see just what I've downloaded, and who my favorite authors are.  It also made me realize there's a lot still out there I haven't downloaded yet, i.e. stuff on LJ and FFN that I love and should completely grab soonish.  I also noticed how many of the fics I have that are from authors who took their stuff down, which makes me sad.  Okay, so maybe this wasn't such a positive thing after all, only in that I have fics from authors who aren't around anymore, so at least I saved them even if it's for my own enjoyment.

3.  After work tonight I put on "Ancient Aliens", which always cheers me up.  I mean, really?  Our ancestors were a lot smarter than these guys give them credit for and it makes me outraged on their behalf.  I love history.  No one has any idea how many fics I've had ideas for that are historical AU's.  I have no idea why I never got any of them done, but one of these centuries I might dust one off and see what I can do with it.

Oh, the dragon says no.  That doesn't surprise me.

So, there we go!  Not very impressive but today was kind of a crap day.