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Myfanwy 2

March 2018



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Myfanwy 2

A Mother's Love - Chapter Four

A Mother's Love - Chapter Four
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Rowena Harkness-Jones/Henry Morgan, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Arthur/Merlin
Warnings: A little angst, a lot of fluff
Spoilers:  Mostly for S2, E12 and E13 of Torchwood
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. Neither do I own Merlin, or anything here except for the concept and the OC's
Author's Note: This is the first story in the "Samara Wells Trilogy", and follows Jack's mother as she discovers a family she didn't even know she had.  This takes place in the Future-Verse, between the stories "Time Trap" and "Lost and Found"

AN/2:  I think I might do two chapters today...  :)

Summary:  Doctor Samara Wells really hadn't been prepared for the two people who dropped into her life, ostensibly to hire her boat out for a trip to the Boeshane reefs...

1 April 5115 (Earth Standard Date)

Boeshane Peninsula, Planet Maker’s World


She’d been a little off on her estimate; they arrived at the reef beds a little under an hour, the current being in their favour.  The sun shone down as if blessing their venture, and Samara smiled as she released the electromechanical tether that would keep them from being pulled away from their position.

As she made fast, Samara glanced up and toward the shore, where the colony block she’d once lived in poked itself out of the beach about a klick from their position.  The inevitable bubble of sadness welled up within her, and she turned away, trying to ignore the proverbial mega-elephant on the horizon.

“It looks as if we picked a nice day to go swimming,” Jones commented as he came up from below.  He was dressed in a traditional diver’s wetsuit, only without the air tanks and other paraphernalia that someone exploring underwater for any period of time would carry.  His feet were also bare, and he padded silently over to the rail, taking a deep breath of the ocean breeze.

Samara frowned. “You’re going to need at least a tank to take with you.”

“Tad can hold his breath for really long periods of time,” Anwyn answered for her father, following him up onto the deck.  Her colour had vastly improved. “Besides, he’ll be in dragon form when he dives.  That just makes his lung capacity even greater.”

“And my inner flame will keep me warm,” Jones added.  “I might have to shapeshift in order to get the actual stone; I have no idea just how well my claws will be able to manoeuvre around something so small, but we’ll see.”

Samara couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face.  She was going to see an actual dragon!  A being straight from legend and it was going to take a dive right off her boat!  Her inner child squealed with pleasure, and her inner biologist wanted to babble on about mass ratios as it applied to shapeshifting, and how was it possible for a living creature to actually be able to breathe fire.  Certainly, she knew of other races that could, but in so many ways this was going to be different.  She’d never met one of those, and she was actually going to see it now!

Jones gave her a grin of his own.  “I suspect you’re considering just how you’re going to get samples of me because your inner scientist feels like it’s a child about to be given its favourite treat.”

Samara felt like she should be denying it, but it would have been a bald-faced lie and she suspected that Jones would catch her in it.  “I wouldn’t be a scientist if I didn’t at least play with the idea.”

“It’s good to know that the spirit of scientific discovery is still alive and well,” he quipped, his voice very dry and very amused.  “Do you have any advice for me, to find the stones?”

Samara nodded.  “The best stones are going to be in the shore-side of the reef, where the sand would be more likely to be caught.  You’ll be looking for a reddish-coloured area of the coral; that’s going to be where the stones will be.”  The red was indicative of the types of creatures that would create the reef stones.

“Excellent.”  With that, Jones climbed over the boat’s railing, resting himself there before to dove into the chilly ocean water.

Anwyn went to the rail, glancing down into the water.  Samara joined her in time to catch a golden glow that, at first, she believed was just the sunlight on the choppy water…but it only took her a second to realise that it was coming from under the surface. 

The glow dissipated, and a shadow far larger than a human’s glided toward the surface.

A large, green-scaled head broke the surface.

Samara felt the need to sit down, but managed to stay standing.

She was seeing an actual dragon.

The head glittered in the sun, emerald scales and sea water reflecting the light back in multi-facets, until Jones – the dragon – shook it, flinging the water off like a dog would do.  The dragon has a crest that began just above the blue, slitted, eyes and vanished into the water halfway down the sinuous neck.  Large nostrils flared, and the snout opened in a large grin that should have been frightening with all those sharp teeth, but Samara found herself charmed instead.

Anwyn leaned over the rail, holding out a pack with a long strap attached.  “Don’t go getting friendly with any of the fishes, Tad,” she teased.

“That,” the dragon said, reaching up with a large claw, one talon extended so that Anwyn could loop the strap around it, “is disgusting and I am disappointed in you.”  It was unmistakably Ianto Jones’ voice, only deeper with a rumble that underlay every word, and it put her in mind of hearing a rockslide.

Anwyn smirked.  “Just keeping up the Harkness part of my genetic make-up.”

“Your Dad would be appalled as well.”

“Then I must be doing it right.”  She flashed a bright grin at her father. 

He shook his head, and Samara learned then that dragons could roll their eyes with the best of them.  “I’ll be back as soon as I find what I’m looking for.”  With that, he completely submerged, a small trail of bubbles following him down.

Damnit, and Samara had wanted to see him breathe fire!

Then she blushed.  “Did I just say that out loud?”

Anwyn was laughing.  “You did.  But you can ask him.  Or me…I don’t mind showing off.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she answered, having so many questions about dragon physiognomy and culture and not being able to keep them in any sort of order.

The younger Star Dragon plopped herself down on the deck, back against the rail, legs spread out in front of her.  She looked up at Samara, her own blue eyes wise and knowing.  “I’m sure you have a lot of questions.”

She did.  Samara sat down next to her; there was nothing to do but wait for Jones to finish on the reef.  “I don’t know where to start…”

Anwyn laughed.  “That seems to be the reaction sometimes.”

“Just how many Star Dragons are there?” It was the first thing that came into Samara’s head fully formed, so she went with that.

Her passenger looked a little surprised at that.  “I think that’s a new one!”  She shook the sleeve of her tunic back, revealing her wrist.

Samara froze, recognising it instantly, her mind going back to that day, so long ago, when she’d been told her eldest son had been killed…