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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

A Mother's Love - Chapter Eleven

A Mother's Love - Chapter Eleven
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Rowena Harkness-Jones/Henry Morgan, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Arthur/Merlin
Warnings: A little angst, a lot of fluff
Spoilers:  Mostly for S2, E12 and E13 of Torchwood
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. Neither do I own Merlin, or anything here except for the concept and the OC's
Author's Note: This is the first story in the "Samara Wells Trilogy", and follows Jack's mother as she discovers a family she didn't even know she had.  This takes place in the Future-Verse, between the stories "Time Trap" and "Lost and Found"

Summary:  Doctor Samara Wells really hadn't been prepared for the two people who dropped into her life, ostensibly to hire her boat out for a trip to the Boeshane reefs..

27 April 5115

ISS Tintagel (Farpoint Station), Imperial Space


It turned out that the Halcyon Stars was a quiet restaurant tucked away in what had to have been the most out of the way section of the Promenade and on the second level.  It was upscale from what Samara could judge, with fancy stained glass windows fronting onto a patio where several people were seated and were eating.  Plants lined the patio, and the scent of their flowers tickled Samara’s nose as they entered the restaurant. 

What Samara believed was a Sontaran was stationed just inside the door at a podium that was softly lit by a lamp that looked as if it had been organically grown from the material around the lip of the small station.  “Do you have a reservation?” he asked sharply, and Samara just had to wonder what had caused the Sontaran to fall so far from grace as to get a job as a maître d at such a place. She was expecting him to pull a gun if they didn’t have an actual reservation.

“We’re here with the Jones party,” Anwyn answered, giving the Sontaran a bright smile. 

The maître d was totally unmoved by her expression.  “This way,” he practically ordered, turning on a smart pivot and leading them into the restaurant proper. 

It was dimly lit, with what looked like real wooden tables set up around the large dining room.  There was a fair crowd in the place, and Samara’s mouth watered at the delicious smells that were wafting up from the kitchen area just off the dining room.

The Sontaran took them to what was a private room off the main area, blocked from the other diners by a deep red curtain.  He pulled it aside, revealing a space beyond with a table that looked as if it would fit a dozen people.  There were only six chairs taken, though, and Samara recognised each of them from Anwyn’s pictures and stories. 

First there was Clint, who was rising out of his seat, a large grin on his face.  He was shorter than Ianto, with light brown hair and eyes that broke from the Harkness-Jones blue, being blue and green with a faint hint of brown.  His face looked well-lived in, but Samara could see the family resemblance in the chin and jaw. 

Beside him was a young girl that Samara knew was Clint’s daughter, Nicole.  She was the most exotic of the people in the room, with eyes that had double pupils and, if Samara wasn’t mistaken, webbed fingers.  She knew from Ianto and Anwyn that her other father had been a Margath, which explained both traits.

The blond man was obviously Arthur, Anwyn’s son, and the man beside him was Merlin, the infamous son of the last Time Lord.  Merlin was cradling a red and gold dragon in his arms, and Samara couldn’t help but smile at the child; seeing little Rory in person was so much better than in the video Anwyn had shown her.  And, judging from Anwyn’s exclamation of surprise, they hadn’t been expected to be there.

The last two people at the table, a woman and a man, were Rowena and Henry.  Rowena was very much Anwyn’s sister, with the same cleft in her chin and strong facial features, and she was also smiling as broadly as her brother.  Henry also broke the blue-eyed streak of family members; his eyes were dark, as was his curly hair. 

“When did you get here?” Anwyn was saying as she went over to her son.  She hugged Arthur fiercely, and he returned it. 

“We were in the area,” Merlin answered for his mate, “and Clint called and let us know you were going to be here.”  His eyes were on Samara, and she could see the ring of gold in them against the blue, and she felt like he was looking into her very soul. “We just had to be here.”

Samara suddenly found herself engulfed in a huge hug.  She returned it, laughing breathlessly as Clint exclaimed, “Welcome to the family, Gran!”

Tears threatened to fall as she melted into his embrace.  Those words made her heart swell.  Clint most likely had no idea what it meant to her to be so welcomed, and all of her fears dropped away.  She need not have worried it seemed, and a weight lifted from her that she hadn’t even known she’d been carrying around. 

“Let her breathe, Clint!” It was Rowena who spoke laughingly.  She was close, and once Clint had sheepishly released her, she was next, also hugging Samara, just not as tightly.  “We’re so glad you’re here,” she murmured in Samara’s ear. 

“I’m glad to be here, too.” 

She was, so very glad.  Glad that Ianto and Anwyn had come to Maker’s World; glad that Anwyn had been so forward at revealing her Jamys was alive and with such a family as this.  She could have lived the rest of her life alone, and lonely without ever knowing that her son was alive and out there in the universe if they hadn’t come to find her.

Once Rowena stepped away, Samara found herself with an armful of sleepy-looking baby dragon, small tail wrapping around her forearm possessively.  “Meet your great-great grandson,” Merlin introduced proudly.  He tickled under the baby’s chin, and he wriggled, making a noise that was altogether too cute for words.  “Rory, this is your great-great gran, but you can call her Gran, for ease of speaking.” 

Samara stroked the soft-steel scales of the child in her arms, and there were no words to describe how she was feeling in the moment when Rory grabbed onto her finger, grasping tightly, his blue eyes looking up at her with infinite trust.  It brought to mind the first time she’d held either of her sons after they’d been born; just how tiny they were, how much they would depend on her, and how much her world had changed. 

Her world was changing again, and she would never want to go back.