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Myfanwy 2

April 2018



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Myfanwy 2

A Mother's Duty - Chapter Eight

A Mother's Duty - Chapter Eight
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Anwyn Harkness-Jones/Gwaine, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Arthur/Merlin (Mentioned)
Warnings: Angst, Mental Health Issues, Reincarnation
Spoilers:  Mostly for S2, E12 and E13 of Torchwood
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's Note: This is the second story in the "Samara Wells Trilogy".  It deals with some issues that might be distressing to some, especially mental health issues concerning Jack's brother, Gray.  I'm not a trained therapist, so anything in here that might not work in the real world...well, it's all on me.

A/N2:  Second chapter.

Summary:  Samara Wells got one of her sons back.  It's time to try and get the other back as well. 


16 August 5115 (Earth Standard Date)

Gliese 851g (Hubworld)


Lunch was a fun affair, with all five of them at the table.

Nicole regaled them all about her studies at Merlin’s Magic School on New Avalon, and there was one involving a miscast Disguise Spell and a Draconian that had Samara almost falling out of her chair in laughter.  Nicole had apparently inherited her father and grandfather’s ability to tell the tallest tales, and it showed in her hand gestures as she explained the Draconian’s reaction to what could have been a serious diplomatic incident, including small magical sparks cracking from her fingers at the best part. 

The meal was over far too soon, and Phillip headed out to go back to Torchwood Tower.  Clint looked disappointed, but then Samara couldn’t blame him; she knew just how devoted they were to each other, and from what she’d heard about their past – in Clint’s past life – that hadn’t always been the case. Promising to be back for dinner, Phillip kissed them all good-bye, although the one he gave Clint was a little more…adult…than the ones he bestowed upon Lisa, Nicole, and – to her surprise – Samara herself. 

Once Phillip had left, Clint turned to them all, rubbing his hands together happily.  “Okay, everyone get your shoes on…we’re going out.”

Samara demurred. “I’m not really in the mood – “

He waved off her denial.  “If you stay cooped up in here all day, all you’re going to do is brood.”

She had to admit that he was correct.  After everything that had happened that morning, Samara had been quite content to self-flagellate over how her first meeting with Gray had gone.  It looked as if her grandson had her measure and wasn’t about to let her get away with it.

“I don’t have shoes,” Lisa glared.

Clint laughed, hugging her.  “You don’t need them, sweetheart, but Nicole and your Gran certainly do.”

Nicole was off like a shot to the shoe rack, where she proceeded to put on the flat-heeled shoes she preferred.  Samara really wanted to argue with Clint against going, but she knew that stubborn look in his eyes by now and he wasn’t about to let her get away with that. So, she sighed, and went to get her shoes.  “And what do you have planned for today?” she asked as she bend over to retrieve them.

Clint looked as if that was the very question he’d wanted her to ask.  “Let’s play tourist!  Gran, you and Lisa haven’t really seen Gliese City, and I know Nicole will just get antsy if she stays in the house all day…”

“So will you, Dad,” Nicole pointed out, laughing.

“So will I,” Clint agreed.  Samara knew of Clint’s former wandering ways, that he’d given up when he’d gained his mate.

“There’s also this dress I saw in a store not too far from here,” she added, winking.

“And apparently my daughter wants to get a new dress.”

Samara couldn’t help but join in on the laughter.  Being around them was lifting her spirits. And Clint was right: the last time she’d been on Hubworld she’s really only seen the Tower and a nice restaurant that Jack and Ianto had taken her to.  “And I’m sure at least one of you know of a good craft store to visit,” she chimed in. 

“Gran,” Clint teased, “you need more yarn like I need a hole in a wing!”

She couldn’t help it, Samara put on a mock pout and said, “You can never have too much yarn! Besides, Phillip needs mittens since his hands are always cold!”

“Oh Goddess,” her grandson chortled, “you’re not wrong there!”  He looked like he wanted to fall to the floor, he was laughing so hard.

Even Lisa was smiling, showing most of her sharp teeth.  “It’s like being hugged by an ice cube sometimes,” she giggled.

Clint reached over and pulled her into a hug of his own.  “Baby girl, a greater truth has never been spoken!”

Lisa’s eyes were shining at the attention.  Samara knew they were joking at Phillip’s expense, since this ice mage wasn’t always that cold, but it was good to see Clint and Lisa getting along in that moment.  Soon, it would most likely go back to the young dragon being wary of her older brother, but for now they were a family and she was so very happy to be a witness to it.

“And I’m sure there’s something Lisa would want to do,” Nicole added, reaching out and playfully tugging on the upper claw on one of her niece’s black wings.  Lisa flexed the wing and whapped Nicole in the arm in retaliation.

“Can we go to a bookstore?” Lisa asked hopefully.  She loved to read, and Samara had often seen her with a book held carefully in her small claws when the rest of the children were out playing.

“You bet we can,” Clint said, squeezing her tightly once more and then letting her go in order to grab his own shoes.  “Oh, have you read any of Taquin Shoenal’s new fantasy series…?”

That started Lisa off as she excitedly began to tell everyone what a wonderful author Shoenal was.   Samara was charmed by her enthusiasm, which kept up as they all made their way out of the house and into the street. 

She basked in the feeling of family.  It was still so new to her, but she didn’t know how she’d lived so long without it.