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Myfanwy 2

August 2018



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Myfanwy 2

A Mother's Duty - Chapter Twelve

A Mother's Duty - Chapter Twelve
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): JackHarkness/Ianto Jones, Anwyn Harkness-Jones/Gwaine, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Arthur/Merlin (Mentioned)
Warnings: Angst, Mental Health Issues, Reincarnation
Spoilers:  Mostly for S2, E12 and E13 of Torchwood
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's Note: This is the second story in the "Samara Wells Trilogy".  It deals with some issues that might be distressing to some, especially mental health issues concerning Jack's brother, Gray.  I'm not a trained therapist, so anything in here that might not work in the real world...well, it's all on me.

A/N2:  As I said yesterday, these next two chapters needed to be posted together.  Hope you enjoy.  :)

Summary:  Samara Wells got one of her sons back.  It's time to try and get the other back as well. 


31 August 5115 (Earth Standard Date)

Gliese 581g (Hubworld)


Two standard weeks on, and Samara still was depressed. 

She’d been getting regular reports on Gray’s condition.  The psychologists that Phillip had had brought it kept saying it was still early days, after all the years of torture and captivity that Gray had suffered through, but she just couldn’t get past the fact that they really weren’t getting anywhere.  Most of the sessions either ended with Gray screaming the doctors out of the room, or his completely ignoring them and not saying anything.  He did ask after her once, but then seemingly gave up, and that broke her heart more than anything else. 

According to the professionals, Gray might have been in an adult body, but his mind was still basically trapped in a child-like mindset, which made it harder for them to make any sort of breakthrough.  After he’d been captured his mind had been so damaged it had never really matured, and thus it was even more difficult to reason with him.  The logic of children could be a very stubborn thing to shift.

It was hard to keep to her decision to stay away.  Maybe she was being a coward in not facing her son, but Samara just couldn’t do it.  It was bad enough that every time she closed her eyes she could still see his fury and pain radiating from him.  She didn’t sleep well at all, and nothing anyone did or said helped.

She wasn’t the only one suffering.  Each time she saw Jack, he was paler and more haggard than the last, and Samara was beginning to suspect that asking to have Gray brought out of suspension had been a mistake.  It was tearing her elder son apart, and apologising to him just didn’t seem to be enough to make up what this was doing to him.  It added to the load of guilt she carried, weighing her down as if she’d put a load of stones in her pockets. 

The fact that Jack had acceded to Ianto’s making the promise to her to prevent Gray from hurting anyone didn’t alleviate any of that heaviness that made her heart ache constantly.

Too many times she’d considered having Phillip put Gray back into cryo-freeze.  Nothing they were doing seemed to be helping him at all.  Intellectually she was aware that this wasn’t going to be a swift process, that there were simply too many years of damage to undo, but in her heart and soul she just wanted her son back. 

Samara had to face the prospect that she might never have Gray back in her life, ever again.

And yet, there was that part of her that rejoiced in knowing he was still alive.  That her baby boy had been rescued from the raiders who’d stolen him away, and no matter what condition he was in at least he was breathing, even if he was hating her and his own brother.  That should be a good thing, right?

Some days it was very hard to convince herself of that.

At least she had her family to support her. 

Samara didn’t always stay with Phillip and Clint, although that was where she spent the majority of her time, close to Torchwood Tower and to Gray…just in case.  She did go back to Ddraig Llyn every couple of days, just to reassure her little grandchildren that she was just fine; and once, Jack and Ianto had brought them all to Hubworld to see their Gran.  None of the smallest ones had spent much time away from the valley, and it had showed in their wide-eyed excitement at finding themselves on another world.  Phillip had taken the day off so he could spend time with them as well, and it was a wonderful memory that Samara would carry with her for the rest of her life.

If only Gray wasn’t hovering over them like a sort of grim ghost, tainting her happiness.

About a week into their stay Nicole had to go back to school, and had left somewhat reluctantly.  When it looked as if she was going to balk at returning to New Avalon, Samara had taken her aside and had told her that everything was going to be fine, and that she couldn’t put her studies on hold like that.  It wasn’t as if they had a time frame on Gray’s therapy, and she’d get too far behind her classmates if she delayed.  Nicole had reluctantly agreed, and the family had seen her off together.

Samara could tell that both Clint and Phillip would miss their daughter dreadfully.

Lisa, however, chose to stay with her adopted brother and his mate.  Her parents were somewhat disappointed, but they hid it well every time Jack and Ianto went back to their valley home.  Yet they were both willing to go along with their child’s wishes, and Samara praised them in private for being such excellent parents, to allow Lisa her own life.  Her words had Ianto blushing and Jack grinning like she’d given him the best present ever. 

Phillip especially seemed to love Lisa being there.  The young dragon would often hang around him, watching him intently as he worked from home, or settling beside him on the sofa as the family enjoyed an entertainment programme.  Samara often caught Clint looking at them fondly, and she wondered when he and Phillip would be having their own children.  He could see both of them with a child that was a combination of them both, and thought she might want to put in a few whispered words in receptive ears.

She still worried about Lisa.  Perhaps it gave her something to do to counteract the overwhelming feelings of helplessness over the situation with Gray.  The little dragon seemed much more relaxed when it was simply the four of them, and the happiness that rolled off her made Samara want to bask in it like a lizard soaking up the sun on a sand dune.  Still, the niggling at the back of her mind led her to speak to both of them after Lisa had gone to bed, and they’d discussed things into the night as to what they could be doing to make her even more at ease with them.

It wasn’t until one night after Samara had once again made a return trip from Ddraig Llyn, that she was given her first major clue as to what could possibly be troubling her young grandchild.

Lisa had gone to take a bath before going to bed, and if Samara hadn’t happened to have run out of the black yarn she’d chosen to make Phillip’s mittens with she never would have seen it.

The golden glow from under the closed bathroom door.

It made her halt in her tracks.  The glow didn’t last long; in fact, as she watched it faded away to nothing, almost making her think she’d imagined it. 

But she knew that glow…she’d seen it often enough in the months she’d come to live with her family…she knew what it meant.

She and Lisa was actually alone in the house; Phillip and Clint had taken the opportunity of having Samara there to ask her to watch Lisa so they could go out for the evening.  As Torchwood usually kept a lot of Phillip’s attention, even when he was ostensibly off for the evening, Clint had decided that it was high time for his mate to have a true night off.

Samara had agreed, of course.  Even though Phillip was immortal, that didn’t mean he was tireless, and she was becoming well aware of just how much time Torchwood ate up in her grandson-by-mating’s life.  Besides, if her plot to get herself even more great-grandchildren was to succeed, then Phillip was going to need to learn how to relax a bit.

It meant that she could confront Lisa without possible witnesses.  And, until she knew what was really going on, Samara felt it better that there not be a chance of an audience for their conversation.

She made her way to Lisa’s bedroom to wait, her thoughts tumbling about in her head.  Things were clicking into place, and yet there was a very large part of the puzzle that Samara was missing.  She didn’t want to frighten the child, but the entire story needed to be told before Samara could act.  There had to be a good explanation for what she realised had gone on behind that closed door, but she also didn’t want Lisa to freak out over Samara needing to know the truth.

This was her chance to fix whatever was going on with her granddaughter, and perhaps make up for the fact that she’d failed so horribly with Gray.


Samara turned and smiled at Lisa, who was standing in the doorway, her eyes looking slightly confused…and there was a hint of worry there as well.  It hit Samara that this was the opportunity for Lisa to leave her obvious secrets behind.  Would she take it?

Because the little dragon did have secrets.  It had been obvious almost from the moment Samara had met her, in the lounge on Alpha Station.  There had been clues all along, it was just that she had no idea what they pointed to.

She sat amid the cushions on the floor, patting the pillows beside her.  “Come here,” she invited.  She didn’t want to scare her, but Samara could tell that Lisa knew something was going on. 

Still, she accepted the invitation, making herself at home in the small nest of pillows that Clint had set up for her on her first night there.  The wariness had returned to her silver-green cats’ eyes, and it broke Samara’s heart to see it.

Well, there was nothing for it.  Things had to be cleared up, and this was the best time to do it.

And so, Samara bit the proverbial bullet and asked, “Just how long have you had your human form, Lisa?”