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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

A Mother's Life - Chapter Two

A Mother's Life - Chapter Two
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Anwyn Harkness-Jones/Gwaine, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Arthur/Merlin, Rowena Harkess-Jones/Henry Morgan, Other Pairings
Warnings: Fluff, a little Angst, Reincarnation, Lots of Timey Wimey.
Spoilers:  Small ones for Doctor Who
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's Note: This is the third story of the Samara Wells trilogy.  It does a little skip in time, taking place immediately after the events of "Lost and Found"

Summary:  Someone arrives in Samara's life that turns it upside down, and makes her a part of history she never knew she would be.

19 July 5119 (Earth Standard Date)

Ddraig Llyn


It only took Rhys a couple of days to get completely settled.

Samara was impressed with his resilience.

When she commented on it, he’d actually blushed a little.  “No, not resilient.  It’s just that Ddraig Llyn is familiar to me, and to be honest it hasn’t changed all that much.  It’s been easier dealing now that I’m here.”

Jack and Ianto had set him up his own computer console, and that was where Samara found him that morning, nursing a cup of coffee and reading what was on the screen.  It was in a corner of the man’s room, but Rhys kept the door open when he was ready to accept visitors.  The dragon children were often in there with him, and Rhys took great delight in telling all sorts of stories about the early Torchwood days.

Today, though, she and the man from the past had the house to themselves.  Jack and Ianto were off on Hubworld, having taken the children with them.  Lisa had already been there; she’d gone to stay with Phillip and Clint the day after Rhys had arrived, wanting to help out with Nathan.  Nathan still couldn’t change back into his human form, and Samara was aware just how uncomfortable that made him.  His dragon form was so very different from those of the rest of his family, that it made Nathan self-conscious whenever he had to stay in it for long.  Personally, Samara thought that her great-nephew made a very handsome dragon, and she was always telling him so.

“Anything interesting?” she enquired, stepping into the room.

Rhys leaned back in his chair.  “Just reading up on the history of the Empire,” he explained.

“If you ask Jack, Ianto, or Phillip, I’m sure they’d give you the ‘secret’ history.”

“I’m sure they would.  Though, even without all the behind-the-scenes stuff it’s still fascinating.  Back in my old time, Earth was just really stretching its legs, you know?  Human beings were just getting used to the fact that they weren’t alone in the universe.  To see everything that humanity’s done in the time since I was taken by the Rift…it’s right fantastic, it is.” 

He sounded awed and impressed, but then Samara could understand.  To come from living on a planet where aliens invaded more often than not to a universe that stretched to Twelve Galaxies and where humans lived in mostly harmony with the aliens that had once thought the Earth would make an easy target.

“Well, I think you need a break, and I need a spotter,” she declared. 

Rhys frowned slightly. “A spotter?”

Samara nodded.  “I’m going diving in the lake.  Someone needs to make sure if I don’t come back they tell my sons about it.”

The man from the past actually rolled his eyes.  “Like you’re not going to be careful.  Plus, weren’t you trained for all sorts of underwater work?”

“Anything can happen.  Besides, you need some sun.  You’ve been sitting in this room for days.”

That was a bit of an exaggeration, but she wasn’t above playing the guilt card if it meant she got him off his arse.

Truth be told, Samara quite liked Rhys Williams.  She enjoyed spending time with him.  Even though she was going to be under water the entire time, she wanted to know he was up on the shore, watching out for her.

Rhys gave a put-upon sigh, which Samara knew was a complete and utter fake.  “Alright, alright, Doctor Mother-of-the-Boss.  Let me mark my place and I’ll be down.”

Samara gave him a big smile, pleased that her cajoling had worked.  “That’s fine.  I need to get my wetsuit on anyway.  I’ll meet you down at the lakeside in about ten minutes?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

She turned and left, heading back to her own room.  Samara’s was down the hallway from Rhys’, and she’d already laid the wetsuit out on the bed before she’d decided to beard Rhys in his lair.

It wasn’t as state-of-the-art as some, but she’d been using it for years.  It was deep blue, with a green stripe down the side, and made from a patented waterproof material that was also insulated against the cold.  It was skin tight, as were all such suits, but extremely comfortable, and Samara wriggled into it with just a little effort. 

Samara had done some diving in the lake before, but not too far out.  Today, she was looking forward to a little more exploration, hoping to get a look into the depths.  According to Ianto, no one had really done that sort of thing before, and Samara wanted to be the first. 

One of the things she did miss was using her knowledge.  Back on Maker’s World, she’d been a respected resident of the Peninsula, trained as a marine biologist and biochemist, someone who was a valued member of the colony.  She was certainly valued here as well, but for different reasons, and she was happy with that, but the chance to use her skills once more was too good to pass up.

Her rebreather and goggles were on the bed as well.  They were as well-used and taken care of as her wetsuit; but then, her equipment was what she relied on, and it wouldn’t do for it to be broken or damaged in any way.  She grabbed them up, reached for the swim-fins on the floor, and then was out of her bedroom and heading downstairs and toward the lake.

Her bedroom was on the second floor, along with the rooms that family would use when they stayed there in the valley.  Samara was also aware of the second house, further up the mountain, where any spill over would go in case of a full house.  Currently, she shared the floor with the six children still at home, and Rhys; her son and his mate had the large room in what had been an attic, with its dormer ceiling and large skylight.  The first floor were also guest rooms and the locked armoury, as well as the closet where the house’s mainframe was set up. 

The ground floor was the lounge, Jack and Ianto’s office, the transmat cubicle, the dining room, and the large kitchen.  Samara came down the stairs quickly, and was down the short hallway and out the front door, which was usually kept open when someone was at home. 

She managed to beat Rhys out to the lake, but when she turned back toward the house he was just leaving.  Samara decided that this life seemed to be good for him; he looked relaxed, and calm, and – to her at least – quite handsome.  There was something about his face that reminded her of Franklin; not his looks, because the two of them couldn’t have been more different in that department.  No, it was his friendly openness, as if he wanted to get along with everyone; and yet there was something else lurking, something that told those who knew to look for it that this man was dangerous, and that messing with him or the ones he loved was going to bring a lot of pain. 

In a way, Rhys was like Phillip in that regard, only her grandson-by-mating was a lot more overtly dangerous than Rhys would ever be.  Phillip wasn’t afraid to show it when needed, while Rhys wanted nothing more than to like everyone.  At least it seemed that way to her.

Samara didn’t miss the way his eyes roamed across the skin-tight wetsuit, and she felt herself blushing slightly under his regard.

Ever since Franklin had died and Gray taken, Samara hadn’t exactly been a hermit.  There were always those on Boeshane that had lost someone, and was looking to forget that for a little while. Samara had been like that, especially after she’d gotten the news that her Jamys had been lost to his duty with the Time Agency.

Of course, that had been a lie to cover up the fact that Jack had gone AWOL and become a conman, but Samara hadn’t known that at the time.

Still, it had been a very long time indeed since someone had looked at her like that, and it was slightly embarrassing at the same time that Samara decided she quite liked it.

He hadn’t put shoes on.  There was something almost erotic about that.

She wondered vaguely how Rhys felt about the age difference.  Samara was in her late sixties in Earth years, while she knew that Rhys was about forty.  She wasn’t at all familiar with ageism from his time, but would he be bothered by her age if she decided to make some sort of play?


No, she couldn’t do that.  Rhys was newly arrived in this temporal zone, and was still acclimatising to it.  Just having these thoughts, she was felt as if she was taking some sort of advantage, and there was no way she wanted to do anything to damage that acclimatisation.

He moved toward her, shaking his head.  “Not sure why you wanted me out here really, but here I am.”

“Actually, it only makes sense that someone be up top to keep an eye out,” she answered, giving him a winning smile.  “I know you won’t be able to come and rescue me, but I’d feel much safer if I knew you were close by.”

“The Great Dragons wouldn’t let anything happen to you in their valley,” Rhys pointed out.  “You’d be as safe out there as you would in your own bed.”

Samara had met the Great Dragons when she’d first arrived, and had caught sight of them many times in the couple of years since she’d lived there.  She wasn’t a religious person, but there was something about those four dragon spirits that had her believing in something beyond this life.  It didn’t hurt that several of her family were reincarnations of souls already passed on.

Sometimes she did wonder if her own soul would reincarnate once she was gone.  In many ways, she was looking forward to eventually finding out.

But today she was there, and a nearly unexplored body of water awaited her.

“Humour me,” she laughed.  “You can still do your bit of research while you’re sitting in the sunlight.  Get some of those free-floating vitamins into that pasty skin you seem to think is normal for you.”

“Oi, woman,” he said in mock anger, “don’t go dissing the Welsh complexion!”

“You and Ianto, you’re both pale as Harlorean milk.  He can’t tan, but you can.”

“I stay out here too long and I’ll be as red as a lobster!  We can’t all have the advantage of living in a desert most of their lives.”

Samara had seen photos of terrestrial lobsters, so she got his point.

Despite his objections, Rhys folded himself down on the ground, relaxing into the grass along the bank.  “Well, go on with you.  The lake’s waiting.”

Not allowing herself to even consider the idea of how charmed she was by his accent, Samara nodded and then slipped on her swimming goggles.  They were slim enough to just fit around her eyes, and form-fitting enough so no water could get through the seal.  They were also specially coated to allow her to see at depths and yet not be dazzled by sunlight streaming though the upper water. 

The rebreather was a simple mouthpiece that strained the oxygen out of water, allowing her to breathe perfectly underwater.  The charge lasted two standard hours, but that would be plenty of time for her to get in enough exploration for now.  She had plenty of time to go diving many more days, so there was no rush. She could take her time.

Slipping the swim-fins onto her feet, their straps snug around her ankles, Samara waddled into the water, and as soon as she was far enough out she dove in.